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Waterbom Bali Indonesia

Badung, Bali
Alamat: Jl. Kartika Plaza Tuban, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361, Indonesia
Rating: 5.00
Telp: +62 361 755676
Jam Operasional:
Monday: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Tuesday: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Wednesday: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Thursday: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Friday: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Saturday: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Sunday: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Komentar :

Anissa Meutia Dewi (01/10/2018 02:33)
Saya beserta keluarga dan teman kantor mengunjungi Waterbom Bali hari Sabtu pagi. Senang sekali sewaktu tiba di Waterbom, kami disambut ramah oleh staf front office dan ticketing. Kami menghabiskan waktu sekitar 3 jam bermain di Waterbom Bali, dan rasanya belum puas! Hahaha. Sarana rekreasi dengan fasilitas yang sangat memadai, lokasi mudah ditemukan, baby friendly, bersih, good view, wahana yang variatif, dan hampir semua petugas bersikap ramah kepada kami. Sangat menyenangkan! Ingin sekali kembali mengunjungi Waterbom Bali, karena kemarin belum puas mencoba seluruh wahana yang ada hehe

shaun chong (29/09/2018 08:07)
Live up to its No. 1 in Asia. Place is clean and well maintain. The rides are fun and queue is reasonable. Just remember to put sunblock. You won't regret going!
However, try to buy your tickets online since its cheaper. Only risk is fixed date and in event of rain. So pick your risk. =)

Matthew Lyne (12/09/2018 11:14)
Came 2 years ago and remembered this place to be amazing. Returned today and it didn't disappoint. Waterbom is what every waterpark should aspire to be. Everything is well maintained, fantastic selection of slides but most of all the staff are some of the best staff we've ever encountered. Extremely friendly, always smiling and genuinely seem to be having a good time and that enthusiasm passes over to you ensuring you have a great day. Prices are reasonable to get in and within the park. We arrived at opening and ended up staying the full 9 hours until the park closed and had an amazing time.

PHUONG LE (23/08/2018 15:25)
Amazing experience and extremely fun our family had here! I could even let my daughter (four and a half years old) played Twin Racers, Python, and Green Viper with no worry!
The Euro Bungy is also fun, watching my daughter jumping up and down and even did some ballet moves on air! :)
Staffs are really helpful, friendly, and I can see they smile all day that truly made me feel so happy here!
Definitely come back!

Troy Taylor (09/08/2018 13:00)
Make sure to book online and save yourself a few bucks! You can just scan the phone, no need to print the tickets . I recommend getting the value pack which includes a soda and pizza. Saves you some money if you plan on buying lunch in the park.(Pizza in the Park is 80k) Lockers only 25k, or bigger family lockers are 35k. The park is honestly fantastic. The slides offer a bit for everyone, while having a few intense options. The staff is excellent and friendly and the park is extremely clean. Definitely worth spending a day here. (Also make sure to hit up the pool bar after 2pm, as there is 60k 500ml beer. A bit pricey for the street, but not for inside a park!)

Cherylee Manurung (20/05/2018 08:35)
Awesome Day Out. So many slides to choose from. The w as it for your turn wasn't very long, it gives you time to get ready for the next slide. Also other water activities around the park.🤽‍♀️ volleyball 🏊‍♀️ swimming 🏄‍♀️ and surfing. So much fun. There is a section especially for the little ones. So excellent. Food and drinks were tasty as and affordable. They even take photos of you so you don't have to. Friendly staff and very helpful. I would recommend this place to everyone. Just go as and enjoy yourself. I did!! 🙂

Bill Atkinson (06/05/2018 23:29)
Always an awesome day at Waterbom with heaps of activities for kids of all ages. Completely cashless once inside the park with more than enough good options that are well priced. Get here early to avoid the queues and it now shuts at 6pm rather than the old 5pm. Excellent service from all staff makes a fantastic day. Get tickets before you go to get between 5-15% discount of the normal walk up price. It’s a must when in Bali.

Tim Chua (01/05/2018 06:47)
Awesome place to visit when you are in Bali.. the place is very safe, fun and clean. Perfect to bring your entire family here for an unforgettable, thrilling experience if you like high-speed slides. Alternatively, you could also laze about on a float along the Lazy River with your loved ones. Must-visit attraction when you're in Kuta area! 5 stars for sure!!

Adele Cirillo (15/04/2018 00:26)
Amazing place for the kids to go and enjoy themselves. More suited to older kids 8 + and able to swim on their own for piece of mind. But saying that our two year old had a ball - having a nanny made the day very enjoyable for us adults too. Great slides, simple food and an awesome lazy river that pushes you around on jets as you lay on a donut and relax.

Joffrey Marquez (27/03/2018 11:49)
If you want a thrilling experience, if you feel to be adventurous in terms of water rides then go visit here. A little bit pricey but the service is extraordinary. From front desk to the lifeguards, they are well trained for customer service that can exceed your expectations. Will be back for sure.

Stephen Penney (14/03/2018 08:12)
Awesome park! Very well kept and clean and the staff are super friendly. Prices are reasonable as well. Today was I’m guessing a slower day so we got quite a few slides in. Smashdown 2.0 was wicked! The gazebo with your own safe box to keep belongings was a nice touch as well as ordering food and getting it delivered. Great job on this park. Thanks for the fun day!

Christopher Dorai (13/03/2018 15:11)
This water park is amazing! All the rides were a blast (especially the extreme ones) and the facilities were clean and well maintained. The restaurants and eateries had variety and quality food and the best part? The warm, friendly and fun staff! If you must go to a water park, make it Waterbom Bali!

matthieu malaisé (25/02/2018 08:37)
I have lived in Indonesia a few years, many years ago. I was skeptical about this waterbom knowing the usual Indonesian care for safety and cleanness.. I have to admit, this place is extremely well managed! I was impressed. Safety is clearly on the mind of all the staff, the protocols are well followed, and the clients can enjoy themselves with kids all around without additional worries. Also, the free to use strapping system to pay throughout the park is great and makes the day even more enjoyable.

Balvinder Singh (20/02/2018 14:58)
An excellent water park. The kids loved it. Spent a whole day here. Kids rated this as one of the best thing they did in Bali. A bit pricey. Bought tickets online and saved a bit compared to buying tickets at the gate. Rides from the easy to the thrilling ones. It has something for everyone. If it was a bit cheaper, would have given it 5 stars.

Lance Harrison (14/11/2017 13:24)
What a fun place. Amazing layout. Great slides for all types. So well done. Kids and adults had a ball. Not overcrowded. Loved it.

vallina nelles (13/11/2017 10:04)
Awesome, clean, great food.
Our family with one 5 year old had so much fun...
Other places can learn something from this one..
Thanks alot.

Sunil Nambiar (28/10/2017 17:32)
Enjoyed waterslides and pools with kids. Lazy river and fun pool were the favourite places for kids. Options were less for kids, otherwise it's a good water theme park to spend full day with family.

Tip: Book tickets online to get good discount, opt for family ticket which allows entry to two adults and two children.

Danielle Pieterse (16/10/2017 03:26)
This was amazing. We bought the Total Package on their website and we reveived the best value for money. This included all our photos taken during the day, lunch, an activity of your choice (we booked a massage) and access to all the rides.

We had so much fun trying out every ride the park has to offer, sometimes terrified, but the experience was amazing nonetheless.

Too bad our Bali holiday is so short, I would want to go again!!

Peter Rattew (28/09/2017 03:53)
One of the best water parks I have ever been to, the rides are great and the staff are amazing and super friendly. If you plan on going on climax or pipeline then make sure you wear a swimming costume with no metals parts like zippers or you will have to turn your costume inside out. There is also a great selection of food to eat while in the park and not too expensive.

Hari Anggono (29/08/2017 17:08)
A must visit place in Bali!!!

This place definitely has "international standard" or rather advance country theme park standard. Furthermore, it was just enhanced in 2015 with taller and better slides.

Be ready to spend whole day there if you have kids or teenagers.
The downside only the hyper expensive prices of food and beverages.

Brian Griffin (29/07/2017 03:28)
A fun and exciting waterpark right near the action in Bali. This was a great addition to the vacation and the kids truly enjoyed getting in the water and relaxing. We went during the rainy season, so there were some afternoon showers but that didn't spoil any of the fun. The staff was helpful and friendly. The rides were exciting and seemed well maintained. Overall a fun part of the Bali adventure.

Chris Hannah-Marsden (23/07/2017 15:03)
Absolutely amazing. If you're in any doubt over whether you should go or not, don't be, just go!! The water park looks new, very clean, has great food and options at reasonable prices and the rides are fantastic. Tickets are reasonably priced, get there early to avoid queuing too much, but either way the wait is never too long. The park was a great day out, I'd recommend it to everyone, it's definitely not to be missed if you're in Bali!!

Jonathan Hannah-Marsden (20/07/2017 13:00)
Had such a good time there today! The park is really well maintained, the food and drinks aren't overpriced and there is a big selection. There are plenty of sun loungers in different areas around the park. I would recommend getting there early it opens at 9am because there are no queues but later in the day the queues do start to develop max we waited was 20 mins. We got in for 9am and had been on all the rides by 1pm so started to go on our favorites again. There are some really scary ones so it is good for thrill seekers but there is also a kid's area which looked like it would keep the little ones entertained.

PHUONG LE (07/07/2017 11:58)
Amazing experience and extremely fun our family had here! I could even let my daughter (four and a half years old) played Twin Racers, Python, and Green Viper with no worry!
The Euro Bungy is also fun, watching my daughter jumping up and down and even did some ballet moves on air! :)
Staffs are really helpful, friendly, and I can see they smile all day that truly made me feel so happy here!
Definitely come back!

thepatrashand limanpatra (02/07/2017 04:54)
Always on the top list since I was a kid.
Fantastic rides and perfectly maintained.
The price is relatively high, even my western friends visiting this place said it was expensive for them, nearly the price of the water park in their country. I hope Waterbom can put more concern on it, especially for many local residents who could not afford the rate anymore.
My last three visits, I didn't see local guests as many as before. It's slightly different.

Hayden Marks (30/06/2017 08:03)
I have been coming to Waterbom since it opened in 1993 (I had as much fun there yesterday as I did as a 12 year old boy.), this place never disappoints. Constantly upgraded, spectacular gardens and facilities. Get in early, reserve a cabana and sneak in a few quick slides before the crowds arrive. You will not be disappointed.

Nini Yi (16/06/2017 21:48)
Compared to six flags water park in new Jersey this place is not that big. But the rides were fun and hardly no lines which was a big plus. The staff are super friendly and helpful. I would definitely recommend spending a day here.

Brian Dy (10/06/2017 07:44)
There's a reason why this place would get #1 water park in the Asia... NO LINES. the most we probably had to wait was 10 minutes tops and this was on a Saturday in June. Very friendly staff and good rides adults and kids. We finished all the rides within 2 hours and so we didn't stay the full day, but rode multiple rides twice. Highly recommended if visiting Bali.

Bryant Bortolotto Freeman (24/05/2017 03:02)
Way above expectations!
Expensive for tourists but worth the money as they keep the park super clean and the washrooms are exceptionally clean which Was a huge plus!
Loved the slides and the food is decently priced for an amusement park.
I also enjoyed how they have electronic bands for money and lockers that was smart
Overall I had an awesome time here

SusanRom (29/04/2017 00:44)
Such a fun place, but eventually the rides become similar. We finished all the rides in less than 3 hours, including an hour in the lazy river. On the good side, they have lockers where you keep all your belongings (clothes, flip flops... Etc.) and really nice and clean showers. You can also rent towels and buy shampoo there.

Ash Van (10/04/2017 14:20)
Perfection...all risk factors have been taken into consideration. The operating system is petfect. Customer service excellent, staff are very willingly to help...Its just did the WOW effect on our feelings. Unfortunately our time was limited, otherwise its a place you can plan for a whole day. Its a bit expensive but its value for money.

.Rachel .L (21/03/2017 11:55)
Super fun with lots of slides for all ages and levels of adventure/adrenaline. Loved the 'Lazy River' as a fun way to get about the park, basically just float your way on a tube. Slides are varied not just in how steep you like the slope but curves, bowls, dips and rolls. A nice central lagoon with a swim up bar, fun for the experience but recommend getting a pass out if you actually want food, many better value places on the street outside. The cashless, velcro bands are an excellent idea for most things, did end up with several as slide photographers handed them out though. In all, will probably go again.

Jingjing L (13/03/2017 04:31)
This park is closed for renovations 3/13-29, 2017 so we quickly decided to go on the 12th! It was a blast- we spent the whole day from 10am to 5:30pm in the park!
There are many rides with tubes, water slides, a lazy river, and a pool with a bar. If you're like me who's afraid of the tall water slides, you can ride on the ones that require a tube. You can take a single tube or a double tube (so you're not alone when you fall and scream!). It started to rain in the afternoon. But it was not bad at all! The temperature was great and you can still go on to the slides! We spent a lot of time floating in the lazy river. It was so relaxing and fun!
Cakes and pastry was 50% off from 4-5:30! We took two donuts but regretted that we didn't take more as they were sold out very quickly 😂
It was a very pleasant day for us! We enjoyed every bit of it! The park was beautiful, people were friendly, water was crystal clear, lots of fun for kitchen day and adults!

Tanner R (30/01/2017 00:40)
Great Water Park to spend a day at. You have a good variety of rides to choose from throughout the park with minimal line waits (subject to time of visit). You've got a couple of high thrill rides and something as chill as the lazy river. Could do with a wider variety of rides but still pretty good.

You can rent a locker and towel when entering the facility. You'll have to pay a deposit for this. There are decent food options inside the park as well. But have your normal amusement park costs. Staff was helpful and proper safety measures seemed to be in place.

Overall a good time at the park.

Bulent Baran (16/01/2017 14:37)
Fun place to enjoy with your family. Things are well organised. Staff is pretty helpful and seems they enjoy the work. There is good f&b options with average prices. Restrooms and dressing rooms are clean. Enjoy the rides

Jehad Matar (15/01/2017 14:08)
Exceeded all expectations!!!! Extremely clean and well organised. Bathrooms and showers were spotless and a cleaner is constantly present to ensure it remains clean. The cashless payment system is world leading for a theme park. No long queues for rides either. High recommended for any traveler to Bali.

nico yonathan (12/01/2017 14:55)
Good place for family activities. There are rides for adult and children, with a lot of fun. The food was okay. And with the cashless system is pretty easy. Except you re run out of credit. The queueing can be annoying. So you better top up more on the gate in, as you can refund it later if you don't use all of your credit. Also can be quite packed during the holiday season.

Louis Gale (12/01/2017 01:39)
A great water park with lots of enjoyable rides. The whole family always enjoys it here. I highly recommend the total package, which includes lunch and photos and other stuff. It always ends up cheaper and lets you skip the queues. My favourite ride is the Super bowl, what's yours?!

Ryan Anthony (19/08/2016 02:54)
You must going here if you're in bali.. Never missed it. You will regret if you missed it.. 2nd best in the world. 👍 and 1st in asia.. Whoaaaaaa

Kyle Bodilly (17/08/2016 13:02)
Amazing waterpark. The food is nice, there is great service and customer service, and the rides and slides are so fun and enjoyable. I can't wait to go back to Waterbom to try out the new slides (The Smash Down 2.0, etc).

Simon Woodard (06/08/2016 13:23)
My wife and I had a blast here. Some excellent rides that were thrilling and exciting - or if you want something a bit tamer they have those as well. Great system for paying for extra things like food and drinks with a wrist band that you load with money. Lots of fun, but as with anything with lots of people and water you might get crook for a few days afterwards.

Jonas Petersen (12/07/2016 07:57)
Understandable why this park is rated so high.
Absolutely great fun! Very clean, friendly staff and fun rides!
Come when they open (at 9) if you wish to be sure to get a Sun-bed and/or locker as these seem to be sold out fairly quickly.
Oh - the location is perfect as well.
They even stored our travelling suitcases+backpacks for free!

Normann Aguilar™ (10/07/2016 14:15)
If you plan to come here I suggest you purchase a day pass online (viator) offers up to 50% off. Better yet purchase the Total Package day pass with the Cabana option about (AU$ 18) at time of visit. The package offers a number is value added items (exclusive entry process, towel rental, lunch, park activity/massage/manicure pass, free photo downloads of photos taken by park photographers and priority rental of a cabana).

Took my family here (on the Total Package with a cabana) which includes both my 5 and 2 year olds kids and both of them had great fun. Here is a special Kids Area section in the park which born my kids had a great time. The Park is well staffed and very attentive.

According to our Total Package concierge, the park usually gets busy on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays.Apparently foreigners (particularly Australians) come during these days. We came here on Sunday and we didn't find it too busy.Queues are expected on rides on any water parks and you will get queues in this park. Best time to go on rides is in the afternoon, about 2 hours before closing where the queues are short and sometimes of non existence.

Would I take my family here again? Yes, plenty of fun to have for young and old.

Gideon Ooi (31/05/2016 00:13)
Best water theme park I've ever been to! Thrilling rides, warm and friendly service staff and a lovely experience overall! Going there during low season means virtually no queue for almost all of the rides, even if you're there during the weekends.

A damper on the experience, though, was a totally disorganized photo management system. We spend a good 30 to 45 minutes at the photo counter trying to search for shots taken of us by the park personnel so we could purchase...

Lianna Wijaya (06/05/2016 00:28)
Best waterpark i've ever visited, the price is quite pricey /for adults 520k IDR, Kids 290k IDR, but you can always purchase the tickets from local tourist guide / online to get special discount ( up to 50%) but it's worthed. I recommend to visit before 10am because the locker is sold out very fast. But there's so many bungalow / bench you can put your items there..

Tony Kapeller (03/05/2016 11:29)
This is the best water park I have ever been to. Perfectly clean brilliant staff who are so friendly and helpful the entire day. Having the wristbands to make the day cashless is really good just stick your valuables in the lockers and off you go, just tap the band and you get food and a few other things not included in admission. Then of course the whole reason you are there is the water slides themselves. They range from nice and gentle to outright scary. I did them all including the floor drop ones which I only did because of the kids watching. It was great great great. Brilliant value for money food delicious and well priced. Can't fault Waterbom in anyway

Lewis Lexter Yap (21/04/2016 05:49)
The Good
1. They limit guess so the lines are not too long. Sometimes you get to ride immediatley. Longest wait would be 15 to 20mins.
2. The slides are all fun! Dont forget the boomerang and super bowl.
3. The staff are very friendly.
4. Park is well maintained and clean
5. Food here is not that expensive and it taste good (unlike the usual theme park food)

The Bad
1. Lockers fill up fast
2. Few toilet and shower area
3. If you dont have locker there are a lot of bench where you can leave your stuff. Altho it seems safe, I still dont feel comfortable leaving my valuables, so you should take turns keeping watch. Best advice dont bring too much stuff. Just your Go Pro and clothes for change is fine.

Alexander Frais (17/04/2016 09:47)
Very good waterpark.
They also have a flowrider, but you have to pay 120k for 30 minutes.
Climax & Smashdown are fast and a lot of fun.

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