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Alun-Alun Lumajang

Lumajang, Jawa Timur
Alamat: Jl. Alun-Alun Utara, Rogotrunan, Jogoyudan, Kec. Lumajang, Kabupaten Lumajang, Jawa Timur 67316, Indonesia
Rating: 4.30
Telp: +62 334 8780990
Jam Operasional:
Monday: Open 24 hours
Tuesday: Open 24 hours
Wednesday: Open 24 hours
Thursday: Open 24 hours
Friday: Open 24 hours
Saturday: Open 24 hours
Sunday: Open 24 hours

Komentar :

mas robby (06/05/2018 14:25)
Nyaman buat ngobrol

Nurul Huda (04/05/2018 08:20)
nice place to hang out, with new playground for kids

Zulfa Fatati Nadya Nafis (02/04/2018 22:11)
Compared to probolinggo's, this one better šŸ˜… sorry to say that. Has public static bicycle, public kids playground. The place itself is refreshing and beautiful. Nice

linda listya (25/03/2018 11:23)
Such a fun place to bring the kids to play here, large playground with many sport spots

Farid Buddy (17/12/2017 00:17)
On progress to develop phase 2 on the southern part. Hopefully it will more well organize and usefull for the community

Marcello Wibowo (05/12/2017 04:00)
Great for outdoor gathering. Bad toilet condition though. There a gigantic super old tree

Muhammad Aldhiansyah (30/10/2017 14:21)
good place to hangout with family, friend or relatives, but some place need a police to warn the couple who doesnt remember when they are in the park

Anzilirrohmah Litsaniyah (10/11/2017 09:05)
I hope the urban planner department will arrange the garden to be more interesting by planting some beautiful flowers near the sidewalk

Muhammad Aldhiansyah (30/10/2017 14:21)
good place to hangout with family, friend or relatives, but some place need a police to warn the couple who doesnt remember when they are in the park

odheta juliave (17/09/2017 11:32)
jogging track best ever in lumajang

Welyanto Kurniawan (13/09/2017 03:57)
Good places for walking, running or jogging in the morning, weather is good here on the morning because there lot of tree, there some bench and small park as well for kids

al hakam Djoenaidi (02/08/2017 06:58)
The goverment centre office is sorounding the border of Alun alun

Tri Wahyudi (10/07/2017 07:55)
Just so so city square, complicated unfriendly fascility

Osananda Deprinawa (06/07/2017 14:30)
Clean & fresh for fun

Donnell Gioni (01/07/2017 14:01)
nice town square, clean - green and surrounded by street food stalls

Anom Bayu (11/05/2017 15:43)
Sekarang lebih cantik, terutama di saat malam tiba, karena ada dekorasi lampu warna-warni. Ada lebih dari satu air mancur.

Kurniawan Sugi Purwanto (28/04/2017 14:43)
beautiful water fountain, keep the good work

Nuramalia Novita (17/04/2017 10:08)
Cool place to chill and hang out with family, friends or even your date

Rizki TKR (03/03/2017 03:14)
So relaxing place

achmad fatchur rozil (15/02/2017 10:01)
The best park on indonesianšŸ˜šŸ˜ā¤ā¤

Dondy Setyawan drg spperio (01/01/2017 14:51)
Nice place to hangout

Dania Putri (26/11/2016 22:42)
I think it is a place which has good management. I meant, there's no general seller in the outside or inside. We just find any food sellers on Sunday morning while CFD (Car Free Day). So, in the workdays we just see a park. No more. The central park is pure a park without any kids' entertainment and food stall.

Mochamad Umar Al Hafidz (19/08/2016 15:15)
Most iconik landmark in lumajang

indra kusuma (30/09/2016 10:44)
Awesome public park

Deddy Satriyo (24/09/2016 09:10)
Public room and relaxing room family

Kianliung Liu (06/09/2016 06:51)
Clean and green

Robbie August (20/08/2016 06:19)
Di tepi Alun-alun Lumajang sebelah utara terdapat bangunan mirip candi, berlubang tembus, terdapat CANDRA SENGKALA yang berbunyi "TRUSING NGASTA MUKA PRAJA" (TRUS=9, NGASTA=2, MUKA=9, PRAJA=1). Bangunan ini merupakan tetenger atau penanda, ditujukan untuk mengenang peristiwa bersejarah, yaitu pada tahun 1929. Lumajang dinaikkan statusnya menjadi REGENTSCAH otonom per 1 Januari 1929 sesuai Statblat Nomor 319, 9 Agustus 1928. Regentnya RT KERTO ADIREJO, eks Patih Afdelling Lumajang (sebelumnya Lumajang masuk wilayah administratif Kepatihan dari Afdelling Regentstaschap atau Pemerintah Kabupaten Probolinggo).

yasdanish theTa (16/07/2016 18:31)
Terbaik se jatim

Sugeng Pamungkas (24/06/2016 11:50)
Ada the journey of a backpacker

don ovi (31/07/2015 16:29)
Indomaret suwandak

muhammad Iqbal Basagili (08/04/2015 04:41)
what a beautiful and quiet town !

Mashudi Udi (16/07/2014 11:37)
bisa nyantai disini lihat pesona alam

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