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Bandung Indah Plaza

Bandung Barat, Jawa Barat
Alamat: Jalan Merdeka No.56, Citarum, Bandung Wetan, Citarum, Bandung Wetan, Kota Bandung, Jawa Barat 40115, Indonesia
Rating: 4.30
Telp: +62 22 4230850 malls/ Bandung-Indah-Plaza/
Jam Operasional:
Monday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Thursday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Friday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Saturday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Sunday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Komentar :

Raina Geno (18/05/2018 22:02)
Least favorite mall. Always crowded also I don't quite get their parking system although I know it might be actually great. But hate how the first floor for parking only available if you use valet, not really like all the store they have. I don't think this place is a great place to shopping or even just for walk.

Muhamad Ronaldy (09/05/2018 14:39)
One of the mall that i found good but not exclusive. It's good that there are some of high class store, but not all of them, the place quiet good, and clean, many stores from original brands in here also. And sometimes in weekend mostly, there are some people that open tenants. But different kinds everyweek with spesific things in there, sometimes apparels, foods, or even souvenir.

Kostya Heifetc (02/05/2018 17:33)
Good mall, but main problem is with it's escalators. You can access all floors only using left ones, other escalators are located on some floors. And there is no public lift. At least they look awful, and oftenly used by shops, not by visitors.

Rifka Aisyah (02/05/2018 00:14)
Sudah terlalu crowded. Saya ke BIP hanya untuk makan Asian Grill yang totally recommended. Kamar mandi disini berbayar, alias ga gratis. Agak mengherankan juga sih..

Musolla terlalu kecil, terutama tempat wudhunya. Kurang convenient

Robert Chai (01/05/2018 09:10)
A very old shopping center in Central Bandung. A perfect compliment especially when staying next door. What I really loved is the Hypermart store which is practically great for shopping for essentials for a trip stayover and the movie theater is a great go-to when you have excess time on your schedule.

However, the food court is really not the most affordable foods you will find in a mall. I feel that the restaurants actually provide a better price point for food quality.

Anisa Rahmawati (30/04/2018 23:37)
One of the most visited mall in Bandung, you can get what you're looking for especially fashion. Besides clothing store, there are coffee shop, supermarket, foodcourt, restaurants, cinema, family entertainment and so forth.

Reyaz Thottathil (25/04/2018 07:42)
It's a wonderful place for leisure and business alike.. Movie karaoke shopping.. And business meeting.. For me I love the place

Randi Proska Sandra (21/04/2018 17:26)
The price is too expensive here. It costs an arms and a legs. It is not suitable for young generation in a low salary. But If you want to find a branded and good material product you can find here. Many stores provided a International branded product such as shoes, clothes and etc.

Kharisma Aprilina (30/03/2018 10:20)
This mall looks luxurious, but their toilet isn't clean enough and we have to pay after using it

desy anggraeni (01/03/2018 05:08)
Rather small shopping place but surprisingly complete. Theres supermarket, coffee place, dessert and some clothing stores. Located in the center of the city makes it really easy to access. If you wanna go to a bookstore or eat outside the mall, you can walk a little and can find some place to choose.

Aaagc Jain (19/02/2018 13:26)
All in one place for shopping, dining. Usually very popular as seen from lots of people in the every area of mall. Parking is some times very messy job here. Over all. Good place.

Afryzal Faringga (14/02/2018 02:12)
One of the biggest mall in Bandung, it provides a huge selection of clothings, shoes, foods, and other stuff. Price is a little bit higher, but in my personal opinion it's worth the service. Definitely a must-visit. Everything you need, all in one place.

Praditya Wira Satria (16/12/2017 07:25)
I remember back then when this mall was the epicenter of the Bandung lifestyle & trends in the 90s, this mall has almost everything you need especially in fashion. Now it's more like a regular shopping mall although we can see they've done some restoration to update its look.

Its strategic place at the vicinity of other places of interest including city hall gives this mall an advantage for at least to help you to get a parking spot. Much easier to get parking spot in here than BEC or on the roadside.

Rifan Muhamad Fauzi (18/11/2017 09:41)
One of the legend mall in Bandung.
I was 7 years old when first visit, now Im 26 and this mall is still exist and become more popular.
Very crowded in weekend and you'll get hard to find parking space.
They also have really good facilities: big musholla, cinema, food court, shopping centre, etc

Prihandaru Luhur Pambudi (09/11/2017 05:01)
Great shopping mall right in the heart of Bandung.
It has department store, fashion tenants, food tenants as well as food court. It has great atrium and wide terrace for exhibition event. There's also a theater. It is also wheelchair accessible.

andrymks (06/11/2017 02:45)
Nice place for shopping or just for hanging out with friends. It has Cinema XXI where you can spend time watching movies. It also has various culinary offered.

Rizki Karim (19/10/2017 08:43)
Nice payment method for parking fee, you can pay for parking at the counter available inside the mall before going home. no need to queue with the vehicle.

Ah, i forgot the parking provider.. never mind! 4 star for this mall *cheers*

Maria Kirana Rucitra (30/08/2017 06:57)
The surroundings are too crowded, aspecially on weekends. But the prices are low and they have lots of fashionable stuff there. Very recommended for those who look for nice reasonable-price things.

Surya Wijaya (30/08/2017 04:55)
I love this place very much. A very good place for hanging out with friends and family.
Pros :
- Varieties of stores, cafes and restaurants
- Big theatre at the top floor
- Big parking lot
- Good place for hanging out with friends or family
- Accept any kind of transaction (cash, debit card, master card and visa)
Cons :
- Have big parking lot but often full (in the noon, weekend and holiday). I recommend use public transport or park your car / bike in the another place.
- Many "angkot" standby near the drop-off place and way to get to parking lot that made awful jam.

Muthia Aryani (28/08/2017 02:10)
BIP is getting better now, many new stores, and more comfortable. I go there to buy cosmetics at Guardian, since I use Catrice, which is available there. Good place to eat, watch a movie, and buy some good quality clothes. I just don't think that we have to pay for the toilet. Other big malls in Bandung have clean and free toilets.

Crisan Karna (23/08/2017 04:43)
The mall was quite good. But i have unpleasant experience with the security guard and customer service. I was ordering grab in this mall but the security guard was glared at me and driver, then the security guard was punch the car door. He yelled at us to hurry up. There was taxi who stay at the front of the mall but the security guard don't do anything to them. It's a very unpleasant experience. I contacted the customer service about my experience and at the end of the phone call, she drop the phone very loudly. Very unprofessional.

Zeny Rochmawati (02/07/2017 10:58)
A Classic City Mall.
Very famous because it's been running for about 20 years. Always packed with teenager. Great location. Lots of different fashion and food stall.

Ikhlasul Amal (30/06/2017 11:35)
All in one place for shopping. Moderate visitors, easy to reach, close to other venues, prayer room is nice. Groceries, fashions, food courts, even cinemas are all here.

syifani meiriyanti (29/06/2017 10:55)
Average, but the management really need to pay attention for availability and cleanliness of facilities such as parking space (not enough space, long exit queue due to not enough entry and exit gate, etc) and toilets (not enough working toilets, dirty area and wet floor, yet people are required to pay anyway). For a mall which was once the best in the city, the current one leaves not much to be desired...

Wes Hatadji (16/06/2017 02:20)
One of the original malls of Bandung. The design is a bit outdated but it has your typical food court & shops which are mostly local brands & independent stores. The mall also boast a XXI movie theater. While it is one of the older malls, it still proves to be a popular hangout place for locals (mostly teenagers & university-age). I, myself, like it because it's located just a block away from Bandung City Hall & one of the loveliest & biggest park in the city. Just the historic art-deco city hall building alone is worth the trip. I usually stop by this mall first to get a cup of ice coffee & food to take to the park.

Yulia Rahmawati (30/04/2017 08:13)
Old mall, need some improvement. So many tenant from the high to mid-low. Many shopping tenant, food place, karaoke, and cinema. Now have plenty motorcycle place, but not for car. Have proper musholla on top level. Have spacious food court. On the weekend it really crowded.

Asep Mentry (21/04/2017 04:15)
Legendary, 1st mall in Bandung. Complete shops in optimal area. Interesting stuffs in there. No need spending many hours.

Rita Harsono (06/04/2017 15:30)
It's quite famous for Bandung area. A bit crowded during holiday or weekends, but a good meeting point because the location is really strategic. We can shop, hangout and eat. Not bad at all!

mimin supriatin (25/03/2017 08:46)
It's one of the well known mall in bandung from many years ago, is located in a very strategic place..n has so complete place to go,cinema,bookstore,supermarket,fashion shop, coffee shop,foodcourt,salloon, very recommended place if u want to spend ur time in bandung

M. Nathania (22/03/2017 04:35)
the place is:
- clean and nice
- located in a strategic, rather green and breezy, though busy area
- provides various things you commonly see in mall (daily necessities, clothes, food, drink, etc)

Ray Alfarisi (04/03/2017 01:49)
Nothing special about this shopping mall, need more innovation so that this place can comeback to its gold days. But, for now this place just another average mall. Not bad tho, still has some good places.

billiansyah abdillah (07/02/2017 09:53)
A good place to shop yet the store management wasn't as neat as it used to. but overall this is a good one-stop shopping place

Fikri Erfizal (06/02/2017 02:43)
The famous and the oldest plaza in Bandung. The only plaza @center of the town. Closed to the town hall.

Josephia T Liem (29/12/2016 16:58)
Very crowded during holidays or weekends. Cackling and giggling teens everywhere and sometimes they are not ashamed to scream or squeal. Wheelchair access is 45 degrees angle. How on earth would someone in wheelchair go through that? It is also impoasible for someone to hold the wheelchair down without crashing to the ground.

Overall shops are so so. Mostly clothing, many chain store of national famous brand. Cinema is spacious but since many onlookers (they don't watch, just wander around) it's not quite comfortable. Noisy compared to other cinemas.

Food court is jam packed but in average food is horrible in taste, very little portion and come in thin plastic plates, spoons and fork that will break easily.

Hypermart has 20 or so cashier line but less than half is opened, even during peak hour people are waiting in line for a very long time. It seems like they wanted to create impressions that their store is full but such trick will annoy buyers who have to wait forever just to pay.

Ghea Melati (29/12/2016 05:59)
All in all, it's a good place just to spend your time. Be careful when you park, especially for motorcycle. Be sure to put your helmet to helmet care and don't leave your belongings.

fahrichats (23/09/2016 11:39)
First of all, forgive me if there's any bad English that I wrote here, because I am Indonesian.

Good mall and shopping experience. Best places to hangout for the teenagers, but the parking lot is poor and dark and not too many parking spaces. Of course, you still have the alternative parking lot outside the back of the mall in Jalan Sumatra, but still, it is not enough. Especially in the weekends. It caused a traffic jam near the area. The food itself is good enough. Different variants and assorted foods in the food court for both the youngsters and adults. Still, a good shopping experience, but you'll get yourself stuck during your way to the mall. I'll give it a 4-stars.

Eka Andhika (01/10/2016 05:57)
Mall nya anak muda

farey633 (23/09/2016 11:39)
First of all, forgive me if there's any bad English that I wrote here, because I am Indonesian.

Good mall and shopping experience. Best places to hangout for the teenagers, but the parking lot is poor and dark and not too many parking spaces. Of course, you still have the alternative parking lot outside the back of the mall in Jalan Sumatra, but still, it is not enough. Especially in the weekends. It caused a traffic jam near the area. The food itself is good enough. Different variants and assorted foods in the food court for both the youngsters and adults. Still, a good shopping experience, but you'll get yourself stuck during your way to the mall. I'll give it a 4-stars.

Bramanto Fajri Prakoso (23/08/2016 02:58)
cocok buat belanja

Afriski Nanda (09/08/2016 08:41)
Might be the cheapest mall around Bandung. You'll get everything here, wether it's food, entertainment, or just delighting yourself with food. Some recommended restaurant here are Donner Kebab on it's food court, Pizza hut on the front, and some says D'cost is good because it's quality to price ratio. For those seeking place to hang out around for a bit, there's starbucks and J.Co. The main downfall of this place is it's too crowded in here when holiday comes. Also you have to pay to use the toilet, and it's not even a good or well maintained one.

Gilang Gumilang (13/07/2016 03:08)
Always crowded, good for shoppaholic range menengah ke bawah

Film Production (13/06/2016 15:00)
one of the oldest mall in bandung, it was estonishing, but same as PVJ, the parking was so full, even i have to use valet parking to park my car :-/

Aryo Wicaksono (12/06/2016 00:31)
mal tua yg ramai

Fedora Fei (29/05/2016 05:11)
One of the oldest and "always-full" mall in Bandung. It has various shops and provide so many events for people. Therefore, it's no wonder that it takes more effort to find a parking spot within this place.

Iwan Mulyana (23/04/2016 10:05)
Mall yg ada sejak thn 1990. Sejak saya kuliah di unpad .Masih bertahan jg yah..

Kalo weekend. .parkirna parah. .daya tampungnya tdk sesuai banyaknya pengunjung

Yg bikin bete ini parkir biasa dibikin vallet. .

jonathan bastanta (23/02/2016 07:32)
First mall in bandung if I'm recall. Starbucks, jco, mcd, hypermart and available in here. Toilet is not free, bit weird for a mall

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