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IKEA Alam Sutera

Tangerang, Banten
Alamat: Jalan Jalur Sutera Boulevard Kav.45, Kunciran, Pinang, Kunciran, Pinang, Kota Tangerang, Banten 15320, Indonesia
Rating: 4.60
Telp: +62 21 29853900
Jam Operasional:
Monday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Thursday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Friday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Saturday: 10:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Sunday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Komentar :

aprin kislina (23/05/2018 04:35)
Very well designed. Visitors have to walk over all of the items they have to make sure we get the best experience there. At the end of the tour, they gave us a room full of cheaper items to twist our mind and bring it all home with us 😁

They have playgrounds too for our kids playin. They are free of charge. On busy days, we need to queue up for the playgrounds.

The cafe was unique too, everybody needs to place their dirty dishes on the proper place. No waitresses. Good education for visitors to clean up their tables after taking meals too.

Abhishek Srivastava (20/05/2018 14:22)
It's just a fabulous place, ideal place to visit if you are about to furnish your new home, there are so many innovative ideas and items available which will make your house beautiful and your life easy. From the smallest item required in a house to the most bulky furniture, everything is available. And there internal layout and facilities would just please you every inch well planned and systematic.

Daniele Mangiola (19/05/2018 02:00)
Probably the most complete store about furniture and home accessories Well designed and price range acceptable. Here you can find the solution for your house. You can have also lunch at their restaurant, cheap as also the quality, Delivery service is been a little messy about the delivery time, but for the rest was ok. They also have some sort of snack store and a play ground for kids. I suggest to don't on a Sunday, to crowded

R.M Isa (30/04/2018 06:34)
The one and only IKEA store in Indonesia. It's like going to home that you'll never have, making any reasons to buy things that not necessary. I like every thing here is self service by customers, sure IKEA staff would gladly to help. Restaurant is must try, you can not-buying anything from the store (but what a waste) but spend the money on food instead.

BGCK BGCK (15/04/2018 02:09)
Great place if you want to shop or just need some fresh idea to decorating your home or your room.
Near by toll exit and has a huge parking lot in it.
Also the parking is free.
You can also try some of the food that they offer here.
And dont forget to try the ice cream that they sale.
It is cheap and delicious.

Kalinda Lim (12/04/2018 13:58)
One of favourite place to visit if you want to buy furniture and other stuff. There are many unique and high quality design furniture here. There are a food court or cafe that sells foods and drinks ( drinks are free flow). Best place if you want to search idea and inspiration for your home.

Ghea & Hanif (04/04/2018 16:31)
Tempat favorit unuk mencari perintilan rumah, pilihannya banyak dan harganya sepadan. Berasa ngga capek kalo udah jalan di IKEA meski display storenya super gede, tapi tetep enjoy karena dikemas sedemikian rupa.

Buat yang pertama kesana, jangan lupa buat baca dulu cara belanja di IKEA yang informasinya udah ada di pintu masuk, seperti mencatat kode barang yang mau kita beli dkk, biar nanti di akhir ngga nyesel ga langsung nyatetin.

Terus... jangan lupa juga buat nyempetin makan disana. Karena ada banyak banget makanan enak! Swedish meat balls with mashed potatonya enak. Ohya, ada ice cream juga loh.

Hampir semua yang ada disana itu self services yaaa.... Terus juga kalo bisa udah bawa kresek kalo nggak pengen beli tas belanja IKEA. Karena mereka ngga provide keresek hehe.

Sandy Atmadjaya (04/04/2018 04:02)
It's a wonderful place to shop your household needs. One of the biggest retailer in Indonesia, very convenient and it's an enjoyable experience to shop at Ikea. The only drawback is the quality of the food. It's pretty cheap even compared to local foods, but the quality should be improved. The last 2 dishes we had (today) was terrible, especially the scrambled egg in the western breakfast menu. Other than the food, everything is great!

Shastri Darsono (11/03/2018 04:31)
Yesterday was my 5th time going to IKEA. I am quite impress that there’s an improving taste of food and a new coffee shop at the second floor.
The meatball taste the same like in IKEA in Singapore and Melbourne. I also tried the new menu, Fish & Chips and Carrot Cake... Both taste delicious. The price is also reasonable. I always spend around 300k for 4 person. The cappuccino taste great also with the price of 15k.

Donnie Ramadhany (10/03/2018 18:00)
Huge place for buying furniture, and so on to fill your house with good quality material such as sofa, bed, dining table, bath tools and every single thing displaying well with nice booth like in the real room/space. Unfortunately the praying room wasn't treat us nicely, it placed at the basement with the access near to the parking area and the air conditioned were hot and not too big for a place like it (are we praying/sholat with breathing the air pollution that came from the cars? Are the designer not think clearly and neatly that some or many of the customer beside shopping they were praying too?)

Christine Tobing (17/02/2018 11:07)
Very convenient shopping. Very well-thought.

Free parking, great show rooms, great big aisles at the shop, clear info need at the product's tags (no question at all!), food court with good price, cashier with good service.

Last time went there on holiday. Freaking crowded. But still good. Amazing.

Graciella Arlinda (11/11/2017 20:10)
It's always exciting to shop at IKEA, the food is nice and worth the price too.
Before you go i suggest u check the stock availability online, other than that informations are written quite clearly in every product tags.
The only downside for me is that in weekends it gets VERY crowded and it's hard to even move around in showroom area.

Tara Ayesha (04/11/2017 15:26)
I'd say IKEA is a really great place. There's a lot of choice for items and listed very nicely, and the price varies from a very affordable range to high quality items that are much more pricier. It also have a very nice cafetaria. From what i experience tho, IKEA also have a downside, it's a little bit understaffed, it was hard to confirm if the item you're after is still in stock.

Amro Elakkad (27/09/2017 01:08)

1. Nice store and as usual you will find the items organized in a logical matter, unlike many stores here in Indonesia.

2. Prices are decent, and the shopping experience (according to my wife) is nice.

3. The coffee shop is great and comfortable and they won't bother you even if you stay there the whole day. And their prices are much better than Starbucks.

4. There are no loud music or microphone which is so annoying in other malls.


1. They need more staff in the floors to answer Shoppers questions.

2. Also those staff need to be trained and have knowledge about the products.

3. They can do better on the food quality. The food is not that great.

Audiyanti Kusumowardhani (26/09/2017 09:20)
Nice atmosphere and unique but simple house appliances. Always something new and exciting to buy with affordable prices. Even big stuff can be brought home and install immediately on our own.
Great place to hang out also because the parking is free, the free-wifi is good and the food is adequate to spend a long time there. They even have a playground for toddler to be enjoy so the parents could go shopping or chill out for a while.

Jayme Nery (21/09/2017 07:19)
Very nice furniture store with good products and fair price (some a bit salty).
But we visited the store looking for 3 specific items which were available in the showroom but when we went to warehouse to pick them up we found out that 2 of them were sold out.
They could saved us time informing in the showroom which items were no longer available.
Not sure if we would visit again...

A Google User (05/09/2017 17:37)
I love spending my time at IKEA just for looking at the furniture and how their designed the room with their furniture. And their ice cream is a must if you are coming here. The machine is so unique and you self served yourself to get the ice cream. The ice cream was quite nice and not expensive.

Yulia Whats On (04/09/2017 06:25)
This is a really awesome place. All the furniture is great. The decoration in all the room is well made. The best part probably the cafetaria. All the food I tried is quite delicious. The price is reasonable too

Alfito Naufal Syandana (02/09/2017 10:11)
Good place to buy furniture for your home. Usually crowded at weekend. You must try the meatball because its delicious. You can get vanilla ice cream. Also good place to bring young kids. Many inspiration design for your home.

Kezia Kezia (21/08/2017 10:16)
Must visit place for those in need of interior design, furniture, or just some decorations for your living space. There are show units with smart layout that you can try to duplicate or just buy the whole setup.
You can't forget to visit the cafeteria & try those Swedish meatballs.

Aishi1991 (04/08/2017 10:55)
Great place to buy home furniture and equipment. Many room design for your inspiration. Many great food and desert. You must try the meatball and ice cream. Usually crowded in the weekend and holiday.

Ian Renassa (29/06/2017 09:17)
It's a place to seek for a series of furnitures and household stuffs. Product design is simple yet sophisticated. You may find something you won't find in other similar places.
The food is great at value and taste. It's very crowded in holidays. Go there as morning as possible.

Amy Kusumowidgdo (29/06/2017 08:23)
IKEA is a great place to shop for home decor with extremely competitive price and a huge variety of selection. Unfortunately on holidays it is way too crowded and jam packed with people, which makes it inconvenient to properly browse and shop. It's better to go during off season instead.

Hans Winardi (22/06/2017 16:43)
Its internationally renowned brand and company for selling home furnitures and products and serving renovation and design services has made it gaining popularity esp. of their values on the Swedish design. The ambience and the method of their selling are particulary innovative and longed by many people which could often made their huge areas feel small by so much crowd in some seasons or even just on general weekends.

Amalia Susanto (16/05/2017 10:17)
This place is very good to shop your home furniture and other things to fill your house. From forks to lamp and kitchen set also bed room set. Anything.. There's also food to eat here. The ice cream also cheap and good. There is also a place for kids to play and t
parking is free here. But it's very crowded during weekend, avoid to come on peak hour it's very inconvenient.

Christanto R. (11/05/2017 05:33)
The place offers you unlimited idea on how you can design your house or rooms. the food court is one of the reasons why this place always crowd at the weekend. It's offering a good food, all on self service. Good place for hang out with your family in the weekend either to look for an idea or just taking lunch.

R Ayudiati (24/04/2017 03:03)
Always having a good time here, from looking for something, just looking, craving for their meatballs, looking for an inspiration, this is the place for me. The store, like any other IKEA store in other part of the world is always well maintained, but the customers here is rather... well loud and didn't seem to have courtesy to act like in a public place, talking loud, sitting "too long", literally trying the bed "too long" - mostly kid did this, but where is the parents? Did not take out the left over after you eat and throw it to garbage bin... and of course, leaving a mess in the toilet. Sadly the ikea management team really need to re-educate this customers, and provide extra cleaning service.

Winda Maharani (16/04/2017 15:32)
Modern store concept with self service. Lots of display. Products sold are good quality with decent price. The food court also offer good food with reasonable price (mind you also self service, clean you table before you leave it). Free parking. Easy access to toll road.

Athallah Arsyaf (30/03/2017 04:08)
This is a the only IKEA store in Indonesia as of now. Terribly crowded on weekdays since people consider this as a tourist attraction. People love the displays here and so does IKEA love their presence in the Indonesian hearts. The places here anywhere everywhere you go is aesthetic and considerable for a photo. Get recharged in the IKEA restaurant with some of the most delicious Swedish meatballs and other menus on the list as well. The Ice cream and snack parlour is placed down in the ground level near the central check out lobby. I believe this is the perfect getaway if you're fed up with malls, plus you get to find things for your home you might have thought you didn't need before but you actually do.

Mega Permatasari (28/02/2017 01:23)
Who doesn't love ikea? They got cute furniture. Some of them incredibly cheep but some other are over price. Pick carefully to have a good deal 😊 oh, and they have lots of mock up rooms so you won't ruining ideas how to decorate your room. They will inspire you.

Andika Praditya (16/02/2017 22:24)
There's really nothing to hate in IKEA. Except that it is quite far from Jakarta. Usually its only a 45 minute drive during normal traffic. Yet, the journey there is worth it. It basically has everything a person looking for furniture would want. Great varities of furniture, great food, a vast shopping area, all at a decent price. Bringing your child here is also easy as there is childcare where your child can play while you go furniture shopping!

Inggita Notosusanto (14/02/2017 10:02)
Always favorite place to look at great design and small space solution, some great interior set ups for inspiration, and the greatest chocolate cake and 2nd best apple pie. Hate the crowd, hence it is best to visit at 9am or 9pm.

Stevani MQ (13/02/2017 08:17)
As an Indonesian, who is used to be served like a queen in a restaurant and also has experienced the (clean-your-own-plate) public eating rule in Singapore, the restaurant is a MUST VISIT. I don't say you'll be served by tidy looking waiters here, more like you'll have to serve yourself and clean up after eating in IKEA's restaurant. It's educational & culturally intriguing experience to dine inside this industrial like interior. For those who enjoy independent ambience of dine & shop, put IKEA in your checklist! 😸

Yohanes Budyanto (29/12/2016 16:43)
Who is doesn't know IKEA ? The one and only IKEA in Indonesia (at least for now). Look for the yellow sign which offer the lowest price of its kind. And also the discount season. Quite packed during weekend and holiday. The crowd here look IKEA as an alternative of shopping malls.

Erwin S (29/12/2016 13:55)
It feels wholly like a scene of another country - most preferably Sweden. The hygiene is exceptional, the placement for everything from the parking spaces and space for loading and unloading furniture, the displays which are eye-catching, and even the restaurant in it. This place deserves 5 stars because it has great facilities that suffice the needs of the customer and of course because of the quality goods they offer, which is the reason IKEA has been recognized all over the world.

Tunas Alam Mutiara (20/09/2016 01:57)
An amazing shopping experience. The whole way of chhoosin and making a decision, then paying is a new experience. They even think about the food. All is clean, clear and very well organized!

Adhika Noorindra (11/09/2016 10:19)
Full of complete household things. Of course because it have good food and child care also that it deserve fo 5 stars

Mario Marz (28/08/2016 09:59)
The first IKEA outlet in Indonesia. Like other most IKEA this IKEA also huge in space. Like usual you will lost yourself inside tons of furniture. They offer you swedish food at IKEA cafetaria. In conclusion, this place is great to window shop or find some furnitures you need

Ambience: 8/10
Stock: 8/10
Price: 6.5/10
Service: 8/10
Parking space: 6/10

Tommy Christanto (19/08/2016 04:04)
Fabulous furniture shop in Indonesia with best quality of funitures and goods.
Customer can easily see the samples and choose their desired need, because IKEA creat a marvelous showcase on their shop.
Great customer support given by their staff, which give detailed information on the products and services.

Their in shop restaurant also great, which give us delicious Swedish menu.

My son never miss to buy hot dog and ice cream cone at the bistro.

Great place to visit when you need to decorate your lovely house or just for window shopping to get inspiration to fill up your hose.

Gisella Thiofanny (02/08/2016 08:07)
good place to look for ideas and to clear your mind. you can also take some unique or those "recently popular" picture in IKEA.

the ice cream machine in IKEA is a bit broken. so you have to buy the cone to the cashier, and you can add the ice cream yourself in the ice cream machine. that machine can't keep the coins well, so you can actually take the back the coins from the machine. well this isn't an important info for some of you. but you can actually refill your ice cream in this condition hahaha

Arsil Ptmji (20/06/2016 11:54)
So crowded.. kurang nyaman tuk blanja..

steph j (11/06/2016 12:54)
Comfy place to shop. The variant of some things are complete. There's a restaurant located in the 2nd floor serve Swedish food. Please notice that you'll get hard to find parking lot during the afternoon weekend. So crowded. Better to visit it by the time they open. Worth to visit more than once

Didit Hardiyanto (02/06/2016 07:59)
One of my favourite place to find what best for your home. They also provide good food and so many little nice things for children. Very cozy.

Kelvin Frans (21/05/2016 03:55)
One stop for your furniture needs, with many option of beautiful designs. However, in my personal opinion, the good can be expensive, but I let you guys decide the value-for-money.
The place is huge, with kids playground area for the parents who loved to shopped.
If you were not in the mood for shopping, Apart from sightseeing, you can also take quick meal in cafeteria with food options like salad, smoked salmon, poached salmon, chicken taliwang (not spicy at all), chicken meatballs and beef meatballs.
Drinks like, bottled water, hot tea or coffee is also available.
All activity is mostly self service, but with comfort.
Access is just beside Jakarta-Alam Sutra toll highway (Karang Tengah), so It's best to accessed by car, and there's bonus for you car-riders.. Free parking !!

Rezia Lukius Tejaatmaja (16/05/2016 09:17)
This IKEA branch offers you the similar shopping experience and atmosphere as those you could find in any other IKEA store around the globe. It has a big showroom on the top floor, as well as two aisle Scandinavian Restaurant - which are common in every IKEA (note that the restaurant does not offer any kind of Pork or Lard product). Go one level down and you will find yourself in IKEA Market Hall, which displays all product you might need, and allow you to collect it yourself. Following the store layout will finally brought you to the famous self-service furniture area, composed of towering racks that holds boxes of IKEA knocked-down furniture. At the end of your journey there are numbers of manned checkout counters to assist you in paying your purchases. After settling your bills, you will find yourself in IKEA Swedish Market and IKEA bistro, which allows you to buy frozen Swedish delicatessen as well as some snacks.

Bear in mind that IKEA does NOT provide any kind of plastic bag, so you could either purchase their reusable bag for a reasonable price, or bring some plastic bag of your own. Also, since this is the first IKEA branch in Indonesia be prepared to find yourself stuck in the middle of the ocean of enthusiastic shopper on Saturdays, Sundays and most public holidays.

Will increase the rate to 4 stars if this IKEA came up with a self-checkout counters, like those in Singapore which allow faster checkout duration and cutting down the time for queue.

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