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Uluwatu Temple

Badung, Bali
Alamat: Pecatu, South Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali, Indonesia
Rating: 4.50
Jam Operasional:
Monday: 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Tuesday: 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Wednesday: 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Thursday: 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Friday: 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Saturday: 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Sunday: 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM

Komentar :

Chow Po Kei Prudence (27/05/2018 05:52)
Uluwatu Temple is situated on a seashore cliff. The landscape itself is stunning and the best time to go is during sunset. You can also pay to see the traditional Balinese dance but I personally think that it's a little bit too long (1hr). If you foresee that you might have to leave early, is suggest you to sit at the front along the aisle. Overall a breathtaking moment to see the sun setting along the clkff.!

dipak charola (21/05/2018 11:05)
Temple situated on a rocky Mountain. Looking amazing and photogenic place at the coast of sea. Waves are hitting the bottom of the mountain looking beautiful.and there is a lots of monkeys are very naughty and beware of them cause they can steel your things away.

Thomas Huthwaite (19/05/2018 09:05)
One of the most incredible sights I have ever experienced! A simply amazing temple with clifftop views of the sea, surrounding walls, and beautifully kept grounds. Just beware the territorial monkeys and the hordes of tourists during peak hours (check google based on season). We turned up at 8am which was perfect for beating the crowds. Open to tourists from 7am - 7pm at the time of writing this review.

Sony Wirawan (02/05/2018 02:44)
Awesome.. becareful of the monkeys.!! monyetnya jahil. terlebih jika mereka melihat hal hal yang menarik penglihatan mereka seperti kacamata, handphone, dan anting..

Tiket Masuk April, 30 2018 :
Child Rp. 20.000
Adult Rp. 30.000

saran saya lebih baik datang sore.. harus lihat perform tari kecak nya. start pukul 18:00, beli tiketnya harus dari 16:30 ya.!! harga pertanggal 30 April 2018 sekitar Rp. 75.000 untuk lokal. kalo Turis asing gatau berapa. hhe

Ravi Chouhan (28/04/2018 02:36)
I don't think that there is much to write about this place. You will find plenty of information and pictures on internet about the place, even the hotel staff and the driver would tell you stories about the place.
It's a ancient Hindu temple located at a Cliff with ocean view. I do not have enough words and competency to explain ho serene, mesmerizing and peaceful it is. Bali visit without this place is not a Bali visit at all.
I don't understand from where the people of Bali learn to be so much humble and supportive. They feel you like home and make you wanna stay longer. Hats off to the people of Bali.

Andy B (27/04/2018 09:58)
The best place I found in Bali to watch the sunset. I’d initially been a little put off from going by all the reviews about the aggressive monkeys, but I’m glad I went anyway.

Yes, the monkeys can be aggressive, but as long as you’re sensible and keep your eyes open you’ll be fine. They did manage to steal a few pairs of sunglasses from people that weren’t paying attention. It definitely shouldn’t stop you going to see one of the most beautiful sunsets around.

If, like me, you’re primarily going to see the sunset get there for about 5. That will give you enough time to walk around the grounds, go up to the Temple and find your spot for the sunset.

If you don’t have a sarong, you can borrow them free of charge at the entrance.

Anandie Klaasen (23/04/2018 00:27)
Not my favourite spot. But beautiful nonetheless. 30k Rupiah entrance pp and there is parking fee. You get sarongs to wear as you need to have knees covered.
Be careful of the monkeys. They throw cellphones off the Cliffside. So just hide your belongings, food, glasses etc.
You can walk the edges of the cliff with walkways (they are in direct sun so take sunscreen) and take some nice pics. You can walk on the left or right side of the main temple area. You cannot access the inner courtyard or temple at all but can take some pics from far away.
It's quite the walk around the edges, but worth it to see the beauty and the waves crashing down below.
Very touristy, so you will need patience to get a good shot without other people in it.

Tareque Hasan Mukut (20/04/2018 19:29)
Beauty of sea from the mountain is just awesome. There is a monkey forest too. You can enjoy the amazing sunset in the sea. Very popular place for the visitors. It is difficult to describe the beauty of this place or can nt be represented through camera lens. You can only enjoy the real beauty through your eyes.

Ngân Nguyễn (30/03/2018 09:37)
Entrance fee: 30k/per person. Everyone have to wear sarong when visit here. Best to go before 3pm. Be careful with the monkeys here. Watch your sunglasses, cameras and phones, earings, etc.. The incredible view will shock you. Should watch the show, 100k per person but worth it.

Feronia Budiman (14/03/2018 04:12)
Beautiful place to experience the view in real rather than through camera lenses. Careful with the monkeys. They love shiny objects... Eye glasses, camera, Ray-Ban. But it's a good chance to enjoy the scenery.

Safira Khameswari (12/03/2018 17:28)
It's really really cool. Standing highly near the blue ocean. There are many travel guides, so if you come from abroad, you don't need to worry. Comfy yourself. Enjoy the view.
Oh, and in the evening, Kecak dance is held there while you can see the sun goes down.
In some spots, there are monkeys. Be careful with your belongings.

Ayu Wahyuningsih (28/02/2018 15:11)
Very beautiful and amazing ocean here. I can't believe i'm still in Indonesia. I looks like another country. If you wear something short clothes, you must wear a fabric for cover your body. And last not the least, there are very many little cute and naughty monkey. You must be carefully, pay attention for your stuffs and your children. Do not give these monkey food. Enjoy your holiday 😁😀👍😎

Alina Ohlsson (13/02/2018 10:40)
Absolutely beautiful view of the ocean waves slamming in to the cliffs far down below!
Entrance fee is 30K per person and the mandatory wearing of a sarong is included in the price if you need to rent one.

Takes a little while to walk around but the views are truly astonishing, this is a very sacred place for the locals so please show your respect!
There are a few benches around for you to sit and take in the nature :)
The area is a mix of woods and cliff sides with the gorgeous ocean below.

Lots and lots of tourists, but that is expected!

Be vary of the monkeys, don’t have your purse open or have things/food in your hands.

Please respect the animals here, don’t feed them, harass them and please don’t get to close. Let them be and appreciate how beautiful they are on a distance.
And bin your litter - keep Bali clean ❤️

Frank S. Aaskov (31/10/2017 10:41)
So beautiful and stunning at sunset. Be careful of the monkeys that steal sunglasses. Would recommend anyone in the region to come here.

Anna Pomeroy (25/09/2017 12:40)
Went to watch the kecak show. Show starts at 6.00pm til 7.00pm. View was beautiful and show was great! It was distracting that they let people enter when the show had started and a few people chose to leave half way through. The show gets better at the end so watch it all. Sit back and enjoy! As everyone else has said be wary of the monkeys. Make sure you have a ride back as taxis don't wait there. Too isolated.

Livia Pandumas (17/09/2017 17:35)
Must visit place in Bali. You can enjoy sunset if you came at the right time. Do google what time the sun will set. Beware of the monkey, be aware of your belongings such as phone, bag, and eye glasses. Do not feed the monkey, since the guides there will feed them. You must explore from side to side since this is a very big temple. They do provide some toilets. And there's some Kecak dance performance.

Lisa du Plessis (14/09/2017 05:51)
Although Uluwatu Temple is crowded with tourists, it's easy to see why. It offers magnificent views and the walks aren't too crowded to prevent you from appreciating the beauty of the place. 30k to enter - ample parking available and free sarongs are offered if you need to cover your legs. BEWARE: the monkeys will grab your sunglasses or loose belongings / jump on you if you stand still long enough / pull your hair.

Dávid Ács (13/09/2017 11:29)
Fantastic views and beautiful temple buildings, it's a must see! Unfortunately it's very crowded. Monkeys are little bandits, stealing your sunglasses, hats, earrings, phone, basically whatever they can lift quickly. Take care and put everything away that you are not holding in your hands.

Mohd Irteza (05/09/2017 11:01)
The scenery is beautiful but there's just not much to do. The entry fee combined with the flood of tourists and generic sarongs don't make it any better. Mildly enjoyable. Won't be back.

Putu Kresna (23/08/2017 04:57)
One of the ancient temples in Bali. It is gaining popularity among foreign visitors due to its magnificent natural scenery, and for its popular kecak dance after sunset. For local Balinese, the sacred ambience of worshipping place, brings busy mind into tranquility almost immediately.

Can Akgün (13/08/2017 06:55)
The view is nice. The temple cannot be entered except for praying, but can be seen from outside.
The entry price (30k for adults, 20k for kids) is too high in my opinion. I wouldn't go back there for this price.
There are also some monkeys around, if you are interested in seeing them.

Zachary Ehrlich (08/08/2017 20:56)
beautiful temple with beautiful sunsets. don't forget you need a sari but can get them for free at the gate. and be careful of the monkeys, they are wild and aggressive. they will steal the glasses right off your face and water bottles out of your bag. do not wear glasses, they will be destroyed -we saw that happen to this one guy and he was pissed. hard to find parking as it gets close to sunset so be aware.

Namrata Metkari (14/07/2017 17:31)
The place is amazing and beautiful. Beware of the monkeys over there. They snatch your belongings. But I believe they are guarding the temple. Overall a great place. You get direct views over the vast Indian Ocean.

Amila Niroshan (15/06/2017 07:43)
Amazing views. One of the best sunsets in the world. Have to be a bit careful with the monkeys living free in the area! Beutiful Traditional dance starts at 6pm. Must visit place in Bali!

Lineng T (14/06/2017 15:14)
Extremely crowded when I was there, but that did little to take away the fact that the grounds were peaceful, while the cliff/ocean view were amazing. Worth the short trek up the numerous stone steps to the top and around the compound. Be prepared to spend a lot of time taking pictures of the scenic view and soaking up the temple atmosphere.

kiki Bhutia (11/06/2017 15:35)
Amazing scenery of sea and waves crashing onto the rocks. Beware of monkeys. They grab anything from you a n return for fruits.
If you are there, enjoy the Kecak Dance. It's extremely entertaining. But to understand this dance, you need to know the story of Ramayana. Watching the Kecak Dance while the sun sets over the sea is amazingly beautiful.

Bryan Lee (01/06/2017 17:32)
A must-go!! Amazing view of the ocean and cliffs. Azure blue oceans. And probably one of the most local experiences to bask into - The Kecak Dance. Best to come during evening and watch the sunset.

Jonathan Louie (24/05/2017 10:22)
Very scenic temple with only 2 monkeys I noted during the visit. Beautiful scenery with some local food shops near the car parks. Note you can actually get here via taxi, which works out to be significantly cheaper than direct tours I am told.

Herry Sucahya (18/04/2017 12:10)
A sacred temple on the edge of the cliff with sea way below, an absolutely fairy-tale scene. The temple was well maintained so you can have a comfortable walk around it. Recommended to come in the late afternoon so you can see the famous Kecak dance and of course a breathtaking sunset. A must-see when visiting Bali.

Faiza Siraj (12/04/2017 04:04)
Really nice place.. "One of the must go " places in Bali... Beware of the monkeys.. Better not carry anything or the monkey's might snatch it from you.. Specially any type bottle!

Ridwan Hassen (06/04/2017 05:40)
Had a great time here. It's 30k entrance for adults and 100k for the performance. Well worth the price. The wall up to the temple is spectacular view of the ocean from a cliff that overlooks the landscape. The actual performance was great. Fun, interactive and worth the trip if you are staying in Kuta. Performance began a little before 6:00 PM so try to get there before 5:30pm to grab a seat. Near the center back would be ideal. I would recommend bringing a driver to accompany you and wait to take you back (or rent a car) as getting a taxi afterwards is very difficult and expensive and ride hailing apps aren't allowed to pick you up at the temple.

Ankit Mackar (22/03/2017 13:49)
I would recommend going to the temple at least one hour before the famous 'Kekak' dance which usually happens at about 1800hrs. The crowds are immense and the have a stadium type seating for the Kekak dance, with you sitting elbow to elbow with other people. It's not unbearable and the moment the show comes on you will be rather immersed in that. The view from the temple is one of the best in Bali due to its height.

Important - Do not carry anything on you apart from what you are wearing. Remove even your spectacles or put them in your pocket. Don't let anything stick out of your bag because they might target that.

Plentiful Lee (05/03/2017 15:08)
BEWARE OF MONKEYS! A bunch of monkeys surrounded me and my wife and snatched my glasses on one of the cliffs. I finally got it back with some help of the locals but my glasses was completely broken with 1 lens missing and many parts chewed, effectively cutting short my vacation. Otherwise great place to take pictures, very high cliffs, very strong winds.

Giulia Sampogna (17/02/2017 13:17)
Beautiful temple and view. Great to take pictures. Just be really careful with the monkeys. They are fast and love to take whatever you have in your hands.

Tiare Curtis (27/01/2017 09:55)
You can't really see the temple but the cliffs are amazing! There are monkeys there as well. We watched the kecak dance which was really neat to see. It was extremely windy and cloudy so sadly we couldn't see the sunset during the dance. Still great experience

Tahir Alam (01/01/2017 10:31)
I loved this place. It was one of the most scenic and beatufullest places I've ever seen. The view from here was amazing. The sea is the most beautiful shades of blue, and so clear you can see the bottom of the sea - simply breathtaking. It was a trip that I'll never forget.

kai lim (20/12/2016 01:22)
Temple is nicely situated by the beautiful Indian Ocean. Also watched the Kecak and Fire dance. Some bits were entertaining and engaging. Experience is dependent on the weather. Recommend going only when it's not cloudy/ raining so you can enjoy the sunset and the full experience;)

Khaled Abdelhamid (06/11/2016 19:30)
The temple itself is not impressive. They offer a traditional dance show with the music which is ok.
The most interesting part of this sight is the view of the temple along the high cliffs. Watching the waves hit the rocks. Best time to visit would be sunset. Very nice view of the ocean.
Lots of monkey roam around, so keep your valuables safe, they steal. Sunglasses hats etc.

Wisma Pakuan (28/09/2016 01:34)
Amazing temple with many beautiful angles and spot for taking pics including Kecak dance but not so "thrill" venue for the kids thou. :-D

i putu adi pratama (22/09/2016 21:14)
This place is one of six temple that is included to Sad Kahyangan Jagat (Six temple that is believed as the backbone of Bali island).

Located on the edge of the hill on the west side of Bali makes this place have beautifull scenery of sunset.

There are daily Kecak Fire dance show on an open air amphitheater which will give you unforgetable experience watching balinese traditional dance with hill, sea and sunset on the background.

BladeTheWatcher (16/09/2016 03:35)
The nicest temple I've seen in Bali - the cliff is just beautiful. There is a small entrance fee, but they didn't ask for extra for the sarong.
Beware of the monkeys - they steal stuff, and they're pretty evil.

Lars H. (13/09/2016 14:13)
Nice setting to watch the sunset. There are nicer temple out there, but discover the small path leading to a big meadow (without monkeys). Wonderful view over the ocean and down the cliffs! Worth it!

Nidhi Goyal (07/09/2016 11:31)
Enchanting view and ensure you see the sunset there. The entry fee is IDR 30000 per person in which they also provide a sarong which you need to wear to enter the temple. The Kecak Dance is priced at IDR 100000 per person and takes an hour. It's worth a watch! But I feel they need to do better crowd management for the show as they sell more tickets than they can seat people.

Maneesh Varshney (17/06/2016 04:25)
Was there on 13-06-16..Lovely place to be around 4-5pm but be extremely careful of monkeys. They roam there freely and are very aggressive.. Within 30 mins we witnessed 5 incidences of monkey snatching items...and they don't spare anything... My advice to all would be avoid flashy and coloured items... Be careful of your Hats/Caps, water bottles, sunglasses/goggles/frames, bags, gopro, feeding bottles, any food item in your hand or plastic bag, phones (esp on selfie stick) and even slippers as we saw a monkey trying to snatch 10yr girl's floral slippers..haha
Entry fee to enter the temple is IDR 30,000 for adult and IDR 20,000 for kids.
+ sea view, cliffs, show.
- unguarded monkeys, overcrowded at times

Gede Pande Narendra (16/06/2016 03:01)
Uluwatu Temple is an ancient Hindu Temple, estimated to be built around 800 AD.

Situated at the very edge of 80 meter clifftop at Pecatu village, south Kuta region. Ulu means the edge, Watu means the rock or cliff.

Uluwatu temple is preserved by the local people and government as a holy place, and celebrate the religious ceremony (Piodalan) every 6 months, which will be attended by thousands of Hindu people around Bali within 3 days of celebration and praying ceremony.

Vinod Kumar (14/06/2016 11:18)
Spent a day, taxi, entrance fees etc. to see this temple! A very small Balinese temple on a cliff facing sea. Lots of troublesome monkeys.
I felt 1000 times better by seeing Prambanan and Borobudur.
Overhyped is not a sufficient word!

Deepu Vinod (14/06/2016 08:15)
I was pretty scared about monkeys after reading the reviews, however they didn't bother us. There are uniformed guards at every point where there are monkeys. The visitors seems to be proactively provocating monkeys by trying to tak e selfies with them ! The temple as such is meh, however the view of the steep cliff with the temple and deep blue waves crashing down below is quite amazing.

Jerry Chew (12/06/2016 23:02)
The sun set view is beautiful and nice. It become contract with the Temple. It is a amaze view. Hardly can see in Singapore. But be aware of monkey, they will take your glasses when you not notice. Already spot two glasses taken by them.

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