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Cinema XXI Ciwalk

Bandung Barat, Jawa Barat
Alamat: Cihampelas Walk Bandung, Jl. Cihampelas No.160, Cipaganti, Coblong, Kota Bandung, Jawa Barat 40131, Indonesia
Rating: 4.60
Telp: +62 22 2061017

Komentar :

Sachan Miyano (22/05/2018 04:07)
This place and so cozy, plus there's premiere cinema and it's also cool. The price is high specially on weekend, but i think it's worth it. You don't mind a little walk right? 😏

Arga Aditya (20/05/2018 04:09)
The best XXI Theater in whole Bandung.

Double booth ticket seller.
Tasty beverages and snacks, especially the caramel popcorn.
Dolby Atmos theater with spectacular sound (Theater 1).
The Premiere theater with executive seat and lounge.
Easy to access from every elevator.

Always crowded in holiday season.
Still waiting for Imax theater in Ciwalk.

Rony Suleman (16/05/2018 08:24)
Cool movie theater. the concept that d presents unique and beautiful. I usually watch here on Saturday because there is a promo from BCA buy one ticket get one free ticket. Sound system in this cinema is very good because it already use Dolby Atmos Technology.

Remy Syahdeini (13/05/2018 08:55)
Unique concept of mall blended with nature. Complete package of entertainment and food culinary ranging from local to western to eastern cuisine. Movies studios available at top floor. Great place!

Faisal Nurdiansyah (07/05/2018 06:33)
Nice cinema with premier seat. They have 2 studio with premier class, it was so nice experiences to watch movie while we relax and enjoying the sofa bed with warm blanket. And also you can order the foods like a room service. Well over all it was one of great cinema in bandung.

Nely Agustiani (02/05/2018 00:29)
With you 😊👫 ... Layar ny guede... Cakep...

Ryan Setiawan Hidayat (29/04/2018 13:55)
Best place for watching movies, big with many tenant nearby, spacious parking lot ( at morning :) ) and of course the key is buy one get one using bca cc LOL

Putra Pratama (27/04/2018 23:50)
Cinema with the most complete facility, cleanest environment, greatest service in Bandung. Worth the price

Lucy Karsiman (27/04/2018 12:17)
Still the best cinemas in bandung although rather hard to find parking space if you come at noon till night

Cendika Hartanta (05/04/2018 14:39)
I love theater 5 with dolby atmos

Jessica Nathania (17/03/2018 02:11)
Wide space, they have 2 separated Cinema hall, both are in the same floor (2nd floor).. Between them is Nav Karaoke which is located in a curved corridor (dunno what it's called)

There are many chairs in both side but I like the one near Nav Karaoke (the older hall if I'm not mistaken), it has quite ambience and somehow more comfortable than the newer one at the front (which has premiere studio).

Apertu Engla Christian Silalahi (02/03/2018 17:37)
Most visited cinema in town, I guess. Super comfortable, up to date movies, Reachable from almost places like it's in the middle of the town.

Arliandi Adinugraha (17/02/2018 08:39)
Nice place.. with BCA promotion.. LOL

sham me (11/02/2018 11:04)
Love this place for movie. I would of give them 5 stars, if their toilets are cleaner....

Juli Astika (07/10/2017 14:14)
One of the best cinema in Bandung. It has ten theater including one premiere and 2 theaters with Dolby Atmos. Film selection also good and updated. It located in cihampelas walk (ciwalk), so if you get bored waiting, you can explore ciwalk and try some good street food

Diajeng A (08/09/2017 16:20)
sekarang jd bagus

Kristin Natalia (28/08/2017 04:16)
Comfy place. But need many improvements. Ex. New booking method from other apps

zenzen nurparid (09/08/2017 15:18)
Asik film nya Valerian and the thousands planet. Lots of animation, great plot and story. Plus the three ducks and Rihanna the bubble.

AG (27/07/2017 03:33)
One of the biggest XXI in Bandung, located inside Cihampelas Walk. If you see the huge building beside Sensa Hotel from Pasupati Bridge, you can see huge area above the parking lots, and that is the location of XXI. Here, you can play games and buying some refreshments. Between the main entrance and theater 1-4, you also can find a cafe, another box office ticket shop, and another refreshment shop. The toilet is clean and the place is cozy. This place is accessible by four lifts, a ladder, and two escalators.

Paul Cochenour (15/06/2017 01:17)
Centrally located lifestyle mall with courteous and helpful support staff

A. N. Widiastuti (27/05/2017 08:18)
One of best xxi. Have a lot studio and the films are up to date

Ray Ardi (02/05/2017 15:32)
The best cinema in Bandung with 2 Dolby Atmos theatres. Nice atmosphere, spacious seat and good movie viewing experience well worth the money spent.

Koxis Verserken (13/04/2017 06:34)
Nothing special, but it's better because the audience mostly know how to behave in cinema. 😂

Alex Firdaus (12/04/2017 04:24)
The best place to watch movies in bandung.

Agus Erwan (01/04/2017 10:39)
Best of None. It's the best just because no competitor by law.

Athallah Arsyaf (30/03/2017 03:49)
The only Premier Service in Bandung is onlu available in this section of the XXI Cinema. Plus Premier customers have their own dedicated desk and line for purchasing tickets. I believe the lounge space and the cinema is small than most premier services in Jakarta but this is definitely worth the price difference.

Yudha Fadil (05/02/2017 01:42)
Just like other XXI, with relatively expensive price that as good as the experience it offer.

bintang zero (02/02/2017 03:49)
Godd rom

Tri Maryanto (24/01/2017 12:24)
Nice and inexpensive cinema inside a nice shopping mall. Good audio and video quality

angie sonia (01/12/2016 10:54)
doing sports and hangout with friends is really cool here. Be there

Ardya Paradipta (22/11/2016 23:26)
A good place to watch movies. However, it is under renovation right now.

Rifan Muhamad Fauzi (16/09/2016 01:19)
Best place for watching movie in Bandung! please choose studio with atmoz sounds for the best experience.

arindy putri febrina (03/08/2016 16:36)
one of my favorite cinemas in Bandung! But not for the premieres class tho. It was quite disappointed ☹️

Evi Elviani (30/07/2016 10:14)
Ga ngenakin... anak umur 3thn-an ga blh di dampingi. Pake pay 1 get 2 BCA card, mksdnya utk ibu dan anak yg udah SD kls 1. Yg kecil br jg play group, ntar saya pangku di dlm, krn dia biasanya bgitu ada AC aja dah lgsg tidur, dia jg suka takut kalo studio dah gelap ato ada suara yg menggelegar.
Eh pas mo masuk kudu 3 tiket. No kompensasi. 👍Ya udah, suruh masuk tuh anak berdua. Suruh yg semacem SPG itu anter mereka ke tempat duduknya. Kalo ada nangis ato apa bkn salah saya kynya ya. Bgs aja klo trauma nonton. Biar betah di rmh. Masa yad, anak2 lbh suka nonton di rmh 😊

nurshabah arif rahman (26/06/2016 00:35)
Baru nyoba sekali nonton disini, overall lumayan

Hanz Tanujaya (25/06/2016 15:32)
Tickets and snacks are overpriced, sound quality is nothing special. They used to increase the prices significantly, testing the waters thinking people will still buy it. After they learned the lessons, they decreased it to make it competitive. What a greedy bastard. Better choose BEC Blitz as your go-to cinema

Novrial Nawawi (07/06/2016 13:25)
Cozy place to se your favorite movies

Renni K (14/05/2016 16:49)
Comfort cinema to go after the shops are closed, because they have direct elevator from the parking space.

Rahmad Wandi Putra (07/05/2016 06:39)
Great place and suitable with its price. Try to come here earlier since Jl. Cihampelas had horrible traffic, especially on weekend.

Adnan Rafif Wijayarso (16/04/2016 06:49)
One of the most convenient cinema in Bandung. The price is average, ranging from Rp. 35.000,- to Rp. 60.000,-

Gandi Suparlan (20/12/2015 05:17)
Price is midle-high expensive Rp. 60.000, compare with XXI Grand Metropolitan only Rp. 35.000

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