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Balubur Town Square

Bandung Barat, Jawa Barat
Alamat: Jalan Taman Sari P-2, Tamansari, Bandung Wetan, Tamansari, Bandung Wetan, Kota Bandung, Jawa Barat 40116, Indonesia
Rating: 4.10
Telp: +62 22 30003100 baltosbdg
Jam Operasional:
Monday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Thursday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Friday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Saturday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Sunday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Komentar :

Anastasia Rose (22/05/2018 09:47)
Great shopping center, great hijab product. Offered many choices of designs. If you are a hijab fashion addict, you must come here. It's just the rest room was too poor

Satria Utama (20/05/2018 14:35)
Itps a market basically. A bit crowded. You might find what you need if you look closely. And be sure to compare the prices first before buying since there are more than one store which sells the same items.

Raina Geno (18/05/2018 22:36)
Always crowded. Small parking space. But the price tho. Here is the perfect place if you want to buy hijab, clothing and also stationary. They sell it at very cheap price. Also have many newest collection of clothing. Definitely a must go

Vale Rian (04/05/2018 11:29)
Good place to find cheap goodies. There are parking lot here, especially for motorcycle (which I think quite safe). They have various store like Ace Hardware, or even just some small store that sells shirt. They also have food court and restaurant, and they have travel agent on the ground level.

The problem is that the elevator is a bit confusing, but I think that's not a major issue.

4/5 recommended.

Sukma (02/05/2018 00:14)
Balubur market used to be the centre of inexpensive stationaries and office supplies, known for decades amongst students in Bandung City. Since its relocation to a more modern building now (called Balubur Town Square or Baltos) emerging to be a shopping place for everything including fashion and textile. You can also enjoy variety of ready-to-eat meals with good price

Julian Sutisnawinata (20/04/2018 03:05)
If you want affordable Bandung's snacks, trinkets, to electronics, accesories, textiles, to Batiks just visit Balubur Town Square. It's even has a casual gym.

There's even a traditional market in the basement.

Prisa Ramadhianti (23/03/2018 12:17)
Your go to place for hijabi/modest fashion! It's like all of the online shop have their store here. Textile is good too. Parking is a bit tricky (very limited). They have ace hardware.

David Pinondang (27/02/2018 07:35)
Just visted this store 2 days ago.
This store having many2 variant of item and the price also reasonable.
The only thing still need to be fix is the knowledge of the staff regarding product line item. Because mi wife actually find the food cover made from plastic after last week the staff no such as item at the store. Finally we bought it from other store.
I still rated 3 star for this store.

Gita D. Astari (24/02/2018 10:20)
Affordable fashion needs can be met here. That's pretty much all I come here for. Some non-mainstream books and secondhand English books can be found here. The food court's just okay.

Srikandi Putri (20/02/2018 02:42)
More like crafting shops. they even have food markets on the lower ground. Good for middle-low economy citizens recreation mall. Has food courts on top level and game station. Ace hardware is visible and connected to the building.

Ahmad Shiddiq Fadhilah (30/12/2017 09:45)
The place is crowded with small shops, with distance of two or three people away from each other. There are fashion, especially for Moslem woman, food, to stationary shops on the lower level, then there are bigger shops like ACE Hardware. Parking here can be a terrible and confusing experience. Traffic jam, intersections, and hard to notice parking area. The most comfortable area is on the uppermost level: the food court. You can finally catch some breath here because it's spacious. There's also Kiosk restaurant with nice view. Probably good place to visit for some quick shop with good bargain. But not necessarily comfortable place to stay for long.

Dyastri Intan (26/10/2017 05:02)
I loooove this mall because its decent sized, it has numerous cheap clothing shops, it has wide range of options in its cafetaria, parking lot is okay sized and on normal hours won't make you dizzy with too many people. To me the main selling point of this place is its cheap clothing stores. You can get a decent long-sleeve blouse for 50k and a square hijab for 30k rupiahs. A bargain for us college students!

Praditya Wira Satria (11/10/2017 07:14)
The only reason of my visit here is because they have ACE hardware. It's located right between a junction & a roundabout so getting in & out of here with a car especially during peak hour requires some skill. parking spot also limited eventhough there is a valet service.

smoking area especially on the ground floor for small tenants, so yes it's a heaven for smoker shopper.

roy primera (28/09/2017 02:48)
this plaza provide various goods for sell. from colorful hijabs, clothing lines, local leather bags, even supply for handcrafting needs. after you shop, don't forget to eat at the 3rd floor where you can find the food court 😊 so many foods you can chose there. hth

Sri Maryati (02/09/2017 08:57)
This place like heaven for women or girls and students, you will get many beautiful stuffs and worthy to spend time here. Clothes, shoes, bags, merchandise or souvenir, and school or office stuffs. There are some restaurants with nice food, the price is competitive and there are a lot of choices to find good things. If you you love shopping, this place is good choice.

Retzy N. Azizah (02/09/2017 01:35)
Mostly famous for its muslim fashion and textile stores (such as batik, silk, etc). You also can find ACE Hardware store there. And in the underground level, you can find a clean modern market if you're looking to buy some vegetables, herbs, fruits, meat, fish, etc.

Hamzah Yondita (29/08/2017 14:09)
Fine place to meet up or buying something, offers a good variety of things you can buy. The facilities aren't that good though

Hafizh Ahsan (08/08/2017 00:24)
I can't decide that it is mall or pasar. But you can find everything here. Plus thay sell best food in town for cheap prize. You can get steak for 17k.

Jajat Rohmana (11/07/2017 22:51)
A decent market; clean traditional market at the ground floor, office and fashion supplies at second floor, phone and tech store at third floor. Well spaced and have a good parking place.

budirahardjo88 winasis (03/07/2017 02:58)
There are some hotwheels diecast store which will suited your hobby for the diecast model such as chevy panel model, dairy delivery model and so on.

Esa Dicky (23/06/2017 10:05)
Good place to shop daily essentials. There's also Chatime and Ace Hardware. The parking lot isn't big enough.

Anto Martanto (22/06/2017 14:14)
This mall is very small. You can find many stuffs here, like stationery, foodcourt, garmen, travel agent, toys and many more. Don't come here on holiday. Mostly they are closed.

Nathaniel Orlandy Kurniawan (20/06/2017 15:05)
The place is one stop shopping mall for buying art supplies, stationary, dorm furnitures etc. There are also traditional markets, apparel, bags and shoe store, muslim apparel store vape store, electronic product service and food court. It also have ace hardware, cha time and hoka hoka bento.

Zakia Shahiza (04/06/2017 22:06)
This mall is very nice. With cheap price you can buy more stuff than any others mall.

Faza Faidhan (26/04/2017 18:52)
this town square really good. they have a lot of store who sell anything item you want.

A. Abiasa (25/04/2017 00:53)
one stop shopping.. if you like traditional market.. lots of affordable goods.. and variety of food stalls

Rahmawati Muslan (23/04/2017 12:45)
Balubur merupakan retail kelas menengah yang sangat nyaman, didalamnya terdapat penjual sayuran, pakaian, perlengjapan alat tulis dsb. Secara arsitektur bagungan ini tidak menggunakan pendingin buatan (AC). Karena letaknya di area kontur maka sang arsitek memanfaatkannya untuk memasukkan udara alami ke dalam bangunan.

Sofi Siti Shofiyah (15/04/2017 10:18)
one stop shopping center for quick refreshing near by ITB campus. Food, stationary, electronics, and clothes. Good prices for students.

Yogi Arjan (21/03/2017 06:41)
The only bad thing about this place are hard to park your car! and the layout that not friendly enough, however there are so many clothing selection and also lot's of other stuff to find.

Look for: Batik clothing, fabric selection, school supply

leschaco Indonesia (22/02/2017 22:13)
Place shopping hijab and snack original indonesia made also bookstore and office statiomary

Puspita Sari Kumoro (15/02/2017 06:21)
Cheap prices place but not cheap-py (if you know what i mean). It also have Ace Hardware and Chatime. Unfortunately the place sometimes stink, and i mean literally stink.

Diajeng A (06/02/2017 12:45)
My all time favs.they have cheap clothes and everything. This is where i get my school supplies. They also have traditional market and fabrics.

P.s : if youre a kpop fan, there is shops where you can get kpop albums, official/unoff merchandise, lightsticks, kdramas, etc.

Yasmina Wulandari (28/12/2016 16:01)
If you're looking for art supplies, go here. If you're lookin for a friendlier alternative to hunt clothes as opposed to Pasar Baru, go here. Layout isn't nice though, lack of air conditioning and room to walk.

noviana kusumawati (26/12/2016 11:09)
The mall not to busy and crowded. Food cheaper than another mall in Bandung and delicious. You can try angsana,clemmons etc. Price of fashion depends but don't come here late cause most of store close 5 pm

Nicolaus Hariaji (10/09/2016 05:38)
Pool arnes di sini

REVI RENANSIVA (07/09/2016 07:39)
For everyday needs, can shop for groceries, get something to eat, a special place for muslimah to get hijab fashion , also some floor have diecast collection for diecast hunters

Belinda Rahmadiana (21/08/2016 14:49)
Tempat beli stationary, alat komputer, & hijab2an

AG (18/08/2016 16:48)
The place is quite good and cozy to have shopping and it is multifunctional (you have market on the basement, stationeries and fashions shop on the ground level, ACE Hardware for supplies, and foodcourt on the highest level). I think the parking lots should be added becuase it is limited on the peak time (usually on weekend).

Yasmin Nindya Chaerunissa (26/06/2016 08:20)
If you want to find cheap stationaries, buy things to decorate gifts and rooms, easy access to electronic stuff (compared with BEC), service your laptop, see casual hijab style (better if you take a walk around the stores, prices could be very different), complete your batik clothes (if you're too lazy to go to Pasar Baru), fulfill your daily needs in traditional markets, eat snacks, and go to Ace Hardware; this place is the answer.

Marsya Rebecca (17/06/2016 08:18)
full of cheap great stuff. better go here without car. the basement's so small.

Eko Nugroho (14/06/2016 09:03)
Cheap underground traditional market combined with assorted modern retailer. You can buy from computer peripheral and clothing, but mostly islamic attire, and traditional dress. You can visit Ace hardware retailer store here too. At the top you can hangout with friends and see beautiful view of pasopati bridge which is a new icon of Bandung.

Aurora Wibrianne (08/03/2016 10:52)
Good place for shopping local branded apparel, stationery and cheapppp food!

salon & gym are also affordable consider the good location

Fajar Nugraha (12/02/2016 11:38)
Apa aja ada, elektronik, service, baju2 muslim, perlengkapan rumah. Cukup lengkap. Minus semrawut, eskalator nyusahin, nyari lift kayak main tak umpet

Vindu (09/01/2016 04:22)
Ke bulubur ya ke ace hardware nya 😁

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