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Grand Mercure Jakarta Kemayoran

Administrasi Kepulauan Seribu, Jakarta
Alamat: Superblok Mega Kemayoran, Jl. H Benyamin Sueb Kav. B6, Kota Baru Bandar Kemayoran, Gn. Sahari Sel., Kemayoran, Jakarta Pusat, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 10610, Indonesia
Rating: 4.50
Telp: +62 21 22601111 lien_externe.svlt?goto=fiche_hotel&code_hotel=9896&merchantid=seo-maps-ID-9896&sourceid=aw-cen

Komentar :

ata mahendradata (29/05/2018 05:56)
Pengalaman disini AC kamar bocor sehingga air tumpah dari plafon sampai lantai. Namun respon perbaikan cepat & diberikan kompensasi yg sesuai.
Over all hotel ini punya value for money yg ok

Loekito Soephomo (30/04/2018 03:43)
Staffs are very friendly and can accommodate our needs! that's what I like about this hotel.
Room is nice..clean and new too.
Breakfast also good... in term of the taste!

Thank you

Budi Sulistyowati (27/04/2018 01:24)
The hotel is sample, with modern new design. Room is comfy & quite big, staffs are friendly, WiFi quite fast, bathroom (towel, etc) is clean, with speaker which you can enjoy :)

Its recommended stay at Grand Mercure Kemayoran

Valentine Merrita Sari (21/04/2018 01:53)
I love this hotel because the staff is friendly, the rooms are spacious, the food are very delicious.

I also have used Magnolia Ballroom at 5th floor for a conference. The layout of the foyer and the ballroom itself is very big. I have no problem setting up up to 90 booths (IBM TABLES only) at the foyer area. The capacity for the ballroom is 700 people.

I am very grateful to work in such great venue. Definitely will be back this year to held my annual conference.

peny rishartati (09/04/2018 12:31)
A new hotel, cozy, good for mice.. the musholla is quiet wide but the meeting room is narrow.. i love staying here the food has many varieties from indonesian cuisine to western..

Mark Sun (03/04/2018 04:45)
Terrible customer service!
At check-in yesterday, i had requested for a breakfast box because i needed to leave for an early meeting at 615am and was agreed by the check-in manager who said he will try and I confirmed that i could get it before i left. But only to be disappointed today when I went to the counter. Twice i was told of i ordered and told that there was none.
I thereafter went to the restaurant to give them my room number and told them i don't have time for breakfast but ask if they could give me a take away cup of tea and the reply, after checking with a restaurant staff was 'No'. Really? No take away tea or coffee for breakfast? Too early and tired to press my case, I left annoyed. This is truly the worst possible way to experience the grand mercure.
I dread going back here tonight.

Aprima Dheo (04/03/2018 21:47)
Been here for a workshop. The meeting room are spacious and luxurious. The prayer room is located in the same floor next to toilet. Everything looks clean and fragrant.

I am impressed by the taste of all foods served, the snacks in coffee break and also the lunch menu. Unfortunately i forget to take a pict of them. Good job chef and team!

Mathieu Duchossoy (26/02/2018 10:31)
Very good and very big hotel. Everything is possible! Probably one of the best I know. I'm sure I'll be back while I'll be on Jakarta. The breakfast is also very good. It was the first time I eat suchi for breakfast

Gurumurti Natarajan (17/12/2017 17:11)
Lovely premises in Jakarta city. Good rooms. Tariffs are reasonable. Their room service takes for ever tho'. Their check-ins and check-outs can test your patience. Breakfast is sumptuous. wifi can be very frustrating at times. I'd still stay there considering overall satisfaction in my next visits... adequate value for money

raditya aryadi (22/11/2017 14:06)
Good food option. Good place for meeting or hold an event. They have some meeting rooms. It's usually crowded in the restaurant when lunch time.

tsukisuki nee (22/11/2017 10:05)
Attending a meeting here, cozy meeting room, spacious lobby. The elevator is also very smooth, so going to the 27th floor was not nauseating at all. Food is the usual standard of Mercure, which is tasty.

Anthony Chang (21/11/2017 05:19)
Very nice hotel. A better choice now for me when participating in an exhibition. Room is clean and spacious. Plenty of choices for breakfast. They got live Jazz music at the Plumeria bar, which I feel very cozy.

Muhammad Risfan Badrus Salam (12/11/2017 04:42)
Been here for indonesian creative economy directorate, editorial team for design forecast book

The hotel is not so big but the restaurant is very spacious. Meal arrangement is very accessible. They preserve on two side of the stall. Fruits are fresh, main course variative

Self service coffee maker, cheese, etc. The room itself quite nice, with common amenities provided. Staffs are friendly, meeting rooms are comfort

Arthur Martirosian (24/09/2017 07:36)
What a nice hotel. The Grand Mercure Jakarta Kemayoran is a great place to stay even their smaller room is a great space and doesnt feel small. Check-in was very quick and the lobby staff is very helpful. There's a supermarket right behind the hotel where whatever you may need can be purchased. The pool and gym on the 8th floor, the pool is nice and the gym has actual weight equipment not just treadmills. Security is great they will scan any bags coming through but it is much appreciated. There's silver bird taxis in the front lobby exit and in the rear exit there's the more reasonable Blue Bird taxis which can be called, longest I had to wait was only 5 minutes. Only slight issues it is located on the eastern side of North Jakarta if work or meetings have one going south or West Jakarta one will encounter the regular Jakarta traffic. Second maid service needs to better pay attention to when the cleaning sign is turned on as you may leave hoping to return to a made room a few hours later to find they haven't got to your room yet.

Mohammad Mahdiza (23/08/2017 14:28)
Going here for a brief meeting, and I must say that the Plumeria Lounge is one of the coziest I have ever been into. Ample choices of beverages and the atmosphere really made it a great place for both formal and informal meeting.

Vitri Rukunda (23/08/2017 10:01)
Great service and good food! I love the interiors of the hotel! This is the 2nd time we have Meikarta Customer Gathering here and I must say it went well πŸ‘πŸ˜Š

Yesandno Okayboss (20/08/2017 10:19)
great service and excellent. this is the third times we spent there. never bored, hopefully we can go often.

Jessica Myrlinda (14/08/2017 07:07)
I quite love the food. The place is huge too and this cozy me. But what I dislike is the access to this place. I have to walk far away from parking lot because I'm using motorcycle and this piss me up πŸ‘ΏπŸ‘Ώ

james junaidi (26/06/2017 08:04)
Nice hotel. Rooms were big and clean, with nice bathrooms. Very good service. Breakfast was good. Drinks were also good.

Jana Sjarif (02/06/2017 16:03)
Not staying here.. just come for a party, like the foods and the arrangement, although a little confused to find the lift to the floor I need.. some signs should be added..
Also waited for friends at the lounge, the orange juice wasn't fresh..

ahmed abdallah (23/05/2017 09:15)
From the moment you step into this hotel you will feel at home. Warm and welcoming greetings are abundant amongst all staff members. Great facilities and appetisingly delicious buffet breakfast.

Richard Barton (30/04/2017 13:01)
Nice hotel huge rooms and good food. The lounge service is very slow though.

Stefanus Sugiarto (12/04/2017 16:24)
Great hotel at strategic location. Very helpful and friendly hotel staff. Breakfast can use an improvement as far as quality and variety goes. Lunch menu offers better quality and selections.

Arya Kuswardhana (07/04/2017 13:40)
Great place, strategically near airport and far from traffic jam (usually). Service and food are great, the room are good for its class and other free services are nice.

Ivan Ryanto (06/04/2017 04:03)
Our wedding day venue. Grand Mercure Kemayoran Hotel is probably one of Jakarta's finest hotels. Strategically located at Kemayoran district with direct access from Soekarno-Hatta International Airport.

Yan Sulistyo (20/02/2017 16:43)
Want me to tell something about grand mercure kemayoran? Nothing, but incredible hotel!

Rio Basmala (17/02/2017 18:27)
Simple to drive dr bengkel..relaks

Jeff Damm (05/02/2017 22:28)
The Grand Mecure Kemayoran is a lovely hotel. The lobby is very open and comfortable and the check-in staff very helpful. I had my father check-in on my behalf and upon advising them I was there for my wedding they upgraded myself and my wife to a business suite. The room was very comfortable and spacious.
The only thing stopping a 5 star review was the lounge service. The girl didn't appear to understand English very well and got my family's order completely messed up. Further to this the service was very slow, taking about 2 hours for all the ordered food and drinks to come out.

surapong18 (29/12/2016 14:28)
Very good setting. Convenient for visiting everything in Jarkata. I recommend you to stay here.

Dyah Ksumastyaningrum (13/11/2016 02:15)
The hotel is relatively new. Access to hotel is easy. Very big hotel. Rooms in one floor is until xx40. I spotted 3 elevators to the room. It is like playing a maze, to find the room πŸ˜€. Executive room is spacious. The room design/layout is modern and good. It will be better if they add some drawing more decoration in the room and wall. The foods are good. We ordered junior hotdog and mac & cheese for the kids. The breakfast restaurant is great with wide range of food.

Gabby Loman (26/10/2016 15:16)
Love the ambience.. good for wedding ceremony.. nice food

Matt Galloway (21/09/2016 01:14)
This hotel is brand new and right across the street from the Jakarta International Expo Center. Really great facilities, and breakfast. Free Wi-Fi.

Kumail Somji (20/09/2016 06:54)
Front desk is slow, very very slow...
Besides that, this is a five star hotel with some amazing decor and great style.
Uber is your best bet for a ride.
Hotel taxi available but very pricy.

Amirali Somji (12/09/2016 15:47)
Amazing food at the resteraunt. Service at the front desk needs improvement. Check in took over 20 mins!
We asked for a car to be arranged for my family, were told it will take 15 mins; 30 mins later were told it will take another hour!
Rooms are clean and moderately sized.

Will Siddall (29/08/2016 13:12)
Impressive looking place! Huge restaurant and great facilities. A few things are a little confusing but the facilities are great and the rooms are amazing.

Sutiar Utomo (30/06/2016 21:33)
Hotelnya nyaman. Parkir luas. Wifi ok. Ada lounge and karaoke. Desain modern

Kevin Widjaja (24/04/2016 11:55)
The ala carte selection here is pretty terrible. Once I ordered Kung Pao Chicken and that was just so so, just edible enough. Another time I tried "nasi rames" and it was absolutely horrible. Third time I tried the buffet and that was pretty decent. The interior is pretty nice, but the whole hotel has some pretty huge pillars close to each other and they get in the way.

Muhar Novki (13/11/2015 09:50)
Great experience during my stay at grand mercure kemayoran, nice room and great taste of food with excellent services

flora FW (13/11/2015 09:38)
Strategic location, friendly staff, good ambiance for plumeria lobby lounge

noppaa noppee (13/11/2015 09:37)
Comfortable hotel with wonderful ambience..
Tasty food and good service.. 😊

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