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Gubug Makan Mang Engking

DKI Jakarta, Jakarta
Alamat: Kampus UI, Jalan Danau Salam, Srengseng Sawah, Jagakarsa, RW.3, Srengseng Sawah, Jagakarsa, Kota Depok, Jawa Barat 16424, Indonesia
Rating: 4.30
Telp: +62 858-1411-3926
Jam Operasional:
Monday: 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Thursday: 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Friday: 10:00 AM – 7:30 PM
Saturday: 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Sunday: 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM

Komentar :

Steni Bernad (13/05/2018 07:23)
This is the place where I some times spend my time with family. It's very good for fish, prawn, etc. Udang madu is the best one. The only problem I found is in the future water management under the shack has to be controlled regularly, otherwise it will be smelly.

anita rohmawati (10/05/2018 01:44)
Crowded but good taste of dishes. Great place to hang with family and kids. Has ponds and small river for kids to play. Has a small pond for fish therapy. Bunch of plants and flowers. Neat and homy ambience. Many kinds of seafood and fresh water dishes options. Parking available along the street. A little bit pricey but worth for its facilities.

wishnu nugroho (29/04/2018 04:20)
Delicious food, fast service and value for money

Daiva Adisurya (22/04/2018 09:22)
Gubug Mang Engking is a great place for family dining. The restaurant is divided into small "gubug" around small lake. The atmosphere is great and comfortable for family. The menu is mosly consist of seafood. The food was very delicious.

Deny Albatrossa (20/04/2018 15:11)
This restaurant located on the Indonesia University, but I don't think this is popular for students since the price is expensive. The interesting here is beside the main dinning room, there is bamboo gazebo as well for eating.
With the big pool full of fish, the bamboo gazebo stand on the pool. Intersting concept design.
The food taste is standard. Most of it is spicy.
There is little mosque for moslem people.
Toilet is clean.
Enough parking space.

howgee (08/04/2018 02:19)
Good parking space for people who wants to bike XC at Hutan UI Bike Park. Ok place and Food but price a bit high

Andre Manuhutu (07/04/2018 09:49)
Restoran Sunda dengan konsep gubug di atas kolam yang asri. Masakannya enak, suasananya asri.
Menyenangkan sekali berada di sini. Selain makan, kita bisa mengisi waktu dengan memberi makan ikan dan terapi kaki digigiti ikan-ikan kecil. Waktu tak terasa cepat berlalu.

Denni Sunusi (07/04/2018 07:43)
Its a hidden floating-above the lake-restaurant inside universitas Indonesia, if you come here in weekend its highly advised to make reservation first, yes, it is that criwded

gigi hadad (02/02/2018 07:30)
TOO PRICEY. And the food is not that good, the place is very dirty. The service is terrible. It's not worth the price and TIME. very dissapointed tbh.

EFETACK EFKAN (12/01/2018 10:01)
A very nice place to have a lunch sitting directly at a pond with fishes. We had fresh fish which was delicious. When we finished meal we used the rest of the rice to feed a bit the fishes in the pond. All was quite clean. Fresh air with nature feeling. Before 12:30 it was silent so best time to enjoy. After 13:00 came more people but still good atmosphere. Nearby every Bambus House is a sink with water and soap. Only thing I didn’t understand is why the dirty soap water is flooding into the pond ? Else top place.

Macan Dahan (24/09/2017 01:45)
Good place at UI Campus to enjoy lunch with family and friends

natio jiwa ksatria (16/09/2017 14:02)
Nice place to spent your important time with family. They'll let you eat just above their fish pond (fish included) and they provide various of Indonesian traditional foods. And you can have your foot massaged by fish here!

Prima Hotlan Kristianto (07/07/2017 04:15)
The service is pretty good.

The place concept is semi-outdoor, having big meal in a hut with large fish pool as a view. But sometimes you find many mosquitos.

The meal is delicious. The price is moderate. Recommended for group.

indra putra (02/07/2017 08:36)
Perfect place to hangout with family... Good ambience, good food... The only downside is waiting time... Its always crowded...

lightsmor (01/07/2017 04:48)
Nice view. Great food. Best for family

Laressa Amaly (03/06/2017 13:18)
Great food, nice place, great ambience, good service

Kiky Huzein (02/06/2017 16:51)
+ The food is tasty.
+ The view is soothing with village-esque feel.
+ You can choose between regular dining table or 'lesehan' one.

- Sometimes, there are few stray cats sitting by your dining table asking for food, because it's open space. But, after some gentle 'Shoo-shoos', they will leave.
- Allowed to smoke. So, if you bring kids or allergic to cigar/smoke, make sure to choose table not nearby smoker visitors.
- Very crowd at peak hours, e.g.: weekend, lunch time.

Price: Relatively expensive, but the foods are worth the price.

In overall, it suitable for family dining or just hangout with close friends.

Farraas Muhdiar (06/05/2017 09:52)
Not so recommended during peak hours (e.g. lunch time on weekends). Service was slow, food was not warm, and we couldn't really enjoy the food due to the cats walking around us. Not the kind of atmosphere we expect considering the price.

Surya Pujoyono (01/04/2017 12:48)
Located in UI college forest area, has fresh & natural atmosphere

Zidnie Mubarok (21/03/2017 12:51)
Enjoying traditional Indonesian seafood in traditional places called Gubuk. The menu is a little bit expensive than the other seafood restaurant

Lini Linny (16/03/2017 10:19)
I had lunch with some of My family here, We ordered some food and it was delicious, service and servers are not bad.

Tyas Donald (31/01/2017 00:09)
The Sundanes Restaurant, u can enjoy and relaks, and u can see the many fish in there...

Meidana Pascadinianti (05/01/2017 00:59)
Tasty food but the service is a little not good

Afina R. Vinci (21/12/2016 08:22)
Tasty seafood! A good place to treat your family (or better, be treated).

Nabil Rizky (04/09/2016 08:51)
Definitely not OK. Been here for several times and the menu is quite overpriced, especially considering the slow service and below expectation taste. Sadly this is hardly the best place nearby where you can have a decent lunch on a sunday afternoon with a nostalgic family

Indah h (09/08/2016 12:05)
Udang bakar madu mang engking adalah salah satu heaven on earth to me. It was damn delicious and i fall for it to the moon and the back. It was so juicy, well spiced, well grilled, and smells good. Really, put this as your culinary list. I do really recommend you to try its honey grilled prawn. I even ended up eating 9 prawns without calculating how much cholesterol that i took *grin*.

Sayang untuk gurame dan cumi goreng tepung rasanya gak seenak udah bakar madu. Gurame bakarnya terlalu manis sedangkan cumi goreng tepungnya too plain in my opinion. But for the honey grilled prawan, it was delicious. Thumbs up

Nabil Rizky (04/09/2016 08:51)
Definitely not OK. Been here for several times and the menu is quite overpriced, especially considering the slow service and below expectation taste. Sadly this is hardly the best place nearby where you can have a decent lunch on a sunday afternoon with a nostalgic family

taufik hidayat (25/07/2016 22:40)
Delicious food, cozy place, and nice view. 👍

Edhy Sulistyarso (03/06/2016 05:29)
good food and nice view

H Dahlan (30/05/2016 05:18)
#lateposting: Been here a while ago, nice ambience and good foods.

Festiaji Irawanto (17/05/2016 16:37)
Restaurant with village atmosphere, best place with big family

Febiola Lamongi (05/05/2016 16:55)
Tempatnya nyaman dan bernuansa alam. Harganya agak tinggi.

Anton Darmawanto (28/04/2016 03:18)
makan disini enak nih banyak menunya apalagi di pinggir danau makin mantap suasananya, ngajak temen sahabat keluarga kesini buat makan-makan seru juga lho

Dika Arta (09/03/2016 22:11)
nice place to enjoy meal

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