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Bakoel Koffie

DKI Jakarta, Jakarta
Alamat: Jl. Cikini Raya No.25, RT.16/RW.1, Cikini, Menteng, Kota Jakarta Pusat, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 10330, Indonesia
Rating: 4.30
Telp: +62 21 31936608
Jam Operasional:
Monday: 8:00 AM – 12:00 AM
Tuesday: 8:00 AM – 12:00 AM
Wednesday: 8:00 AM – 12:00 AM
Thursday: 8:00 AM – 12:00 AM
Friday: 8:00 AM – 12:00 AM
Saturday: 8:00 AM – 12:00 AM
Sunday: 8:00 AM – 12:00 AM

Komentar :

Teuku Alfian (19/05/2018 21:49)
Such a good place with a nice decoration. Yet I expect they would serve more variations of coffee. A bit overpriced.

Fitra Arifin (05/05/2018 10:14)
Classic place for coffee lovers. The menu are complete with some traditional and old-time snacks and cakes provided.

All areas are smoking area, so it is not recommended for anyone who hates cigarettes smoke.

Boneng Kiyosaki (29/04/2018 12:05)
Classy and vintage coffee house with a nice menu variant. We can easily find this coffee house because it's near a central Jakarta. Offering a lot variation of coffee we don't need to worried about the price.

Simon Azariah (29/04/2018 00:25)
What a delight! The ambience is super retro and the coffee and treats are great. Will certainly go back when next in Jakarta

Marsya Rebecca (06/04/2018 15:13)
We went there and placed the order. We asked for repeat. Got the wrong menu and some were sold out but we didn't got the info. Some weren't even listed in the order. The same waiter took our syrup for refill and never coming back. Place was hot and the price is expensive. I don't think i want to go back.

Moch Amin Mukhyiddin (06/04/2018 08:03)
Cozy place to coffee time. WiFi is very good. Too bad they didn't have musala there so you have to cross the street if you wanna go to nearest musala.

DJ Sulichah Sutjahjono (31/03/2018 10:24)
I like the atmosphere of the cafe, esoevislly due yo the use of antique furniture. The variety of coffees on the menu was interesting. Java blend with mocha which I oedered was really good. I needed more ice cubes to make it really cold, though... All in all this is a nice coffee shop that I would recommend to myfriends ...

Iratriani M. R. Sjarif (14/03/2018 00:38)
A heritage Indonesian Cafe since 1878 until 4 generations now. Nice coffee, vintage interior design & decorations, comfortable place to have a gathering or doing your work while enjoying your coffee & nice foods. The cafe seems bring you back to the 17th century.... must try.

Leo Borisc (13/02/2018 14:59)
Good place to hang out, have a glass of coffe or have a light snack. Can also provide a meal if needed... very traditional atmosphere and popular spot for gathering... also open till midnight everyday... only cons is that its hard to find a parking spot at night here

Anastasia RB (12/11/2017 01:00)
Perfect interior design, great coffee, great foods. A little bit downfall for me as introvert is that this place always busy and noisy. But all in all, good business!

Bonar Bintang (09/11/2017 04:24)
I visited this coffee shop on November 2017 around lunch time. Ordered Kopi Kampung which is a somewhat ordinary cup of coffee since I used to having local coffee so it's neither extraordinary nor unique for me. However for those who have been drinking brew coffee or having coffee in modern coffee shops (e.g. Starbucks), this one's quite a good choice. Ah! I also ordered a plate of Pisang Goreng (fried banana - is it?). It tastes good in spite of its expensive price (Its taste isn't really worth the price tho) .

The ambience is really good with its traditional interior and decoration, makes me feel as though I were in Colonialism Era. I really looove the ambience and vibes :) And yes, they have good taste in music since they'd been playing jazz musics repetitively! Love it! (this is very subjective tho, applicable only for jazz lovers! Cheers! Haha). The waitresses were nice and friendly when I asked about the menu, they know their stuffs pretty well.

For your references, I spent around 3 hours here for working purposes, alone in non-smoking area. Most of the reviews said the temperature is quite hot, and indeed it's hot, but only in smoking area since they only put fans there. Non-smoking area is very comfortable unless they have a conference because the conference room isn't soundproof and next to the non-smoking area. At the time I visited, the situation was not crowded and thus very comfortable for completing some works.

Warning: The WiFi is veeeryy sucks. Even the waitress admitted it! Well, in light of some past reviews which also described how poor the WiFi is and as of November 2017 the management hasn't yet taken any efforts to fix the problem, seems like the management is very slow at solving their problems, so don't expect in the near future the WiFi will be good. Therefore, you'd better prepare your own internet connection, especially for those with working purports. If the management read this, please be informed and fix it!

Dano Nugraha (03/11/2017 16:08)
My favourite meeting point in Cikini. Good ambience comes with good coffe? It called perfect!

elga ayudi (22/09/2017 06:57)
Love its oldies feel...the coffee and the food are decent with reasonable price. You could always ask for additional hot water for your cuppa tea without additional cost.

Septian Dwi Rahadi (04/09/2017 09:40)
Nice and old style place. Had some good menu but I don't recommend their rob soup.

Ira iraira (27/08/2017 06:27)
Bakoel Koffie is trendy before coffee shops was cool in Jakarta. Coffee and desert selections are super fine. Their sop buntut and tahu pong are delish. Located in historical neighborhood, nearby Taman Ismail Marzuki and Cikini.

Saifulbahri Hassan (09/08/2017 02:56)
Beautiful place. Preserving old architecture. Lots of wood, beautiful. Good coffee tops the experience.

Happy Ferdian (03/07/2017 10:03)
A great coffee shop in the historical neighborhood of Cikini. The coffee shop takes a place in a Dutch art deco building and furnished by vintage furnitures. The coffee is good and so authentic. The ambiance is so nice, so you can hangout with friends intimately.

Putri Ayudya (30/06/2017 12:51)
Nice place to hang out. Just a bit hot. Need more air cooler for me.

Igor Mangunsong (27/06/2017 13:15)
Bad WiFi connection. I have moved from 2nd fl to 1st fl, but still couldn't even open e-mail from laptop & mobile phone after 1 hour. Not the place to work mobile, 2nd fl aircon but crowded, 1st fl smoking section & hot (non ac).

Shelvy Arifin (04/06/2017 04:00)
Love the food and the coffee. It's just the room can be too warm at times due to lack of air circulation. I fwlt a bit suffocated.

R Ayudiati (19/04/2017 00:35)
If you love old Batavia ambiance, you can go here to see it. The food is average and the coffee was not good, or at least for me.  Gound floor was too hot . 2nd floor was better/cooler. If you need a place to hang out and chill with your friend and feeling like the old days, this is the place. But surely this was just not my scene

Pendik Saputro (17/04/2017 03:38)
The coffee is not so good, but you'll get a big glass of coffee. The snacks are delicious. The place is usually crowded and noisy

Inne Hadiati (16/03/2017 10:30)
A nice old fashioned coffee shop in the heart of Jakarta. The ambience is calm and vintage.. The shop is really an old coffee shop. When you entering the front door you will get a feeling like suddenly getting lost from the hectic of Cikini. Coffee and food is good. Service is friendly and warm. I love this place. Will come back again someday..

Niken Linda Dinartika (01/03/2017 05:37)
I ordered their Iced Thai and it tasted awesome. The place was full of young crowds on Saturday night but surprisingly was not noisy at all. Definitely will come back there to try their Cold Brew which was sold out on my first visit.

Krishna Wiharsa (04/02/2017 09:57)
Colonial-style alternative cafe for hang out. The downstairs is the smoking floor so the aroma is tainted by smoke. Nothing special except for the old-style decor. Difficult to find parking space.

Hafizh Arief (29/01/2017 15:06)
Very great venue to hang out! Has a lot of food and beverages, and also taste good. It's quiet upstairs, a little noisy downstairs. Coffee beverages are blended, you can't choose the coffee origin.

Aninta Mamoedi (27/01/2017 01:56)
Good food. Feels-like-home atmosphere

Brasukra G Sudjana (16/11/2016 08:49)
Nice, crowded cafe in the old part of central Jakarta. Decent menu but I think most of the food are pre-cooked as opposed to fresh. Coffee is not bad leaning toward slightly bland. The owner has opened up the inside walls to let people smoke (so all the spaces are qualified as an outdoor area which classifies as smoking area), so it can get hot and smoky sometimes.

dirmawan hatta (06/11/2016 15:09)
Vintage atmosphere with vintage menu. It is cozy to hang out and held casual meeting with friends. A little bit crowded at the evening, but thats what makes this a place lively place.

Cindy (25/08/2016 00:24)
A very authentique Indonesian coffee shop at the old times.
Sells variety of coffee, especially traditional Indonesian coffee (kopi tubruk)

Place is located exactly at Jalan Cikini makes that easy to find.

1st floor is no air cond provided while 2nd floor there is.

Mirzadelya Devanastya (19/08/2016 02:33)
A good place for having an evening cup of coffee. The retro architectural style brings so much historical memory, taking you to 1950 to 1970 era Batavia.

Tha place is very enjoyable to spend the good evening with colleague or friends, having discussions or even a company meeting.

The food taste good, especially the mie aceh.

Hanna Hadiyan (26/07/2016 06:54)
Bakoel doesn't serve manual brew, but they have a nice blend of coffee. Try their mochammo and smoked banana. The crowd is lively, but the place is still comfortable for people who prefer to work alone.

Ninoy Rizki (24/07/2016 02:31)
When I open my own cafe in the future (amen to that), this place is by far close to my dream cafe. Old yet not shabby place, vintage, soothing ambience, warm nice latte, delicious chocolate cup cake...I think I'm good for now :)

Julham Panggabean (12/05/2016 05:55)
Good coffee
Nice services
Great wifi
Perfect ambience

Fransiska Kwee (08/05/2016 06:14)
Nice place to hang out, with reasonable price and good food quality and services. Just be prepare after 10pm in the weekend, this place could be fully pack. I ate Kue Nyonya (all of them is tasteful) and Nachos (this one is a must, I love their habanero and special corned beef)

Cipto Ariono (30/03/2016 02:46)
Good ambience good food but need more space to park your car. Limited parking space. But on top of that is a good place to hang out. Vintage looks bring you back to the golden era of 50s

prasetyo kadarisman (10/02/2016 09:48)
I've done a lot of work here. Its cozy. The coffee is good and quite affordable. Also, the internet connection is really fast. Just need more space for the non smokers

marcello stanley (28/12/2015 14:06)
Enter a time machine here as the atmosphere bring you back to decades ago, when jakarta werent as busy and fast paced as today. They serve good cup of coffee from their own blend, along with the usual fare of capuccino and frappe. They modify indonesian snacks like fried cassava into a cafe class serving.

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