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Tangerang Selatan, Banten
Alamat: Jalan Lebak Bulus Raya No.8, RT.1/RW.10, Pondok Pinang, Kebayoran Lama, RT.1/RW.10, Pd. Pinang, Kby. Lama, Kota Jakarta Selatan, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12310, Indonesia
Rating: 4.30
Telp: +62 822-0825-5105
Jam Operasional:
Monday: 7:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Tuesday: 7:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Wednesday: 7:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Thursday: 7:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Friday: 7:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Saturday: 7:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Sunday: 7:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Komentar :

Lazwardi (22/05/2018 07:01)
this place still on going project right now.. and it will be a great place to shopping and play with your families

Charles Andresen (01/05/2018 07:48)
Poor layout for a department store. Jakarta stores are better and this one lacks products found in Jakarta.

Eleanor Ariff (08/04/2018 13:26)
Pretty convinient grocery store and most of all the items here are pretty cheap. They renovated the shopping area and had made it more spacious

Mirza Rio (30/03/2018 11:41)
Not too crowded... All you can find...include furniture, shoes, electronic... Anything...

Aries Tito (12/03/2018 16:18)
Not very crowded. Many food stalls and restaurants. Have discounts shoes store. Lots of parking lots. This is head quarters of Carefour Indonesia and should be the most complete store that Carefour ever had in Indonesia.

Mia del Rosario (01/03/2018 01:30)
✔️Carrefour's main branch so you will find almost anything here. Lots of restaurants on the first floor, also an ATM gallery and a mosque. Very big open parking space. What a lot of people don't know is that there is an indoor parking behind the building.
❌A very big maze to go through so it takes a long time to find things. Quite busy on the weekends. There is never enough cashiers open. The indoor parking is only open from 10 am, not good for early shoppers.

Reza Firmansyah, S.Si. (16/02/2018 11:44)
A cozy place to shop, and lots of good place to dine.
Can't wait to see how well it will be if the place can be transformed to Transmart, like most other Carrefours.

Bastian Calvin Derangga (26/10/2017 07:34)
Just carefour and their tenants here, like wendys , phd, etc

Anna Susiana (02/10/2017 07:49)
Very big and convenient place for groceries.
Many restaurant and foid stall at the ground floor.
Traffic is really bad going there because so many contractions going on the neighborhood.

rita pranawati (28/09/2017 23:18)
Carefour lebak bulus is the complete supermarket, nice place to have dinner lunch together with friend and family

Jimmy Kosikin (20/09/2017 14:48)
Good place.. has a lot of good restaurant. The hypermarket also complete

poppy s (09/08/2017 10:38)
You can get everything you need with a good price and easy to find

Naomi Panjaitan (08/08/2017 05:48)
It opens from 7 a.m, it has a small quick store on the ground floor, it has a mosque, and the best part for me that the bakery has reasonable price

Juni Indira (02/08/2017 04:04)
As the head of all Carrefour branch, this modern retail shop provided some products that you can't find it in others. Can be used to compare prices or having discount and cheaper cost because it offers one stop shopping including restaurant and cafe to go to. Free parking if you buy an amount of products that above the term and conditions.

Shinta Makarim (17/07/2017 10:03)
I like to go shopping here. Wide place yet confortable. So many option for home and living. Food also good

Ricky Andhika Gumilang (14/07/2017 00:00)
Widest area for a hypermarket. Complete product range for monthly household groceries. Parking area is quite wide.Strongly not recommend shopping in payday period.

Mia Fitriyanti (26/05/2017 04:01)
ever since Carrefour has been taken over by trans, the products' prices are sure much higher. Nothing special from this supermarket except the food corner when you can sit a while and enjoy some cooked food such as otak2, nasi goreng, tahu gejrot, assorted gorengan, and salad. I quiet like their cincau ijo.

Panji Aria (24/05/2017 01:03)
pro: there is big enough mosque in it...and it provides iftar every monday and thursday.

cons: restroom

Winda Maharani (06/04/2017 10:44)
The biggest carrefour in Jakarta. Big parking space. Other than carrefour also have several shops and resto.

Yung Gunawan (31/03/2017 13:23)
Very strategic location. Big supermarket with lots of choices of daily need. Selling alcohol is a big plus for me. :-) Plenty of parking spots. Food court need some improvements as far as the tenant there. Traffic on the way here might be little bit congested because of the MRT development.

Dimas Aninditya (15/03/2017 02:59)
Most complete Carrefour in Jakarta. From household to furniture. From vegetables to poison rodent. Not to mention they also sells electric scooter.

Dunn Sanz (07/03/2017 06:02)
Convenient and you can get almost all of the local products at a reasonable price. The best place to buy fresh fish and it is also a reliable source of meat and vegetables. You can dine before and after you shop for your groceries.

Risky Setiawan (07/03/2017 02:57)
it's always pleasure to shop any grocery in here. best price in OK quality. you can cook your meat and eat here, just like one stop shopping. the only problem is the toilet so dirty and smell bad, and there is so many sales promotion guys that offer their brochure, sometimes bother us to get through our way. parking space is spacious, but you'll find idiot driver who put their car in 2 space, just f**k you dude, i hate it.

Ryan Stephanus (09/02/2017 00:00)
the best carrefour i've had experienced in indonesia

Ivan Affandi (30/01/2017 14:20)
Besides the grocery and department store, I usually stop by on my way back home (Bintaro) for a coffe or quick bites and praying break. Coffe Bean, J-Co and many other cafe are there .

Dodi Jatikusuma (24/01/2017 15:03)
One of the biggest Carrefour store in Jakarta. Provide a good variety of goods from daily products to house holds, electronics, clothing, etc. Several options of restaurants also available in here which makes it a convenient place for shopping and simple dining with family or own self.

Octaviwijaya Octaviwijaya (23/01/2017 00:43)
The bigest carrefour in south jakarta

Pandu Poluan (15/12/2016 05:19)
Limited indoor parking, price not always the lowest among the hypermarkets. But its in-store restaurant provides delicious food. And the selection -- outside home hardware -- is quite complete.

Rilo Rizki Waiza (21/09/2016 00:01)
Best carrefour market I've ever visited, very well maintained, and good quality products

rhian sQu (17/09/2016 21:32)
jual heineken! (y)

Javier S (05/09/2016 17:11)
It has what you're looking for, like it's supposed to. The first floor has many restaurants.

Mur sahid (19/08/2016 07:32)
komplit plit plit

M. Agus Perdana (08/07/2016 13:25)
Banyak tempat makan

gusti adjie (13/06/2016 10:02)
Cozy place for shoping

Jawad Rafiq Haider (12/06/2016 16:04)
for your monthly shopping needs. 10% discount if you have a Bank MEGA credit card

Musa Ibraahim Sim (07/05/2016 02:11)
Great selection of groceries with fresh meat and fish. Highly recommended.

Kefas Ponggawa (05/05/2016 06:14)
The most complete carrefour in the country

Haryanto Nagy Witjaksono (20/11/2015 01:17)
One of the biggest supermarket around South Jakarta. There more than 14 restaurant on the ground floor too if you need to eat or take away some food (not counting the small food stalls). This supermarket is so big, it have a car service shop inside the parking lot.

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