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Cihampelas Walk

Bandung Barat, Jawa Barat
Alamat: Jl. Cihampelas No.160, Cipaganti, Coblong, Kota Bandung, Jawa Barat 40131, Indonesia
Rating: 4.50
Telp: +62 22 2061122
Jam Operasional:
Monday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Thursday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Friday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Saturday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Sunday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Komentar :

Juan Antonio (23/05/2018 08:34)
If you looking for all in one mall, then this is the right place, especially if you have a family. The mall have a large open space, so it feels nice for me. There are a wide variety of clothing store and food store that you can enjoy. And it is one of the most famous mall in bandung

Awie WahanaStoreCom (17/05/2018 15:58)
One of Bandung's icons. It's always crowded, especially on weekends. There are many outlets and restaurants those are open until midnight. The place is now equipped with kids play zone, the most interesting one is Virtual Reality spot.

Dyana A.R (09/05/2018 09:35)
I have fun at this mall. It have indoor and outdoor shop. Best for hangout, shopping and eat. My holiday almost everyday i come this mall. Here also have a lot of restaurant to try.

Reyaz Thottathil (25/04/2018 07:22)
Some of my sweetest memories in life.. Mall cafes movie food shopping hang out.. Everything in a dream like ambience.. Miss you Fida 😢

Naufanti Zulfah (20/04/2018 10:53)
It's a stylish place, cozy, and clean. Good place for hang out. It's a big mall. Food stalls are good-looking and tasty as well.

Deni Tri Juniansyah (16/04/2018 10:51)
One Stop Holiday Point!

Walking street mall concept
Indoor and open-air mall
Has complete facilities, department store, XXI Cinema, Supermarket, mezzanine Restaurant Cafe or pedestrian-side dining with fresh air outdoor atmosphere.
Also have five start hotel.

Itulah Channel (31/03/2018 03:56)
Mall with lots of outdoor activity.

This is the most crowded mall in Bandung.
Located in a middle shopping center.
This mall balances the indoor and outdoor and for those who seeks a garden and refreshing tree, this mall should be on your list

El Gee (25/03/2018 07:14)
A good place to hangout. Sales watch out for satisfying shopping. Lots of food outlets to choose from. Today, the weather is good. Love going here and there activities

Andreas Madsen (21/03/2018 02:48)
A good, midrange mall. Got plenty of shops. Mostly clothes. Pretty good supermarket and a plenty of choice for eating. Both lunch and dinner. Nice atmosphere with a green outside area. It mostly caters to a younger audience, but not exclusively. Be warned though it's a trap in the weekends. I have literally spend two hours just to a round in the parking house, not even leaving my car. Don't go there much later than noon in the weekends if you you want to avoid that. Or alternatively park somewhere else.

Mahendra Ari Kurniawan (11/03/2018 05:08)
It has semi-outdoor concept so it would be better if you bring umbrella and layered outfit on rainy days. It provides nice moslem prayer room with a very nice service too. It's clean and convenient. The restrooms are clean and properly maintained. It also has grocery store and lots of place to hangout or dinner. Well recommended for tourist because it is in Cihampelas market district.

Farisa Amo (22/01/2018 12:33)
This Mall has pedestrian concept. It's really beautiful.
I love to meet my friends here. Spending time with friends or alone is good idea.
If you are looking for shopping mall that has many popular brands, you have to come here.

ali amran (19/11/2017 06:23)
I often go to this mall to do sport. Beside gym centre, there are also restaurants, fashion store, supermarket, children game centre, cinema, karaoke, bakery, cafe, and an hotel to check in with rooftop swimming pool. You can see famous bridge tower, Pasupati, from the pool. Cihampelas Walk is known by its sky bridge and large open air space, very cozy to walk at. Got enough time at the mall? Continue your sightseeing to the near interesting spot in front of the mall. You will see many fashion stores along Cihampelas street and 'Teras Cihampelas', a longest walking bridge in Bandung with hundreds small stores sell thousands stuff. Interesting? Have a nice trip then..:)

Ajeng Garin (15/11/2017 04:48)
Ciwalk such a tiny mall, but have a good building 'cause it have an outdoor area with Park and of course have a shade line. This mall located near stores that sell Bandung's souvenirs. Must have come here if you visit Bandung.

kharisma wakhyuning prahesti (16/10/2017 12:13)
Massive thematic malls. Suitable for taking the family for a walk. Many dining options, shopping, and children's play areas. Close to some hotels that make it easy for arrivals.

Muhamad Nova (06/10/2017 14:33)
I love to take a walk here with my friends. It offers many food stall and shops. Moreover, we can also go shopping, for clothes, shoes, even daily needs. Besides, the pavements are designed to be eco-friendly with many plants and also huge trees.

Michelle F. Kezia (08/09/2017 13:46)
Average place to hang out. It's better to be here at night due to its design in here. Good places to eat and shopping. Right choice to fulfill daily needs: there are optics, sports, health and beauty, daily needs, and so on

bambang bagja waluya (08/09/2017 04:14)
It combine outdoor - indoor good place to hang out with family. And i think the nite view look better. Just go outside, turn left and you can see the cihampelas factory outlet complex.

Noon Noonie (23/08/2017 13:06)
Nice design mall with many restaurant. At night, very nice to walk. At the front of the mall, there is a platform above the street. They sell clothes, street foods, etc.

Imam Muharram (18/07/2017 23:38)
A great mall among the crowd of Cihampelas. Has a great cinema and many food vendor. Just prepare your self to walk a little bit because the main building is located far from road. I think I always visit this place every time I visit Bandung.

Ketut Catur (09/07/2017 06:04)
Best in Town! An oasis in hot and crowded in Jalan Cihampelas... and I believe they have the best public rest room among the mall or shopping center in Bandung. Lovely place for hang out with friends or family... more benches then I'll give 5 stars!

Pradiptianti Lestari (01/07/2017 11:03)
This is the most joyful and stylish mall in Bandung. I love visit this place very much. But at weekend, this place crowded enough.

Renny Wendansari (29/06/2017 13:08)
Have an access to my hotel ( Sensa Hotel), great place to hang out with friends or your family... love this place so much

Kim Leng (25/06/2017 13:58)
Happening. Retail, supermarket, lots of eateries and cafés. Many Indonesian souvenir snack stores around on the outside. Great for family with children too. Nice cooling climate at night at outdoor cafés.

Surya Wijaya (12/06/2017 07:41)
This place is very good for you who enjoy food. Countless cafés & restaurants placed in every corner. Good place for hanging out with friends, family or your lover. Have nice environment for taking a photo. Gym, sport shop, toy shop, cinema, and many more is available in this palce. **Except for books store**

Wandira Larasati (16/05/2017 16:06)
It's nice that they have cinema, clothing stores, and many coffee shops. It has outdoor area as well. But it lacks of good restaurant options. The restaurants are too common. No interesting food option.

desy arifah megawati (27/04/2017 14:25)
Mall favorite saya di Bandung, mall ini outdoor, sejuk karena banyak pohon dan banyak resto dan cafe yang rekomen banget. Mau belanja?Jangan ragu buat belanja di Ciwalk. Karena banyak toko yang menjual produk fashion yang harganya terjangkau & pastinya fashionable banget. So untuk kalian yang lagi main ke kota Bandung, jangan lupa mampir ke Cihampelas Walk 😊😊

Muhammad Izza (26/04/2017 13:29)
Come here to feel the ambience of modern bandung. Chilly atmosphere coupled with open space concept mall. Love it. BEWARE OF THE TRAFFIC THOUGH

Tomi Taladin (18/04/2017 06:15)
The traffic here is very frustrating. Public transportation is advised to avoid frustration from driving or parking. I usually visit the place after 9 pm for midnight matinee show. Fun place for meeting since it offers unique shopping experience. Paris van Java offers similar concept.

Crisan Karna (15/04/2017 01:33)
I think Ciwalk do a great job with it's concept. You can also take your pet for a stroll in this mall. Just one thing that missing, there's no bookstore. As a bookworm, it would be a good idea to have a bookstore.

Frida Kurniawati (31/03/2017 13:12)
Everything maybe can be found here. Various kinds of snacks, gifts, clothes, foods. The mall design is pretty unique. But, the sidewalk should be made better. It is not really comfortable to walk on it.

Hindra Go (08/02/2017 23:57)
They have a very unique concept for a mall as they combine an indoor and outdoor concept to it. And it's beautiful there.

Imam Fantowi (08/02/2017 14:31)
Too big...people go around here to get some refreshing with unique mall. The concept is "walk" so everyone feel free and get healthy

Diajeng A (06/02/2017 12:48)
One of my favs mall in Bandung. Its an semi outdoor mall. They have good restaurants. Great place for hangout with friends and family.

Humada Alfian (27/01/2017 03:06)
1. Great designed mall, modern
2. I called this place best for dinner
3. Parking slot and nice toilet, all of them well equipped
4. Accessible mall
1. Bookstore. Nope

Vicynthia Tjahjadi (10/01/2017 08:28)
I love this place because it provides the visitors with what we need. There is a supermarket which sells grocery and apparels. There are also many restaurants and the food are delicious. We may choose from many options available. There are also some other activities can be done there like watching movies, karaoke, 4D simulation, arcade games, etc. But however, it may be expensive and too far for some of us.

Luke Samantha (27/09/2016 02:55)
Really nice place to hang out. The mall concept totally made my day cause it combined indoor-outdoor concept, so we can feel the fresh air in Bandung. Many culinaries served, such as Mujigae, Upnormal, Bakmi GM, Hoka Hoka Bento, Es teler 77, and many more.

For you who loves to watch movies, there is also Cinema XII. Even it is not as big as PVJ, it's worth to come there

farey633 (23/09/2016 11:52)
This is one of the tourist destinations in Bandung, and apparently one of the most crowded places in the Cihampelas districts filled with distros and jeans.

The place is really good. Parking lot is fair enough, the foods there are tasty and really good. Attractions here is awesome. There's a skywalk that connects you to some shopping stores and including an Apple Store if you want to go-all out spending, Haha. Definitely one of the most visit places in Bandung for bringing some goodies for your own family.

But the terrible part is that the Jalan Cihampelas always got in a horrible traffic jam. Especially in the weekends. Apparently, at the time I edited this post, (September 23rd, 2016) they are currently expanding the skywalk into something that's better. I'll give this 5-star rating even though the traffic jam always haunts this mall.

Deny Prayatna (18/09/2016 12:20)
It's a nice mall. Good place to be with your family, friends, or college. This mall also has hotel to stay in. So when you're in Bandung to spend holiday, it's a nice place to start as Cihampelas Walk locate in the center of Bandung town. This mall seem to have blend with nature concept, they keep some trees to be there naturally without being cut. Sometimes they held some small band in the front center area of the mall, especially at weekend.

Tommy Suriady (25/08/2016 12:53)
The food street is good. The mall itself is smallish and the variety of product is kinda small. Maybe because the main building is small. But the food choice is very good and the layout of the place outside of the main building is worthwhile exploring.

reza ariesta (19/08/2016 03:05)
gua suka suasana di ciwalk... hehe

Marsya Rebecca (17/06/2016 08:22)
best mall in bandung IMO. greeneries, events, and foods. friendly mall

Jun King Sze (07/06/2016 14:32)
They have weird escalators... only 1 way up and 1 way down on each forcing people to walk back the other way. Silly... but smart at the same time to keep u shopping.

Felix Vivaldi (05/06/2016 20:21)
Very overcrowded. If this is supposed to be a street full of shops where visitors should walk store-to-store to find what they want or even just window-shopping, there shouldn't be ANY car or motorcycle that passes this street. EXTREMELY OVERCROWDED.

permana agung (02/06/2016 04:01)
Nice placee...n rame pisann uiyy

Elisa Samantha Tobing (16/01/2016 11:37)
Second best mall in Bandung. Great location, great tenants, great restaurants, and great entertainment. The area is so huge so many things to see around. Occasionally there are some events held in the lobby area. Good place to hangout.

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