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Baiturrahman Grand Mosque

Aceh Besar, Aceh
Alamat: Masjid Raya, Kp. Baru, Baiturrahman, Kota Banda Aceh, Aceh, Indonesia
Rating: 4.70

Komentar :

isyraf m (27/05/2018 22:26)
Spacious parking space but not very wheelchair friendly as it has no elevator transporting you from parking and bathroom to the main area.
The mosque itself is not much different from other mosques (although it is iconic), but the surrounding area is very well designed.

Expat Pete (22/04/2018 06:22)
Although I am not of the Muslim faith, I was still invited to walk around the grounds with my borrowed robes from the parking lot level rental place (presumably just for foreigners like myself). Lots of friendly people wanting to get their picture taken with an authentic Western tourist, or just enjoying the peaceful environs.

Rubiana Marwah (18/04/2018 04:53)
The most populous and greatest mosque in Banda Aceh. Astonishing architecture, changing colour at night. Always crowd in this Holy Place.

Ahmad Harmaini (29/03/2018 00:02)
The original Masjid Raya ("Grand Mosque") was built in 1612 during the reign of Sultan Iskandar Muda .

Some say the original mosque was built even earlier in 1292 by Sultan Alaidin Mahmudsyah.

The original royal mosque featured a multi-tiered thatched roof, a typical feature of
Acehnese architecture.

Irham Anshar (15/03/2018 04:28)
Monumental Religious Landmark.. if it’s a bright day consider to bring a sun cream.

Hilo Lin (09/03/2018 01:13)
When the mind is pure and tranquil, we have arrived in pure land.

Ana Fitria (20/02/2018 15:09)
You cannot leave the city before visiting this masjid. It has a great history, amazing design, calming atmosphere, basement parking, and so instagram-able.
For a muslim, the masjid has just upgraded the ablution facilities and far better than the old days.

Ramlee Tamin (09/10/2017 13:53)
A lot had been said about this mosque.
In 2007 this mosque had been upgraded with the aid from Saudi Arabia.
It has a good underground parking, a mini park in its compound, a beautiful ablution centre and underground rooms that can be used for conferences, just to mention a few.
I wonder if those rooms can be used as bunkers.
The marble tiles upon scrutinising show that they are cut from the same plane of a mountain. Some are intricately rearranged to its original position. But most are placed at random especially the ones in the mosque.

Meta Indriyani (11/12/2017 00:11)
Feel so lucky to have a chance visit this sacred place and pray here.
May this place stand and livable forever.

wandono romadhon (05/12/2017 23:13)
Strategis place in central of Aceh city, one of the most heritage that Muslim should pray/visit this mosque, the design may remember us with nabawi mosque in madinah,

Khaeruddin Nurdin (05/12/2017 08:15)
Alhamdulillah, I am happy that I have a chance to visit this historical mosque, masya Allah

absolutliam (26/11/2017 15:10)
I’m a non-Muslim traveller and I’m allow to visit this mosque . The security guard are friendly and well explained the rules of mosque.
Entrance is free but they provide me a Muslim clothes to put on it as I don’t need to change. there is small room in guardbooth to put on the Muslim wear as don’t need to change also.
The guard told me u are allow walk around the mosque but not allow to step on the marble floor so I can’t enter inside the mosque.
Im allowed to take video or photo around mosque area. This place is crowded during prayer time but non of tourist visit. Prayers there are super friendly to request take photo with them maybe the reason because no many tourist visit this beautiful mosque.

farhan jihadi (29/08/2017 01:53)
The mosque is a landmark of Aceh, was built in 1912. One of beautiful mosque in Southeast Asia. If you came to Aceh, you must visit this mosque. The mosque is very beautiful and always welcome for you to visit, even you are non Muslim. You will love it.

Predeurike laora anggra suci (25/08/2017 04:11)
So excited.. I want to pray here again and seeing for the big umbrella opens 😍😥

Muchamad Chafid Wahyudi (20/08/2017 04:36)
Good place to pray and spend the time with family in the afternoon waiting maghrib. Free to enter but need to wear a polite clothes (in muslim way)

nadzri myusof (27/07/2017 02:01)
Must visit
Alhamdulillah i am able follow jumaah sholat

Sitti Zulfa (18/07/2017 21:23)
Because this place can make me have good feeling

Ali Shokhiyi (09/07/2017 13:49)
comfort and grand place for shalat, pray, read the Qur'an, well facilitate, really enjoyed being here

Michelle Liù (18/04/2017 11:52)
After so many years, which we failed to enter the Mosque, but this day....
we finally get in and have the great opportunity to explore this beautiful and the biggest mosque in Banda Aceh.
Even though some part of it is still under renovation, the magnificence of the building and the structure is still astonishing.
A feeling also came to me when I just entered the Mosque and stay in its inside, people of Muslim religion, I think this is the most comfortable place they would stay.
I could see people playing, praying, resting, laying on the marble ground.
I first experienced the Muslim culture when I visited Turkey like decades ago and now the Muslim culture is more layman, and close to people's every day life.
It's not far, but just within the every day life of working.
I hope the renovation could finish as soon as possible, and my next best wishes would be seeing all the amazing umbrellas open, blossom, all open for one time.

Javier López Fernández (11/03/2017 09:05)
Beautiful mosque, worth a visit. Be aware that shorts are not accepted for men, yet you can buy some long leg clothes on the market beside. You can go respectfully inside, even tough it's only for muslims.

Putra Aceh (19/02/2017 12:23)
We proud to dedicate you as locals and worldwide to enjoy this place as under the fully recognition regulations.

Muhammad Iqbal (30/11/2016 04:25)
Biggest mosque in Aceh. The mosque become a historic place when tsunami came in 2004. Almost every building near the mosque is broken, but the mosque is standing still, until now. Acehnese feel so proud with the mosque

Faisal Sir (28/10/2016 03:29)
Sedang dalam renovasi. You can not enjoy it now.

Wisma Pakuan (04/09/2016 19:52)
Majestic MASJID in the center of the city of Banda Aceh that standing tall by the swept of gigantic unbearable rampage WAVE of TSUNAMI in 2004 of which has taken over 250.000 lifes in one single day.

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