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Ocean Dream Samudra Ancol

Administrasi Kepulauan Seribu, Jakarta
Alamat: Jl. Lodan Timur No. 7, RW.10, Ancol, Pademangan, Kota Tua, Ancol, Pademangan, Jakarta Utara, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 14430, Indonesia
Rating: 4.40
Telp: +62 21 29222222
Jam Operasional:
Monday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Tuesday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Wednesday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Thursday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Friday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Saturday: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Sunday: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Komentar :

selvinaeri cahyani (16/05/2018 09:07)
Fun place for family. Good enough for Indonesian standard, could be better. Hopefully it will be better n better.

Aries Budi Susilo (14/05/2018 06:47)
Recommended places for family who wants their children to enjoy and learn sea world.

Rono Jatmiko (07/05/2018 02:50)
Like any other amusement park, it is better to visit not on holiday season where it will be so crowded and long queues.

Ordus 34 (01/05/2018 02:29)
My kiddo enjoy the athmosphere and learn many things about sea life

dk firekom (07/04/2018 05:17)
untuk antrian pertunjukan lumba-lumba harap diatur ulang agar tidak sampai berdesakan sekali saat sedang musim ramai/banyak pengunjung. bisa mencontoh antrian pertunjukan 4 dimensi.

Bayu Koencoro (31/03/2018 12:27)
Good place holiday jn north jakarta

dian safarina (10/03/2018 10:45)
Good place with many food stall, maintenance perlu ditingkatkan

MICHAEL SOSILO (05/03/2018 15:41)
The place is nice and don't forget to try the sausage on sate nugget near scorpion pirates because the sausage is so nice

dhea ritonga (06/12/2017 08:24)
The dolphin performance totally great but the place was very hot.. Maybe because of the shillings are low.. Not enough air circulation..

Vinsensius Riyanto (28/11/2017 15:16)
Animals show, very entertaining, Nice place for kids and parents, but unfortunately when i came, some attraction under renovation.

Yunati Alinda (05/10/2017 04:03)
Nice place to take your kids to see animal shows...entertaining and they can also get on various game rides with no additional charge. Would be great if they do some renovation though to upgrade the looks

budi alto (24/09/2017 08:29)
One of the oldest ocean park in indonesia, as I know. Still well maintained until now. Good for family recreation ..

Maximillian Vincentius Budianto Kolbe (03/09/2017 10:21)
Easy accessibility, affordable and fun place to play and study about animal. However, need some repairment for the amusement rides and variety of food and drinks. Please take agood care of the animals there.

Ian Liu (24/08/2017 07:28)
Cheap ticket but BORING SHOW and even my 2yrs old didnt impressed at all. Repetitive and boring show. The stuntman show is boring and not even fun, theater 4d tornado fish its even worst. Dont waste ur time and money for something like this. Compare to singapore aquarium and vancouver aquarium and even LOCALS SAFARI PARK; This is a nightmare.

Kezia Safitri (13/07/2017 07:08)
the toilet is not mantained well, the toilet seat doesn't have a seat, it's just a kind of bowl (?). they are still developing the 4d cinema, not all the effects work, so for me it was like a regular 3d cinema. although, all the shows were very entertaining, especially the scorpion pirates.

bonaparte panjaitan (23/06/2017 05:19)
One place to give you dolphin's acrobatics show and 4D's movie experience.

Marcus Toye (18/06/2017 11:06)
Very fun time. Great for groups and small children. Some places were either under construction or needed to be restored

Ian Lauda (01/06/2017 05:18)
It's not just the entrance fee that goes down. The service and quality also degraded.

Bobby Mizutani (20/04/2017 10:04)
Very educate place for kids to learn ocean things

mardani wahyudi (05/03/2017 11:47)

Zindy Noertamtomo (17/02/2017 16:32)
Several shows/attractions available. Best ones are the dolphin and sea lion shows. Ticket includes all attractions except Sea world which requires additional entry fee. There are ticket promotions now & then; better check for one before entering Ancol area. We once used the promo by buying some drinks outside Ancol area . Musholla available. Toilets are wet, not so good but some are okay.

El Zhinta Thawil (12/02/2017 16:22)
Best place for Refreshing with all your Family... Awesome... Everyone should come to here

Zulhendri Syauki (21/01/2017 09:02)
Funny attraction.. dolphin, sea lion, n many more.. see the show.. recomended

Adeline K (17/11/2016 18:38)
I went here during weekday with friends to enjoy the show. The entrance fee for a person is 99.000 but sadly during weekdays, some high-demand show such as Bear attraction, parrot, Scorpion Pirates, are not open. So we just enjoy the 4 shows here:
1. Dolphin attraction
The show is entertaining but I think the Dolphin trainers ,who appeared in the show, didnt really presented the best act. She fell from the surf board in the dolphin attraction many times. (Boooo)
The water looks green. Not so comfortable
2. Tornado Fish
I am amazed with group of thousand fishes moving following a song's rhytm. There is mermaid and diver acts too. But the mermaid costume looks very Neon Colored!
3. Otter and Sea Lion attraction
Entertaining, nice story concept!
4. 4D cinema
Nice local made cartoon movies. But if i can suggest, please renovate the auditorium because the auditorium atmosphere feels smelly and dusty..

Steven Brown (19/11/2015 08:29)
This was probably the best of all the attractions at Ancol. Spent most of the day here and got to see several shows. Kids enjoyed it, despite the heat.

Yuliana Putri (14/10/2016 15:23)
if you want to introduce dolphin the smart animal to your child, come here. show a very interesting and educational.

Aparna RT (05/09/2016 10:11)
Well we have been to sea world but not to ocean dream samudra... If it's your first visit for an aquarium then I bet you would love it

Maximilian Mende (22/08/2016 21:42)
Amazing Place!

If you are in Jakarta you should go there!

Rendra Budi Hutama (20/08/2016 15:15)
Ever came here around six years ago.
The ticket price was more affordable than another attractions in Ancol. You could watch 4D cinema, dolphin show, hippopotamus, etc. Much worthed than just visiting Sea world.

andre dhia (12/08/2016 15:11)
The entertainment for the 4 event pass items are excellent however there are a lot of things for improvement which one of them is for the food stall/restaurant, some games are still under repairement, and the way it design the place is still need to be improved.

Benny Herlambang (11/07/2016 04:24)
- Cheap
- Able to complete all venue in 1 day

- No major upgrades in last 5 years - still find same venue as before

Albert Kristian (09/07/2016 03:00)
Check the promotion often..sometimes they give you a bundling tickets to enter into seaworld as well

Mata Capung (07/07/2016 02:34)
Good to bring kids and introduce them to sea creatures

Joni Aliyanto (04/07/2016 06:14)
Amazing for family entertainment

Steven Brown (19/11/2015 08:29)
This was probably the best of all the attractions at Ancol. Spent most of the day here and got to see several shows. Kids enjoyed it, despite the heat.

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