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Merdeka Park

Aceh Selatan, Aceh
Alamat: Jl. Pulau Pinang, Kesawan, Medan Bar., Kota Medan, Sumatera Utara 20236, Indonesia
Rating: 4.50
Jam Operasional:
Monday: Open 24 hours
Tuesday: Open 24 hours
Wednesday: Open 24 hours
Thursday: Open 24 hours
Friday: Open 24 hours
Saturday: Open 24 hours
Sunday: Open 24 hours

Komentar :

Prasetyo Budi Widagdo (08/04/2018 17:15)
Lapangan Merdeka adalah sebuah alun-alundi Kota Medan, Sumatera Utara, Indonesia. Letaknya di area Kesawan, tepat di pusat kota, dan merupakan titik nol Kota Medan seperti ditetapkan pemerintah kota Medan. Secara administratif, lokasinya berada dalam Kecamatan Medan Petisah. Lapangan Merdeka dikelilingi berbagai bangunan bersejarah dari zaman kolonial Hindia Belanda, di antaranya Kantor Pos Medan, Hotel De Boer (Dharma Deli), Gedung Balai Kota Lama dan Gedung de Javasche bank (Bank Indonesia). Di sekelilingnya juga ditanami pohon trembesi yang sudah ada sejak zaman Belanda.

Alun-alun ini direncanakan pembangunannya sejak 1872, sejalan dengan kepindahan Kesultanan Deli dan pusat administrasi bisnis 13 perusahaan perkebunan dari Labuhan Delike Medan. Lapangan ini aktif digunakan sejak 1880. Pada zaman Belanda, namanya adalah de Esplanade. Berbagai peristiwa bersejarah berlangsung di Lapangan Merdeka, termasuk upacara penyambutan pilot pesawat yang mendarat pertama kali di Medan pada 22 November 1924. Pada tahun 1942, nama Esplanade berubah menjadi Fukuraido yang juga bermakna "lapangan di tengah kota". Fungsinya tetap sama, sebagai lokasi upacara resmi pemerintahan.

Setelah Jepang menyerah pada 15 Agustus 1945, pada 6 Oktober 1945 dilaksanakan rapat raksasa di Fukuraido yang menyiarkan secara resmi berita proklamasi Indonesia, yang dibacakan Gubernur Sumatera Muhammad Hasan. Pada 9 Oktober 1945, nama Fukuraido berubah menjadi Lapangan Merdeka dan disahkan Wali Kota Medan, Luat Siregar.Hingga sekitar tahun 1950, di Lapangan Merdeka juga terdapat Monumen Tamiang yang didirikan pemerintah Belanda untuk memperingati tentara Belanda yang menjadi korban dalam Perang Tamiang (1874-96).Di sebelahnya terdapat sebuah geriten(jambur Karo) yang kini juga telah tidak ada.

Saat ini sebagian areal Lapangan Merdeka telah dialih fungsikan, di antaranya sisi barat yang telah menjadi pusat kuliner Merdeka Walk, sisi timur yang berubah menjadi areal parkir bagi Stasiun Medan, sisi selatan yang menjadi kantor polisi dan lapangan parkir motor bagi pengunjung pusat jajanan.

Linda Yap (02/03/2018 19:10)
Teeming with various merchants and frequent events, the place offers a great range of amenities for tourists and locals. There are restaurants, cafes, frood, drink and snack vendors, souvenir shops, travel agency, gadget and accessories shop, amusement center and center. The location is very strategic, in the heart of the city surrounded by banks, money changers, hotels, post office, train stations, more food and shopping centers. However, most of the eating places have open seating areas and limited indoor seating - and since personally I think rain is of less concern compared to the smokey air from many smokers, it's not my favorite hang out place, though most people are okay with that

eddy kurniawan (01/03/2018 13:57)
good open space. dusty field. nice place to hang out with friends/family.

Roy Randy (22/02/2018 12:07)
A public space for outdoor activities in town. The biggest in town. If you want to do run, or other outdoor activities you can drop by to do it. Not so clean tho.

Hendy SHS (24/01/2018 16:52)
Icon of Medan. Popular among travelers. Initially it's only intended for sport, especially jogging in the morning or evening. Especially in Mondays and public holidays, it will be very crowded with families from all around the city.

Nowadays evolved into a broader cullinary destination. Several famous restaurants opening their outlets here made this place even more popular.

Davin Liuz (20/12/2017 17:08)
A nice place to hang out with friends and family. Many place to grab a drink and get some grub. Starbucks here closes at 11:30, which is later than most.

Dina Sakti (07/11/2017 14:24)
Kemang Medan version, btw Tom yam sea food so delicious at jala-jala nelayan resto

Irlando Moggi Prakoso (05/11/2017 14:29)
Good place to hangout with friends or family. You can find various foods and beverages here..with open sky table. Good place to enjoy nuance during the night

Siekmin (30/10/2017 03:35)
jogging place, many culinary and safe place to bring yourself or with your family

GT Jogja (07/09/2017 14:45)
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henokh ngiam (31/08/2017 23:09)
The best because there is no other park like here on Medan

Bob Stam (23/08/2017 06:12)
It's a nice park to find some quiet time in this busy, noisy town. Here is where people go to do some jogging and physical exercise.

Ca Pra (17/08/2017 23:01)
Crowded and heavy traffic. Not so many options and choices for the stores and courts. it should be well managed and organized inside and outside as a walk park.

Imelda M M Simanungkalit (01/06/2017 14:11)
Medan icon place, good for family time to jogging or another sport

EVRAD LINTANG HUTAGAOL (14/05/2017 16:53)
Icon of medan park, a lot of cafe. A lot of popular cafe. But...limied space for car parking area

Muna Fadhiah (03/05/2017 09:03)
It such a good place to hang out with your family. This place is so close to the city train station, shooping center, culinary places, old book stores and many more

tri nugraha sukanto (25/03/2017 05:52)
Hey, I like this place. Lot of people hang out in this place. Lot of food choices. Some of the famous brands: Mc Donald and Starbucks. You can also find some gift store here. For my self, I bought a t-shirt with a very Medan design for my kid.
Just bring yourself or with your family here, and enjoy the atmosphere 👍

Stefro Gun (13/03/2017 21:40)
Very good place! It has skate park, cycling area, open field for jogging. Has lots of restaurant nearby (McD, Nelayan) and some souvenir stall. Sometimes still crowded until 01.00 .

Jimer Mines (07/02/2017 12:17)
Because this place have nice spot for sports and have Indonesian street food

Onrizal Onrizal (29/01/2017 02:45)
Public facility for sport, jogging, playing, relaxing and others. Foods and beverages are provided

Eriel Siagian (17/11/2016 03:16)
Pretty peaceful enviroment where I could see some skyscraper across this park and I love it but it's lack of hygeine has disturbed the view...

Joshua Daniel (07/10/2016 17:37)
This public space was actually a very historical place to medan city and also a reminder for the first declaration of Indonesia's independence day. but now it's seems like almost every single person see it just as 'an ordinary public space'. What an Irony

mighty colossus (22/08/2016 07:28)
A lot of activities here including family day, sports activity. Car free venue on Sundays. Equipped with volleyball field and skateboard

Muhammad Rizky Firmansyah (06/09/2016 05:01)
Pusat kota medan

mighty colossus (22/08/2016 07:28)
A lot of activities here including family day, sports activity. Car free venue on Sundays. Equipped with volleyball field and skateboard

GuanPetteson (20/08/2016 11:30)
Located at the centre of Medan City, Lapangan Merdeka serves as a place for goverment activity. It is opened for public and people usually come for exercise or stroll around. Nowadays, it's used for young generations to hunt Pokémon as there are lot of PokéStops stationed inside.

Chris Haryanto (19/08/2016 05:29)
Centre of many activities in Medan, lies in the center of Medan.
Much better if they provide showers for people who exercise there.

Yolanda Samosir (14/08/2016 04:49)
A great outdoor for jogging. This field is also used as a place for government ceremony, like every Independence Day on 17th August.

Raymond Natio (04/06/2016 17:43)
Best place for jogging, yoga or any other sport activities.

Dikky Mahdani (22/04/2016 02:12)
Jogging place, many Indonesian culinary and many people Dwirahmanda (25/03/2016 15:20)
Asik bwt joging

Shawn OBrien (09/03/2016 10:41)
There's a nice walking track here and some outdoor exercise equipment. It seems like a safe place to walk or work out (even at night).

Firman Ginting (14/01/2016 05:45)
Lapanganya Merdeka

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