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Comic Cafe

DKI Jakarta, Jakarta
Alamat: Jl. Tebet Raya No.53D, RT.3/RW.2, Tebet Tim., Tebet, Kota Jakarta Selatan, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12810, Indonesia
Rating: 4.00
Telp: +62 21 8355216
Jam Operasional:
Monday: 11:00 AM – 11:30 PM
Tuesday: 11:00 AM – 11:30 PM
Wednesday: 11:00 AM – 11:30 PM
Thursday: 11:00 AM – 11:30 PM
Friday: 11:00 AM – 12:30 AM
Saturday: 11:00 AM – 12:30 AM
Sunday: 11:00 AM – 11:30 PM

Komentar :

fadli dzulikram (15/05/2018 10:05)
very not recomended, totally worst it, taste just 2/5 , service 1.5/5 ,wifi 2.5 /5

Raditya Satwika (01/05/2018 08:26)
Meet with old friends here, they have from.light bites to main course such as bento. I took the most top floor and it's so quiet and comfortable until some girls came to start acting for b*go or other live streaming apps...

Teuku Alfian (18/04/2018 18:30)
It's a good place with a nice design! Yet the staff should be more friendly to customers

Ahmad Ibrahim (06/04/2018 00:36)
Tempat ini tempat yang cocok untuk kalian yang mau nongkrong asik dengan tempat yang cozy, lokasinya sangat mudah untuk di jangkau, di pinggir jalan dan dekat dengan stasiun kereta apai tebet jakarta, bhakan bisa jalan kaki, untuk makanannya lumayan dengan harga yang masih dapat di jangkau, untuk menu banyak pilihannya mulai dari makan berat, snack buat cemil-cemil temen nongkrong dan minumannya mulai dari coffe sampai jus-jusan yang pernah saya coba disana nasi goreng spesial dengan toping sate ayam dan kentang goreng keju. Untuk porsi makanannya sangat banyak jadi walaupun cafe tapi porsinya bisa mengenyangkan. Dan untuk harganya start mulai dari 20k.

Cafe ini mengusung dua konsep untuk kalain yang mau nongkrong asik ada yang di indoor maupun di outdoor, buat kalain yang ingin tempat yang tenang kalian bisa pilih di indoor, dan buat kalian yang suka ruangan terbuka dengan pemandangan kota jakarta bisa pilih yang di outdoor / rooftop. Dan spesialnya buat kalian yang suka baca komik disini juga bisa jadi lengkap bukan.

Faizah Finur Fithriah (01/04/2018 13:36)
Hmmmm strategically placed, but not too worth it in my honest opinion. Foods are fine, but it doesn't live up to its name. I mean, will you not think a "comic cafe" provide comics for you to read? Nah, they put the comics near the ceilings instead. Lmao the first time I came here I remember I was greatly disappointed. The second time I was here, it's nothing more than because my friends already been here. Well, got no other choice?

Winda Maharani (14/03/2018 16:10)
Interested coming to this place because of the interior decoration. Turns out it was the only thing that good about this resto.

Service need to be improve, mediocre food taste, the drinks also dissapointing
A little bit overprice if comparing the price versus quality of the food and drinks. The place is good as hangout place for teens/young adult, but for real food/drinks you better of somewhere else.

Felita Moria (14/02/2018 23:55)
Nice venue and open until midnight. I have problem with the payment (double charge) and just realized days after.. I contact them via instagram and suprisingly they took care of it very well and cooperate to check the transaction history. Great service!
But just for suggestion, it will be greater should you improve the food taste as well..

Gersianto Bagusputra (13/02/2018 02:01)
A unique place designed for comic enthusiasts. The food was nice and the coffee was not so bad. Will be better if the comics can be read rather than just wall accessories

Igel Zibriel (13/10/2017 03:16)
A comic themed cafe at the corner of Tebet Raya with delicious Indonesian cuisine menu.

I like Nasi Goreng Iga Hijau

wina asterina (06/10/2017 00:42)
This Cafe also offers you a place to meeting at 2nd floor, not for a big member of meeting. The ambient at this cafe give you a throw memories for your childhood

Tommy Drako (08/09/2017 14:18)
Vivid and colorful design, but maybe you'll find it odd that they hang the action figures and figurines on a very peculiar way on the ceiling (why not put them on display table or something?)
Oh maybe you'll be dissatisfied with the "beef croissant" because it has very little shreds of beef in it. But all and all its a good place to hang out.

Isti Putri (05/09/2017 03:21)
A good place to eat, a cozy place and it has indoors and outdoors. They have rooftop too, but the rooftop opens at 6PM.

Sapiderman Lumpat (29/08/2017 19:57)
Lively spot on the corner to hangout and eat. Plenty of menu items for your choosing.

Parking : 3/5 limited parking ,roadside for motorbikes, 4 or 5 spots for cars.
Service : 3/5 friendly enough
Taste : 3/5 not bad, will need to try more dishes
Price : 3/5 range vary, but standard Tebet prices.
Atmosphere : 3/5 lively, can get loud depending on crowd. Good lighting in the day but a tad gloomy at night.
Seat : 4/5 plenty of seats, indoor and outdoor
Facilities : 3/5 lots of electric plugs, I think there's wifi (protected)

Recommended : the nasi buntut dish is not bad. The chicken wings are grilled and surprisingly good!

Fredy Tanjung (26/08/2017 11:39)
1st time, lawzy food, fair service, ordered piza, spring roll, nasi goreng, ect
And alot of mosquito due to dim light ambience.

Lia Toriana (30/07/2017 08:14)
Perfect option to hang out with group of your friends. They offer you vary of meals menu. A good WiFi and unique cafe decor.

euvine winarni (06/06/2017 15:32)
It is spacey place but in an old building and thet don't do much to take care of the ambience and furniture. So overall feeling is gloomy.

Hary Aditia (21/05/2017 06:46)
The air conditioner is not fully operating.. the air feels hot that a normal good cafe.. I ordered and ate a japanese brean with ice cream..but the waiter/es did not provide me any kind of hard to slice the bread with a spoon😐

Jalu Katon (02/05/2017 14:33)
My food was very awful. I ordered a spaghetti with spinach and grilled chicken. The chicken was burnt and so it's barely edible. It's also pricey. Not worth it.

Dania Sunshine (01/05/2017 03:35)
This small and tall restaurant is nice and good choice. They located in the edge of street where people easily can see and come in. Various menus are offers in here. In the night, will be so crowd but thats fine. People still can enjoy to have dine in here.

April Nenn (18/04/2017 21:28)
Nice place to meet up with friends or colleagues or just to find a cheap food, chilling alone with free Wi-Fi, live music but it's stinky a little bit.

Stella Clarissa (20/03/2017 13:41)
The apple crumble was great. The place was cozy enough, but the parking lot was limited. Lack of the number of staffs when I was there (during public holiday)

F S (20/03/2017 12:43)
Bad place for dining! Bad customer service. Staffs don't understand the menus. Wrong marketing. Menu is SO different than actual!!! No wedges no calamari. Bad Customer Service and Not Care on Reputation!
Looooongg..... Wait time...
Really baaad baad service.. Offensive people.. Insulting..!! No one should ever come to this Place Again!!

Pricilla Jupz (07/03/2017 09:53)
Actually the place is unique with comic concept and decoration, good place to chill for anime and comic lovers community. Unfortunately for the prices of some items it's not quite reasonable

Andhika Fides (12/02/2017 11:26)
4 stars for this cafe, good place but the traffic jam is so hmmm hmmm .

Daffa Alif Pratama (22/01/2017 16:33)
Nice food, nice vibe,quick waiting time but the problem is the parking area is way to small

Safrul Setiawan Lauparenta (08/01/2017 11:56)
The rooftop part of the cafe is great. The food, especially chicken is not that good. The so called herb chicken breats lacks herbs whatsoever and chicken katsu tasted so bland. But I did enjoy the fish dishes though.

Non Blanc (14/12/2016 06:08)
Fairly meh, average menu choices, missing the first few options I'd asked for, somewhat pricey. View from the roof top isn't too bad, if skyscrapers are your thing.

Nabiha Shahab (26/10/2016 22:30)
Nice coffee. Small list of food to choose from. Strategic location for meeting but parking is a bit of a problem. Coworking space on third floor. Did I say the coffee is good?

Zivana Sabili (18/08/2016 02:20)
I tried several menus, didn't taste good. It's overpriced, too. Not worth it.

Abex Clumsy Duck (30/06/2016 14:38)
Sometimes too noisy.. Music nya dari tukang yg jualan dvd di sebrang cafe. Jadi agak berisik. 🙈 makanan nya OK, tempatnya nice..

Moch Lutfi Fauzi (17/06/2016 09:45)
Food is so expensive... But great place to hangout

Gumilang Reza Andika (06/06/2016 05:04)
The food is so-so.

Still haven't found anything special besides it's comic-theme interior.

anas a (18/05/2016 01:59)
coomic caffe nice place for meeteng

Johan Tampubolon (08/01/2016 06:23)
Although its novelty décor is a nice twist to Tebet's (attempt at a) quirky neighborhood, the food here is nothing special. One thing I am really disappointed in is the use of old, stained plastic glass.

They recently released a premium coffee menu but it doesn't really made it. The blend was too watery, the coffee nowhere near strong.

Ade Putu Dilarse (02/10/2015 11:11)
The management between the 1st and 2nd floor is different so you can't move your table to different floor.

The drinks are varied and yummy. Haven't tried the food yet.

The theme inside the cafe is nice, using many comics and characters, brings back the memory. I don't recommend sitting outside though, it's hard to talk while the music being played (by street vendor selling pirated DVD) is very loud from across the road.

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