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Army Museum Port Dickson

Rokan Hilir, Riau
Alamat: Kem Sirusa,, Persiaran Pahlawan, Kampung Baru Sirusa, 71050 Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia
Rating: 4.20
Telp: +60 6-646 2359
Jam Operasional:
Monday: Closed
Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Thursday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Friday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Saturday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Sunday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Komentar :

Araf Farayez (03/06/2018 11:41)
*The outdoor tour can get real hot during a sunny day. Dont forget to bring umbrellas and shades.

*Parking space is limited. Plan, so that you can visit there on a less crowded day.

Free entry and an excellent demonstration of malaysian history. Highly recommended for any tourist in Port Dickson.

Taksh Sharma (15/05/2018 04:49)
If you're a military enthusiast or wish to see some real museum worthy stuff, this would be a great point to start off. They have showcased here aeroplanes, jet fighters, helicopters, covered artillery units and some others as well. It is free to look as there's no entry ticket. Pretty interesting for kids as well.

Rainie Ranchong (08/05/2018 12:28)
Tempat yang wajib dikunjungi di Port Dickson. Pameran merangkumi sejak zaman Kesultananan Melayu sehinggalah sekarang. Penceritaan yang menarik. Tip: Sila ikut tapak kaki kuning supaya lawatan lengkap dan mengikut turutan.
Masuk adalah percuma. Terdapat juga ruang pameran terowong bawah tanah.
Tempat ini tidak mengecewakan. Boleh repeat.😎

Muhammad Hanafi Ahmad (06/05/2018 08:53)
Free entry, free but limited parking. Follow guidance step for better understanding of Malaysia history. Need at least 1 hour here.

ハリムファイザル (04/05/2018 07:33)
Good place to know Malaysia history. Starting from Malacca era until Malaysia Independence. Look like just small place, but it packed with info. Also have attraction place like mini jungle. Good place for family.

Fikri Idris (09/04/2018 11:26)
Place to gain knowledge when u are at pOrt dickson. From new edge of malaysia or tanah melayu. The contribution ARMY to our beloved country.

Fléchette Spectre (03/04/2018 22:15)
A really educational heritage tour. Self guided with arrows and audio recordings. Sadly there wasn't any guides to answer the questions I have.

Kitty Powwow (05/03/2018 04:28)
Good place to visit when you are in PD. Its free and interesting. I went here wt 2 of my friends and we had a good time exploring and reading up about the history. Plus there are many cool old school military vehicles around the museum to take pictures with. It can get very hot here so dress light and drink lots of water.

Ng Kah Seng (05/02/2018 09:13)
A 'must' visit for any tourists to Port Dickson! A lot of artifacts from weapons, tanks, cannons, planes, etc. to historical figures, with proper description of events and timeline to Independence. Only wish that maintenance could be better as a few TV monitors and speakers are not working.

Nevertheless, a highly recommended place to visit! And can't believe that it was free! Well done guys.

Ian Goh (19/01/2018 15:43)
The best museum ever!!! Real authentic artifact. Well divided into specific era... chronologically. Pretty packed during holiday and weekend. During peak, have to park your car along the road outside of the museum compound.

nits adore (01/12/2017 06:43)
Great place to bring kids to learn history..the walk inside the tunnel is a must to revisit the PKM era.. Entrance is free.

Nur Nadhrah (23/11/2017 01:01)
It is very fascinating how Negeri Sembilan os called Army State. If you are into museums you should go

Spark ling (19/11/2017 07:49)
Less parking space, but not so crowded on Saturday. It's more suitable for those foreigner or secondary school student to visit as a lot of historical wording written.
It's a very clear guide of starting until the end of Malaysia history.
It will mostly help secondary school student to increase their interested toward malaysia historical study. AS the story line were same as historical book.

Thareni Raj (01/11/2017 21:19)
Honestly it's free entry and you get to learn so many things !! I didn't expect for them to have so many historic weapons , vehicles and many more items .. all well kept. Children would love it. Such a wonderful place to bring them too. Yet the parking was a bit difficult as it was limit .. we went there on a public holiday.. I guess that's why.. well worth a trip to pay a visit

Nazihah Nazir (08/10/2017 14:03)
Free entry. Many historical stuff here. Good place to spend with kids over the weekend. Great place for teacher to bring students for learning history.

hanafi mohamad (26/09/2017 03:46)
Tempat bagus dan penuh dengan informasi. Interactive but some computer is not functioning. The items display is awesome. Better come early. When the weather is not, you won't able to see the army vehicles.

Bryan Jude Fernandez (04/09/2017 00:52)
this place is outstanding. you can see many tanks , helicopters , jets , trains and equipment. the only thing is the underground tunnel need better ventilation. best of all it is free to entre . sadly no guide.

Hassif Mohd (02/09/2017 08:23)
Free entrance. Open air. Include Malaysian history. Alot of vehicles and cannon.

Sri Preakash Sinnappan (30/08/2017 10:11)
Great place to stop by and know our history. Just wish had proper guides. Free entrance.

Miss Fadillah (19/07/2017 16:35)
This museum exceeded my expectation, truth be told. It has so many sections and even the underground one. Every sections has its own history aspect and display of things and stories. The place is enormous and you can explore it for as long as you want. A great experience to totally immerse yourself in the history lessons. Temperature can be unbearable as certain place you cant feel the aircond/fan hence do visit this place during morning or evening.

Chew Ch (11/07/2017 08:42)
It's free of charge to enter this Army Museum! Make sure you enter at the other side, not the road guided by Waze. You will get to see lots of thing here.

Marcus Lim (20/06/2017 20:52)
MUST View behind that underground, Free enter. dont go on sunny day! HOT

Kelvin Yeap (13/06/2017 01:37)
Love history & artifacts? Suggest a short tour to this army museum in admission

045ter (07/06/2017 11:42)
Quite educational place. But as you know, the temperature is irresistible. Anyways it's a quite good place

Azmi Osman (01/05/2017 08:22)
Nice outdoor and indoor museum with a lot of military vehicles.

Yong SM (22/04/2017 16:03)
A lot of retire army vehicle models on display ( five start for this), including a fighter plane! And quite a pool of info about war history of Malaya. *Down side is that the indoor facilities is slightly lack of maintenance, however free entrance; Lastly, don't forget to contribute some donation for the good experiences u get here :D

AZZA122 (15/04/2017 13:02)
Very good visiting.. Everyone have to be here.

Mohamad Norsazlan Salim (04/04/2017 21:49)
Historical centre that must visited by all tourists. It shows all the Malaysian army history from the begining until todate. My children enjoy the outdoor camp site that created by the army as a dummy in real war situation. I want to visit again if I come to Port Dickson.

Jr Adie (07/03/2017 06:15)
Good place to bring children that interested to Army & Assets..

Zainuri Hamzah (02/03/2017 15:09)
Lots of military vehicles on display. Tanks, helicopters, aeroplanes, even a steam train. There's also a garden with hanging rope bridges.

Gedoss (22/01/2017 10:06)
Nice place to bring kids and to know the history of the army.

teju m b (25/12/2016 11:12)
Best place to visit for one who is in Port Dickson. No entry fees and lot to get to know about the history and the sacrifices these legends did.

Nadia Syamimi (11/12/2016 06:34)
The most interesting for me is the tunnel. However, it was very hot in the museum as the air conditioner wasn't switch on.

Azrul Aswad (01/10/2016 07:53)
The conditon is just average for a museum army but it's free

gnooslab gnooslab (14/08/2016 17:52)
Military museum, you get to see some military vehicles and gears, free entrance

gnooslab gnooslab (14/08/2016 17:52)
Military museum, you get to see some military vehicles and gears, free entrance

Dharshani Rymond (15/07/2016 03:37)
Must visit d historical place!!!

Tung Ai Tang (08/07/2016 14:01)
Many historical items displayed

Tung Ai Tang (08/07/2016 14:01)
Many historical items displayed

Paul Yii Huong Hoe (23/04/2016 01:50)
MUST visit place in Port Dickson! Collected many historical items and information. There is a underground tunnel (part of museum) for communist related history.

Paul Yii Huong Hoe (23/04/2016 01:50)
MUST visit place in Port Dickson! Collected many historical items and information. There is a underground tunnel (part of museum) for communist related history.

Maximillian Frenky (29/03/2016 07:07)
There is under ground tunnel safety for disaster escape, place is nice to visit. Lot of pre-war machinery.

Maximillian Frenky (29/03/2016 07:07)
There is under ground tunnel safety for disaster escape, place is nice to visit. Lot of pre-war machinery.

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