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Istiqlal Mosque

DKI Jakarta, Jakarta
Klasifikasi: Masjid, Sekolah
Alamat: Jl. Taman Wijaya Kusuma, Ps. Baru, Sawah Besar, Kota Jakarta Pusat, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 10710, Indonesia
Rating: 4.70
Telp: +62 21 3811708
Jam Operasional:
Monday: 4:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Tuesday: 4:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Wednesday: 4:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Thursday: 4:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Friday: 4:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Saturday: 4:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Sunday: Closed

Komentar :

eki maesta (25/05/2018 11:40)
Mesjid terbesar di Indonesia... gedee bangeeet... mantabh. Adem. Sejuk. Pokoknya top markotob. Biasanya banyam yg jualan makanan enak2... mampir mampir mampir. Musti ke sini kalo lg di indonesia yaa. Tepatnya di jakarta pusat. Dekat monas. Dekat dengan gedung2 pemerintahan. Ciri khas muslim di indonesia ya istiqlal. Islam itu indah

Ray Raditya (23/05/2018 20:12)
It's a historical grand Mosque which built in Soekarno Era, unique design, created by Christian Architect... Nice and comfortable place to pray, don't forget to keep the place clean, tidy and do not make a noise inside the Mosque while others praying.. Bring your family or colleagues here to learn the development of Islamic religion in Indonesia and to encourage other to pray at the mosque...

Didik Kurniawan Saputra (24/04/2018 19:29)
Istiqlal Mosque (Indonesian: Masjid Istiqlal, lit. 'Independence Mosque') in Jakarta, Indonesia is the largest mosque in Southeast Asia and the third largest Sunni mosque in term of capacity. This national mosque of Indonesia was built to commemorate Indonesian independence and named "Istiqlal", an Arabic word for "independence". The mosque was opened to the public 22 February 1978. Within Jakarta, the mosque is positioned next to Merdeka Square and the Jakarta Cathedral.

Nieken de Misga (23/04/2018 13:07)
The biggest mosque that give many lessons to us. The ladies bathroom and wudhu's place was in the ground floor and a little bit slippery. But the sholat place was start from first floor. The parking lot was so wide. There is a library and school for children behind the mosque. The mosque was clean and it has organize ventilation. Also, there was small museum that you can read in every frame about Istiqlal's history.

Arcva Putra (10/04/2018 19:17)
Beautiful places and I just can't believe that God always create a great place in the world. Love this Mosque so much. It is more bigger than I know before. I just see this place far from Malamg jist in television, and now here I am. So convey places and beautiful views in here. I love it. So much.

Arikundo Drone (07/04/2018 09:59)
Masjidnya Bagus dan besar tetapi banyak pengemis, banyak gelandangan, banyak jualan, kotor banyak sampah dan relatif bau. Pengelolaan masjid buruk,
Pengalaman sewaktu nitipin sepatu, begitu mau di ambil petugas minta uang jangan di masukkan ke dalam kotak zakat, tetapi langsung ke dia. langsung di kantongin bro. kacau.
Begitu juga dengan parkir di masjid. ada double double petugas parkir. ada parkir di pintu utama dan parkir di dalam. 😞😞😞

semoga kedepannya pengemis dan jualan dilarang masuk ke dalam komplek istiqlal. amin

Randy (31/03/2018 11:24)
Istiqlal Mosque empowered pilgrims as many as 200,000 people consisting of:

The main prayer room and balcony and wing contain 61,000 people.

The space in the preliminary building contains 8,000 people.

The open terrace room on the 2nd floor contains 50,000 people.

All corridors and other places contain 81,000 people.


Ina P (28/03/2018 19:11)
Not the most beautiful mosque I've seen so far, but magnificent in size, being the biggest south-east Asia and third largest Sunni mosque in term of capacity. Sheer number of people in and around the building can be overwhelming and watch out for women trying to sell plastic bags for your shoes. As you get inside you feel very welcome, even as a non-muslim. People smile at you and ask to take photographs with you. At the visitors counter the employees supply you with robes, we didn't need to cover our hair. You are allowed to the viewing gallery, not on the floor itself, but it is enough to see the imposing copper dome and observe people at daily prayers.

Hüseyin Yazıcı (23/03/2018 01:04)
This mosque is one of the symbols of Indonesia and Jakarta. Istiqlal Mosque as a symbol of religious tolerance which characterizes Indonesia. It's a pretty big mosque. Located in Jakarta, next to Merdaka Square and the Jakarta Cathedral, Masjid Istiqlal (Istiqlal or Independence Mosque) is the largest mosque in Southeast Asia and has the highest capacity with around 120k worshippers.It was built to commemorate Indonesian independence. The mosque was opened in 1978. It has a different structure than the classical mosque architecture. The mosque has a large rectangular prayer hall with a 45 meter diameter dome supported by 12 round columns, and has 4 levels of balconies. Its interior is mostly simple. The mosque was designed by Frederich Silaban, a Christian architect from North Sumatra.

Jimi Hisam (25/02/2018 19:01)
* remember to bring some plastic bag for your shoes, as you can't wear them inside. There are places to put your shoes but it's limited.
* remember that male and female have separate places.
* remember to wear decent clothing. Modest clothing especially for women. Although there's a clothes lending facility.

Era Puspitasari (12/11/2017 12:24)
My favorite place.. For remind me about everything.. We still have god to support me when me down.. Just pray with all a heart i have..

Jhidhor Setaraman (05/11/2017 22:50)
The largest mosque in southeast asia. Across from the cathedral church. Symbol harmony of religious people in Indonesia. President Obama has been here, made this mosque more popular in The West

Zakiyyah Ayu (31/10/2017 07:31)
Great mosque. There's school at first floor. You can go there by transjakarta. Stop at halte istiqlal or halte juanda

Rafasyah Orvala Sukoco (29/10/2017 16:32)
This mosque is a mosque initiated by Sukarno, and designed by Frederich Silaban, a Catholic architect. This magnificent mosque has an international architectural style. The mosque is located beside Jakarta Cathedral Church (St. Mary of the Assumption Cathedral) which symbolizes tolerance in Indonesia, especially Jakarta. The mosque has undergone various renewals and improvements. However, this mosque has its shortcomings, such as toilet and ablution place far from the place of prayer (salah).

Nike Yulistia Angreni (27/10/2017 21:54)
Very large.. a peaceful place. Near with church, give a reason that though we have different religion, it doesn't mean we can not be a peaceful citizen

Silvi R Kartika (03/09/2017 22:35)
For the first time i visit the great mosque in Indonesia. It's very wonderful interior design and i really love it👌 the service are very good and also the transportation to get the place. Near from Juanda station for commuter line and Juanda bus shelter for TransJakarta. A lot of parking space. Nice👌

Guntur Suparno Putro (29/08/2017 09:25)
Great place to pray. Easy to park your vehicle, easy to travel here because it's near Transjakarta bus shelter (halte) and commuter line (krl/train station).

Ramlee Tamin (13/08/2017 10:19)
This is the biggest mosque in Indonesia and SEA completed in 1978.
You can see it clearly even from Monas, Monumen Nasional.
It is mostly in white marble.
As the roof is very high it is cold inside the mosque.
It can fit 200 thousand people and it has lots of reserves for more.
The free tour bus of Jakarta stops at one of its entrances.
These free buses have 3 routes but most will stop nearby Stasiun Kota, old Jakarta.
Place your shoes in a plastic bag and you can carry it anywhere.
You can then exit from any door without having to look for your shoes at the entrance you came from.

Michael Andy (12/08/2017 13:06)
Actually a decent building. Very majestic in the city center. Unfortunately the people there arent welcoming at all

Ichlasul Affan (07/07/2017 20:26)
Greatest mosque in Indonesia. Very wide and historic. Also used by many huge religious activities including recent Bela Islam activities.

Glen Caleb (18/06/2017 09:09)
A great mosque located near the heart of Jakarta. The place is a bit dustier than before, and a little bit abandoned.

Farraas Muhdiar (09/06/2017 21:04)
Huge mosque, but a bit abandoned (not that dirty but not as clean as it should be). There are also too many people sitting/sleeping in the praying area during the day in ramadhan, making it a bit uncomfortable to pass and pray.

Bayu Wicaksono (31/05/2017 13:56)
One of the biggest mosque in the south east asia, also peaceful place for all muslim to prayer shalat and itikaf, this place will be crowded in ramadhan and idul fitri, thousands of people come to this mosque for break fast and prayer taraweh

Enry Mazni (31/05/2017 00:15)
The biq moslem mosque in indonesia, have big space and large parking. Sometime this place too crowded

Cokro (23/04/2017 16:18)
The grandest mosque in Indonesia... very artistic & smart building... feels very cool inside even without aircondition...

muhdi anto (19/04/2017 16:34)
beautiful mosque. big space for pray. good staff. helpful.

Happy Ferdian (29/03/2017 12:48)
The biggest mosque in Southeast Asia that actually designed by non Muslim architect named F. Silaban who also known as a genius behind some landmarks in Jakarta and other big cities in Indonesia. All aspects on the building are representation of the Independence Day of Indonesia, which is August 17th, 1945.

Jacky Tan (08/03/2017 11:03)
It's known as one of the largest Muslim place of worship is located in Indonesia. This building consist of 4 floors with beautiful sculptures. It has become the main attraction of both domestic and foreign tourists, even world leaders ever visited the place from my findings.

Wahyu Tri Sulistyo (22/02/2017 20:10)
Jarang kesini. Terakhir kesini, tahun baruan kemarin, udah lumayan rapi. Tp tempat wudhu dan kamar mandi masih gelap dan agak licin. Toilet jg masih bau pesing dan kurang keren. Di pintu masuk jg security kurang tegas mengatur jamaah. Sebagai landmark jakarta dan indonesia, semoga ditingkatkan lagi pelayanannya.

Tambahan, abis baca komen dibawah, satu lagi, tempat parkiran juga tolong dijaga kebersihan dan keamanannya.

Rafa Azza (17/02/2017 22:21)
On of the largest mosque in asia. Has spacious prayer area with large parking lot

Dan O'Cker (22/01/2017 09:20)
It's a big modern mosque. The structure is impressive, but you will be herded like sheep by the tour guide, and then cornered and asked for a donation at the end. 5k idr per person is plenty. Entry is free.
I was approached by a creep in the carpark who offered to suck my John Thomas. He was very insistent. He would not take no for an answer. In the end I was saved by a local. I assume he is not associated with the mosque.

MadeBy VR (15/12/2016 20:00)
Massive mosque, with a very modern almost communistic design. Paid $50,000 per person to enter with no sign or proof that it was the actual price to enter, actually never paid to enter a mosque before so we might have gotten scammed. Not the most welcoming of places, we were met by a guide outside who gave us the history of the mosque and showed us around, got us robes to wear while inside.

Tony Tanzil (16/09/2016 16:12)
Even though I'm not a Moslem my self, I can see the beauty of this holy mosque, the biggest in south east asia ^__^

Tom R (01/09/2016 18:39)
Welcomed with a local friend who wanted to show me around. Having removed our shoes and entered we were SHOUTED at by an official who insisted we must sign a guest book. No problem at all I thought, but when I picked up the pen to do as he asked, he ***SLAPPED*** my hand away, because he had not yet told me exactly *when* to sign. It was very obvious we were dealing with a mean, power-craven little man so we left immediately, as I guess he wanted us to. It was also obvious that he and his lackey were enjoying their pettiness so I would strongly recommend you avoid this place unless you are willing to risk authoritarian sadism from a nasty little man who seems not care how he represents his mosque, his station or his faith. Seems a great shame to degrade a magnificent institution with such a pathetic gloating little display.

Rendra Budi Hutama (20/08/2016 20:22)
The biggest mosque in South East Asia with it's unique and simple architecture. Not restricted only for Moslem, at ordinary day you could enter this mosque via Al-Fattah entrance that face to face with Katedral Church.

On the outside of mosque, some seats completed with electric plugs are available, so you could charge your gadget while enjoy the mosque atmosphere.

The staffs on deposit counter was very friendly. There are also several travel guide too.

Gábor Varga (16/07/2016 15:32)
Very nice masjid, but we met a guy, who works there, and he offer us that he show us around. We thouht that it is for free, but at the end he ask for 300 000 IDR. And he was very pushy... :(

Roy Tumimomor (15/06/2016 19:11)
This mosque maybe one of the pride of Jakarta. Government officials go-to mosque specially for shalat Ied.

Estu Agung Paminto (12/06/2016 12:10)
A huge mosque with beautiful design and interior. My friends from Prague wanted to visit this mosque and i just found out that non Islamic visitors are allowed to wander in some areas of this mosque by wearing proper cloths that provided by the officer.

R Fahsa (19/05/2016 02:19)
The largest mosque in Southeast Asia, usually Indonesian president is doing shalat here at Eid ul-fitr

mosti Farahat (17/05/2016 23:01)
Huge mosque...barak Allaho fih we fi man yosaly fih

Fazal Alibaksh (06/05/2016 15:05)
Alhumdulillah prayed Jummah today at this beautiful Masjid. So many Muslims Alhumdulillah. 06/May/2016.

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