Tanah Lot Temple

Tabanan, Bali
Alamat: Jl. Tanah Lot, Beraban, Kediri, Kabupaten Tabanan, Bali, Indonesia
Rating: 4.40
Telp: +62 361 880361

Komentar :

sekhar CK (04/12/2017 15:23)
Great place to Visit. Once you enter the main gate, if you take left, you'd see the main temple of Tanah lot. which is closed at high tide.

On the right side, there is another small temple, the rock formation underneath it looks like a tunnel. if you go far right, there are gardens and a cafe. beyond that is the new building being constructed for kecak dance. Don't miss any of these. Explore fully.
Even though its almost right in the midst of the sea, the temple has a fresh water spring which is considered Holy. The priests there bless you with flower and put rice on the forehead, once you sprinkle yourself with that holy water.

Robert Jakubek (16/11/2017 12:56)
Lots of tourists in their natural habitat. You pay an entrance fee and there are plenty of shops around to get all those souvenirs your friends and family back home are desperately awaiting. Must be a nice place when it’s not busy (I wonder when that is).

Arif A Hossaini (04/10/2017 12:15)
Entrance fee is 60,000 IDR per person and parking fee (2000 for bike and 5000 for cars). However, you're not allowed to enter the temple itself and have to pay for the toilet (there’s a free toilet near entrance). Beautiful place particularly during low tide and sunset. The site of the temple was wonderful! You can see there one of the most beautiful sunsets. But full of tourists. Make sure you know when the tide will be in so you aren't disappointed when you can't get closer. You can't actually go into the temple area and to even go up the stairs you have to wait in line to be blessed, for a price. Honestly, I've expected better after two hours of driving and 120,000 IDR entrance fee for 2 persons.

Anna Pomeroy (25/09/2017 12:57)
Pity there are so many tourists around (like myself) all vying for the best spot to take a picture. Very beautiful and unique temple.

Steven P (24/09/2017 20:42)
The temple is gorgeous and is right out in the sea. It is a beautiful place at anytime of the day. You can also venture to the temple during low tide. It can get crowded toward near the edge close to the temple as a lot of people crowd around for photography. Do be careful not to get push off the edge as some tourist can be rowdy. There is also a street full of shops selling souvenirs and sarongs. Do venture to the other opp side of the temple to catch a glimpse of the Indian Ocean as well

Jess Robertson (21/09/2017 19:20)
The location of this place is amazing, the views are great for photos and there is some rockpooling to see around. The Hindu architecture is beautiful. But I hate how much we were charged to park and to enter. It was 60000 + 20000 to park. Then we had to pay to get into the temple, massive tourist trap.

Sohamjit Das (17/09/2017 18:18)
Temples in Bali are beautiful and have excellent all round Picturesque view. Loved it. Sun set from this place is a treat to watch..

rizky hermawan (06/09/2017 10:14)
A-must-visit and iconic place in Bali. The temple is divided​ by the sea in high tide. Great place for photography but what I see there's no spot left for us to enjoy the view since it too crowded.
Somebody told me about the sacred snake in cave below is a faux, the real sacred snake is under the temple. Not interested to see it anyway.

Lawrence Tan (22/07/2017 11:57)
A said-to-be sacred temple where the locals pay respect to gods weekly. During high tide in the morning, the water level covers the path towards the temple. During low tides, the water level will drop, most of the time in the late afternoon, then you can pay a visit to the temple. You can also catch sunset here around 5-6pm

julia ciara (12/07/2017 18:22)
Beautiful temple but very touristic. Lost it's flair and too crowded but still amazing

Amrita Bhattacharyya (04/07/2017 03:17)
Great place to visit in Bali..one of the best sea temples.View is superb during tide.when the tide is low,the beach is accessible.The arched pattern of nearby cliffs gives a great photo opportunity for photographers.One of the best place to enjoy sunset in Bali.Foreigners are not allowed inside the main temple.Many souvenir shops and restaurants are in the vicinity.

Kees Poelman (22/06/2017 03:49)
Wonderful place to see. Get there around 15:00, enjoy the place, and move to the terrace up the hill around 17:00 to have a drink, order some food and enjoy the sunset. Don't forget a camera with a good sunfilter and a strong flashlight.

aditi agrawal (14/06/2017 14:07)
serene beauty. loved each and every bit of this. Do not forget to bring your camera.

Stefania Grazzi (14/04/2017 02:45)
Tanah Lot is a truly magical place, in high tide the temple becomes an island, in low tide lots of caves are discovered and everyday it is possible to witness traditional indian ceremonies. You can see a spectacular view of the ocean as well.

Ankit Mackar (21/03/2017 20:23)
Peaceful and Relaxing. You need to visit this place if you want to see a little culture of Bali temples. There is a flea market once you enter so make sure you bargain and pickup some souvenirs. Don't miss the famous 'Luwak' coffee which is also available at one of the coffee shops with real civet cats.

Madhu Sarda (17/03/2017 15:31)
Very beautiful and scenic place. Crowded during holidays. Lovely place by the sea. Nice temple to see but not accessible to public.

VT Ng (10/03/2017 14:32)
Beautiful temple on the sea. It's almost always crowded with tourists, so it's better to avoid the crowd and go uphill to look at the temple from there.

Giulia Sampogna (25/02/2017 20:27)
Such a beautiful place. Couldn't go to the temple because the entrance it was covered with the sea. Had a good time going around and taking pictures.

Dario Bazzanella (21/02/2017 10:03)
Stated that it is a a sort of must see in Bali (being one of three most important temples of the island) there is nothing else to add as a positive feature, except for the landscape, which is beautiful. The atmosphere is absolutely touristic and you are under the impression of being in a market instead of in a temple. You don’t even need to be dressed properly, so there are floods of people visiting it in shorts and top tank, which is not exactly appropriate for a religious area. The entrance ticket is a robbery if compared to the other Indonesian prices and you are even asked to pay for the toilet. Don’t expect anything spiritual.

Fernando De Guzman (06/12/2016 04:01)
I enjoyed the scenic view of the natural rocks formation and the nice water in the beach splashing into the old rocks. The place is clean and great place to enjoy the time while visiting Bali, Indonesia. I love to go back here!

Abang Ashaari (16/10/2016 21:32)
A definite tourist attraction. Didn't enjoy as much since the place was a bit too overcrowded for me. But the temple is quite unique as it can be cut off from the main island when it's high tide.

Suwena I Kadek (14/10/2016 07:27)
Pura Kayangan Jagad

BladeTheWatcher (16/09/2016 10:59)
Don't expect to see a temple here - it is closed to public. This is a frequented tourist place - the beach is full of tourists. There is a nice, big shopping street however - you can get a lot of stuff on reasonable prices, and there is a good choice of restaurants as well.

Jaka Birsa (11/07/2016 15:11)
Nice experiance, beautifull sunset, masses of people...

P-A Bouly (07/07/2016 00:36)
Nice place to visit and watch the sunset, event if there is a lot of people everyday !

P-A Bouly (07/07/2016 00:36)
Nice place to visit and watch the sunset, event if there is a lot of people everyday !

Anil (02/07/2016 14:01)

Anil (02/07/2016 14:01)

Ron Ralston (11/09/2015 06:21)

Andri Yani (14/11/2013 10:09)

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