Lapangan "Pancasila" Simpang Lima

Semarang, Kabupaten, Jawa Tengah
Alamat: Pleburan, Semarang Selatan, Pleburan, Semarang Sel., Kota Semarang, Jawa Tengah 50241, Indonesia
Rating: 4.40
Jam Operasional:
Monday: Open 24 hours
Tuesday: Open 24 hours
Wednesday: Open 24 hours
Thursday: Open 24 hours
Friday: Open 24 hours
Saturday: Open 24 hours
Sunday: Open 24 hours

Komentar :

muhyidin kay (14/09/2017 11:37)
You can refreshing your mind here. Take your children's here and you rest it. Simple. Be smile.

Fedrik Ivander (11/09/2017 17:31)
One of the most visited place at semarang indonesia.. you can get all of traditional javanese foods in this area..

Deden Wahyu MUSTARI (30/08/2017 11:11)
Good place to have quick meals during lunch time. Enough varieties to choose. Nice local food are served... Busy during lunch time..

Hilman Prh (03/08/2017 22:42)
It's quite clean, try visit it at night then you will find a view as I take, though sometimes I pity it, to see it as a big catch for people to make money as them rent people bicycle, or LED cart or even kid plays, maybe you should hold a gig in it maybe twice a month, and oya you may find a great culinary spot (pujasera), good taste and various.

Mayliana Terutama (25/07/2017 20:01)
we can play basket ball there... and play hover board and more.. especially at nite.. very nice view... you can try many traditional foods there...

Yuli Maharjanti (03/07/2017 08:37)
Always love visiting this place, every kids can play with any rental things, like bike, skate, etc... Or just playing ball or run over here in the center of park. You also easily find good food around. Happy tummy, happy body n soul, happy life 😍😍😍

Saras Wati (01/07/2017 15:07)
Best time ti visit this place wold be morning and evening. In the morning you can do some running around the park while the sun is still friendly. At the evening you'll find some interesting rides and photo object. Also, you can acces hotels and malls easily from this place.

peepaholic world (25/06/2017 21:38)
good place to hang out, looking for Semarang culinary food or just strolling around the place and enjoying the view while having a quick exercise. lots of places nearby such as mall, department stores, hotels, bookstore, mosque, cinema, etc. it's a car free day every Sunday, if I'm not mistaken.

Ignatius Victorinus Wahyu Dewanto (04/06/2017 16:30)
It looks more beautiful and people still can use it as one of public places to have short relaxation but it gets flooded when it rains hard

Ardian Perdana Putra (30/04/2017 08:20)
Nice place to spend time with family and friends on Sunday. There is car-free-day event every week.

Kris 5217 (25/04/2017 16:11)
crowded public place, in certain times like saturday night or weekend it could be little bit... heavy traffic but.. Simpang Lima is being better place now.. more beautiful.. with the lamp and well maintenance plants..

Neullson Melsasail (27/03/2017 10:22)
Really nice place to kill your time at night in Semarang city. So many little local food vendor with great taste. You must try it!

Aulia Rahmanissa (23/03/2017 12:16)
Placed in the center of Semarang city, Simpang Lima provides many things to enjoy your day. At night, you'll find various food stalls, bike rental, etc. A nice place to spend your time with family. At weekends, Simpang Lima and Jl. Pahlawan will be closed for car free day.

Ilman Akbar (21/03/2017 10:58)
On weekend, this area become a car free day area. One thing I love the most is the street vendors here that sell traditional good of Central Java, named Nasi Liwet.

ali baba (18/03/2017 06:36)
There is so much activities here. Tell me, do you want to take selfie with a word "SIMPANG LIMA"? Here that place. I found basketball court, one tower in west. And usually have Car Free Day activities in Sunday Morning. It is higher than the road. One way road, crowded in this road, but after walk inner this place, you will be relax. It have a place with many stone which attach to the ground, and you can do massage here.

Farika Rahmania (13/03/2017 07:11)
This place is good. Good for doing sport, good for enjoying the time. So many food stand near it. And simpanglima surrounded by mall, department store, hotel, mosque, and offices. The view is so beautiful at night. Nice place.

Yusac Willson (14/01/2017 18:47)
A must visit place in Semarang. You can do various activities with family here. Tandem bike, becak, take picture etc. Also night culinaries

Dadang NH (11/12/2016 05:44)
Semarang icon, bring your family or friends here and enjoy the view. There are lots of food, and have fun by ride a group cycling.

Rio Rinaldo (09/12/2016 13:19)
A grass field, good place to jog. Around the rounabout is rows if shopping centers, restaurants, and hotels. Some are really good and famous, others, meh. Busy all the time.

Nugromax Store (09/12/2016 12:45)
The center of the vibrant city of Semarang.
What an Iconic place to be for New Comers 😁

pratiwi bestariati (29/10/2016 02:44)
Choose this place when you want to relax with friends or family. This location is very strategic and you can go to this place by bus rapid transit or trans Semarang. Well, I was there as a backpacker, and it's hard for me to cross the street. Very crowded.

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