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Discovery Shopping Mall

Badung, Bali
Alamat: Jl. Kartika Plaza, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361, Indonesia
Rating: 4.20
Telp: +62 361 755522
Jam Operasional:
Monday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Thursday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Friday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Saturday: 10:00 AM – 10:30 PM
Sunday: 10:00 AM – 10:30 PM

Komentar :

Kupit Dogen (22/05/2018 12:44)
Nice place to hang out with friend and family. There is supermarket, and also many boutique. And in the back, you can see beautiful sunset. Just sit down at the beach and sit down. Or you can enjoy sunset in the coffee shop or restaurant in the beach.

MichaelTheBuzz (20/05/2018 15:09)
A very nice shopping mall by the side of Kuta Beach, its really nice to dine and hang out there, especially near the sunset ttime a lot of shops inside, branded and some affordable shops. Lots of restaurant, easy to access and located in the centre of the city. Parking lot for motorcycle is available.

Subaganiah Daniels (18/05/2018 14:29)
Situated in on Kuta's beach and is just a short walk from the Grand Ixora hotel and spa. The highlight is walking through the mall and on exit straight onto the beach. The Discovery Shopping mall has a variety of fast food restaurants and some beach facing seafood restaurants.

Be sure to grab something sweet or savoury from the really affordable bakery at the entrance of the mall. Their good are freshly made and truly delicious!

Yanti Rahardjo (02/05/2018 10:31)
Very nice shopping center with beach front. Variety of shops and restaurants. Easy parking access

Praveen Kumar (24/04/2018 06:05)
Nice place for shopping. Almost everything available under single roof. U can best view the sunset from the back gate of this mall. But a bit costly...

Suresh Jayanthi (09/04/2018 15:06)
Centro had a good collection of high end brands and other affordable brands. A decent selection of Balinese handicrafts also. The best part was chilling out after shopping with a beer in the Celsius Cafe. The view is very good.

Wing Chan (04/04/2018 09:34)
There’s a variety of things to buy but there are no elevators. The mall has steps everywhere so if you’re traveling with a baby stroller/buggy, you need to use the escalator. Also, don’t even think about going to this mall if you’re traveling with someone in a wheelchair.

Jeffry Kumala (27/03/2018 01:25)
this place is a must visit in Kuta Beach, Bali.

we can literally shop inside and then walk out to the rear outside to directly have a beach view 100 steps away.

although the building was not so modern, but we can feel calm and relax.

there were also so many vendors of food, snack, clothing, boutique, etcetera

and try the night view of the beach side of the building

Zane Holmes (03/02/2018 16:03)
Great place. Awesome variety of stores! They always have something going on with different themes throughout the year. They have been amazing with helping us find a camera that we lost by going through security camera footage and going around to stores and asking employees and managers. Even though she didn't find it we knew that they had done everything they could. I will always like the discovery mall.

Rhafa Jireh (14/01/2018 13:07)
Good place with some luxurious store, electronics, book store and some place to eat. You can also find Starbucks and Pizza Hut on the front. You need to go to the backside of this mall to see a beautiful beach and sometimes they have live band performance or other spectacular show to help you enjoy the night while having dinner in the restaurant on the side of the beach. It will be great to bring your family here, or big family

Jeanne Elisabeth (17/11/2017 04:08)
One of the oldest shopping mall in Bali. It still has many interesting retails to visit. Moreover, it's the only mall which has Sephora store! However, the most interesting part is the beach promenade. After shopping around, lets indulge yourself to watch sunset from this mall's backyard!

Wandi Lin (12/11/2017 03:02)
Tourist should stop by here. Many food and goods available. You can also enjoy the beach view here.

Ensenora Chung (09/10/2017 17:49)
This mall is very big, with a good selection of high end stores. what I love about the mall is that it opens onto the seafront where there are restaurants and bars you can watch the sunset while having a meal or drink or you just sit on the rocks.

Tejas Vanakudri (02/10/2017 03:43)
Great location next to kuta beach... Decent mall almost you get everything, but prices on higher side. Nice place to spend in the evening... Has limited food options

Kamyar Chabok (04/09/2017 11:02)
Highly Recommend you to visit the Centro located in 3rd floor and also try breads of the bakery located in ground floor next to the entrance door.

VANDNA RANGA (26/08/2017 09:59)
Good Mall in Bali and that too just along the sea line. You can see the air planes landing and taking off from very near. Though you have to walk a km or so. Great Sea side Restaurant and waves touch them during high tide. Romantic places and so many good brands are also there.
This mall is just across the road of Waterbom water park.

Ekynaldi Eky (23/08/2017 03:52)
Quite big mall and i came here in the night. Enjoying the beach which located right behind this mall with my friends. Such a good time to spend the night here with the beach view.

One Crowded Hour (06/08/2017 02:36)
Pretty much everything you want here. You are paying tourist prices but that is offset by the convenience of having a large variety of shops in the one location. Can pay for goods in IDR, AU, US etc.

Sandeep Avadhani (20/06/2017 16:36)
Location is just awesome.. One side is normal entrance and other side is a beach. There are lot of nice hotels with many cuisines on this street where the mall is situated. Mall has multiple floors with everything what you want to buy.

Fra Pham (15/06/2017 20:14)
Old shopping mall but with plenty of small shops, restaurants and the central market area where it's easy to buy good and cheap souvenirs. Nice and chill place to take a break from the beach!

sahil kad (14/06/2017 20:19)
Like any other mall when u enter from the road side... But as soon as you walk across the mall and exit... U are on the Beach .... YaaaaY... Lolz.... Decent sized mall... Good stores.. lot of food options... And ample of parking place + it has a hotel connected to it.

Christoph Stangenberg (25/04/2017 09:11)
Good selection of brands, great views from the nice restaurants in the back. A somewhat more urban way to see the sun set, rather than from a beach side restaurant.

Malindo Marpaung (16/04/2017 11:09)
You will love this place so much. The view is kuta beach. You can enjoy night with friend here while having dinner.

Luke Illes (09/04/2017 15:30)
Some good places to shop. Great place for clothes and shoes. The only problem is that the prices are not much better theadventure Australia (which is totally understandable) but there was no reason to actually buy anything. Though they had a sale on luggage. I might go back.

Praditya Wira Satria (07/04/2017 10:31)
It's probably part of the Discovery Hotel since it share the same name & located next to each other. Big mall with plenty choice of tenants from clothing, eateries, souvenir etc.
They have beachfront at the back terrace with several restaurants along the edge. I was there during night time & the amber flood light illumination around the beachfront area seems adequate for walkaround or if you need to take some good photo.

Agus Prianto (17/03/2017 08:44)
Really good in location base. With beach back view. They also have big souvenir shop in the ground floor.

Rahayu Ningsih (10/02/2017 08:59)
Lovely place. So many stand for shopping and eating. Also direct acces to kuta beach. But, if you looking for cinema. Not here😁

Richard Jo (09/02/2017 01:58)
old ,humid and hot. air-conditioning is not working well. only certain part is cool and rest of the shopping mall is hot

Samuel Watson (31/01/2017 11:12)
If you wanna move away from the bustle, then discovery mall is the place to be. It's atmosphere is amazing heaps of variety they even have a wide range of fast food restaurants. It's airconditioned great for the kids as they have a play centre upstairs and next door is a massage place to relax after your shopping!

Jamie Winder (05/01/2017 10:36)
Cool place lots of souvenirs and general stuff to buy plenty of dining out options on the beach side and of course opens out to the beach. Open in the evenings so have a shop and then dine out while the sun sets on the beach awesome.

nukes54 (01/01/2017 14:26)
All the usual selection of retail shops in abundance along with optometrists, Cafe's and fast food outlets. You will find almost anything you need to purchase from this shopping center.

David Herlianto (28/09/2016 03:32)
The most famous mall in Bali before Beachwalk was. You can enjoy your view of Kuta beach directly from the mall.

Jazzman Richers (26/08/2016 00:54)
always clean, air-conditioning is too cold, shops are great - pricing is like in Europe. Sometimes there are great offers at sell-outs

Hery Setiawan Purnawali (24/08/2016 09:01)
Great place. Nice sea view. Beach view. Delicious food. Good sunset point

Nita Indriani (13/08/2016 22:43)
Now they are more lively. They have Sogo and Centro under one roof. Many elegant Café facing the sea for sunset viewing. I love the Café 27; good cooking and they have unique seating. Prices in thistles mall is quite competitive.

Yano Sumampow (22/07/2016 02:03)
the layout design is ugly but they have a very good view of kuta beach. one and only beach front mall in Bali. The toilet sucks! if you want to find a better toilet go to 2nd floor in centro and basement floor in sogo. better than other toilet they've had

Rini Ambarwati (11/06/2016 07:35)
I love to enjoy sunset from the restaurant in 3rd floor called Celcius....its facing ocean behind...the ice tea so tasty and fresh...perfect.... love to shooping lingerie and women cloth in Centro and Sogo...

Irfan Rinaldi (03/05/2016 11:41)
Discovery Mall has a great feature, which is a beach directly behind the mall. And because of this, it's very crowded. You can enjoy a nice and romantic dinner at the beachside restaurants. And surely the sunset is beautiful

Riyan Wicaksono (16/04/2016 16:29)
Sogo & centro, breadtalk, pizza hut. What else?

Andriyanto Lindra (15/04/2016 02:58)
One stop shoping mall in bali... near with kuta beach... so many tourist in here... we enjoyed

deltaminajaya sidoarjo (19/03/2016 08:22)
SOGO and Centro dept store are the major tenant. This mall also has some stores that sell various gift and souvenir. And the best is the tourist can enjoy direct sunset from some cafes and restorants

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