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Cinemaxx Maxxbox Lippo Village

Lebak, Banten
Alamat: Maxxbox Lippo Village Lantai 2,, Jl. Boulevard Jend. Sudirman No. 1110,, Kelapa Dua, Klp. Dua, Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia
Rating: 4.60
Telp: +62 21 29171871

Komentar :

Rio Rinaldo (02/10/2016 19:31)
A really cool theater. Love the dark alley to the theaters where a giant screen screening trailers from currently playing and upcoming movies and you can sit and watch while waiting. There's a children playground too and one thing I like the most from the chain is the online booking and payment systen that allows you to do all that, book and pay, without the hassle of becoming a member.

H Dahlan (11/09/2016 09:40)
I tried the Gold class which is similar to 'Premier' of the other Group. The sound clarity is better, the rest is pretty much the same. They also have other theater segmented to children, regular and Ultra XD (Imax version).

Yesaya Danu (07/08/2016 02:36)
Nice place. Screams expensive, but the Primo you can get a lot of food options and very very delicious. Did i mention it's not that expensive? ;)

Monika Aprilia (20/07/2016 11:11)
Providing the new movie experience with bigger, larger screen. They also air the movies that regular cinema won't air, like Thailand, Korean, Japanese movie. The place is unique and it has a good ambience overall. Really like the interactive wall 'TV' and the dark alley with large screen where the ultra XD studios located.

Marlow Wibawa (05/07/2016 01:31)
Nice environment and connected to Supermall Karawaci

Rezia Lukius Tejaatmaja (13/05/2016 14:59)
Its a good cinema around the neighbourhood, ticket is reasonably priced for regular class cinema, marketed under the name of "Cinemaxx Regular". For those audiophile, with an extra bit of money, there is an "Ultra XD" class which allows you to enjoy the movie screened with Dolby Atmos. Cinemaxx also has its own top-of-the-line class, which is marketed as "Cinemaxx Gold". This cinema also featured a child-friendly theatre, known as "Cinemaxx Junior" - which only screened movies that are suitable for children to watch. Price varies for each ticket category. Roughly it ranges between IDR 40.000 to IDR 130.000. Also bear in mind that tickets for Sunday and Public Holiday tend to be a bit more expensive. This cinema also has its own loyalty program which is marketed under the name "Maxx Card" and "Maxx Card Star Class" as its highest tier. This loyalty program offers those who often came to this cinema with good benefits.

William Tekimam (11/05/2016 07:31)
Great place to watch movies. Seats are good and prices are okay

Shirley Katharina (06/05/2016 11:56)
The movie schedule is not really telling at what time the movie will begin. If you came in time, you'll just have to wait for many more minutes until the show begin. It's like you're forced to watch the advertisement before the show. And the last time i went there, the aircon is not as cool as usual. Lack of staffs at tickets & snacks counter and it seems like they're not ready to give the customers their best service.

Vincent Halim (27/04/2016 14:07)
Cinemaxx maxxboxx can be considered as a new cinema in Karawaci town, line up is really well, arcades are fun, clean toilet and comfortable seat.

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