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DKI Jakarta, Jakarta
Alamat: Jalan Panjang Arteri Kelapa Dua No.18, Kebon Jeruk, RT.2/RW.2, Kb. Jeruk, Kota Jakarta Barat, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 11530, Indonesia
Rating: 4.50
Telp: +62 21 53662815
Jam Operasional:
Monday: 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Tuesday: 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Wednesday: 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Thursday: 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Friday: 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Saturday: 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Sunday: 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Komentar :

Ipunksukh Bandy (11/05/2018 13:22)
the inner architecture ia well designed. the food is fairly same as others chef afit's holycow.

Dicky Davidoff (29/04/2018 15:21)
Great place, cozy, a lil bit disturb by the loud music but that's okay. Decent steak, well, they do make mistake when my friend order a med-rare rib eye but they made it rare, but they quickly recook it so that's okay I guess. Oh and free flow lemon tea for the price of 1 glass, thats really a good deal.

Cyril Parera (08/04/2018 14:22)
Tempat makan Steak yang mantab..
Pelayanannya bagus..
Harganya juga ga terlalu mahal ya..😁
Tempatnya selalu ramai pengunjung..
Klo blm pernah ke Holycow.. silahkan mampir yaa..

kandika bagaskara (05/04/2018 14:14)
I love their steak. Perfectly cooked. Really great sauce especially the mushroom sauce. The side dish and the vegetables are also really good. Don't forget to try their spinach as your vegetables.

Sharon Kristiani (09/02/2018 14:56)
Nice steak, great sauce. Ordered medium and it came out fine. Steak was a bit chewy but nicely seared. Could do better than just a handful of frozen packed mixed veggie. Maybe a garden salad with homemade sauce??... It was full during lunch time (and on a pay day). I don't recommend to order dessert. Cheesecake was not a cheesecake, ice cream, better get them from somewhere else (mini market offers better quality) (just saying).

Denni Gautama (06/01/2018 13:32)
Great steak for the price. I love the Signature Rib Eye Wagyu. The mushroom sauce is very nice too.

Service is generally good, but the quality control is sometimes poor. They would listen to feedback, though, which is a good thing.

Jason Budiarto (05/01/2018 17:38)
I have been eating at this place many times, but just got time to review it. On average, their steaks are great, especially accompanied by mushroom sauce (the white colour one). That’s my favourite. Sometimes they have deal for two or for group of people. Their services are also good, maintained at good rate even though sometimes the food is too long. Overall, i really like this place. Good for hangout!!

Farhan Fadhil (09/11/2017 03:25)
Nice food and services

Dominikus Bimo Putranto (31/10/2017 14:19)
Great place, quite nice ambience but not too fancy. Nice food, recommended steak!

Alfika Dinar (31/10/2017 02:40)
The great place to enjoy the real steak with reasonable price and friendly staffs. Love!

Onder Erkal (20/10/2017 14:41)
Very good, reasonable priced, delicious sauces, anyone should try once if craving for steak, they have thick ones too depending your preferences.. enak bangt donk

Eri Nugraha (05/10/2017 08:07)
Good atmosphere, the price is just right, not too expensive, not too cheap, and you should try the big bites steak, so big for a reasonable price

Steve L (04/09/2017 05:57)
Good taste, good prices. Meat doneness is often too overcooked. Complementary Birthday Steak is totally not worthed!

Livia Pandumas (26/08/2017 07:06)
Always my favourite place to enjoy steaks. Whenever I ordered the steak, it always come with the perfect doness as requested. Medium rare - medium - medium well is always recommended for you to enjoy the perfect steaks.

Chrissandy Fernando (19/07/2017 02:58)
One of the best steakhouse in Jakarta in my opinion.
Upon serving your steak, they'll ask you first about the 'doneness' level of your steak, which to me will always be the awkward moment (this is really personal because I'm a timid person, lol).
It's a shame that after an incident not a long time ago, they don't serve spinach as the vegetable options anymore, come back and love me, spinach :(

Andre Azali (18/07/2017 17:02)
Affordable and tasty steak, but after getting a very hard steak last time my opinion downgraded.

Hevar Rysta (29/06/2017 03:43)
So nice and delicious. Never asked for a well done cook, choose the medium well instead. The cake is not so nice and come in a very small portion

Adrian Ramadhan (17/06/2017 11:28)
Best affordable steak wagyu in town imo, better uber there in bussy lunch/dinner as parkin space is usually crowded

erwin andreas (13/06/2017 07:44)
Best value wagyu. Just love the ambiance and it has big parking lots.

Gorga Naibaho (22/05/2017 07:57)
Cozy atmosphere. Great food. Price is decent for what you get. Professional staff and the wait time isn't that long (usually).

Putera Usman (14/05/2017 07:22)
Good food, friendly service but little bit expensive.

Yose Indrawan Wibowo (25/04/2017 09:50)
Great steaks at the right price. Its just not decent steaks, but i can say that its the best in its class. Many choice of meat, and the chefs really know how to make the steaks right with customers wanted to. I ordered their signature wagyu that was cooked by chef afit himself. But unfortunately, it was sold out. Then i reorder with black agus tenderloin. It still taste good, but i still want to try the signature. Definitely a place that i have to go back to once more!

Marv Ch (03/04/2017 07:58)
Great price, great service, and cozy place. The steak doneness not perfect, I ordered medium-rare steak but I got rare, but you can ask new steak if its not perfect.

Miranti Verdiana (27/03/2017 14:49)
OMG! The best wagyu with affordable price you can get so far.

Peter Effendy (07/03/2017 07:49)
Biggest Holycow so far. The taste is the same between branch. Good taste and reasonable price

Ahmed Khairan (21/02/2017 04:07)
Great steak with affordable price! Cozy place to hang out with friends

Gilang Marhadian (08/02/2017 05:04)
Holycow-FlipBurger-LobbyLobster, jadi satu disini, place to burn your money and get fat, but worth it.

krisnadi imam (10/01/2017 02:56)
Its a steak house. Basic steak, no fancy stuff, no frills, unfortunately no pork. Very good for the price they are charging for. Its highly recommended if you just want to eat steak. Meat quality is decent and really i find it hard to recommend a better steak for the price.

Adestya Subiakta (29/10/2016 11:58)
Surely the best steak in town. From the price and the taste. It matches everything you love about steak. Tenderness is well known here. The best sauce is the mushroom sauce.

Muhamad Taufiq Hidayat (23/08/2016 10:14)
It's no more doubt for steak lover to come to Holycow. The price is really affordable compare to its taste. They have plenty locations around the city. This Holycow is the best Holycow place I have been visited so far. Staffs are really friendly and greeted all customers. Their service also good!

aditya cakrawidya (26/09/2016 04:40)
the best steak in town! promo free sirloin/tenderloin jika anda ulang tahun. simply the best, delicious most affordable steakhouse in town.

Mario Marz (04/09/2016 05:14)
Holycow offers Steak cuisine. I had tasted better steak and more value meal, sorry but that's a fact.

Taste: 7/10
Presentation: 7/10
Ambience: 6.5/10
Price: 5/10
Service: 7/10
Parking space: 6/10

Muhamad Taufiq Hidayat (23/08/2016 10:14)
It's no more doubt for steak lover to come to Holycow. The price is really affordable compare to its taste. They have plenty locations around the city. This Holycow is the best Holycow place I have been visited so far. Staffs are really friendly and greeted all customers. Their service also good!

ridwan abdurrahman (15/08/2016 06:39)
My favorite steak house ever!!!
The 400g sirloin and rib eye is fantastic! Juicy, soft and tasty. You can add extra sauce for free! and the side dish are so buttery, Love it!

There's usually a wait here so a reservations is preferable.

Charles Winata (25/07/2016 08:29)
I write this for the those who prefer their steak at least 1" thick. If you like this type of steak then Holycow give you the best bang for the buck. Their Big Sirloi/Big Rib Eye is 400gr around 1" thick and really good. Of course they don't dry age their beef, but for 150K it is well worth it. No other local chains serve this kind of steak. The next level up, you probably need to go to Outback.

Teddy Gunawan (13/06/2016 03:11)
My go to place for birthday celebration
Traditionaly offers free sirloin steak for the birthday person (Last time I visited is at May 2016)
A well cooked steak where you can ask for the steak doneness you prefer, there's also a plethora of cut of beef choices
But alas, if you're not a beef-eating person there's just a few other choices, kiddies chicken meal or seafood lobster across the place called "Lobbie" which managed by the same management
The price is ranged at Rp. 50 - Rp. 200 while most is at ~Rp. 100 (thousand)
Also, this is not a formal "fancy dinner" kind of place. they don't serve alcohol and the atmosphere is quite laid back, never once I saw people with suit or fancy dresses here. Mostly a place to just eat and have a good talk with each other

Andri Wianto (14/05/2016 18:06)
Nice steaks!

Cozy place.

Worth the price.

Great services. You can tipping in the bowl at cashier.

Large parking lots.

The only one steakhouse or culinary place that treat you sirloin 200 grams for free on your birthday, worth IDR 120 K. Must to go place, especially on your birthday. And, don't hesitate to wear on the crown, the king/queen of the day!

Musa Ibraahim Sim (07/05/2016 02:03)
Great steak and cosy atmosphere. Pricing is good and quality of service staff is high. Recommended to visit.

Samuel Lumentut (18/02/2016 03:46)
Great steak for the price! Try Ribeye Bigbite (400gr) butterfly cut medium rare, with homemade french fries and buncis. Plus refill lemon tea or blackcurrant all under 200 thousand Rupiah. Well worth the money! I am definitely going there today!

Bung Kusi (01/01/2016 08:00)
One of the best steakhouse in Jakarta. The price is not expensive compared to the quality & quantity of the meat. The service is good, they will give additional steak sauce if you request.....

BUT, at peak hour (lunch time 11:00-14:00 & dinner time 17:00-22:00) the service is very bad. The staff were all too busy and will ignore your request for refill or additional sauce, and you could also end up waiting for hours for table, and another 'hours' waiting for your steak cooked....

The best time to eat in HollyCow is at the odd hour, the happy hour, 14:00-17:00....

Birthday eat steak free by showing a valid ID.

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