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Administrasi Kepulauan Seribu, Jakarta
Alamat: Jl. Palmerah Utara, Gelora, Tanahabang, Kota Jakarta Pusat, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 10270, Indonesia
Rating: 4.40

Komentar :

Slamet Dingun (12/04/2018 14:16)
Hampir tiap hari pergi dan pulang kantor lewat stasiun ini. Stasiunnya bersih. Escalatornya berisik dan jarang juga diaktifkan.. atm cornernya sebaiknya letaknya di atas jadi gak perlu turun naik kl mau ke atm.. alfa expressnya ada di sisi jalur 1 (yang ke arah kebayoran).

Joy Natasya (05/04/2018 07:12)
A nice and neat modern model Stasiun in Jakarta restrooms are clean, and other complete things we need (in a station)

Ray Raditya (09/03/2018 22:43)
My daily public transport which very easy to use and with affordable price, very effective to hit the hell traffic in Jakarta... Love it and proud as Anker and Roker...

Harry Koswanto (22/01/2018 05:14)
Big station for sure, only for two line, to Rangkasbitung and to Tanah abang.

aryo nugroho (26/12/2017 07:02)
Newly built commuter line station, spacious and airy. Train to tanah abang or maja run through this station

Sachira Agussi (13/12/2017 02:08)
One of the biggest and the fastest development of train station in DKI Jakarta. The development is massive, I left Indonesia one year ago and we I came back, this station now is very clean, well structured, tidy, and very convenient. The connected transportation is also well mantained, with comfy gates

Alfred Limbong (29/11/2017 05:09)
Nice interior, compare to that 10 years ago. I think it is one of the best railway station made for KRL. Spacey, unique, with clean floor, good toilet and you can find mushalla to pray.

Ezra Saputra (29/10/2017 10:15)
Modern station, spacious, and clean. This train station is comfy equipped with charging station, pedestrian bridge, etc.

Ardnas dewi (09/10/2017 06:53)
Modern station in Jakarta.. equipped with pedestrian bridge facilities, ticket gate, nursing room, disabled lane as well as four escalators and two lifts to ease up and down women, elderly and children..

Fielans Shan (01/10/2017 13:29)
I started using krl in late 2014, boarding from Palmerah station to Serpong. The station was mediocre at that time. Dirty restroom, dirt platform, messy parking lot. Skip 2 years ahead and it become the standard of modern KRL station in Jkt.

Bobby Sumarkho (30/09/2017 03:58)
Modern and much better managed commuter railway station. Unfortunately buses, ojeks and mikrolets like to stop in front of the station which cause heavy traffic jams.

Gerry Rachman (21/09/2017 03:44)
The station have challenge, because many passengers come. And this station is one of transition place, my suggestion the area and the way to bridge must be bigger. Not enough space for passengers passing for change the train

august handoko (10/09/2017 09:52)
Nice commuter line station. You can find many online driver here, at south or north side. You also get transjakarta (bus) near the station with the rute palmerah-tosari (bundaran Hi). So don't worry about accessibility, it's easy to go anywhere from this station.

Chandra Dwiyanto (08/08/2017 01:23)
Huge, clean and spacy lobby, prayer room and comfy bench, toilet condition is ok, the staffs are helpfull, ticket machine is working good.

Lukman Hakim Siregar (02/08/2017 09:56)
One of the best train stations daops Jabodetabek. With good facilities like alfamart, atm, vending machines tickets, but rest room still has to improved.

Immanuel Ambhara (22/07/2017 15:42)
The best commuter train station in Jakarta. It has good accessibility, adequate ticket counters and ticket machines, wide area, clean floor, and plenty of benches.

iman prastyo (07/06/2017 05:25)
My favorite commuter station. Clean and spacious close to senayan. Noe connect with transjakarta

Maulana Mardi Samantha (02/06/2017 00:27)
This station is nice and modern; currently improving their surrounding by building pedestrian along the side. You can easily find another transportation​ options like Transjakarta, taxi, and ojek, both conventional or online.

Fendy Winardi (01/05/2017 01:47)
The best commuter line station in Jakarta. Clean and much more safer compared to Tanahabang station. If you need to go to surrounding Jakarta and look for cheap transport, this is the option. Remember to bring your e-money card or you need to queue to buy the ticket.

Khais Raihan (21/04/2017 11:40)
getting better everytime, musholla, toilet, ticket vending machine, and now,. PINK TREE in the middle .. hihihi

PutuDediAr 2277 (21/04/2017 08:29)
This new-renovated railway station is always fully occupied by commuters, especially those who comes from souht-west direction. A huge modern building which looks much more like a an air-plane hangar than a train station.

Yasin Mochdie (06/03/2017 00:48)
One of the newly upgraded station. Fancy big building but with not so many stores. Restroom need to be cleaner!

Genaddi Billy (05/03/2017 12:23)
Everything is good here, great improvement. But the announcement is unclear. If this is fixed, Palmerah station will get 5 stars from me.

Raihan Aulia (02/03/2017 12:08)
One of the best train station in Jakarta. Has a clean environment, tidy restrooms, and a pretty large prayer room. Convenience store is now available on the platform level, inside the old building.

Martin Hardiono (07/01/2017 14:44)
Newly renovated two stories train station is clean and well equipped. Recent transmode connection with Transjakarta bus system make this station a plus plus for commuters.
Well chair for the disable is available as well as lift access however no easy access for them to move out from the station.

Daniel Sangeroki (26/12/2016 03:42)
Clean & tidy.. 5stars if they provide real time scheduled train & better announcement sound, the sound barely to hear.

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