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Ragunan Zoo

DKI Jakarta, Jakarta
Alamat: Jl. Harsono No.1, Ragunan, Ps. Minggu, Kota Jakarta Selatan, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta, Indonesia
Rating: 4.40
Telp: +62 21 78847114
Jam Operasional:
Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 7:30 AM – 4:00 PM
Wednesday: 7:30 AM – 4:00 PM
Thursday: 7:30 AM – 4:00 PM
Friday: 7:30 AM – 4:00 PM
Saturday: 7:30 AM – 4:00 PM
Sunday: 7:30 AM – 4:00 PM

Komentar :

Sten Ivan (11/05/2018 07:22)
LOVE this zoo. For merely 4000 Rupiah you get so much more. I didn't expect it to be so clean and well-maintained, the animals looked well fed too. The canteen food inside the zoo is affordable and mostly local stuff, but I love it. It gets crowded on the weekend but it's a huge zoo with plenty of green space, you can even picnic here!

Dektu Mastu (09/05/2018 02:13)
Aside from it's tittle as a zoo, Ragunan Zoo is a very nice place to enjoy weekend with your family in Jakarta. The ground was vast, it has jogging track, it is child and elderly friendly: you could push wheelchair and baby stroller easily. You can also rent bicycle, both single or tandem. It was very clean, the trash bins located every 5meters LoL. You can spread your picnic sheet and have a perfect outing with your family. And the most important is, the price is very cheap, for entrance, food, attractions, anything. That's why, sometimes it gets crowded, but still worth it.

Aileen Lais (01/05/2018 22:40)
A cheap and affordable place for family. But since you have to walk long distance everywhere inside to view animals you better use your sports shoe here. They also have shuttle in the middle of the park to make a tour around the zoo (10.000 for 1 person) and they also have delman riding attraction in it which is very cheap only 15.000 for 1 short ride with 4 people.

Neneng Jahidin (27/04/2018 07:18)
It was a good zoo to visit. And if u love walking then it's a good zoo to choose. Because every animal spot was kinda far u need to walk over the zoo to visit every animal spot. The ticket was really cheap like it's only 4k rupiah for one person and it's in the weekend I don't know in weekdays maybe cheaper or same. Im not sure. Most people bring carpet for resting, picnic and such there. It was clean there and it's cozy too

Ursula [byurmo] (23/04/2018 22:05)
Actually I like to come here for jogging also as the area is huge with lots and lots of trees. There is a lake inside, good view. It is good to have these kind of place at Jakarta. Entrance fee only cost you 6k but you have to pay with electronic money card from Bank DKI (they sell it on the counter). Kids will enjoy this place much, there is several big playground inside. You can rent a bike for 15k/hour and it's fun.

khkrn (08/04/2018 14:23)
Dengan harga tiket yg murah, worthy bgt dateng kesini utk rekreasi maupun santai. Udah lama bgt ngga kesini dan begitu kesini udah jauh bgt berubah. Toilet ga berbayar, suasana hijau2an dan bersih. Salut! Apalagi taman2 yg ada di dalam pusat primata Schumutzer, like hidden gem. Terawat dan bersih. Definitely a great place to escape and refreshment to the eyes from all traffic and madness in Jakarta.

Jenn Loro (05/04/2018 06:34)
Great, relaxing place. The animals were well-taken cared of, the zoo staff were friendly. I wish there are more guides tho in strategic points in the zoo to help tourists find the animal stations so tourists can save time. But still, a great place for the whole family.

Ursula [byurmo] (31/03/2018 08:49)
Actually I like to come here for jogging also as the area is huge with lots and lots of trees. There is a lake inside, good view. It is good to have these kind of place at Jakarta. Entrance fee only cost you 6k but you have to pay with electronic money card from Bank DKI (they sell it on the counter). Kids will enjoy this place much, there is several big playground inside. You can rent a bike for 15k/hour and it's fun.

Annastasie Novianty (08/03/2018 03:25)
Always love our very own Ragunan zoo. It is cheap and it offers a lot of things. You can learn facts about animals and see them for yourself. The food sold at the area is more expensive than the outside shops but it is not a surprising fact, is it? You can always prepare your own food and drinks and have a picnic under any big trees or spots that pick your interest. One thing that I think should be put into consideration is to visit the zoo in the morning. The last time we were there, we arrived at about 2pm and some animals were already put into the cages and we're not able to be seen. Oh, please also pick a day that is sunny and clear. The principle reason is that you won't feel convenient having to stay in the bird cages area for quite a long time before the rain stops.. 😞

Hafsah Halidah (06/03/2018 02:32)
Entrance fee was only 4k/person. Incredibly cheap. However if you don't plan to work out (walking, running, cycling) or at least using comfortable shoes and hoping to see all the animals inside, then better pick another zoo to visit. They do offer bus that goes around, but it only covers 1/4 zoo area. A lot of improvement is needed to provide a more customer friendly zoo.

Karina Djie (27/10/2017 06:25)
A clean, spacious, and quite complete Zoo. Once you enter the area, you'll forget you're in Jakarta, because it's like a huge forestry park, unless on public holiday because it always crowded. Try to come here in the morning, enjoy the fresh air by renting bicycle to go around. Try the fresh coconut too, recommended!

Deni Yudhadinata (23/10/2017 06:31)
One of the cheapest place to spend holiday with family. Very spacious, if you bring your little kids, you better bring stroller. Super crowded in holiday season and the traffic around this place usually stuck when holiday.

widi setianto (23/10/2017 03:00)
Nice zoo. Great place to visit. I mean, with less than a dollar, you can watch orangutans playing, gorillas feeding, and also other animals. What more to ask?

Pipi Sawitri (22/10/2017 15:18)
Well managed zoo with broad collections of animals. It's also great place for morning run or cycling. Cleanliness is one of its strength compare to most other zoos in Indonesia.

Massimo Ancillai (02/10/2017 08:55)
Ragunan Zoo is one of the few places in which you can stay far from Jakarta traffic. It is pretty big, renting a bike inside is surely suggested. Entrance price and food inside are cheap for tourists. It is a five stars for the wide variety of animal species and the beautiful trees and vegetation, while they are less good the information inside, not updated, and orienteering is hard, furthermore no English description for any animal. It's a pity, it could be an important attraction for tourists. Toilets have also to be improved. However, if you are in Jakarta, it surely worts a visit.

Kurniawan Adi Chandra (05/09/2017 06:02)
A really nice place to have your mind refreshed. Great environment, the animals are diversed, easy access, quite a big place too so it will need some time to discover all the places (animals) here. Though it can be a crowded place on weekend and holiday.

Agus Gianto (04/09/2017 22:55)
Good place for family or kids to know and explore many animals with economic ticket, need improvment to put maps in several spots with guide lines from every starting entering gates.

Akbar Gemilang (31/08/2017 07:31)
Nice place to family recreation. Not only see the animals you also can set a picnic in this area and bring your own food from home

Marulak H Manurung (16/08/2017 20:54)
You should prepare your fitness to explore this mega zoo for its huge area and lots collection of animals. Have been here and spent almost 7 hours to explore all location with family. A worthed vacation with cheap entry ticket and lots of food stand plus souvenir sellers.

Prisma Gita (03/08/2017 06:25)
Now is managed very well by the govts. Better to arrive here early in the morning to feel the fresh air around before it gets too crowded, especially during weekends. JakCard is required to enter some of the mini parks inside so make sure you always bring it with you (don't leave it inside your car). Children's park has a spacious gazebo for visitors to rest and maybe take a nap for few minutes.

ventry siahaan (29/06/2017 15:01)
Mgkn krn pergi dhari libur kaliya...
Sampai disana pk 10.00, masuknya harus beli kartu bank dki seharga 30rb (bs dpakai 5 org) pdhl dsana tertulis dewasa 4000 yang artinya kita jd beli kayak 6000/org. Waktu itu kita cm bertiga, tp tteup harus beli kartu harga 30rb.

Terus jalan into the zoo sampai pakai acr nanya ke petugas yg ada dstu 'Om, binatang nya dimana ya?' (Saking kita udah jalan jauh, tp binatangnya ga nemu2 😓😓)

Ragunan is so huge. Jarak antar satu hewan ke hewan lain cukup jauh. Jadi siap2in tenaga ekstra utk jalan kaki....😚😚

Another review is, menurut gue informasi ttg hewan nya itu kurang lengkap. Kadang cm ada nama hewan nya doank. Tidak dcantumkan asal usul dan makannya,.

Akhirnya pulang jam 12....karena kelelahan melihat lautan manusia..

Yanny Lia (29/06/2017 05:26)
it's been quite too long since my last visit inside this zoo, I mean not only passing by or something...glad that I made it again...but well the overall situation is no longer attractive enough like the old days, suppose it needs better maintenance...

Mega Mardita (29/06/2017 00:17)
The only zoo in Jakarta. One of the most popular destination in holiday seasons, especially in lebaran and new year. Good place to bring children. It's also a good place to have a morning excercise, such as jogging and cycling, since this place opens very morning. In the morning, the air here is very fresh. You can also rent bicycle here. If you come at the weekend, it's better coming around 7 a.m and geting out before 10 a.m. since it is very crowded after that and you will not enjoy this.

ari janiawati (27/05/2017 10:51)
It was a large zoo I ever visit. I even rent a bicycle to look around this park. But the cage is very dirty and the animals look not so healthy and happy that's why the entrance ticket is very very cheap, the cheapest ticket that I ever get. The gorillas area was wonderful.

Datu Beru (16/05/2017 18:05)
Good for families and kids because it is an educational zoo. The entrance ticket price is affordable. The transaction system in the zoo is cashless--you'll receive a card containing your initial balance that can be topped up. You can use this card to enter Children Zoo, Schmutzer Primate Center, etc. There are so many things that visitors can do here (picnic, running/jogging, seeing animals, etc). IMO, the only upsetting thing about this zoo is the Gorilla cage in Schmutzer Primate Center. Its floor turned out to be a cold concrete floor instead of grass. Crowded in the weekends and national holidays. There are also gift shops, a canteen, bus and bicycles. Overall, I'm quite happy visiting this zoo.

Febrian Pratama (18/04/2017 14:03)
Inexpensive recreation spot for family. Not too many animals to be seen. Nice and comfy place to enjoy with...but will turn out to be total mess when packed with tourists especially at long weekend or holiday season.

Yulia Rahmawati (01/04/2017 16:35)
Good place to refreshing and see animals. One choice to introduce animal to children. And old place and need to be improved much.

A. Arinto Bayuasih (25/03/2017 23:37)
The zoo is now improved. Clean and cozy. They also have their Ragunan Zoo App Store that guides you while going around the zoo. Full with explanations and also fun for the children

Bramana Rahadiyan (14/03/2017 00:54)
The zoo is fairly clean. Most of the exhibits are in a good state. What I like the most is for a public place that relatively cheap is the service provided from the people who work there is good. Everybody was nice to me and well mannered.

Cahyana Sastramijaya (05/02/2017 13:38)
Very tidy, and have a complete variety of animal also some very old plantation/trees. The best place to bring your children to learn that they life with other creatures in the same and only one earth.
They can learn how to care and share.

Melvin Hutomo (21/01/2017 00:11)
Animals are rarely visible especially in Schmutzer primate center. The cleanliness of the cage is not so good. Animals here look unhappy, I think the cages should be well maintained

Triyanto Fadjaray (18/01/2017 00:17)
Overall animal display and facilities are a outdated, not well-maintained enough.
The Primate center has a better display.
Ticket is very cheap.
Very spacious, nice for strolling.
The Android app is really helpful; I use the map the whole time we were there.
The road going to dan from the zoo can be annoyingly jammed.

farell desman (06/01/2017 01:37)
This is one of the most educational place in Indonesia. Animals are showed there. Such as Bird, elephant, tiger, monkey, chimpanzee, gorilla, etc. The taste of nature makes us won't go anywhere. It also serves bicycle and train for transport.

tommy warrior (26/12/2016 15:43)
THERE are some improvements since the last time I was here few years back. The cleaning service team have more persons and they seems doing their jobs. Unfortunately the visitors need more awareness not to litter. The management also put more sittings for visitors.

Frengky Hutasoit (12/09/2016 02:29)
ayoo liat hewannn....

Bambang Eko Nugroho (28/08/2016 09:35)
It is there to really serve all level of people. But need tremendous back up to run even much better. A call for big companies to share its technical and managerial expertise as well as funds. Cleanliness, re-organizing things, and well-taken care of animals, are the key points for further improvement

Purbo Utomo (19/08/2016 02:39)
One of the most attractive zoo in Jakarta area. Kids will love it so much, they can see and touch various kind of animal and learn new experience. The Schmutzer Primate Center is one place inside the zoo which is very much popular due to its Gorila and interesting fact about primate. I learn a lot about these species in this place. This is one of a kind place to spend your holiday or weekend gateaway. Go visit it!

Isye Hayatina (27/07/2016 07:40)
Biggest Zoo in Jakarta and probably in Indonesia. I recommend to book the whole day to enjoy this zoo as distance between displays is quite far. Wear your most comfortable shoes as it will be a lot of walking. Don't leave without visiting the Primate Centre, additional fee is required but it's worth it.

Bernard Salvage (20/07/2016 07:03)
The zoo is located in a big park and is easily accessible by public transport or taxis. There are a fair number of animals to visit but sometimes it is difficult to see them as they are either hiding behind bushes, trees or sleeping in their private enclosure. It was still worth the visit and definitely a good choice for a family outing

Tio Verdian (14/06/2016 15:18)
Ragunan is the most complete local zoo! when you go to this place, don't forget to brong ur umbrella, so hot, but nice place to learne your kids and family for variant animal! Don't forget to see Gorilla..

Helon Sitepu (14/06/2016 12:00)
Sejuk di sini

Thiemo Brans (27/05/2016 10:17)
Go there before 8am. Leave before 10am. You will have a great time. Car park available also at west and east entrance. Buy Jak-card. No cash ticketing anymore. Still very affordable.

Ahlul IxR (16/04/2016 02:46)
The only one zoo in Jakarta, It may not the best, but it's suitable for you who wants to spend holiday with big family... the price is very cheap, but its always crowded and a bit dirty.

Adam Plantinga (16/02/2016 07:20)
This was the most depressing place I've ever been. Animals look sickly and unhappy. It was deserted. Half the animals they advertise aren't even there. I went home feeling empty and sad. Seriously the worst zoo in existence. No wonder it's so cheap because there's no maintenance on the place at all

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