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Bandung Institute of Technology

Bandung Barat, Jawa Barat
Alamat: Jl. Ganesha No.10, Lb. Siliwangi, Coblong, Kota Bandung, Jawa Barat 40132, Indonesia
Rating: 4.70
Telp: +62 22 2500935

Komentar :

Glory Lombok (23/05/2018 03:59)
I thank God for the opportunity to study here and feel the strong taste of high academic culture in this one of the best universities in Indonesia

Nadira Nan W (09/05/2018 15:03)
(I can never thank God enough for giving me thr chance to study here.)

The campus has lots of trees, which gives a good atmosphere. It a walkable campus, which means it's easier to walk than drive around. It also has routes we can take when it's raining without getting wet to almost all places within the campus (jalur teduh). Food courts and food counters are available within 5-minutes walk at most from wherever you are in the campus. There are also vending machines here and there.

Praying rooms are available and easy to access. Most are a bit stuffy but enough. Some are good and comfortably clean.

For students, this is a good place to study.

The main library is spacious with a lot of books you can borrow, especially first years. There are also a lot of desks with power outlets, perfect for individual or group study. Non-student can also use this facility. Just remember to put your bags in the locker room, not to bring drinks and food from outside, and never bring the book outside the library unless you've followed the borrowing procedure.

There are a lot of historical/typical places and buildings. The mostly known ones include Aula Barat ITB, Tugu Soekarno, Plaza Widya, Kolam Indonesia Tenggelam, and Labtek Kembar.

Jefri Tamba (22/04/2018 15:49)
I had a wonderful experience completing my undergrad here! Smaller class sizes mean you really have the opportunity to contribute to discussions and get help or support from your peers. There are so many opportunities for research or volunteer work, which really prepares you for life after undergrad!

Iman H (20/04/2018 05:13)
The best Institute Technology in weather and its surrrounding make students focus their mind and energy to learn and study based on their faculties.

dita yustine (15/04/2018 02:01)
The best place for study, you will find what you looking for, what you think, and what you want in here.
You will meet a lot of genius people.
You will meet religious people
You will be idealistic people when you here
I really miss this place
When you meet a girl or a boy with sad face just give them smile.

Novan Firmansyah (09/04/2018 14:44)
Best campus in Indonesia.
Want to argue?

Pandika Adi Rahmadia (08/04/2018 02:55)
Nobody has ever said "Damn, I'd love to stay here forever." to this place.

jusfar rivai (20/03/2018 14:44)
One of the best national university in Indonesia that focusing on science and technology. Beautiful..., many good spots..., and historical campus. With high competition to be accepted in this university.

Joshua Effendi Choa (10/02/2018 14:36)
What else to expect from a place full of heavy education. Nice place though. Don't understand why people like to take picture here though, even thougj there are only some spot to take one.

Tenri Dimitri (12/01/2018 05:05)
The most prestigious research-based university which owned by Indonesia. When you study here, you will meet the bright students all over the nation. It is very recommended school for those who love the greatly passion of science and technology.

Ibrahim F Burhan (22/10/2017 05:29)
Earn my best education experiences here. Comfort and full of competitive atmosphere.

Meuthia Handayani (10/10/2017 11:18)
It's a great place to studying..
A beautiful place for photoshoot :)
I love almost everything there 💟💝💞

ted tadeuz (23/09/2017 13:55)
Lovely place to study and share moments with friends. Have several comfy food courts affordable for students

Putu Irwan (19/08/2017 15:48)
Best and oldest intitute for technical science. First build as faculty of technology for University of Indonesia in 1920,and became a fully institute at 1959

oon arfiandwi (13/08/2017 11:21)
This beautiful place is considered as home for many people who had spent their time to live while studying at one of the best institute in Indonesia.

Rachmad Vidya Achmad (08/07/2017 00:21)
here, i pursued my bachelor and master on electrical and electronics engineering respectively,, such a nice place to experience many things

Benedict Rafael Iskandar (29/06/2017 04:03)
It is a modern institute with modern and open minded lecturer. The only thing that is bad is its cleanliness.

Nadiya Rahmah (05/05/2017 08:32)
Spacious and developed outdoor space. Comfortable to work with laptop, reading, sketching. Many seatings and plugs. Good shading and fresh air from the trees. Beware of the cats if you decide to eat lunch in canteen area. Some of them are aggressive . 😀😂

CS Daniel (18/04/2017 20:37)
Inspiring university to learn more, love more, and grow more.
It doesn't just give you knowledge, it gives you such beautiful memories you'll never forget.

Muhamad Ronaldy (06/04/2017 14:49)
Never regret studying here. Bandung is a really great place for Hangout. And this place is literally on the best spot of bandung, where u can go to Lembang or go down to many cool places. But the best thing is. You really can study everywhere in here.

Aditya Widya Manggala (03/04/2017 13:57)
Well this place is definitely the best Technical School/University you can find in Indonesia. Its environment was totally match for study. Really really had a great experience for studying in here.

Cecep Sihabudin (06/03/2017 09:06)
This is The most prestigious institute in Indonesia . The Presiden Soekarno is one if The student . Lot of bright young people want study here.

Saputro Andi Pamungkas (22/02/2017 13:31)
One of the top university in Indonesia. Maybe next time go to here again.

M Bagus Zaen (17/02/2017 08:40)
No need to explain anymore, the campus is quite remarkable. And I aspire to study at this campus, precisely at the faculty of mechanical engineering and aerospace. I hope my dream can become reality. Aamiin...

Dwi Kurniawan (07/02/2017 12:19)
The best university in Indonesia. Got my bachelor and master degree here.

Alan Saumulandi Rosan (09/01/2017 00:17)
I would like to go this university. Take in FMIPA - Astronomy. Bismillah...

Athur Muharam (13/10/2016 05:13)
A good to place for your learning journey. If you're interested in engineering and design you must join this institution

Hubbi Nashrullah Muhammad (17/09/2016 07:56)
A vibrant and dynamic campus filled with knowledgeable and talented students. One of the most forefront institutions in science, technology, and higher education in the country.

Gisella Thiofanny (20/08/2016 03:58)
This uni is huuuuge! They have sabuga and saraga that are opened for public. But unfortunately, the security level is pretty low here. I lost my helmet once here

Miss Eciana (20/08/2016 00:09)
Campus in the heart of bandung, with cool air, heritage buildings and green environment. If you like engineering then you must study here, the atmosphere of study are very good because you will study with best student from indonesia and also another country. You can walk through the campus even whet it rain, cause there are walk path with roof. This campus is where you must study hard and sleep is a sin.

nabigh nabiyl (21/06/2016 07:19)
mencari jati diri

adya fradipta (07/06/2016 07:46)
Ku nyari ilmu

Paulus Sidabalok (27/05/2016 18:29)
World class univeristy wanna be.
Concerned about formal study and learning (hardskill), but getting worse in maintaining student's soft skill.

Ebang Van Martino (24/05/2016 18:50)
Teknik Sipil ITB

Prihandaru Luhur Pambudi (22/05/2016 11:28)
The best place for you to study and improve your engineering, business and management, and also art and design skill in Indonesia with good lecturer and nice place. In Harmonia Progressio (🐦📷 @fihan_naru)

impala crush (11/04/2016 11:13)
Cozy campus, great education ( im talking on good on asian level) wide range of program and extracurricular activities, but god its hard to enroll here

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