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Alun-Alun Sragen

Sragen, Jawa Tengah
Alamat: Jl. Raya Sukowati No.2, Magero, Sragen Tengah, Kec. Sragen, Kabupaten Sragen, Jawa Tengah 57211, Indonesia
Rating: 4.10
Telp: +62 271 891025
Jam Operasional:
Monday: Open 24 hours
Tuesday: Open 24 hours
Wednesday: Open 24 hours
Thursday: Open 24 hours
Friday: Open 24 hours
Saturday: Open 24 hours
Sunday: Open 24 hours

Komentar :

Bangun Budiarto (15/05/2018 02:45)
nice place for sunday morning jogging, or other health activity

psikolog klinis (11/05/2018 12:15)
An alun-alun (Javanese, correctly hyphenated but occurs occasionally without hyphen; also found as aloen-aloen, aloon aloon, and erroneously alon-alon) is a large, central, open lawn square common to villages, towns and cities in Indonesia.

Commonly, alun-alun in modern-day Indonesia refers only to the two large open squares of kraton palace compounds.

Each kraton has two alun-alun: the most important and northern alun-alun lor and the less important and commonly smaller southern alun-alun kidul. The court of Pakubuwana in Surakarta is unique as it incorporates the alun-alun kidul within the defensive wall of the kraton proper.[1]

Raf D (08/05/2018 13:15)
Public park in sragen. A good place to hang out with family or friends.

Ellan Kuncoro (30/04/2018 04:03)
Great place for spend your time with fam...

Tri Sakti Kurniawan (16/04/2018 13:02)
Good public area for all level class at Sragen..

Unggul Satrio (15/04/2018 23:45)
I'm eager to come again to have a seat in the middle of the park with my family enjoying the nights before continuing our trip

Regha Riyan (10/04/2018 13:35)
alun alune bupati

bramantya ardhy (22/01/2018 11:05)
what do you expect from this boring place, there's no more street food, and no more fun things in this place, alun2 became boring af

Pink Berry (07/01/2018 07:40)
The letters "SRAGEN" built and the fountains are lit , for photography icon of this Town. I can say that this place is a place for local people gathering.

dgrpnda gamesonline (04/12/2017 11:51)
nice place to spend time with your family in the evening

Sor Awak (22/10/2017 22:24)
Nice place, you must come here!!!

Bafo Hutiva (17/09/2017 07:18)
Great place, great view, still under construction to be better

Buttercup (15/09/2017 05:42)
Lovely place to just sit and enjoy the view of people activity

Arief Priyambodo (10/08/2017 03:29)
I've been spent my afternoon here.. so relaxing..

Sri Suparti Wahyudi (21/07/2017 09:20)
Nice for children. It's really a "Sasana Langen Putra" (Children Playground)

Ifah Makwa (01/07/2017 13:49)
This place large enough, around of alun-alun many people that sell food, drink, clothes etc with low price. There are also exist children's play arena so they can play at this place with several game.

Eko Rahmanto (01/07/2017 10:31)
Great place for fun 'n dinner

Rahmat Syawaludin (28/06/2017 14:10)
a place where all people from sragen take some refreshing

hanafi ahmad (01/05/2017 12:37)
Not too well maintained. Some of the grass cutted off because of kids playing arena. I think there should be a rule about this. Not too clean also.

Yuli Wulan (25/04/2017 16:03)
You can find street food at night

Chef Aulia Firmansyah (28/03/2017 12:05)
nice place for spending time with family

Ersad Fadila (13/02/2017 22:03)
Good place for kids

YAN MEIDY UTOMO (03/02/2017 07:59)
A very small park with very few things to discover. Trees, paths, fountain, a sports field for youngsters. Not really a place to spend a Saturday.

Adi Tri Purnanto (18/12/2016 00:30)
Great place for efficient family time

Lepang MV (10/11/2016 16:05)
A beautiful place in sragen

Januar Adnan Murwalistyo (15/09/2016 10:12)
Lot of street food here. Outdoor place with great view to have a family time here.

Imam Morati (27/11/2016 23:27)
Tempat ningkrong enak di malam hari. Icon serambi sragen

setiawan aan (15/11/2016 09:38)
Sayang nya diatas jam 9 udah sepi

Lepang MV (10/11/2016 16:05)
A beautiful place in sragen

Estiarto Wahyu (12/10/2016 22:00)
Tempat bermain

Januar Adnan Murwalistyo (15/09/2016 10:12)
Lot of street food here. Outdoor place with great view to have a family time here.

Erick Pranata (06/07/2016 04:17)
Lots of happiness and hospitality....

Muhammad Taufiqi Thoyyibi (11/05/2016 23:07)
Really crowded and nice the week end

Fany Rizki (30/04/2016 05:11)
Asri sejuk

Iwan (01/01/2016 13:21)
Night Festival at Alun Alun Sragen.
Dusty environment, but low cost for kids play

Aneka Sulita (27/12/2015 11:19)
Bagus sekali

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