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Bali Bird Park

Badung, Bali
Alamat: Jl. Serma Cok Ngurah Gambir, Singapadu, Batubulan, Sukawati, Batubulan, Sukawati, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80582, Indonesia
Rating: 4.40
Telp: +62 361 299352
Jam Operasional:
Monday: 9:00 AM – 5:30 PM
Tuesday: 9:00 AM – 5:30 PM
Wednesday: 9:00 AM – 5:30 PM
Thursday: 9:00 AM – 5:30 PM
Friday: 9:00 AM – 5:30 PM
Saturday: 9:00 AM – 5:30 PM
Sunday: 9:00 AM – 5:30 PM

Komentar :

yug goyal (25/05/2018 12:24)
Absolutely Brilliant.

You'll love the way the birds are taken care of at the park.
The entry fee is a bit too high and hence is mostly not crowded even on the weekends.
Children would have a lot of fun here.

Dionisius A. Narjoko (11/05/2018 11:22)
The park is very nice. Good collection. Good show (really like ‘basic instinct’ show). The staffs are also very nice.

The minus is the restaurant inside the park. One of the waitresses was not polite. Also, time needed to serve a beer is around 15 minutes. Time to prepare and serve ice tea is around 20 minutes (perhaps the longest ice tea prepared in the country!). Because of this disappointing performance at the restaurant, I discount my rating from 5 to 2 stars, simply because it wiped out much of our excitement after an enjoyable trip seeing the park’s collection.

Arya Shinta (08/05/2018 23:07)
Oh, the birds shows are awesome. Everything is incredible here. The restrooms are the most cleanest ever I saw in Bali public place. Also the ice cream booth helps a lot to chill after taking a trek during the sunshine. Take pictures to every birds show, no worries you can choose which ones you like most at the from counter and pay only the best you want.

Ade Candra (06/05/2018 09:34)
It is a nice place. Small but compact. We can see different kind of birds plus we can feed them. There are 2 big cages where we can enter and see those birds in front of us without any barrier.
It offers 4d theatre, several live animal shows and also photography spot where they provide professional photographer to click our pictures with birds on our hand and shoulder and later we can choose which pictures to be printed (print at additional cost).
Do not forget it has restaurant and boutique shop as well.
It is the place for kids, youngsters, and even adult (there is a ram on the entrance of the park).
Hint: it also has separate reptile park! But admission fee is separate.

Arya Shinta (01/05/2018 23:01)
Oh, the birds shows are awesome. Everything is incredible here. The restrooms are the most cleanest ever I saw in Bali public place. Also the ice cream booth helps a lot to chill after taking a trek during the sunshine. Take pictures to every birds show, no worries you can choose which ones you like most at the from counter and pay only the best you want.

Hendrawati Sastromardijoewono (30/04/2018 22:02)
It's a place for learning about tropical birds. You can get a complete information about those birds. Clean, shady from many trees, green, good birds performance. But meals price rather high for us as a local visitor. Good for family vacation....👍

Yusuf Bates (21/03/2018 20:26)
I totally love this place! If I could live here I would. A little expensive at first glance but the staff genuinely care about the birds so much. The grounds are immaculate and the bird shoes are fantastic. My favorite is the bird of prey show in the afternoon around 3-4pm. Super cool!

ali mekuli (18/03/2018 06:08)
Almost 4 years since I have been to Bali bird park first time. Park area look the same, not much changing. Tired looking at the same things, we walked to the restaurant, only Bar area has been renovated, but Food are fantastic with Pan Asian flavour theme and nicely presented ( not park restaurant) with excellent coffee being served as well. We notice the gift shop also has many unique gift items than 4 years ago with only cheap items. Can we visit your park just lunch only?

Hutamax bayu (07/03/2018 08:58)
At first, i was surprised that this place is not as big as i expected and i thought there will be a very huge cage to contain all the bird! But no! It's not like that!
This place is full with beautiful birds, but they are very obedient and tame. Some of them flying and walking around freely!
All the birds here are beautiful and exotic. I spend all day here with my camera to take beautiful photos.
Birds here are very healthy, park is clean and well maintain, cafe is great, very very friendly staff!
I'd love to come here again another time

VJ (15/02/2018 02:07)
This bird park is a great experience. I am not fully sure how they manage to keep so many exotic birds there. Most of the birds are not caged and they do fly but they are still there. Anyway, the beautiful and colorful birds you see here is a great experience, especially if you are a bird lover.
Some birds are shy and scared but many birds come to you and sit on your shoulders/head/hand if you hold it out.
If you wear attractive colors, they will poke at you buttons :)
There are guides to show you around. Make sure you take a good camera with you as there will be lot of photos to take. This place is definitely worth a visit...

Donnie Bogle-Boesiger (12/02/2018 21:05)
This was one of my favorite parts of our trip to Bali! As someone from the US, we we're amazed at some of the stuff we saw and we're able to do! (Especially in the birds of prey show.) Everyone was okay though! They know what they're doing and they're safe doing it. There's also a Komodo dragon here which was a pleasant surprise! Very cool place getting to interact with some local birds.

Slipi Kwanji (16/11/2017 11:41)
Very Clean park consider has been almost over 25 years, have very nice restaurants inside the park offering gourmet food with unique presentation and gift shop also selling very unique individual items with very affordable price...

Andrew Lees (09/11/2017 13:15)
Great place, helps to protect and conserve birds. A lot of the birds are just out of their cages and live there because the birds love it there. Photos with the friendly birds too. Highly recommended!!

Katie Butcher (10/10/2017 08:13)
Excellent day out that everyone will enjoy. So many beautiful birds from Indonesia and around the world. Recommend going to the bird feedings throughout the day. Restaurant food is reasonably priced and nice. The park breeds birds and promotes conservation. Expect to spend at least 3-4 hours here!

caesario perdana (07/10/2017 12:56)
Love the place, very friendly staff starting from the entrance until the restaurant. If you bring your toddler with stroller the areas are was an easy access, we don't have any difficulty on going around with our stroller. They have a huge collection of birds almost from all over the world. The restaurant is located near the entrance, price was reasonable and it was nicely presented to us. We tried the Pho and the quesadila, recommend to try. Plus the restaurant has a kids corner so your kids can enjoy while you are eating and enjoying the view of the park. For sure will be back since our daughter was very happy seeing the bird. Thank you very much for having us.

Toko fedora (02/09/2017 06:54)
Nice place to see many species of birds.. 2nd time we go here (the first time is 7yrs ago.. 😆) n the place is still in well maintained.. Friendly staffs.. Nice place for kids n adults too

Wiwid (28/08/2017 03:08)
If you're a parent with little children I recommend you to visit this place. Kids will love this. Lots of birds running around freely in the area. You get the chance to touch them and take pictures with them. My children found a white peacock and she was soooo pretty. They chased her down but she was running so fast. Lovely experience!

Mani Mechanical (10/08/2017 04:23)
Amazing... Must visit place in Bali... Wide Wide varieties of birds to see... I would say, just visit and enjoy... I could Peacocks and other birds roaming and flying freely inside the park... It is hard to see those in many places... I surely recommend to visit.. And good places for photographers...

Henry Erik Estrada (14/07/2017 02:26)
Good to spend time with your kids in the morning or afternoon. The place is not too big with many trees providing shades. Some of the path have wooden bridges and stairs as well as chain curtain to enter, so you need to struggle a bit if you bring stroller.

The birds collection sadly mainly are in the cage. 1 spot has net so all the birds are roaming freely inside it, but the trees are so thick, only a few of them can be seen, mainly only the one who can't fly. The shows are just regular, nothing spectacular, 4D show is just disappointing. The best show is basic instinct.

Parking spot only limited to few cars, but there are 3 other spot to park outside.

Lisa Godfery (11/07/2017 07:17)
The Bali Bird Park is an awesome family day out in beautiful park like gardens. There were so many beautiful and different, colourful birds many which we were allowed to hold and feed. They have a large number of Bali Starling birds which are highly endangered. We watched the birds of prey show which was very cool and feeding the Komodo dragon. The bird park appears to take great care over high standards of animal welfare and everything was really clean and professionally displayed. We ate lunch here and there was a huge range of yummy food which is very reasonably priced. We spent most of the day here with our children as there was so much to see, they loved it and we will definitely come back.

Amrita Bhattacharyya (01/07/2017 14:20)
Good place to visit if you love nature and birds.Entrance fee is damn high 320000 rupiahs per head.Many bird species can be seen here.Few restaurants and souvenir shops are also there inside.

Gatot Sunyoto (11/06/2017 01:12)
Friendly staff. Beautiful uncage bird and nice scenery with lots of variety of birds will surely always gave us unexpected experience everytime we visit. Either for romantic holiday or family holiday

virtuosok (05/06/2017 13:31)
We and our kids had a great time here. The park is small but packed with birds and activities. Feeding sessions are a blast, kids were super-happy. The "shows" are not much to write home about - and the 4D cinema is closer to 2.5D cinema.... whatever. Totally worth it!

Дмитрий Корнев (10/05/2017 05:03)
This place is amazing! You can pet parrots and take photos with them for free - though the park still provides paid service for photos. They are all flying free over the place, sitting just next to you, screaming something :) There is also good cafe with tasty food. The entrance price is a bit expensive but it totally worth it. Don't miss the opportunity if you are considering visiting this place. I'm a 26 yo old guy was totally happy navigating through jungles with birds going freely around me. Kids would be simply stunned!

Marcin Jędrowiak (16/04/2017 17:42)
Definitely worth visiting. They have several rare birds of paradise and much more. Surprise: Komodo Dragon fed Tuesdays and Fridays

Anthony Tutupoly (12/04/2017 16:12)
It is a great place to visit. Really enjoy my visit here. It is really fun to be able to interact with birds that we've only seen on tv mostly. The people who works here do their job amazingly. They helped the visitors, they took pictures, they're quick to respond if somebody need anything. Even the restaurant serves delicious food and drinks (you gotta try the gelato. Trust me!). So to put it simple, i would love to visit here again some other day.

Andika Ikhsan (03/04/2017 12:01)
A gem not far from Ubud.
You can see lots of birds here (and you can take pictures with them too).
Quite expensive, but I do understand that they need budget to maintain this place, and they did well.
The birds are lovely, shows are (quite) awesome, and it's perfect for little kids.

Henrik Christensen (08/03/2017 01:58)
Love the bird park. Good for both adults and children. Many big birds walk around free. Nice shows. The park is not too big.

Nicolas Makelberge (21/02/2017 06:01)
Pricey but worth it. Good shows and nice ranhe of exotic snakes and crocodiles. Lots of photo opportunity to interact with Iguanas and a variety of birds.

Thiyen aditya (13/02/2017 14:15)
Bali Bird Park is very Nice, clean, tidy and informative Park, the bird show is also great!!:), However, i found that one of the keeper get paid by a Russian guest today to feed the crocodile at Reptile Park, it is very dangerous for them, just imagine if they can't hold it properly and the crocodile took the stick strongly, and I'm sure you guys know how it's gonna end up. So better make sure about the safety of the guest first.

Arman Arif (05/02/2017 10:49)
Lots of birds. Great experience. Best place for bird lovers. Can pet and hold birds. Feed them as well. Has a cinema and plenty of scheduled bird shows. Enough to keep you busy for the day.

iurii Iashchenko (18/01/2017 10:48)
Place is nice, all the time different show with birds. What about reptiles, it is only 1 comedy there. Despite it is written in ticket that you buy it for a 2 parks, in fact it is just birds. Price is high, mostly cause it includes photos with birds on your own cameras. You should pay more if you wanna get photos from their cameras. It took me 1,5-2hrs to see whole Park.

Alien Girl (30/12/2016 12:12)
I had a great time in bali bird park with my family. The birds are plenty and they seems very happy. They are healthy and well maintained. And they are not afraid with humans around them. It shows that the staffs treat them very well.
And also the food in their restaurant are delicious with reasonable price.

Mathias K (27/09/2016 10:03)
As some other reviewers I agree: the park is nice though and large, possible to spend some hours here. But the price of approx 430.000 IDR is very high, especially compared to other attractions round Bali. You might prefer choose some local attractions like Kemenuh Butterfly Park. It's much smaller and a different thing, but the better choice on a budget.

Cipto Purnandi (16/09/2016 00:54)
you can take photos with birds and see bird attraction
the narrator is using english and indonesian language, which is nice

Ahmed Abd El Wahab (05/09/2016 07:17)
It has a variety of birds from all over the world and they are very clean and calm ones looks like a very professional bird keepers ...also you will enjoy the reptiles area with its huge crocodiles and unique snacks

Rita Rosaria Oliva (18/08/2016 00:58)
Parc is really nice. Staffs seems very friendly but in the end they know very well to make sure, you will leave much more money there as you ve planned. Few birds are looking very sick. Few are tame and you can take a picture with them which costs each 190.000 IDR. Taken with your own camera for free, they know how to sell you also their Foto.

tessa kits (26/04/2016 09:39)
Really special experience for both the kids and us! You can hold the birds as they are very tame. You can see that they are looked after really well. Quite a number of birds walk freely in the park. Feeding the pelicans is a must! Food in the restaurant is good coffee and ice cream super.

Nathan May (25/04/2016 21:54)
It was a great day out and not far from the usual places to stay (kuta, legian, nusa dua, sanur) etc. However it was a bit pricey being just under $40 AUD each adult. But If you have a kitas (indonesian visa) its about $15 AUD each. They put on live shows with some of the birds of prey and got some of the audience involved aswel. The variety of birds is huge and all look like they are in excellent condition. Theg have the usual photographers there and can buy your photos at the end of the day, however feel free to take your own if you want. The restaurant food was nice but small serves and reasonably priced. If the guides ask for a volunteer get your kids to stick their hand up or even your own. Was a great day out and the reptile park is attached but we didn't go in as ran out of time.

Daniel Bali Villa MARENE (22/03/2016 07:32)
very pleasant place for spending few hours in a well maintained park with the colorful birds ... especially young children really have a great time

Jiří Koukl (12/03/2016 06:30)
385.000 IDR entrance fee is toooo much, maybe it be nice, but no for this price

Ashish Puri (31/12/2015 06:22)
If you been to Jurong bird park , you may skip this. A few notches below its competition. I you have kids and a day to spare and then a visit may be good idea. A good amount of walking may be involved.

Beau Delorito (17/11/2015 06:57)
check out the schedule to see the komodo dragon eat some rabbits. stayed less than 2 hours and saw most everything. stopped by on the way to Ubud from jimbaran

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