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Bandung Barat, Jawa Barat
Alamat: Bandung Trade Centre P2, Lantai 3, Jalan Dr. Djundjunan No. 143-149, Pajajaran, Cicendo, Pajajaran, Cicendo, Kota Bandung, Jawa Barat 40173, Indonesia
Rating: 4.30
Telp: +62 22 6126521

Komentar :

Dugoy Masta (24/05/2018 11:57)
Nice movie theater place for people that don't want to get too much trafic when they go home

Zahra Aisyah (21/05/2018 18:01)
Good place for buying any things the theater is nice.

Donny Tri (16/05/2018 09:48)
Nice place to watch cinema with friends and family... Strategic place...

Arham Mauriyat (02/05/2018 14:43)
Cheapest in Bandung along with Braga & TM Buahbatu. Small but still comfy.

Dicky Ardian (02/05/2018 00:46)
Filmnya indonesia kebanyakan,udah gt kalo bubaran dan mulai film ngantri sampe tangga,perlu perluasan sepertinya

leon ginting (29/04/2018 02:30)
Good place to watch movies

Aurel Thio (26/01/2018 10:10)
Cheap movie theater , sometimes dirty and un maintained but worst of all the security are extremly rude and horrible . They will scream at you and check your bags direspectfully


Muhamad Nova (13/10/2017 02:05)
The cheapest movie theater in Bandung. The studio is clean, but, somehow, the sound from the next studio can be heard from my studio where I watched the movie, and it is quite annoying. The movie played is always up-to-date one, and they can play it for one or two week in a row, so don’t worry if you miss one day, since there is the rest of the week to catch on.

westi haryanti utami (30/09/2017 00:50)
As the cheapest movie theater in Bandung, the overall quality is good. Too bad we need to take stairs after we arrived in P1 to get here since there’s no lift or escalator to the XXI. It’s quiet inconvenient for elderly, children, pregnant women, and disabled people. The position between the screen and the seat for some theaters is not compatible. There’s theater that the screen is either too high or to low compare to the seat in the Row-A. One more inconvenient is the sound from the next theater can be heard from my theater.

Prasetyo Soemarno (22/07/2017 02:48)
The cinema was big and they served food and drinks. The toilets were clean. But, it needs cleaning because in the cinema room there was still rubbish from the previous audience and the movies aren't all there.

Jeanne Yonne (21/04/2017 11:05)
Good price, it's pity the lift is outside of the building & no escalator so it's not really convenient for elderly people/disabled.

maloring gino (12/07/2017 07:00)
I fill enjoy...perfect for XXI

andy hendra (26/06/2017 08:20)
Had 4 small studio.. not bad.

Johan Knight (27/04/2017 22:26)

Rita Jhon Harsono (09/04/2017 08:42)
Cozy and not really crowded

jaka septa (10/03/2017 09:40)
An inexpensive cinema equipped with good facilities, making it a nice place to watch.

george ariyanto (25/02/2017 22:04)
Good price , cozy and clean cinema

anna kriswidiasih (05/02/2017 15:25)
Nyaman, film up-to-date

Ardya Paradipta (24/12/2016 12:35)
Nice place to watch movies, especially weekdays.

Elfa Michellia (19/10/2016 16:31)
Nice place and just a few people here especially in weekdays

Muhamad Rizky (04/07/2016 12:45)
Nice and cheap
Theres have much foodplace

Kevin Yoasman Tupu (05/08/2016 02:20)

Alex Iwan (23/07/2016 00:00)

yushak herrinaga (17/06/2016 08:01)
Bioskop murah dan cukup nyaman.

Adi Rahman (24/05/2016 07:42)
Beberapa studio ada yang ukurannya kecil dan ada beberapa kursi yang kurang enak gitu. Tapi ini tempat nonton yang terhitung cukup murah dibandingkan dengan tempat lainnya

Candra Irmawan (15/05/2016 19:20)
There's no 3D cinema or cinema with dolby atmos tech

Hosana Konstansius (20/03/2016 22:39)
Cheaper than average cinema, it's OK for casual movie watching

Nelina Devisani (01/06/2013 12:39)
Fast & farious 6

Aqquh Suci (04/02/2013 02:10)
dket mana ???

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