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Museum Tsunami Aceh

Aceh Besar, Aceh
Alamat: Jalan Sultan Iskandar Muda No.3, Sukaramai, Baiturrahman, Sukaramai, Baiturrahman, Kota Banda Aceh, Aceh 23243, Indonesia
Rating: 4.50
Telp: +62 651 40774
Jam Operasional:
Monday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Tuesday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Wednesday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Thursday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Friday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Saturday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Sunday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Komentar :

Lopiana Hirla (17/05/2018 07:00)
It takes so much emotion come to this place, it represents the disaster 14 years go, the building was cool even i didnt know about the philosophy

Rey Tanjung (15/05/2018 08:37)
this museum will bring you to time at 2004, when tsunami hit Aceh, more than 100.000 people died that day. It make you realized and graceful for the live and health we got today. It show to you before and after tsunami also how that make people change.

Rizqi Arifuddin (09/05/2018 15:39)
When I watched various pictures and display at this museum, my mind brought me back to the memories of watching how Tsunami destroyed Aceh back in 2006 through TV. Being here in Banda Aceh and in this particular museum was a very sentimental experience for me. I could feel the same sorrow when watching photos of the survivors.

The museum will remind you of how fragile humans are. However it will also show you that humans are all the same regardless their nationality, gender, religion, ethnicity, and others. It is really great to see that the world citizens lent their hands to help Aceh.

Of all the spots here, I was really touched when I was at the chamber of blessing i which hundreds if not thousands of Tsunami victim names were displayed. A recording of Qur'an recital was played, adding the serenity in this room. Try to close your eyes and send along your prayers to the victims.

I lamented the museum's cleanliness. It was dirty when I went there. I hoped they will do something about it.

Amanda Supriadi (24/04/2018 05:03)
This museum was amazing. Designnya keren, it contained lots of mementos from the tsunami, interviews from survivors, and a short movie documented the tsunami. And there's no entrance fee! Harus visit kalau ke Banda Aceh.

Expat Pete (22/04/2018 06:25)
If there was ever a museum that was over-hyped, it'd probably be the Bob Marley museum, but this one I'm afraid to say would also be high on that list. It seemed to me to be a typical Asian museum - grand architectural building, with a whole lot of empty spaces and empty walls on the inside. The best part is probably the audio/visual experience. Otherwise to museum is just a bunch of shoddy displays and pictures with little accompanying information.

Eko Kusworo (22/04/2018 03:51)
It was a great experience to visit this uniquely museum. The praying room is the deepest heart toeuching for me.
Indeed, more English translation was required for the foreigner to get more information. The diorama display also need be more artistic also the movie in the theater room.

Sha'azza A. Aziz (05/04/2018 16:43)
Good place to learn about tsunami & what happened to Aceh/Banda Aceh before, during & after the fatal December 26th 2004 tsunami. Sadly the exhibits & museum a bit run down. Entrance is free though.

ASY SYAUKANI (01/04/2018 05:13)
Museum yang dibangun untuk mengenang peristiwa Tsunami Aceh tahun 2004. I was Born Here, but I Didn't around when tsunami affected. But this is my Town. Like this place so much. come and visit this town and this place, absolutely you love this place so much. Feel it when you at these place, you will got the atmosphere when that time.

Riki Akbar (12/02/2018 08:07)
it used to be a good place to spend time at. However, last time I went there, it looked like that it was not maintained very well. The waste and trash were everywhere. A little bit hot inside and the fan or air conditioning did not work normally. Dirt was all over the place and the parking management was bad. Need to be improved since this museum is one of renowned landmark of Banda Aceh

fajar sulistyaningsih (04/02/2018 14:34)
It is a very sentimental museum, especially for the victims of Tsunami Aceh. I am glad that the Museum shows that Aceh, with the support of our government and many countries can redevelop after the Tsunami. It is without doubt a place for the visitors to look back of what the Tsunami destroyed, and to make us grateful of what we have now. Plus, the architecture of the museum itself is very great, modern and artistic.

Kathi H (03/02/2018 08:30)
Definite must see place in Banda Aceh. It is for free and it provides a good overview of what happend during and after the 2004 Tsunami via exhibitions, pictures and video documentaries (english subbed). Unfortunately some parts of the museum are rather run down, but that shouldn't stop you going there. Depending on how thorough you are, plan about 1h - 1.5h for your visit.

safrul amri (15/11/2017 04:56)
This place has sophisticated architectural im town. It is a good place for people who love to shoot architechtural structure and feature.

But this museum shows alot of sad memories about the tsunamy. The tunnel and the chamber of pray are the most heartbreaking spot.

rianita ps (11/11/2017 02:33)
The museum arsitectur so beautifull and deep meaning, i got free ticket yeaay but normally ticket just only idr 3k

Jen Zook (05/11/2017 15:39)
I didn't understand a lot of information because few things were in English . But the tsunami building itself was absolutely brilliant and I especially appreciated the life-size wall of water when entering the building.

Aditya Alta (02/11/2017 13:58)
Great exterior design. Sounds used in several exhibition areas (tsunami tunnel, well of blessings) create eerie yet very representative atmosphere of the disaster. Quality of video presentation in the viewing room is terrible (purple tint, poor editing).

Putu Tonsen (21/10/2017 23:06)
I have visited this museum two years ago, November 2015.
I am impressed by the the pictures or photos displayed here. Also the cinema inside the museum showing the great disaster that took place in Banda Aceh in 2005.
I hope this museum is well maintained so that it could stand for as along possible.

jans st (06/09/2017 08:36)
I have visit it, 3 year ago. good architec and memorial design.

Iqbal Saleh Sitompul (11/07/2017 05:07)
Amazing architecture. Noble value. Important history.

Prabowo Seto (31/05/2017 01:33)
A pretty standard museum though it could do better on its display. Not too appealing.

Rered Liu (23/04/2017 12:27)
Fantastic architecture, I believe it design and build by modern society. It's do the work to educate 2004 tsunami. Also the Must see place in Arch.

But you do feel that local people is incapable to maintain the quality. The soft material is not well organized and not comprehensive as I expect. Most of picture, words, video are vague and hard to read.

And close 2 hours in lunch time, really not good for tourist.

Michelle Liù (31/03/2017 06:51)
This is actually the first time that I really get into this museum.
I've visited here for two times, but every time there was something that stop us from entering.
Finally, in this visit together with Prof. Wang, we entered.
This is really a good place especially for understanding the happening and the recovery of the 2004 Tsunami in the history.
The museum was built by the former mayor here in Aceh, and this is really a symbol of rebirth.
The featuring entrance hall way, which is narrow, dark, with water falling from the two sides, with the sounds of chanting, really impressed me.
It is to say the imitation of the presentation when Tsunami strikes and the sounds it makes.

Ajan Razali (11/03/2017 05:03)
It is a very nice place to visit.. the welcoming zone with the sound make us feel the event and destruction of the tsunami

mufdi 'ed' firdaus (16/02/2017 10:08)
building with beautiful architecture and amazing. two thumbs up for the architect, ridwan kamil. best destinations to increase our knowledge

Rubén Asensio Jiménez (15/02/2017 14:42)
The visitor will feel very deep all the tsunami. The building is great and is free entrance. I think they must improve the audiovisual staff, it looks done by a non professional people. Most of the interaction galleries didn't work when we visited it

Inggita Notosusanto (06/02/2017 04:52)
This is an inspiration in museum design - visitors can relive the sad catastrophy and the impact to the Aceh region from the way the museum is designed. The "peace" sunroof chamber and the tranquility pond also add to the remembrance. Sadly it's not well maintained, the toilets are extremely dirty, not working and disgusting. The educational display about geology and tsunami preparedness is quite good but can be improved.

Fadil Aziz (31/01/2017 08:45)
Five stars, for everything. Concept, architecture, idea, maintenance, and everything in between. Ridwan Kamil, mayor of Bandung is the architect. Kudos. Did I mention that the ticket is free?

Mastika Lyana (29/05/2016 06:17)
The fact that this place provides free entrance is awesome enough! I wish that the video shown to us was in a better quality. Understand that the footage was from a decade ago but at least proper editing would make it more watchable. A smaller screen would do too as the room was small.

We were lucky too that our tour guide really brought us around and explained things in detail.

Andi A (24/08/2016 23:43)
Great place for visit..the management should provide a cozy canteen's totally free to enter mesium, thank you .

Alfian Noer (19/08/2016 09:03)
bukti-bukti sejarah

Putra Aceh (11/06/2016 07:04)
Great place tO visit tO learn about from Aceh
Many tourists from around the world been here.
As Acehnese we always to say thank you to every countries those have been as donator for this building. To be honest this from the world to Aceh that can open eyes of us about tsunami knowledge.

Wilyanto Xu (13/05/2016 14:01)
Located in heart of Banda Aceh. I think it was one of best musuem in Indonesia. Design is really cool.

Hery IT (16/04/2016 04:44)
The Aceh Tsunami Museum, located in Banda Aceh, Indonesia, is a museum designed as a symbolic reminder of the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami disaster, as well as an educational center and an emergency disaster shelter in case the area is ever hit by a tsunami again

Rizqa Octavira Andini (04/03/2016 16:41)
This was designed as the momentum of Tsunami tragedy that happened in Aceh in 2004. It represents most of the pictures of before and after about the tragedy. It can be also a place for learning new things. It is such a seriously touching place, we can also watch a video of the tragedy back then that obviously brings us to tears, what more impressing is that, on the top of the museum, there is a "shelter of disaster" so that the refugees can take that place to save their lives in the future. All in all, a very amazing place!

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