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The Pade Hotel

Aceh Besar, Aceh
Alamat: Jalan Soekarno - Hatta No. 1, Daruy Kameu, Darul Imarah, Tingkeum, Darul Imarah, Kabupaten Aceh Besar, Aceh 23231, Indonesia
Rating: 4.20
Telp: +62 651 49999

Komentar :

rima diniah (23/04/2018 13:13)
Love the panorama in this Hotel.... Please try the "Ayam Tangkap" at this restaurant, very tasty...

Andreas Hari Susilo Prabowo (09/04/2018 12:48)
For you who really wants to experience the Aceh atmosphere, this is the best place. Rooms are very spacious, services are ok, and the breakfast menu is quite various

Qonita Addina (15/01/2018 12:16)
love everything about my visit at this hotel except for the breakfast. need to upgrade food quality

Fajar Maulana (30/12/2017 09:57)
good hotel, service is good not great, breakfast great, staff friendly, location a little bit far away from city center

Anis Sani Ariffin (26/12/2017 06:14)
Was there for an overnight transit, and would say its pretty decent. Had virtually no complaints.

Meta Indriyani (12/12/2017 22:43)
Its one of the best hotel in Town! even the Garuda Indonesia aircrew also choose this place to rest. Everything perfect! The food, hospitality, and its so comfortable

Suhra Ilyas (14/10/2017 14:45)
This hotel offer great view to the mountain. They have great jogging track along paddy field. What a great experience to fill your morning with jogging along this track while enjoying drops of dew on paddy leaves

Ariwan Perdana (28/10/2017 08:18)
Nice roomy with balcony. Liked the food, especially the fried rice. Stayed May 2016.

Guy Larson (04/10/2017 04:14)
Beautiful hotel, But the bathroom in my suite had cracked fixtures and No hot water

Nelson Nai (11/09/2017 14:20)
Used to be my favourite hotel in Aceh 2 years ago. Now, this place is getting worst. Dirty torn towels, choked sinks and drainage are common problems during the past 6 months. Hot water comes and goes throughout the shower.

Titi Anggraini (13/08/2017 14:20)
I love the atmosphere and the padi field view. So quiet and comfort. Relatively far from the center of the city. Close to Solong Premium Coffee Shop (we love the coffee).

Mela Hidayat (18/06/2017 13:05)
Room is clean: restaurant is so so; ok for your bussines trip. No elevator to go yo some room at 2nd fl

Taco de vries (27/05/2017 11:41)
A nice hotel at the edge of town. Good views on the rice fields and mountains

tyas purba (25/05/2017 06:52)
The place is beautiful, clean n comfy. The staffs are helpful. The price is reasonable.

Refta Rancak (16/05/2017 04:57)
Good place to stay... Behind of hotel area, there is padee field... Nice landscape. The hotel also serve good breakfast menu, but normally not enough quantity for all of the guests...

Akhir syahputra (18/04/2017 19:51)
Best Hotel in Banda Aceh/Aceh Besar comfortable place

Brandon Gomolski (12/04/2017 13:08)
Spent several days here. Restaurant was cheap and had good food. Laundry service had less than 24hr turn around. Friendly staff. Rooms were nice, mine had a balcony.

fahmi alatas (15/03/2017 11:43)
Best hotel in banda aceh

Muhammad Jaedi (22/01/2017 13:45)
Nice hotel with a good view at the back

Ilham Akbar (08/12/2016 15:19)
Nice and clean room. Breakfast is well served.

Titisari Raharjo (20/11/2016 15:44)
Most decent hotel in Banda Aceh.

Prita Ismayani (17/09/2016 10:39)
Arabic Hotel.
The food is AWESOOOME...
It would be 5 stars if I found Aceh Traditional taste in food or interior here.
The elevator cant reach the whole floor.
Close with the airport, less than 30 mnts.

Zayn Umar (29/07/2016 15:15)
Very nice breakfast and dinner .
Fast service
Everybody smiles
Clean rooms
My Shower was abit dodgy though 😂

Fredo Pastrana (28/09/2016 17:34)
Mantappp, bersih dan nyaman. Agak mahal dikit dari sebelah

abdul rahim (20/09/2016 09:18)

Imam Mubarrak (27/04/2016 15:38)
Nice place with padi field view

Wahyu Parwitayasa (21/11/2015 06:52)
good place to stay

Hai Kal (17/11/2015 13:45)
Good (^.^)

Muhammad Syukri (16/11/2014 01:20)
very good hotel, clean and nice view.

Muhaj Ajir (15/11/2014 14:43)
The Pade Hotel is very comfortable and perfect with the surrounding nature (extraordinary) By.Nazree mohd.

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