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Restoran Gubug Udang Situ Cibubur

DKI Jakarta, Jakarta
Alamat: Jl. Alternatif Cibubur, RT.04 / RW.05, Harjamukti, Cimanggis, RT.8, Harjamukti, Cimanggis, Kota Depok, Jawa Barat 16454, Indonesia
Rating: 4.30
Telp: +62 21 84304874
Jam Operasional:
Monday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Thursday: 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Friday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Saturday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Sunday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Komentar :

Adjieck Bayuaji (25/05/2018 13:39)
very well managed restaurant, worth the prices and services, better make reservation on the weekend

Syifa Silviana (22/05/2018 07:01)
Our favorite place... Love the food.. Love the place... Love it... 😍😍😍
Our son really love gurame terbang... 😄😄

Afis Herman Reza Devara (19/04/2018 00:20)
Standard sundanese restaurant. Located inside Bumi Perkemahan Cibubur right after the front gate, you have to pay entrance ticket first.

Karisma Riskinanti (15/03/2018 00:42)
Nice experience and local ambience to eat alongside mini lake full of gold fish. Fooda are incredibly delicious, gonna come back for sure!

Sharon Wijaya (07/03/2018 23:38)
If you like shrimp. Yoi should try and eat here. Good food good environment

Anie Rahmi (25/02/2018 22:11)
A very nice traditional place to enjoy Sundanese food and beverages. Ask for a "Saung" for the best view and traditional feel while you're there.

Buyung Salkani (05/02/2018 15:38)
The atmosphere is nice with the villages theme on the edge of lake Cibubur. While waiting we can try fish therapy pool, the sensation is interesting. Food is so so.

Mita Novika (31/01/2018 08:33)
Its a good place and clean, has lots of space to do any gathering, wide parking area. The price is affordable and its near by jakarta. Worth it to try and come back.

Azida Khairani (14/11/2017 00:59)
Superrrrr cooozzzyyyyyyyyyyyy I cant wait to be there again! Beautiful lake view!!

Fredy Fajar (13/11/2017 01:29)
Good food, nice atmosphere, but you only have 2 hours to finish your meal

dw pras (11/10/2017 02:14)
Nice Place, Taste and Price

Silvi R Kartika (10/10/2017 06:24)
Nice restaurant with large area, seafood menu, and natural seating design👌 you'll get waiting list if you reserve for seat in gubug about an hour😑

Lakshmimariyanto Datau (25/09/2017 06:31)
they have separated huts where people can get private lunch or dinner. They serve yummy seafood and vegetables. but they also serve chicken, beef or others but pork. only halal food here.

R. Agustinus Kamalirang (06/09/2017 06:06)
Sebuah restoran ber-arsitektur Gubug Tradisional tatar Sunda layaknya sebuah gubug di tepian pematang sawah dgn menu khas makanan Sunda yang sangat bervariasi. Lokasinya yg sangat strategis berada tepat di sisi danau Bumi Perkemahan Pramuka Ciubur (BUPERTA) setelah exit Tol Cibubur. Mengajak keluarga atau rekan bisnis utk santap siang, Gubug Udang adalah tempat yang tepat.

Mazdandyniy (05/09/2017 22:09)
Nice place for having family lunch or dinner. It has huge fish pool beneath of bamboo huts

Yuanita Mirza (01/09/2017 10:01)
Actually some of the food is have standard taste, the ambience is good to go with your family, for the price a bit over price and the minus is : when me and my friends have a farewell party here on the weekend at 19.00 they have a weird rules : so they only gave us 2 hours to using the gubug and if we use the gubug more than that time they will charge us 10% from total billing. Even on that day resto visitors are not crowded at all.

fie na (12/07/2017 15:19)
an amazing lovely place. d foods are very fresh n healthy. very comfortable to dining in groups or with lovely peoples.

Tatiana Kanisha (29/06/2017 10:54)
Good ambience for casual family lunch. Excellent food. Often very crowded at lunch time on weekend.

Eko Anggoro (28/06/2017 16:53)
Good food, great view, serve nothing but seafood. Perfect please for groups or a date of two.

Farid Muhammad (22/06/2017 04:03)
Nice view,good service ,good price

Rizky Bayu Antarikso (09/06/2017 10:09)
Easy to access and find location. Good food, great place for group or families

panji sosroardi (01/06/2017 21:27)
Good place good food good service. The price is fair. Parking area is quite large. Usually wait in lunch time (in weekend). Rhe location is in buperta, You have to pay for buperta cibubur entrance ticket (around idr 7000 - 10000. but it's okay, it comes with official ticket)

Surya Bachtar (21/04/2017 10:43)
Great food awesome service best place to eat around and the atmosphere is so good ... 👌😍

puguh setyono (18/04/2017 11:04)
Lokasinya bagus, dengan view saung di atas kolam dan menghadap danau. menunya lumayan enak meski agak mahal. Pelayanan juga lumayan bagus, ada musola.

Windhi Saputra (09/04/2017 13:35)
Nice place, good food especially for its honey roasted shrimp..👍

Akhmat Safrudin (09/04/2017 07:21)
Been here with friends, enjoying our time with good food and nice view, easy to find parking area.

Restu Sita Harsiwi (24/03/2017 05:02)
It has food with good quality and nice taste. The view is good and make people who come feel comfortable and relax. Its totally sunda's style. Love it

vinni restutiningrum (22/02/2017 03:49)
Cozy but they didnt allow you to spend so much time there

Jason Utomo (14/01/2017 01:45)
Good food and good scenery and atmosphere.

Ika Dewi (08/01/2017 07:21)
Very recommended, you'll get all .. the food, the view and the service

eriva syamsiatin (29/12/2016 16:45)
Cozy place for family
Food is delicious

I Made Purwadi Parna Mahendra (01/12/2016 10:36)
The place was good and also the taste..highly recommended

Suhindrati Shinta (04/09/2016 07:57)
Jam makan siang sgt ramai. Tapi mrk punya cara menarik supaya tak bosan menunggu yaitu terapi ikan kcil dan pesan menu sedari awal. Jadi begitu duduk, langsung bs makan deh. Makanan porsi kcil2 rasa standar. Tapi rekomen gurame bakar madu (tapi gak manis, ini pedas ini yak).

Robert Christiansen (02/09/2016 00:51)
Tmpt bnja

mohamad ifan marosa (31/08/2016 07:29)
Nyum-nyum banget!!!

evi triana (09/08/2016 02:47)
Makanan mahal tapi enak. Gurame cobek recommended. Tempat terbuka ĺuas, indah dan nyaman, tapi panas....

Jeffrey Johannes (23/07/2016 23:07)
Enak dan good ambience. Seafoodnya enak. Harga si agak lumayan tinggi ya.. tapi rasa boleh diadu heheheheheheh

Fitria Dwijayanti (05/06/2016 06:19)
Great places

Hendra O. Willyanto (29/05/2016 07:38)
You should try... Great place, great meeting here

Edhy Sulistyarso (27/05/2016 17:58)
good place good food

Abrar Wahab (03/01/2016 07:44)
Cozy place, bagus buat keluarga...

wisnu mujiono (01/06/2015 22:36)
cocok buat kumpul2

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