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Metropole XXI

DKI Jakarta, Jakarta
Klasifikasi: Bioskop
Alamat: Komplek Megaria, Jalan Pegangsaan No. 21, Pegangsaan, Menteng, RT.1/RW.1, Pegangsaan, Menteng, Kota Jakarta Pusat, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 10320, Indonesia
Rating: 4.50
Telp: +62 21 31922249

Komentar :

Muthia Muharani (27/05/2018 15:03)
Nice place, have foodcourt nearby the theater building. Nice hospitality by the crew. They also have little mosque near theater building.

Rahadi Rihatmadja (11/05/2018 23:19)
The Cineplex lobby was too well-lit to impart the sense of old-time elegance the building itself radiated. The staff were helpful, even when asked to take photos of our groups. The prayer room was clean and the ablution sections accommodated the need for separation of women from men. The dining area on the second floor was the real treat! However, the foods were overpriced -- don't get me wrong, they were delicious and reminded me of the street or homemade versions

Angelina Lafyranti (09/05/2018 04:24)
The best place to hang out in Central Jakarta if you find another option besides mall. The food, the, vibes, the exterior and interior are so good! You should try their pempek and grilled chicken. Really tasty!

Iqbal Widyawan (03/05/2018 01:17)
A legendary place for movie theatre in Jakarta. Have a nice place, easy to spotted from the street and near to the Cikini station. This place famous for its Pempek, Indonesian traditional food from South Sumatra. Hard to park here since its hasn't parking line guide so its quite mess.

aditya nugraha (01/05/2018 20:44)
Metropole is a historic multipurpose building complex in Jakarta, Indonesia. Metropole is the oldest surviving movie theater in Jakarta after the Grand Theater cinema in Senen

This building repaired last year, quality of studio far better now.
No leaked sound from another studio.

The price is average, 40k for weekdays and 60 for weekend.

Daru Wibowo (19/04/2018 19:31)
Classic! Been watching here for almost 20 years. They are definitely improving their quality. Love this place!

Eliezer DanielSantoso (30/03/2018 19:00)
The place is super awesome for those between age 15-30.
Price of food and beverage between 40K - 60K per person.
The place is clean.
Parking spot is relatively easy.
The movies are so updated.

Alice Nugroho (04/03/2018 21:22)
I love going to movie theater that's not located inside the mall. The whole theme of the building is vintage, and I love how they put the poster of legendary movies on their main hall. It brings us the memories. You can eat out here, the legendary pempek (fish cake from South Sumatra served with brown sauce made from sou sauce and vinegar) and noodles are still there, along with the newest concept of food court and Starbucks.

Melky Pandapotan (03/03/2018 19:22)
The place is cozy as you can see some plantation around the corner. Nice interior, newly renovated. Recommended for date couples, friends or family. You can dine, watch a cinema or drink a coffee here. In case you're too late to go home, you just need to walk a bit as there is DoubleTree by Hilton hotel nextdoor.

Ahmad Darmansyah (31/01/2018 08:40)
The first time I visited here, I feel like this is a small-yet-cozy place to watch movie or just hang out with folks. It has Starbuck in there, also some restaurants. It's near from commuter station, which is great for you to reach there out by train. It's also okay to ride motorbike or car as the place is easily recognizable from street while riding and it has enough space for parking lot.

Christanita Lily Karinda (03/12/2017 00:17)
I like old buildings in general. But I love when it's thoroughly revamped and this was done so, successfully. The cinema building feels so extravagant and has that retro art deco style. Yet, it still has that accessible feel. The food court upstairs is a bit pricey but equally beautiful. So easily reachable and within reasonable walking distance from my favourite places. Simply love it.

adi cahya (15/11/2017 10:35)
Tempat bersejarah ini, dengan kuliner klasiknya sekarang berubah menjadi lebih rapi, teratur dan nyaman.

Harga memang menjadi lebih mahal sih.
Tapi menyenangkan untuk makan dan berkumpul dengan keluarga atau teman-teman.

Beberapa menu klasiknya adalah mpek-mpek Megaria dan Rujak uleg. Somaynya juga enak. Rekomen lah ..

Moiika Moi (21/10/2017 00:14)
Not too crowded. Near to train station. A comfortable meetup place cos theres a starbuck

Ade Darmawansyah (07/10/2017 17:42)
A nostalgic landscape and building with Indonesian food. Please be careful when you order food at Rumah Kuliner. The price can shock you.

Buchari Muslim (24/09/2017 08:02)
I am visiting Roemah Koeliner in Metropole XXI complex. Nice place to have a family dinner. They provide Indonesia cuisine. I am recommending this place to be visited while you're staying in Jakarta.

Eti Winata (05/09/2017 08:03)
The is a nice place to spend with friends or family. You can watch movies and enjoy popular local foods. Even the building itself is so interesting. It was built in 1932 in art deco style. It has spacious parking lot for cars and motorbike. Or you can take train and simply just walk on foot from Cikini train station to reach Metropole. For Muslims, you can pray in a comfortable Mushola near the motorbike parking area.

Andreas Subagio (28/08/2017 20:24)
Hello Sunday is a little cafe on the second floor. Nice place for coffee and deserts. Food is also served. Staff are presentable and helpful

erik si (18/08/2017 22:45)
After arround 10 years been there, I surprised the place is totally different become a good place to visit for a movie. I just home back from metropole XXI with my best and gorgeous friend tonight. Like the place and love the moment with her.

Herbert Nalle (08/07/2017 21:57)
A classic place - known from a long time ago when my parents used to watch movies here - redesigned to preserve it's classic style while put a modern touch. If you want to try a nostalgic movie theatre, then try this one. You will see a lot of old movie posters as part of the decoration.

Benazio Putra (01/07/2017 10:02)
This place is incredible! Very cozy, big Starbucks, several cafe and restaurant (food court), and also Metropole XXI & Premiere. The interior is classic but really clean and managed well. Really nice place to hang out in Menteng/Cikini area.

Yendra Tirta Go (29/06/2017 16:21)
A new look stlyle from renown place. Good place to hang out after office hour to enjoy food and even watch movie on 21 cinema

Ias Naibaho (26/06/2017 12:21)
Nice cinema! One of the oldest but they renovated it so it's very good now. Still got the Netherlands feel but modern at once. It's not too crowded compare other xxi, so it really is recommended to enjoy your fave movie here. There're several restaurants too for lunch/dinner.

Joddy Patrianagara (23/06/2017 18:20)
The best interior design for xxi cineplex is here, not only beacuse it lives in a historical site but it has a wonderful renovation too. Yet to have beautiful interior, the building still need to improve some of its facilities, such as seating. It lacks of seating facilities that the customer sit on the floor causing chaotic panorama that contradicts to the beautifully designed environment.

Sakti RM Sitindaon (19/05/2017 12:06)
One of the oldest Cinema in Jakarta with classic building but modern interior inside. Many restaurants available ranging from medium to expensive price. Good for family, group, or dating. They have ATM machine too. But not enough chair provided to sit while waiting the movie.

Erson Padapiran (04/04/2017 00:26)
If you like historical building and movie, you better go to this movie theatre, beautiful art deco architecture, it's so classic and there's a lot of place to hang out near there after a movie

Gratia Aoki (30/03/2017 19:31)
The building has not been changed since my high school that nearby here
The refurbishment has been done well and love this place more .. A nice historical cinema!

Audrey Sarah Kristina (18/03/2017 13:05)
The best and most beautiful cinema with old building architecture. Feels like traveling to old Jakarta but in a modern way. It's really a nice place to watch movies.

Ali Asaf Hussain (15/03/2017 10:28)
It is a nice cinema that from the outside has a small footprint but when you get inside, it has decent sized​ screens. It can get really busy on weekends and nights but mostly it's a quiet cinema that shows most of the major releases. It has a Starbucks that wraps around it, which has an indoor and outdoor seating area where you could stop by to grab a coffee or bite to eat before watching a movie.

Charma Ida Bagus (08/02/2017 16:57)
This is Roemah Kuliner,type of Modern,Clean Food Row,best Armosphere,easy to choose the many different Food & Beverages, marble dine table top,best view to the garden and the busy road etc.

ariyoga 64 (28/01/2017 04:52)
Historical place that have been modified. this place serve famous with traditional culiner called pempek. Delicious but the service really bad when its crowded. We have to be active if we want to get the menu 😌

Maya Christina (26/01/2017 06:56)
You will found great cineplex and local food in cafetaria. They have starbucks also.

Tiara Aisha D (22/01/2017 14:34)
Prayer room is clean and big 👌 not too crowded and somehow it's adding up the level of coziness. The art deco building is great, you can reach the place from cikini station by walking

Lucky Nugraha (14/01/2017 16:20)
It's just like any other 21 theater, less crowded because it's not located in a mall. The art deco building is beautiful though. And the food court in the same complex offers various tasty food with affordable prices.

Jan T (12/09/2016 17:51)
A historical building beautifully restored and repurpose as a stand alone cinema! On the 2nd floor a beautiful food centre with a decent variety of local food. On the back of the building another food centre also with a variety of local food. The Premiere is located next to the main building with a very cozy lounge!

Andrew Sugianto (01/09/2016 05:54)
There is one unique feature from this cinema that other cinemas rarely have. That is places for hanging out.

Having Starbucks, Roemah Koeliner restaurant, and some food kiosks, Metropole XXI offers the movie goers some places to hangout with their friends or partners while they are waiting for their movie.

I often come here to have a good time with my friends and even playing Pokémon Go (there is a Pokémon gym here for you, Poké masters :D) before watching any movies. The hangout places are comfortable and usually not crowded. You can have long enjoyable conversation while having great foods and coffee.

Wahyu Kresna (19/08/2016 16:31)
simple yet awsem. tempat makan di lt.2 nya sipp.

prasetyo kadarisman (02/08/2016 11:44)
One oif the heritage building in Jakarta. They now have a cinema, and some food court and starbucks. Should try Es Teler, Rujak and Pempek.
A bit crowded in weekend.

Marthaulina Siahaan (01/07/2016 15:40)
This is an old historical building. There has been several renovation made to make it more convenient for visitors. Two main things that you can do here are eating & watching movie. this area is also popular with the name megaria... you can experience many culinary types here. Indonesian traditional, Chinese, wester, starbuck etc..the food is yummy, the prices are reasonable & the place is cozy enough.
It is also a good place to hang out with your friends, colleagues, family even clients...

Albertus GP (19/06/2016 20:55)
cool, cozy for hangout with friends there are many cullinary. not expensive, ayam bakar, pempek, rujak, etc. you should try this place.

Lucky I. Ismail (02/06/2016 20:33)
A cool old movie theatre in Jakarta. Do not forget to try variety of authentic Indonesian foods that are sold next to the theater, such as Grilled Chicken with rice, Pempek or Rujak Buah.

Fandi g (18/05/2016 14:13)
It consist of 2 buiding for theater. The main building still undermaintenance so only 3 theater that still operating. Near atm center, food court, and large parking lot.

Belmeier Raymond (06/05/2016 22:29)
It has a,of course, a cinema. But it also has a good cullinary spot in town! Located within the same complex, you can find legendary food stall that served a delicious food and it varies!
Talking bout Pempek (fish-based snack), Sate (grilled meat with a stick), noodles (asian style), Rujak (fresh fruit) with a perfect peanut sauce and many more. You dont want to miss it!

Arief Rahman Hasyim (06/04/2016 21:42)
Nice entertainment and culinary place. A theatre surrounded by restos such as Rumah Kuliner, and traditional food like siomay, pempek, satay, rujak buah etc.

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