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Anomali Coffee Senopati

DKI Jakarta, Jakarta
Alamat: Jl. Senopati No.19, RT.6/RW.3, Senayan, Kby. Baru, Kota Jakarta Selatan, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12190, Indonesia
Rating: 4.40
Telp: +62 21 52920102 content/ 7-store-locator
Jam Operasional:
Monday: 7:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Tuesday: 7:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Wednesday: 7:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Thursday: 7:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Friday: 7:00 AM – 12:00 AM
Saturday: 7:00 AM – 12:00 AM
Sunday: 7:00 AM – 11:00 PM

Komentar :

Rhazaq Abraham (22/05/2018 16:14)
If you are looking for a cozy place to hide from your friends, I suggest you to stay in this place. I always spent my time in this place for almost, 6 hours perhaps. While waitin' the traffic jam, for sure

Martin Haryanto (16/04/2018 09:19)
Quite pricey. Super nice place to hang outs. Place not too big. If get crowded can be so noisy

Sonia Laras Putri (27/03/2018 15:46)
Great coffee taste! Love the taste and the ambiance. I ordered hazelnut latte (marvelous!) and chicken cordon bleu (taste great too).
The price is so-so.
Good place to hang out or have an informal meeting.

Clara Panella (25/03/2018 05:12)
It would be potentially work or study friendly, if it weren't for the terrible WiFi. It is impossible to do a simple research. However, the coffee (and the chocolate!) are good, a bit overpriced, but the nice place compensates. The staff is very nice.

Anshul Johri (05/03/2018 01:37)
Great coffee, nice ambience, tasty food, friendly staff and a happening location. Wide range of coffee selections. We tried Jawa black coffee which was brewed by hand through v60 method, and other was Piccolo which is a shorter version of cappuccino with less milk and strong coffee.

Maria Fitri Melia (31/12/2017 08:53)
Good coffee.. Good finger food.. Cozy and friendly staff, makes you love to stay here a bit longer just to enjoy your coffee and snacks.. Affordable price.. Limited parking area esp on weekends so be ready 😉🌻

Reddy Panggabean (05/12/2017 06:43)
After my not so good first impression, I came here for the second time. Now I try their mocha latte, since their coffee latte is successful made me awake for 24 hours before. Their mocha latte is top notch, I can taste the high quality dark chocolate powder in it. I can say this is the best mocha I try, better than st**b*cks version. Definitely will come back to sip this mocha again.

Abdul Kadir (24/10/2017 09:18)
I like the vibe of the place.. Chill, relax, nice workspace for works. Nice coffee too. They remove already some good choices of food/snacks such french fries, etc.. But I really don't like when they're going to close the place. Most of the time the waitress just turn the volume of the music so loud, (sometimes) without telling customers that they are about to close. That's so impolite and annoying..

H Dahlan (21/10/2017 11:02)
Located just before the entrance of CBD Sudirman area from jalan Senopati. Cool place to just wait for traffic in the evening to subside. Parking space is limited, but they have valet service. The coffee not that anomaly in term of taste and presentation. Good taste and lots of choice from all areas of the nation. Hungry? They also served serious meals not just the usual café bites.

Febri Fristian (14/10/2017 01:12)
A lot of indonesian coffee beans that you can try and the ambience of this place really good for group hangout. If you are looking for the smoking room, high chair, or sofa, they have. And they sell the coffee equipment also here

stivi putra (09/10/2017 14:27)
One of the best place to enjoy Indonesian coffee. They have a lot of various local coffee beans n you can buy some.

Hestiana Larasati (11/09/2017 08:59)
It has good coffee with several taste options that may be one of your favorites. Although several times the brand was mentioned frequently as one of the most recommended coffee shops in South Jakarta, I would say that if you look for a distinct coffee taste, you wouldn't be much satisfied. However the place is nice to hang out with your friends.

Aldilla Dewangga (21/08/2017 12:26)
The place is cozy, you'll easily lose an hour or two with friends talking nonsense

Sugiharto Yuwono (18/08/2017 03:36)
Comfy place. Tight parking space but they have valet on standby.

nathania eliza (08/07/2017 13:57)
There's two coffee bar. You can order in ground floor or you can order at the upstair. The location easily found, next to apotek senopati. All the barista are helpfull

Achmad Achyari (20/06/2017 19:52)
The coffee was good, especially single shot local coffee. Staffs were warm and nice. The place was too packed. Need more upgrade on cleanliness.

M. A. Robbany (16/06/2017 05:40)
It's cozy, reasonable prices, high-speed wifi, and friendly baristas. One thing minus, in my opinion, is the crowdedness at night hours

prasetyo kadarisman (05/06/2017 05:35)
Anomali is one of my favorite place for coffeeing. I love the ambiance but a bit crowded in the weekend.
Need power in each table!

Hendra Ariyanto (01/06/2017 11:09)
It feels like. Escaping for a while from busyness Jakarta. Best place for hang out... Grate.

Fx Ardhi (22/05/2017 01:55)
Love the place. It has nice comfy ambient. The coffee was great and they have good selections of tea and pastries.
Pleasant experience.

Fx Ardhi (15/04/2017 11:09)
Love the place. It has nice comfy ambient. The coffee was great and they have good selections of tea and pastries.
Pleasant experience.

Jasmine Wibowo (31/03/2017 11:31)
Good Indonesian coffee like no other. There's plenty of choices ranging from espresso based coffee to black single origin coffee. If you're not much of a coffee drinker, there's also a selection of chocolate drinks, teas, and juices. It can get crowded at peak hours though and it woulf be quite difficult to get a seat.

Yute Inten Apsari (22/03/2017 05:05)
Anomali is very well known for its Cafe Latte. For the non-coffee drinker, they have some seriously good chocolate drinks. The ambiance of the place is very lively for a group discussion or chat with friends.

Clara Sovia Lestari (28/02/2017 00:46)
The place is not very big but has a warm ambience. A good place to spend talking and catching up with friends but not very recommended for working as the lighting is not suitable for it. Coffee's so-so, since I'm not a coffee person. I love their dark choco rum, tho!

Iqbal Widyawan (20/02/2017 13:55)
Cozy place for hangout and meeting. There're a lot of menu you can try here so will not makes you boring.

Inggita Notosusanto (08/02/2017 00:25)
the flagship store of the famous local coffee chain, Anomali - we need to climb to the 2nd floor to get seating, the 1st floor is dedicated for its store and coffee processing - which we can see from above. Pricey dishes.

ars m.k (29/01/2017 00:24)
Very crowded on weekend. The coffee was good, barista very friendly, comfy place. Maybe it's better if there was a waiting list especialy for weekend.

RiNaldi Tjhin (20/01/2017 01:51)
Nice place, good meeting spot alternative. Nice coffee. Nice egg benedict. Would be better if you use real bacon rather than beef bacon. Internet connection was good, until it gets a bit more crowded.

Rio Rinaldo (14/10/2016 09:02)
The original Anomali is still the coziest and coolest place to hang out, compared to other branches. Two story with two working and serving coffee machines, roomy with inside and outside seating, instagrammable corners, and pretty fast wifi connection (I have to say I did come when it wasn't too crowded). The coffee is really good--whether black, latte or flavored, iced or hot I've tried them all--and so is the cake. Never have the cooked meal here, may I'd go for a brunch here some time.

fauzan lufth (19/09/2016 10:03)
Lokasinya strategis. Tapi pikir ulang kalo sore jelang malam mau mampir, parkirannya penuuh. Kopi2nya variatif dan oke.

Firmansyah Arif Tirtana Asri (22/08/2016 08:08)
Harga reasonable. Tempat dingin

Ariani Dwijayanti (16/07/2016 07:06)
Favorite coffee shop nearby! Like Iced Vanila Latte. Always ask to have it over ice as otherwise they have blended ice coffee as default.
Place is large & convenient, never has problem getting table.
Food is also good, like their spaghetti.
Lastly, dont forget to sign up for their stamp for Buy 1 Get 1 deal and point collection.

E.A. Paminto (14/07/2016 14:55)
Biasanya sih enak kopinya, tapi tadi pagi kok parah banget ya... Sudah nunggu lama dari sebelum jam 7, lalu mesin kasirnya gangguan lah, pesan capucino ternyata kayak air panas dicemplungin teh celup dan susu serta rasa yang tidak jelas. Kami take away berempat, yang moka enak, 1 capucino lumayan, capucino punyaku ancur, sama 1 latte yang benar-benar cuma rasa susu. Dan akhirnya nyolot dikit ke Mbak yg bungkusin pastry karena lama banget. 30 menit yang penuh drama. Pastrynya untungnya oke seperti biasa meski agak keras karena kelamaan jeda bungkus. Please bring back the old Anomali. 🙏🙏🙏

Sarah Parapat (01/07/2016 22:21)
This place used to serve brilliant coffee. I don't know what happened, but it's now far too commercial, and the coffee isn't brewed to its best anymore. Pity.

The service, however, remains excellent. Try to have a friendly conversation about your coffee with your barista and they will not onlt provide you with stories behind the coffee, but also how they brew it.

bagus hariadi wonoasmoro (15/06/2016 12:42)
Better elite (coffee) brewery than those foreign brand. Good coffee, good food, good space.

Willyam Fleoriko Talim (16/05/2016 11:07)
Nice drinks
Good place for hangout with friends
With little space for parking
We should use valet

M Iqbal Arief (16/05/2016 07:08)
Great place to hang out with ur friends. Please add more sofa.

fitri hanesty (15/05/2016 04:38)
Nice range of coffee variety and very cozy atmosphere. Baristas are of much help too if you have any questions regarding coffee and its processing tools!

Dian Alpha Aviantara (13/05/2016 10:41)
This place have a good coffee. They can make it better by providing more sofas

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