Stasiun Medan

Langkat, Sumatera Utara
Alamat: Jl. Stasiun Kereta, Gg. Buntu, Medan Tim., Kota Medan, Sumatera Utara 20231, Indonesia
Rating: 4.30

Komentar :

Hari Qhuang (27/12/2017 19:11)
Location is good and accessible from many shopping places/ tourist spots in Medan.
Lokasi bagus dan mudah dicapai.

Some shops are accessible from both sides of the station (outside and inside boarding area).
Beberapa toko dapat diakses dari luar dan dalam (area boarding).

Seats are available in waiting area.
Tempat duduk hanya tersedia di peron, tidak di area depan tempat membeli karcis.

New toilets are very clean.
Toilet baru nya bersih.

Some tickets cannot be purchased in advance.
The train to Binjai is mostly over capacity and very hot!
Kereta Api jurusan Binjai selalu panas dan kelebihan penumpang. Silahkan bandingkan jumlah penumpang dengan keterangan daya angkut yang tertera di dinding kereta api.

No sufficient numbers of ladders/ steps to help passengers getting on and off train.

A very dangerous area to get picked up by online transportation!
Do NOT get on GoCar or Grab or Uber from this place. There is a chance you'll be attacked by Becak drivers.
If arrive here using online transportation, do not get off right in front of the station, just walk a bit.

Jangan coba2 manggil transportasi online dari depan statsiun!

Arlin Windaryanti (25/11/2017 16:21)
Both the station and the train are clean and tidy. It's a good choice to go to kualanamu airport when you don't have much time.

yh loon (23/10/2017 22:37)
Just opposite the centrepoint mall. It is weird tht u ned to buy ticket lvl2, waiting at lvl2 but boarding at lvl1... plz always b alert otherwise u will miss yhe train.

Harmina Montang (19/10/2017 14:22)
Clean and tidy railway station. Strategically located in front of mall. One thing I don’t like is the seat inside the train. Have to face opposite way the train is heading to

Budi Santoso (06/10/2017 15:39)
Very convenience transport from Kualanamu airport to the city of Medan vice versa. Elsy ticketing, clear direction, clean place, luxury, and the most important is on time.

Amalia Shalihah (09/09/2017 14:35)
A little bit confusing if you didn't know the airport train is on 2nd level but the place is super clean and comfortable

Ottelie Fauzie (08/09/2017 16:08)
It is very convenience to buy ticket for railink. Cash, debit, cc, etc. Always on time and not too crowded.

Benget Irfan (01/08/2017 03:20)
ARS is the reliable transport to KNO Airport.

Khalifa al Ard (12/07/2017 13:42)
Main station in town. Always crowd but clean and safe.

Hery Salim (10/07/2017 18:51)
Please give additional train from Medan to Binjai, mainly after office hour.. between 5.15 pm to 6.45 pm.. so that we do not wait for longer time.

Nurdin Nurdin (21/04/2017 18:15)
Clean station, great train and nice staff. Hope more Indonesia cities have this kind of service.

Beau B. Reeroj (09/04/2017 15:17)
Modern train and station's facilities.

It should be time that Medan must have good railways and metro lines. The traffic here is really abysmal. The city seems to be building metro lines around the busy areas. Do not walk alone near the construction of metro lines though because criminals and opportunists are gathered around this scum dirty area along the construction line.

The train itself is modern although high-speed trains are not something to be expected here. Sometimes the train can break down on the way for 10-15 minutes.

Sembiring Khairul (11/02/2017 17:14)
Very good

Inggita Notosusanto (06/02/2017 11:16)
The station complements the new and modern rail service linking Medan city with its Kuala Namu airport which is a traffic-free way to travel between the two places - wheelchair friendly, clear schedule and helpful staff. You can even pre-order the tickets using a variety of means like Flazz card.

Review Zone (01/02/2017 20:36)
It has became the Central Station of Medan since the Dutch Colonization. Now this station connect to almost all small city in North Sumatra and Of Course the Kuala Namu International Airport. This is a busy station by the way

Agus Suntara (27/01/2017 06:15)
From Medan to Kuala Namo travel with Train is very good.

ruli k.a (13/01/2017 10:31)
pelayanan oke

Liubei Smith (23/11/2016 08:44)
Good job

Suer Suryadi (12/11/2016 09:18)
Best train station in Medan

Khalifa al Ard (24/04/2016 06:21)
Main station in town. Always crowd but clean and safe.

Eliot 666 (21/11/2014 15:00)
741FD43F Jae Hwa Art

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