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Solo Grand Mall

Sragen, Jawa Tengah
Alamat: Jl. Brigjend Slamet Riyadi No.273, Penumping, Laweyan, Kota Surakarta, Jawa Tengah 57141, Indonesia
Rating: 4.30
Telp: +62 271 725111
Jam Operasional:
Monday: 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Tuesday: 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Wednesday: 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Thursday: 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Friday: 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Saturday: 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Sunday: 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM

Komentar :

Fitri Amalia (21/05/2018 04:28)
i really love the foodcourt because it has so many choices of foods. the cleaning services a bit slow but it's okay i think.

Saddam Yudha (19/05/2018 04:31)
Cozy and strategic place, there are many stores and many transportation to get here, but the toilet are not free charge and the parking fee is a little bit messy but little bit expensive

bondan wiratmoko b.s. (05/05/2018 15:23)
In my opinion this place more like a market with cleaner condition than a mall, its always crowded by visitor and lot of them are high school student... if you want to find a comfy place to enjoy one relax day... then you won't find in this place. Car park... need more space... because always crowded... and everytime i go there.. i got no space to park my car

Gracia Ratna (19/03/2018 11:39)
Dirtiest mall in Solo. The saving grace is Mie Horizon at the food court. I am a regular there

Pasha Alif (11/03/2018 19:04)
This mall is comfortable enough to fill your spare time while you are in Solo. The food offered at the foodcourt is reasonably priced and has a great selection of food. Plus there is a cinema that the ticket price is cheaper than other theaters.

Wahyu Widiyantoro (14/01/2018 09:40)
The place is strategic and accessible.
Offer culinary dining, electronic, perishable & nonperishable food and fashion shopping.
The ATM available for many banks.
The restroom of this mall will take your coin to enjoy it.

Randy Hartono (31/12/2017 21:57)
Was better than recently.. Simply because another Mall was built last two years ago. But still the same 5 minutes away walking from my mom house. Same as Paragon Mall

Karina Astary (28/12/2017 11:34)
Nice place to hang out with friends. The food court offers many kinds of food which are affordable. Lotta teenagers and youngsters. Kinda remind of that good old days 😂

Christopher Swenrijando (31/10/2017 09:07)
This place is prefer to eatin foodcourt because it have a lot food to chose

Shakti Rahadiansyah (29/10/2017 15:45)
Mall is a mall with its content. Spacious and large for shopping and selling. Has a five story parking building. It outlet parking are facing a narrow street and could lead lost for someone who not used to Solo's streets.

jonathan susanto (07/10/2017 13:59)
The food court is so alive! The variety of food here is amazing too. The shopping option is also nice and there's cinema. The missing star is for the outdated interior and exterior design.

Rose _Indonesia (03/10/2017 06:17)
I go to this food court, amazing I just have a sit for 1 minutes and so many people come to me to offer menu ohh,

Gregorius Handaru (20/09/2017 22:39)
The best mall on its prime time. Still good though, the one mall which has the most of foods stall in the food court in Solo area. Other than that this place also offer a lot of shopping places. Quiet cheap too!

Aniva Maya (17/08/2017 09:46)
So excited , food courtnya banyak pilihan 😆😆

Adolfus O'Deecue (30/07/2017 08:32)
The building is getting old and need more maintenance. Have been visiting this place since 2005 and the aged part of this building can be found in several part of it.

david torres (23/07/2017 08:20)
Interesting place.. Lots of trinkets to buy.. Forecourt is huge! Prices are a little high but could be expected at a mall. Support the locals!

Nazira Daud (17/07/2017 13:13)
Most of all i like the mushalla. Other malls got more modern structure of building but i think they didn't concern enough about the mushalla

nur yuliani (29/05/2017 13:02)
Standard mall with many famous tenants like matahari n hypermart. It's hard to find parking spot there though n a bit smelly on the west side

Eneas (28/05/2017 05:39)
Good mall. It's okay to shoping here or just to walk. Not the biggest one but it easy to reach and cheaper prices than the other mall. It's easy to find teenager visitors here.

azam saifullah (20/05/2017 09:54)
Great place to go... Easy to reach... Surounded by some kind of park too, if you get bored by the mall, you might go to nearby park.

Clara Azelia (10/05/2017 17:08)
Cheap √
Crowded √
Drugstore √
Fashion Boutique √
Taxi service √
Groceries store √
Bread shop √
Fast food √
Elevators √
Emergency stairs √
Toilet √
Game zone √
Food court √
Easy access √
Hotel connected ×
Green concept mall ×

Kaori (16/04/2017 22:13)
This place is pretty much nice. It functions well as a public place. The food here ranges widely, and as far as I remember, two arcades are open here. This place sometimes offer meet-and-greet sessions with actors and actresses.

Faizal Hanif (07/04/2017 05:08)
This WAS a great mall. But now? It is not.

Kristyohadi Trissuwantoro (12/03/2017 10:31)
It's a lively place for gathering and shopping, while in some interior senses it could have been improved to catch up with the more recent ambience of malls.

Mursito Cahyo (01/03/2017 01:52)
It is one of shopping center in Solo Central Java, located in the middle of the town. Many things available and ready to sell such as fashion, accessories, food, toys, electronic and many others. Don't worry with the price it is friendly not expensive

Yudha Fadil (09/02/2017 22:13)
Personally, i hate my experience on this mall.
Confusing to reach the mosque on floor 4a. Way to the mosque are dark. They have box that said Rp 1.000,00/person in front of the mosque?
Every stairs made you to walk around the floor to see the store. Bad move for customer.
This mall looks uninteresting for me.

A DJOKO SANTOSO (31/01/2017 23:46)
Gilang Ramadhan Studio Band - SGM Solo

Gunawan Santoso (24/01/2017 04:52)
A nice and quite big mall in Solo. Just a typical mall, with the food court inside. We visited there to eat in its food court. It's good.

Naj Bakhtiar (06/01/2017 00:56)
Good Mall with cheap price. But b careful on weekend. It'll be crowded lol

Puraditya Bayu Suhadiyono (24/12/2016 16:50)
Good Mall in town. I prefer to shop in SGM (Solo Grand Mall) due cheaper price than other Mall.

Septian Dwi Kuncahyo (28/08/2016 11:46)
Berburu breadtalk

Budi Santoso (14/08/2016 20:08)
Dirty, bad atmosphere and you have to pay to use the toilet.

Fau Rahman (22/07/2016 07:18)
Mal mal d pusat kota

Rinaldi Taufik (19/07/2016 01:53)
This is very easy Acces by motorcyle, car, Bus, or Taxi

ema aprilia (08/07/2016 08:51)
Murah dan komplit

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