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Sunset Vet Kuta

Badung, Bali
Alamat: Pertokoan Nakula Plaza Blok C, Jalan Nakula, Kuta, Legian, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361, Indonesia
Rating: 4.40
Telp: +62 361 9348915
Jam Operasional:
Monday: Open 24 hours
Tuesday: Open 24 hours
Wednesday: Open 24 hours
Thursday: Open 24 hours
Friday: Open 24 hours
Saturday: Open 24 hours
Sunday: Open 24 hours

Komentar :

Tino Wiryawan (14/05/2018 05:12)
The place is clean and has a good size parking space. The vets are informative and gentle. My go to place for pet care.

rina kandau (27/04/2018 06:12)
Very friendly and professional staff
Must be animal lover to be able to work here
Quite a busy place. Expect delay even after booking
They do emergency too
Price of different treatment is reasonable for Badung region
Had my dog neutered here after comparing prices from several places. They did well. Thanks!

Shira Williams (22/04/2018 14:41)
Fantastic clinic for your animals. Caring knowledgeable vets. Totally recommend

Kamila Edvani (04/04/2018 05:20)
Vets and staffs are very welcome. I learnt many lessons there. Good client education and cozy environtment.

Vania Sitorus (04/04/2018 05:18)
So grateful that I had a chance to do an internship here. All the vets and staff are very nice. I have never seen such a good management at a clinic before I visited Sunset Vet. I totally had a great time and many things which are very useful for my future profession.

Chantalle Cropp (02/04/2018 02:28)
Dr Wilson was very gentle and caring when I rushed my poodle in for emergency. He took care to detect an immediate issue and also listened to what happened in the lead up of My pet getting ill. An excellent Vetenarian and vetinary set up. Everything I needed for my pets health and well-being was taken care of. Thank you Dr Wilson and Sunset Vets !

Az Hughes (27/03/2018 05:44)
Great clinic that always does a great and professional job when I bring my pets. I feel happy knowing that if anything happens, I've got a top notch vet clinic nearby.

Lisa Birch (08/01/2018 03:37)
We found a very sick 8 wk old kitten whilst on holiday. We took him to Sunset with little hope for poor little ‘Jon Snow’ however the vet was excellent and spent a lot of time telling us about a programme we could put him on. The vets will treat his fleas/ear infection/dehydration etc and vaccinate him before he goes to Villa Kitty to hopefully be homed and have a chance at a good life. Although Snow has a long way to go, we would like to thank Sunset Vets for looking after him and the other street animals that were in their care. You are special people!! 😻

Sien Maldonado (10/11/2017 00:33)
Very helpful ... Take care my cats very well.

Indra bagus priastomo (01/11/2017 04:36)
treat your pet as family member, good diagnose approach with competitive price.

Delia M (28/10/2017 00:46)
Weird! I brought my puppy to this place and sent her for tick bath treatment to get rid of some ticks (I saw 2 of them on her body before). Surprisingly, I saw 2 ticks on her body 3 hours later, one on her leg, the other one on her neck. We went back straight after the treatment, there's no way she got it from other place and I also cleaned my place while she was away before. She didn't touch her bed in the afternoon she was on floor and no carpet in the room. I looked at my payment receipt to make sure, and yes I did pay for tick treatment, it wasn't a dream. But the ticks were there, walking and still alive. The next day I found other ticks. And then the next day aftet. They even walk on my floor while she was sleeping. Never been this bad before. Not her first treatment but this is the worst. Seeing her with ticks after sending her for tick treatment! And shortly after 3 hours coming back from this place. Amazing.I did clean my place when she was there on waiting list. She gets more ticks than before. I don't want voucher or anything because of this. I will take her for tick treatment at other place, just thought that it's not fair if I just silent. Edited, not flea but tick.

brian west (22/06/2017 16:01)
I was in this clinic a few days ago to bring my dog with bad condition and they are very professional how to handle it good and gave some medication. now he is super happy.
thank you sunset vet. I will suggest my friends to come to sunset vet for check their dogs or cats. I think you are a great clinic than other clinic I've visited in bali

tommy white paper (11/05/2017 13:45)
I brought a sick puppy yesterday, because she been sick for a few days and already been to another vet but it not getting better. They treated her in proper way for virus infection and now my beautiful puppy now is very happy and healthy. Thank you so much SunsetVet. They are very recomended for animal clinic all over Bali.

Samuel Kurniawan (05/05/2017 14:52)
This is the best animal hospital I've ever known!
Thanks to doctor Steven who helped my dog. Many people told me that my dog would not gonna make it when he got sick. But Sunset Vet did a miracle to us! Good job!
Their reception team is very helpful also.
I would recommend this clinic to you if you're loving your pet as your true family.

roy john (13/04/2017 17:41)
thank you sunset vet to help my dog to recovered from poisoned as well. I had nice experience which the sunset vet crews are very sprightly to handle my dog to recovered.

Sacha Belle (11/04/2017 06:59)
Quite a while ago they saved a street dog with tumor; the dog's healed after several Vincristine injections. It's a miracle to see the changes on this sweet little creature. Great thanks to the Vets who treated it well.
I adopted the dog and now she enjoys her free and happy life with my uncle family

idabagus odie (07/04/2017 04:06)
There aren't enough words to describe how great Sunset Vet Kuta are, as regulars i never had a complaint. The Doctors have helped me numerous times with doggie emergencies. The staff is also very kind and has always been able to help me with setting up appointments and taking care of my dogs. I will continue to use this vet and If you are looking for a vet in Bali i highly recommend this vet clinic.

Iwan Sinarmas (04/04/2017 13:53)
The most reliable animal clinic in Bali..! They have friendly staff , especially their reception team. And they have a very complete facilities as well. Good job! Keep it up!

Wulan Rahmadhita (02/04/2017 06:15)
Yesterday (Saturday), I called Sunset Vet and ask about Cat grooming on Sunday, the receptionist said that I have to bring my Cat around 10am.

And today (Sunday), I arrived at Sunset Vet before 10.15 am (because I saw the clock) and I asked the receptionist how long it will take, she said around 2 HOURS. She also said that, she will call me if it's done.

Instead of went back home, me and my husband were having brunch and at 12pm we called Sunset Vet and the receptionist said that It wasn't done yet. Then we thought that, waiting for an hour won't hurt rather than go home and back again (it took 20-30 minutes driving from my house to Sunset Vet).

At 1 pm, we went straight to Sunset Vet and again, ask for my cat. The male receptionist said that IT'S NOT DONE YET. And I asked when it'll be done, he said 4 PM!!! WHY??? You told me to came here around 10am and tell me it will be done approx 2 hours and TURNS OUT I HAVE TO WAIT FOR 6 HOURS.

It would be nice if you told me earlier that it will take long time to finish maybe more than 2 hours, because it is Sunday or anything. Come on! you are wasting my time. You can do better than this!

Noveyanto Bong (25/02/2017 07:49)
well, for me, to be honest, what I'm worried about that will happen all gone when I'm visit this place. I've experienced where my kitten had a high fever and I giv the kitten something that is not supposed to be given. so which mean I think my kitten almost gone. but when I come to sunset vet and they do a check up and they giv some suggestion where it feel like there is hope and all the worried that ive been thinking about is gone.
for me this is such a profesional place to count, to depend on if there is something happen to your pet.
I give 4 stars out of five.

Ni Nengah Supiati (01/02/2017 07:53)
Very good doctors, very good price for sterilize my dog even 50% less than other clinic quotation and very professional thank you Sunset Vet, the best veterinary in bali

Vespa Sidecar (01/02/2017 07:09)
Expensive. Medicine double price or more than others veterinary. Doctors are young with not too much experience, and change a lot. Owner only do business, not animal lover. Western BUSINESS, that's why people likes

Linda Leo (25/12/2016 05:45)
The best place for veterinary service in Bali. Everything that you guys have done has exceeded my expectations. The staf at Sunset Vet is very personable and outstanding, always going above and beyond ! The clinic's price are fair and reflect the excellent care we always receive . You guys are the best. Say hi from me to doctor Steven :)

Nic Browne (21/10/2016 07:12)
A wonderful Vet located in a very handy location. I was very impressed with the staffs attention and care to my dog. I would go back time and time again. Thank you for looking after my best friend.

Kerry Ball (29/09/2016 01:57)
Sunset vet are just fab and so professional and well priced. I cannot recommend them highly enough..Love your pet, take them to Sunset Vet.

Thanks SV Team

az hughes (28/09/2016 16:11)
The Best vet i've been to in Bali or the UK.

I don't normally write reviews but as a pet owner want to share my experience.

I've been bringing my dog to them since I found him in the street. From the first treatment they advised me on all I needed to do for him, gave him his vaccinations and have welcomed me back, even remembering me and my dog's name. I had one really terrifying moment when a car hit Darwin. Thanks to the quick action of the vet, my boy is back to 110%, and I'm not sure he'd still be alive otherwise.

I am so so grateful to them for saving Darwin.

Govinda Murti (25/09/2016 09:43)
I found a Bali puppy on the street, she was around 6wks old. Even though she had 1 vaccine as soon as she was old enough it wasn't enough sadly and she got DISTEMPER virus. Sunset Vet did a great job treating her and she was one of the lucky ones to survive this very bad disease. Now she is 100% healthy, many thanks to Sunset Vet.

femy daniel (24/09/2016 09:59)
Never go there again, very bad solution i have been there yesterday i really hope they help my dog, i told the doctor about my dog get high fever because my puppy got stemper going to two weeks and the worst happend in the night, the dictor just keep talking without give me medice she just gave me 1 injection so i keep waiting, until i ask her and the end she left me and said sory she had to do operation with an other patient that time like i feel sorry for my dog because i already make my puppy stresses without helping to recover her i really love my puppy, i go back home with heart break my puppy keep screaming in the car because i leave 10km from my home, no fever medicine at night she got very high fever i just keep pray and still hope my puppy get well soon! And promise to my self never go there again and really hope the doctor one day she done wht i feel!!!!

John Soros (08/07/2016 16:45)
Amazing clinic, they saved my dogs life after she was hit by a car and fixed her broken leg perfectly. The vets were so caring and all the staff very professional. Excellent value too. Highly recommended.

Denni Kurnia (20/06/2016 01:19)
Provide excellent services for your pets. Thanks sunset vet.

Bernardo Schappo (09/06/2016 06:18)
not recommend sunset vet .
We need care emergencies by dawn and no vet was presente..teste blood after seven hours when the animal was transferred to another clinica..equipamentos basic were not used .. not used oxygen in a serious situation ..
If you need care for your pet and really like it , I recommend looking for another clinic ..

Simon Dunn (05/06/2016 13:14)
Sunset vet handled our poor fluffy maltese terrier paralysis so well.we had to put him down but they were so vet in bali for sure

Adhytia Putra (09/05/2016 06:45)
My (or I should say our) experience with Sunset Vet, is one of short and bittersweet times. During our visit to bali, we found a very young stray kitten separated from his mother with severe eye infection. We took him to Sunset vet who then provided so much care, attention and kindness for the stray. As his condition deteriorated, and our options getting thinner, the doctors in sunset vet supported us through the decision to put him down, and allowed us to be there in his last moments. The procedure was done quickly, with as little pain as possible. Throughout everything the doctors and people provided us with every information and attention as they can, calling us everyday to give us update on the stray's condition, especially as he got worse. Thank you Sunset Vet.

Erick James (05/03/2016 06:24)
Friendliest and most caring vet in Bali and very professional. You're in safe hands with them.

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