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Monolog Coffee Company

DKI Jakarta, Jakarta
Alamat: Plaza Senayan Mall CP 101 B, Palm Gate Entrance, Jalan Asia Afrika No.8, Gelora, Tanah Abang, Gelora, Tanah Abang, Jakarta Pusat, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 10270, Indonesia
Rating: 4.20
Telp: +62 21 5725144
Jam Operasional:
Monday: 7:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Tuesday: 7:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Wednesday: 7:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Thursday: 7:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Friday: 7:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Saturday: 7:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Sunday: 7:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Komentar :

Ray Super (06/05/2018 05:38)
Open 7am for breakfast. Good coffee. Good selection of food for breakfast. Friendly staffs.

Arthur Gunawan (24/04/2018 14:26)
Great place for coffee .. nice place for a meeting with friends and colleagues.. food is good and price is reasonable

Fransisco Samara (18/03/2018 14:55)
A fancy and crowded high-end coffee place.
Didn't do much here except for a casual work meeting over coffee (and donuts).

Ordered cappuccino, sparkling coffee, red velvet donut, and toblerone donut.

The sparkling coffee was great! A different touch of drinking coffee. You pour a shot of espresso into a glass filled with ice cubes and orange peels, then pour sparkling water. The one you choose when confused between drinking coffee or soda.
(Actually if you go to any Starbucks that has the soda-creating machine in it, you can order its secret menu, the Sparkling Coffee Lemonade and it tastes quite the same)

Toblerone donut tasted... Okay :|
But the red velvet! I'd love to have a dozen of only the red velvet donuts for myself 🍩
Smooth, creamy cream cheeee on a fluffy, spongy, and a little chewy dough. That was perfect to end even the gloomiest weekday.

The place was crowded though, even when it was supposed to be a low peak time. But overall experience was fine. Would love to come back again!

Rina Supakso (07/03/2018 02:21)
This place is superb...They provide good ambience and cozy chairs which make it very comfortable for sitting and chatting in a long time with family and friends. They have healthy juices and fresh cakes. If you love to hang out and eating healthy yet delicious food then this is the place. I tried the almond cake, cheese cake and monster juice, all FANTASTIC. Just beware Friday nights and weekends they are very busy :)

Jeffri Natasastra (18/02/2018 03:00)
Great place for breakfast after morning run. They serve healthy breakfast, drinks and coffee. Service was fast and efficient. Highly recommended.

Desmond Sukotjo (01/02/2018 15:21)
Great place for hangout. Opens in the morning so you can actually have breakfast there after morning jog/walk. Not just the place is great, their coffee is great as well. They also serve food which are considerably great too. However they are pretty pricy.

David Christian (01/02/2018 10:39)
This place is my definition of the gold standard for what every coffee shop should be like. The ambience is super nice with modern, hippie, and yellowish-dim feel to it. It's spacious, open very early in the morning at 7AM and is located at a very strategic semi-outdoor area in the middle of Plaza & Sentral Senayan area, making this place a perfect place for having meeting with clients or working alone. Seating and table arrangement seems to suit people coming here to work alone. Room temperature is just right, neither too cold nor too hot.

You are advised to come early as it does get very crowded after 9.30 AM (and virtually all day long), and you may have difficulty to get a table, given the popularity of this place. This is my boss' favorite meeting venue. This place seems fancy enough to cater to the upper higher middle class, working professionals, and even high-ranked government officials, socialites or celebrities are regularly spotted. The ambience is hands-down one of the best in town.

The breakfast menu and coffee taste are both exceptional. Coffee is not at all acidic. They never fail to deliver the great coffee. Their egg benedict is one of their best sellers for breakfast menu, and it tastes very good. Service can be considered as quick, given the large amount of customers they need to serve at any given time. For pricing, the foods served here are relatively expensive, while for beverages it's kinda fair.

Rustn Raw (16/11/2017 15:11)
Good athmosphere...good place to just hangout with view friends

Ricky Garyati (05/11/2017 01:02)
Great coffee, good food. But not enough waiters.

Josephine Sawirin (04/10/2017 12:07)
Food was awesome, nice presentation..but the service didn’t meet my expectation

Sook May Ho (29/09/2017 03:39)
Monolog Cafe has a hippie modern and relaxed feeling to it. This was my go to cafe when I just wanted something light refreshing but yet filling. Their Shrimp Salad just rocks. The coffee is undoubtedly good and probably the only place that serves a good cuppa of warm almond milk. It is fairly well priced and you definitely get value from the good fresh ingredients and portions. They do have a huge repertoire of desserts- cakes, macarons, puddings etc. I dont have sweet tooth but it was an eye candy indeed with all the pretty cakes on display. A great cafe to just chat and have a cuppa.

Yetti Ah (12/09/2017 04:39)
One of the best place for my hon having his breakfast. The menus are familiar with western taste. I think the owner comes from western too.

Takeshi Hashimoto (26/08/2017 03:53)
Nice place, nice coffee. It's the crowd that I despise.

Wibisana Jusuf (05/08/2017 13:31)
Hip, humid & overcrowded with smokers. Open till late. Located in the parking lot area. Welcome to a super polluted joint.

Han Emily (29/07/2017 09:05)
The salmon orange miso was very delicious , the hamburger was ok but not anything special .

Sandit Heriansyah (22/06/2017 18:19)
Top quality food, nice coffee, good ambience. Bit pricey.

Rahul Chawra (11/06/2017 08:27)
One of my preferred choices at Plaza Senayan because it's a place you can visit anytime for delicious as well as healthy food and some awesome coffee. They're a good choice all the way from brunch to dinner. Special mention to the juices including the super juices.

Budiyanto Budiyanto (09/04/2017 03:19)
Love this place because they offer you good food, good coffee. Try their cake and you are craving for more. Even though I lost two my cake here because they don't serve it anymore, but I don't mind to try their new cake menu.

Arnold Saputra (07/04/2017 08:55)
another monolog cofee. Very hipster and millenial coffe.

Inggita Notosusanto (08/02/2017 00:33)
Always fun having coffee and some bites while chatting with friends and do some people watching here since the swanky venue is in Plaza Senayan's parking building where people walk by to get from and back to their cars.

Leonard Agustinus Sumawan (22/01/2017 12:02)
Nice location in Plaza Senayan, nice interior decoration, warm feel inside. Coffee is good, price mid-range. Good place to hang out.

Lisa Monica (02/01/2017 15:20)
Good food, quite expensive though. It's a little bit hot during sunny days and quite crowded and loud too. There should be more space between tables.

Stella Mailoa (04/12/2016 11:59)
Good food. I always come here for their London Fog and their delicious pastries. One star because me and a friend just saw a mouse pass by the pipes near the ceiling behind the pastry counter! I don't think I'll come back to this place

Arne Trautmann (21/11/2016 09:14)
In theory a nice place. Stylish hip ambience and a good location, the coffees are good. Bit I object the quality of the cakes and the loudness level which I think is too high for a cafe type of place.

Arief Rachman Ashar (14/09/2016 06:21)
It's a must try for coffee lovers. I like the ambiance, it's a great place to have fun with friends. Unlike other coffee shop, I think it's not for "me time", as it could became really loud in here. They have wide selection of coffee and dessert. The cafe open early in the morning and always packed with people in the evening.

Natasya Tiffany (20/08/2016 07:29)
Love the ambience, and their cappuccino as well. The service was excellent. The price is quite affordable, their doughnut around 28k rupiah, and coffee 30-60k rupiah. Worth to visit for coffee lovers :)

Audi Kasbara (20/08/2016 01:10)
The food and beverages are ok...western food are mainly served here and for western food native tongues..they may find it tasty and delicious... options of Coffe drinks vary. Surely it seems to target upper class society as the prices are way above average.

Paul Harwood (12/08/2016 13:20)
I just love breakfast at Monolog - great choices including my favourite Bircher muesli and great juices. Coffee as well - of course

Martino Koesman (07/06/2016 15:00)
I love this place in the morning. Not too crowded. Nice place to have a breakfast and work my thing. I love the plain butter croissant and americano without sugar. Very nice place to hang out with friends. Great...

Willie Soedewa (26/05/2016 06:59)
Quality over here is alright. Coffee is ok, food is ok. Quite pricey in my opinion as they try to target upper class folks.

Andre Christian (18/05/2016 03:38)
Their coffee are nice, but nothing special about it. Their food is also nice, but quite pricey. This place is usually crowded especially in the weekend

H Dahlan (17/05/2016 18:34)
Perfect place to refill your energy after Sunday ride or walk around Car Free Day. Foods are good, my favourite is Eggs benedict and Strong black coffee.

Rizqa Octavira Andini (04/03/2016 18:46)
A very good place to have a talk and chit chat. Very good foods and drinks, and the place is also comfortable (not when it is crowded) the minimalist design here just makes us feel more homie

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