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Cafe Batavia

DKI Jakarta, Jakarta
Alamat: Jalan Pintu Besar Utara No.14, Pinangsia, Tamansari, RT.7/RW.7, Kota Tua, Pinangsia, Tamansari, Kota Jakarta Barat, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 11110, Indonesia
Rating: 4.30
Telp: +62 21 6915534
Jam Operasional:
Monday: 9:00 AM – 12:00 AM
Tuesday: 9:00 AM – 12:00 AM
Wednesday: 9:00 AM – 12:00 AM
Thursday: 9:00 AM – 12:00 AM
Friday: 8:00 AM – 1:00 AM
Saturday: 8:00 AM – 1:00 AM
Sunday: 8:00 AM – 12:00 AM

Komentar :

Ashley Hartmeier-Prigg (16/05/2018 23:44)
Cafe Batavia has an old Hollywood, European vibe. The staff is very friendly, and the menu selection is great. The food was delicious, and we really enjoyed our time at the Cafe.

Ucik Surantiyani (14/05/2018 07:59)
Spent 2 hours here for dinner and loved it so much. Me and my partner chose the recommended dishes and we enjoyed them. We can request songs to the band and they sing beautifully. Definitely will come back here to try another dishes and enjoy the live music.

Kay Bee (02/05/2018 04:42)
Amazing ambience. What a beautiful restaurant. If you’re not a smoker, go to the second floor. This place has the best spaghetti that I’ve tasted in Jakarta so far. Great marinara sauce.

Kevin Batubara (21/04/2018 17:29)
I like the architecture, old but elegant. The building is a Dutch-style building, because this was built in the era of Dutch colonization. We can easily notice this place because of its big building and the colour. This place is located in Kota Tua, Jakarta. This place consists of 2 floors. There are non smoking room and smoking room. Usually, there is a live music show during the day or night. This place offer alcohol as well. The restrooms are clean. Usually, we will find many foreigners who spend their luck or dinner here. The price is quite expensive for me. A glass of Juice costs at least more than 40 IDR.

Eric Halim (14/04/2018 09:46)
Good cafe after long walk around the area. Quite pricey but still worth regarding its strategic and historical place. Food taste average with some unique flavor to it.

Ina P (10/04/2018 10:06)
Built in 1805 this building oozes history. Beautifully designed with lovely ambience. We were lucky enough to be able to enjoy really quality live music, with covers of Pink Floyd and similar. The staff were friendly, but the kitchen was out of a lot of things on the menu. Be sure to check out the toilets, with theatrical mirrors (with lightbulbs around the rim) and walls covered with phots of celebrities.

Kelvin LEFT (04/04/2018 09:38)
盡覽舊城區Fatahillah Square靚景,餐廳內裝修亦保存咗荷殖時代特色。侍應先生話呢間餐廳於1805年開業,即係已經超過二百年歷史。
食物嘛,推薦大家食荷蘭肉丸Bitter Ballen同印尼傳統咖啡Toraja。其他嘛,放心,唔難食嘅…不過你話好好食又唔講得…

Brasukra G Sudjana (29/03/2018 09:08)
Food was OK. A bit expensive but this was to be expected considering the location and the ambience. Service was a bit slow but waitresses were friendly. Capuccino was bland.

Black Mamba (10/02/2018 15:49)
I love the people there. These guys helped me find my wallet which I forgot in a taxi in Jakarta. Just think about the challenge to search for a needle in a haystack. I’m so grateful. Thanks again.

Juliana & Fernando Koch (21/01/2018 01:01)
Amazing experience along with a local friend. I was very well impressed with the architecture, atmosphere and their options. Indeed, this is a tourist place, a little bit expensive for Jakarta: but it is worth visiting! I tried their desert menu and had one of the best in my life. The venue brings you back 200 years to the time of old Batavia.

Food 9.0
Venue 10.0
Service 9.0
Value for money 9.0

Inne Hadiati (13/01/2018 10:12)
I love the vintage and colonial style of this cafe. The ambience is dutch, old, calm but warm with nice music and nice people. The food is fairly average but the service is good and quick enough. Food presentation is nice and clean. If you are strolling around Kota Tua.. I recommend this place. Feel the colonial touch in the surrounding of old heritage building.

Reinaldo Kevin (14/11/2017 10:32)
Decent price. Good classic ambiance. Best to come early in the morning or at night for some good music.

Asha G Kumar (12/11/2017 12:54)
An exciting place with much character. Best drinks, great food, unmatched ambience and the most amiable and courteous staff... best part is the price. Couldn't be better

Natasha Soedjono (07/11/2017 09:46)
Great ambience. Beware of corkage fee if you bring ur own birthday cake. We'll just cut the cake in the car, thanks :)

Erick Darma Saputra (30/10/2017 10:01)
Ambience is good. Popular among this area. The price is considered pricey considering the surrounding area, should be cheaper but the taste is good! Might come here again during my next visit.

Panji Harga Susila (26/10/2017 13:49)
Classical design restaurant that reminds to the old time of Jakarta, feels like 1990' era. Straight view to the Fathahilah Museum on the second floor. Serve variety food like indonesian food, western, dim sum with price range 30-300k. Smoothies, juice, coffee, and beer for the drink, price around 35-75k with 20% (tax & service). Recommended in the evening for relaxing or chilling time. Last, they have an unique toilet with many epic photographs.

Rias Aditya (06/09/2017 02:15)
Historical restaurant in historical surroundings ! The food quite good and the ambience too ! You should come here in the night for the best view

Gan Voon Kiat (03/09/2017 13:43)
Nice ambient restaurant in a 200 years old historical building. Well maintained, great staff with Affordable price for what it offer on the table. Live band starting at 8pm is a must.

Milan Regec (29/08/2017 10:39)
This time machine will let you experience collonial past a taste the future at the very same moment. Everybody comes back after their first visit. Everybody.

Muhammad Hamzah (17/08/2017 08:23)
Great place, great atmosphere, great band, great music. Perfect for "bro time" with my 4-years old son :)

Nashiruddin abubakar (29/06/2017 23:15)
Resto bernuansa tempo dulu terlihat dari interior resto. pelayanan bagus, bersih. pilihan makanan beragam dari makanan local, western,asian. Harga sesuai(mungkin tergolong agak mahal) . untuk mendapatkan kursi dekat jendela(di lntai 2)butuh reservasi karena merupakan tempat yg mempunyai pemandangan yg paling bagus

Renat Sofie (29/06/2017 12:40)
It has the best chocolate drink in town. But surprisingly, the place is now applying one person one order rule. Kinda ruining the mood, it may be more suitable to have minimum order in rupiah.

Endy Daniyanto (29/06/2017 10:54)
The food is nice but it is expensive. My wife recommends the hot chocolate. The ambience is excellent in the style of vintage Jakarta.

However, there seems to be a new policy where a minimum order is necessary: at least one order for each person on the table.

The last time we were here a few years ago, there was no such rule. It is quite disappointing that a minimum order is now a rule.

Edit: Quote from my 9 year old nephew, the order takes a long time to arrive.

The nachos are a bit soggy, but my nephew says it's the best nachos ever. The chinese buns are ordinary but my sister likes the red bean ones.

Olga S (22/06/2017 12:00)
Expensive street food with 21% tax. Building looks nice, but both food and service is bad. I do not recommend it. It might have been nice in 90's, but now it is just not worth.

Akshata Bhadranna (07/05/2017 10:35)
The ambience is great. Vintage feel to it. Love the music, jazz and blues 💕 Food is great too. A long day at the museum and relax and rewind at cafe Batavia. Perfect day 😊

Simon E (25/04/2017 07:55)
I took a step back in time when coming here. The decor is kept classic and looks like it came out of the past. The staff was attentive and the food was delicious. My drink (Singapore sling) was not the greatest, but I am a bartender and carry high expectations with cocktails so I can let that slide. Good experience overall.

Anders Rian (15/03/2017 00:53)
Love the colonial atmosphere of this place. Good is good, but not great. The atmosphere still makes up for it. Perfect for a weekend lunch and soak up some of the atmosphere in the square and small streets around. Busy in the weekends.

Emily (19/02/2017 15:12)
It sits right in front of Jakarta History museum. This 200 years old Dutch historical building has its own beauty and the 2nd oldest building in central Jakarta. Great food, excellent service and nice view to the square. Don't forget to order the satay dish and coffee, its amazing and must go restaurant in Jakarta.

Justin van Schaick (14/02/2017 08:55)
Very upscale café-restaurant. Went in to wash my hands and take some pictures and I was refused because I was not a customer. That's not very hospitable. It's a very nice historical building though.

Indri Kristina Hardjasatya (13/02/2017 09:45)
A great place to step back in time... food is just so-so, but the place and ambiance is worth a visit. We went there for brunch, and sat by the window overlooking the square. A great place to people watch and to take a break from the heat. My non-Indonesian friend was impressed and loved the place. The mens' restroom is quite unique- you gotta see it to believe it!

Dalia Me (17/01/2017 13:46)
Really beautiful interior. Stylish and classy. View to the Fatahillah square. The prices are not quite Indonesian though. For an iced cappuccino I paid 60k rupiah after taxes+service fee.

Jan Oudeman (29/11/2016 05:56)
One of my favorites in Jakarta. Beautiful old building (one of the few left in Jakarta, everything else has disappeared due to mismanagement/no maintenance/no renovation). Food selection is quite OK. Beautiful interior. Good music. Nice view. Great pics on the wall and on the toilet! Place where expats and tourists hang out. Highly recommend.

黃騰威 (21/09/2016 15:40)
Chill place, good food, nice music, historic building. Cannot be better.

Wayne Budgen (19/09/2016 07:35)
Hidden away in Batavia, this venue is an incredible find. Its extensive history sets the scene for the Old World decor that is present throughout. Seating is available over two levels, with the second floor being non-smoking. A palatial staircase leads to the upstairs area which is bedecked with wall hangings & knick knacks from a bygone era. The menus are extensive & prices are reasonable. Servings of food are generous. Also of note are the male upstairs toilets which have some unique, functional decor.'ll see what I mean. Overall, highly recommended.

Arnold Saputra (13/09/2016 03:59)
Retro cafe that serve indonesian-western food. The place is nearby historical complex of Kota Tua at Jakarta. Cafe Batavia had great ambiance and really beautifull at the night.

Jelte Homminga (16/08/2016 12:35)
This place is worth a visit to get a good idea how the old city looked like. The café still looks very good and will definitely give you the colonial feeling. There is the possibility to eat the real Dutch snacks like bitterballen but for the dinner there are western options, but also Asian options. The food is good. The price si a bit more than usual, but offcourse this is what you can expect for the location and experience. overall definitely worth the visit.

Jabez Zheng (06/08/2016 07:58)
Very unique and special ambience and deco. Worth a visit but it is very far from city area. The food here are expensive. Just have a cup of coffee here to take a few photos then head over to the food street nearby to have cheap and delicious food.

Jean Rahmadan (05/06/2016 01:19)
NOT RECOMMENDED. came here with friends and our special guest from Virginia, US and Singapore. We asked whether we can sit near by the window or not, btw we were 8 people. We asked "would that be possible to join the table? (cause it was two separate square table)" they said "sorry we can't do it, cause it's weekend" we were like "oh, that's okay" then we sat on the round table.
(FYI, the table we asked at the first place, was not reserved) but then....
here come the 7 Chinese people and sitting on the table that we asked before, the waiter and waitress then set that two separate table. We were like "what just happened?" are you kidding me??? Is it because we were ordering only desserts and beverages or is it because we don't look rich so you could treat us like that? Is it just because those Chinese people ordered your expensive wine then you just give the table like right away???????????
the most unforgivable thing is me and my other friends are Indonesian and our own people treated us that way. This is so UNFAIR and totally RACIST. I WILL NEVER recommend this place to anyone I know.

Edi NT (22/05/2016 03:48)
Full of history. If you want to experience the collonial athmosphere while enjoying your tea, coffee, meals then please come here. Its iconic and unique. I always come over when I have a visitor from foreign country visiting me here in Jakarta. You should do the same! ?

Andre Christian (15/05/2016 11:45)
This place have been here for a long time. It's consider as historical building because of the age. You can still feel the vintage atmosphere here. The foods and beverages are overprice, they taste mediocre. But if you want to take a picture with an oldies kinda atmosphere, this is one of the good spot to visit. Just order some coffee or tea and you can still take a picture here

Jordan Bryant (05/05/2016 08:15)
A little bit expensive but that's what you expect when you go here. Staff are super fast at clearing tables. You can order a pitcher of beer here too! A treat in Jakarta. Sit up stairs for views over the old town.

The urinal is awesomely random too.

Arne Trautmann (11/04/2016 14:37)
Lovely. The atmosphere is unbeatable in Jakarta. The place is a bit on the expensive side, but that is okay as it is very unique. The food is good (not great though), coffees are excellent. The menu could be a bit less crowded. I'd give 4 1/2 if i could do that here.

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