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Gusto Gelato & Caffe

Badung, Bali
Alamat: Jl. Mertanadi No.46B, Kerobokan Kelod, Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361, Indonesia
Rating: 4.60
Telp: +62 851-0052-2190
Jam Operasional:
Monday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Thursday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Friday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Saturday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Sunday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Komentar :

Guendeline Kei (20/05/2018 05:54)
Ice cream is really good! Very well-maintained and very clean. Spacious indoor aircond seating. Personal favorite: Lemongrass and Avocado Chocolate.

Esandis Rio Vandra (19/05/2018 15:28)
The gelatos are pretty good. Gusto provides a huge range of flavors to choose from, some of them are pretty unique (for me at least). They also provides a nice seating area to enjoy your gelato. The price starts from 25k for S size cup.

dewi pompon (18/05/2018 00:46)
Very nice ice cream. Good value for money. Prepare for long queue on rush hour. Ac and non ac friendly. Big sitting area

Thalita A. Sayogha (17/05/2018 15:09)
Various options of flavors locally and internationally. Start from the local grown fruits to the exported Italian chocolate and leche, Gusto has it all.
But you have to have extra patience to wait in a queue to get your order made. You can also choose to taste the flavor you desire prior to ordering.

Eric Ongko (29/04/2018 10:17)
You can choose many kinds of local ice cream flavors. Heavenly taste combine with Bali weather. Cheap price for a 'gelato'. Queue for paying. Queue for order. Just patient dude.

Eko Wahyu Pratama (20/04/2018 02:54)
This place is having an upgrade when i came here, so i went from the back of the shop to get inside. One of the best Gelato shops in Bali and of course with reasonable price. Well since it is a famous place, you should give this place a visit. They have lots of ice cream flavors.

Fadjar Kandar (08/04/2018 01:29)
Local ice cream parlour with excellent taste quality that can beat big brands such as Hagendaaz, Groom, Ben & Jerry and the like. Place always packed with locals and tourists day and night, rain or shine...

Ivan Khoe (27/03/2018 13:13)
Gusto Gelato is one of the most famous gelato in Bali. The place is nice, cozy, and nicely decorated. The price range is from 25k to less than 100k. 25k is for the smallest cup and it fits 2 flavour. Eventhough the cup looks small, they overfilled them until the top. For me, I recommend the chocolate flavoured ice cream. Not only dairy ice cream, they have fruit and snack bars flavour. Overall, going there is worth it!

Reynaldi Hadianto (14/03/2018 01:08)
One of the most visited Gelato place in Bali and know I know why. The offered varieties of flavours and have a quite spacious space. Absolutely need to try to Avocado and chocolate flavour. Taste exactly like the Indonesian Avocado Shakes

Kelvin Barret (08/03/2018 05:39)
It’s tasty and the best part of it is that it’s very cheap. The flavors range are wife and will took your time to choose. The price is almost half of Baskin Robins ice cream’s price 🙂
The place is usually busy.. the place can often get crowded in the afternoon.
Fun fact: they have about 14 sorbet flavors, and twice sweet flavors

Rob Steinberg (23/02/2018 13:34)
The place to go for really good Italian ice-cream. Lots of flavours. Friendly staff who do an excellent job in keeping the place clean and tidy. And it's for a reasonable price.Warning: once you come here, you're hooked!

Stefanus Yoshi (17/11/2017 23:15)
Enak, murmer, cozy, ada parkiran khusus di sebrang jalan, bgitu masuk toko sebelah kanan bayar dulu di kasir baru ngantri ke seblah kiri buat pilih rasa atau cobain dulu jg boleh

Petri Riikonen (14/11/2017 08:11)
Awesome selection of ice cream to cater every preference. Comes in cream, sorbet, local favorites, foreign ones, you name it you got it. Have also coffee and plenty of seating both indoors and outdoors. Pricing is also very good. Will definitely visit it once in Bali again.

Suyono Kurniawan (05/11/2017 23:57)
Very nice local ice cream served here. A must try when you happen to visit Bali. Reasonable price compared to the other international ice cream chains. A very good quality ice cream.

Karina Fidela (05/11/2017 06:05)
Great gelato place. It's big with lots of seatings, power outlets, and air conditioned. They have private parking lot across the building so you don't have to worry about parking your car in the narrow street. A single cup was priced IDR 22,000/cup/flavor and it was pretty great. They have wide range flavour options and you probably want all of them because I did too. There was also outdoor seating but in Bali you'd probably prefer indoor with AC.

Eni W (15/10/2017 05:49)
The best gelato in town. They serve many ice cream flavors here. If you want to buy you have to pay first at the cashier and choose what size do you want. They have small, medium and large size.
I ordered medium when i visited here, and it's pretty big. Better ordered the small size next time. Because medium size is pretty big, too much if you eat alone.
The price is effordable.

Fahar md (08/09/2017 09:45)
I dont know what make this place special. The taste is so so, like another ice cream. Maybe just because the have many variation taste of ice cream.

Wu Yao Quan (08/09/2017 03:53)
Great selection of flavours. Didn't expect such a place here. And prices are very reasonable. Definitely a stop for every trip from now!

Lenormand Xavier (10/08/2017 03:20)
This is the best ice creams I had since a long time.
For cinnamon lovers I highly recommend their cinnamon ice cream and for the ones who likes caramel but are often to find it to much sweet, their caramel ice cream is incredibly good, not too sweet and a real good taste of "burnt".
Just go and enjoy ice creams and sorbets for a definitely low price regarding quality.

Johannes Wongkar (24/07/2017 23:50)
Very short queue, but then it was monday. Taste real good. They patiently attend to customers trying many choices of flavors before deciding which one they want. Parking is located opposite the building. Price very affordable. 5 star!

Filbert M. (04/07/2017 12:59)
Very poor way of managing queues. Ice creams are decent. Most of them are either very sweet or very bland. Pick the ice cream wisely (chocolates are a safe bet) and be prepared to queue for a very long time in an uncomfortable way that will probably involve some pushes and a little bit of temper. The place is cozy, though.

thepatrashand limanpatra (02/07/2017 01:45)
Too exaggerating. It's good but not that of something very special.
The taste is moderate, the price is reasonable.
People come unstoppable but they get stuck in the queue. Hope Gusto can handle this better.
Will come again but not on weekend or peak season.

Robin Ferdinan (26/06/2017 13:40)
Overrated, tasteless, not creamy at all, so crowded even the way to the place is heavy traffic.. i guess the "cheap" price that attract people come to this place.. i have tasted better ice cream than gusto gelato, don't be fooled by the high rating on google!

Diningtyas Dian P (24/06/2017 10:31)
The last time I was there (early May 2017) half of the place were under renovation, so the place felt a bit overly crowded. But of course the Gelato still to die for. My favourite flavour here is the chocolate and orange (I forgot, it called Christmas something I guess), their lime (of course) and their vanilla is something spectacular! Nothing standard about their vanilla gelato!

abriyani muharomah juharta (19/06/2017 04:54)
that particular place that your playing tourist friend asked to visit. Gelato is so so. well for that price, the quality is kinda exceeded the price. expecting five-full-minutes-or-more-conversation about what flavor should be picked.

Rozea Octavia (04/06/2017 12:23)
Yummie Gelato 😍😚. I love it.... for more suggestion, maybe the staff can give more smile to the customers 😊☺ Even they feel so tired and the Area always crowded. But everything was good. I like this place.

Sergejs Geta (20/04/2017 08:41)
Really good and inexpensive ice cream store. A bit out of the way but you can enjoy it in the back terrace. Try the banana ice cream.

Hendrik Setiawan (14/04/2017 08:02)
I liked the Gelato it has many flavors and the service very quick. I came here at 16.00, the place was quite packed but the chair always available.
It's a nice feeling after playing at the beach and then eat Gelato at gusto Gelato.

Nathania Salim (10/04/2017 12:46)
Many flavors at there...
We tried so many till we've got what we wanted.
Basil flavors
Crunchy mascarpone
And white mango
Defintely will come back next time

Patrisia Trisnawati (22/02/2017 15:52)
Ice cream tastes so so. Place is so so. Nothing is good. Spent less than 15 minutes here. So dissapointed. I dont understand why this place is so famous.

Amanda Napitu (20/02/2017 03:08)
Such a great range of flavours here. You can have little tasters before you choose. Does get very busy at peak times.

Maksym Mykhailenko (21/01/2017 05:09)
The best ice cream in Bali that I know. Big choice of different tastes, and all of them taste very good, I don't feel any kind of artificial additives. Price is very reasonable, especially compare to other similar places in Bali. That's why could be quite busy in the evening especially on the weekend. Highly recommend to visit.

Heri Sim (14/01/2017 12:03)
Really great natural flavours that are gentle and delightful. The staff is patient even if you are unsure and need some tasting of the plethora of options. Choose between sweet, sour, spicy or savoury. Enjoy locally sourced fruit serbets or Italian creamy remixes. Place is really comfortable to hang out. The only downside is that the ice cream gelato is silky smooth and thus melts really fast. You have to pick a minimum of 2 flavours in a cup, so pick carefully so they match each other.

Some Ideas for beginners:
Mango sweet and raspberry sour go well with each other. So does dark chocolate and the aroma of roasted sesame.

Michael Sy A Foek (09/11/2016 01:29)
Very affordable ice cream. Good amount of flavours. Their selection is great and the cafe looks neat and clean. The only thing I can say is that some of their flavours (most of the cream based ones) are really sweet. A bit too much at times. Still, it's a great place to take a little break from the heat and have an ice cream. We also took some of the ice cream home, but strangely enough they did not have dry ice. They used regular ice cubes to keep the ice cool. Maybe this is something they can change for the future, considering the Balinese climate.

Julia K (15/09/2016 13:11)
Always crowded and packed to the brim with people. Prices were a bit higher than normal gelato places, but everything here is home made and special so it kind of makes sense. Definitely saw atleast one or two tour buses roll through. Ice cream was good, and had all types of quirky flavors.

Anissa Sari Latumahina (14/09/2016 17:44)
Place so comfy, gelato taste sooooo good and not too expensive. Totally worth it anddddd frickin love it!

yosef haryanto (01/09/2016 07:21)
Best Gelato in Bali so far, not because just the taste but its created with good ways. Gelato is ice cream made in an Italian style. Gelato is made with a base of milk, cream, and sugar, and flavored with fruit and nut purees and other flavorings. It is generally lower in fat, but higher in sugar, than other styles of ice cream.

Zeezah (29/08/2016 17:28)
Mix between coffee & ginger gelato or mango and peach sorbet are my favorite. Beside the Snickers, crocante, and their tuesday's special pistachio gelato. But unfortunately this place is now way too crowded :(

Kim Dong Gunn (23/08/2016 02:49)
Too crowded for a normal tasting ice cream. The taste of ice cream is not that great however it is overly crowded and have to wait long lines with rude chinese tourists who will tell you to get out of their way and take your line.

michael sanjaya (20/06/2016 12:18)
Nice gelato for the offered price. The home made chocolate flavor gianduia is top notch

Willyam Fleoriko Talim (17/06/2016 00:35)
So good n so many choices of flavour
My best gelato in bali

Todo Sibuea (15/06/2016 03:47)
By far, it's the best gelato cafe in Bali and Indonesia. First time I came here with my wife, we immediately fall in love after the first taste of its gelato. Unique and amazing choices of flavors that will satisfy your exploratory taste buds :) One more thing, Gusto Cafe always serve different flavor every month.

tomiputra lau (24/05/2016 13:29)
Good gelato place, cheap too and big portion. But some how it becomes too sweet to me and not as milky like it used to be. But still recomended

Levina Sunaryo (01/04/2016 23:21)
All time favourite gelato place in Bali!!
Just found an amazing combination: chocolate mint + coffe peanut gelato.

Prices are really good Rp20k for two scoop. Cash only. Reviewed submit on March 2016.

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