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Jakartakota Station

DKI Jakarta, Jakarta
Klasifikasi: Stasiun Kereta, Lain-Lain
Alamat: Jakan Lada, Pinangsia, Tamansari, Kota Tua, Pinangsia, Tamansari, Kota Jakarta Barat, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 11110, Indonesia
Rating: 4.40

Komentar :

Wonder Women (08/05/2018 06:54)
Kota Tua Station is very closed to a beatiful traveling object, Kota Tua...

Rully Madewa (21/04/2018 23:13)
One of the busiest main station in North Jakarta. They handed most Jakarta's commuter services and some of West Java medium distance trains. Less suitable for wheelcair users. Situated at the center of "kota tua", near Museum Mandiri, behind the Museum Fatahillah, the artDeco-type architecture here (as well as many former colonial buildings around here) reminds me of some films with WW II themed settings..

Ahmada Yusril (19/04/2018 21:51)
This station located near the "Old City" of Jakarta (more known as "Kota Tua"). It is an old building too, built from colonial era.

Jefri Tamba (12/04/2018 10:46)
Trains are very frequent and it's easy to find the right platform.

Haris Ahmad (04/04/2018 08:54)
Salah satu stasiun peninggalan penjajah belanda. Namun area sekitar tidak mendukung dan terkesan macet karena banyak angkutan yang mangkal seenaknya.

Alangkah baiknya dibangun parkiran basement yang luas untuk semua kendaraan yang fatang ke stasiun.

Randy (31/03/2018 10:52)
Jakarta Kota Station serves as a main station, along with Gambir Station, Jatinegara Station, and Pasar Senen Station, for several intercity train (Argo Train) lines across Java Island. This station also serves three of the six KRL Jabotabek train lines, which operate in the Jakarta metropolitan area.

Gusti Bagus Raka (28/03/2018 05:39)
One of main station in DKI Jakarta, especially for Commuter Line (KRL). A historical station. This station is close to "Kota Tua", Bank Mandiri Museum, & Pasar Pagi Mangga Dua. This station has a clean restroom.

There are many option, if you want to leave from this station. You can choose "angkot", bajaj, or online transportation. But, usually Bajaj has a reckless driver.

Rudy Manany (03/03/2018 19:45)
Hiatorical place, big station, so crowded, near by busway halte, easy to find

Rizqy Unggul (15/01/2018 02:19)
One of the main station in Jakarta.
Very crowded especially on weekends because this place is starting point to trip in kota tua. Outside this station you can see many food stalls with cheap price.

Julimas Rizki (15/11/2017 21:46)
Old train station. Main station in Jakarta. Crowded. If you're hungry, nevermind. There are some restaurants in station. Clean Toilet

Andrew Chong (13/11/2017 22:21)
Great place for starting the old town free walking tour from here. Rich in history and architecture.

bear tea (08/11/2017 11:39)
Main station in Jakarta. Always hectic and busy. It gives a good service with departure-arrive board, some minimarkets and food stalls. It also has a public restroom and a mushalla.

Ramlee Tamin (08/09/2017 09:24)
An old train station in Old Jakarta.
It is still active and leads to many destinations.
The station is crowded with people on any day.
The traffic around the station is very congested.
The is a tunnel from Kota Transjakarta station to this place.
There are many shops in the station.

Yohanes .j.h (24/08/2017 19:57)
Was ok condition until you need to access the restroom which is located inside the boarding area only.
I was visiting the station to have a 'hop-in hop-out' meeting with a friend who live in Bogor.
Some of the restauran also having issue with their aircon, but seems it was an building problem.

Raihan Aulia (09/08/2017 00:36)
Historic and important station. Has a lot of stores. From convenience store to restaurants, this place got you covered. Toilets are big and clean.

diaz hutomo (30/07/2017 12:53)
This station need more improvement.
1. Need more space for toilets.
2. Need more chairs in waiting room.

Great improvement for commuterline tickecting, from traditional ticketing and now with modern ticketing machine.

Parking area for car and motobike available.

Some restourant also available here, like starbucks, j-co, kfc, almaexpress, indomaret, and many more.

Kay Nazarite (01/07/2017 17:14)
This huge station is so popular & crowded. But the everything is so good. But the roof is too rusty from outside, I hope it's upgraded before it takes any victim.

Ardnas dewi (27/06/2017 07:25)
This station is close to the historic museums and Glodok shopping center.. Facilities are complete: musholla, atm center, cafe, bakery etc

Rahman O Lie (19/06/2017 02:38)
Good Service
Good Place

muhdi anto (25/04/2017 17:20)
good trainstation in Jakarta. nice staff. good facilities.

fin android (18/04/2017 22:26)
Like it as many other train stations, it is classical design with modern touch public service, and the cleanliness is not so bad

Happy Ferdian (30/03/2017 17:13)
I think this is the most iconic railway station in Indonesia. As you can see from its art deco design that being applied in all of area of the station, has not been changed since in the early 1900s. Nowadays, the station becomes a hub for all railway routes in Jabodetabek. Near from the station, you can find some great tourist attractions, such as Muse Fatahillah, Museum Bank Indonesia, Pasar Asemka, and so much more.

Jacky Tan (08/03/2017 10:58)
It is the terminal for long-distance railway around Java. Located in the heart of Old Town historic buildings and surrounded by number of iconic Museums. There are some convenience store and cafe/kiosk if you're looking for one.

Leonard Agustinus Sumawan (01/02/2017 14:28)
Sure this place is iconic, historical, you can say the face of Jakarta also. But the security, sucks. You are not allowed to take picture with your camera, what the heck. Like there's something top-secret military thing? I sneak into their second floor, from the ticketing booth and manage to get some pictures anyway before get busted with the security.

Humada Alfian (18/01/2017 11:00)
1. Accessible train station to see the magnificent of Kota Tua area
2. Clean and neat area
3. Information board, rest area, toilet, food tenant, minimarket all of them available
1. Doesn't has standard pedestrian, cz many of people sold wipes, snack and others
2. Few locket and automatic gate system

Bastanta Lubis (06/01/2017 17:38)
I came to this station almost every day. This station maybe one of the busiest station in Jakarta. But for sure amount of platform here is largest in Jakarta (12 platform). Building is heritage site because from Dutch colony. A lot of tennant available here.

Francis Wibisono (29/12/2016 03:03)
This station is one of the Colonial age buildings in Jakarta. Presently, it serves as a hub for commuter trains. It also has various food and beverage vendors. Coupled with a wonderful architecture, this place is a must-visit during your trip to Jakarta!

Rio Rinaldo (16/10/2016 01:43)
My most favorite train station in Jakarta. It's art deco, it has cool high arched ceilings with beautiful glass window that I wish is made of stained glass (imagine rainbow color reflection), platforms that are connected to the main building, there are Starbucks and convenient store. My only suggestion is: please make a toilet inside the station but without getting inside the platform.

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