Alun Alun Sidoarjo

Lamongan, Jawa Timur
Alamat: Jl. Ahmad Yani, Sidokumpul, Kec. Sidoarjo, Kabupaten Sidoarjo, Jawa Timur 61212, Indonesia
Rating: 4.30

Komentar :

Carollina Cindy (21/10/2017 17:21)
A really good place to hang out with your friends and family. There's kid's area and other areas as well. A lightning speed wifi connection and greenish plant to make your eyes and heart happy! Add something else maybe, something youth would love.

Miko Irfanti (13/09/2017 21:20)
Nice place to hang out in groups.. the nearby mosque also have a great facility...

Ilfi Rokhmani83 (11/09/2017 16:51)
Once you visiting this place, should take a photo on Jayandaru Monument. And if you feel hungry after runnin' round I suggest you to get food across Jayandaru.

KhaiIlitha khaily (22/08/2017 17:07)
There area is very comfortable for your famili, there also clean toilet, but you should pay it, its ok its worthed.

Radisya Zaniar (09/08/2017 11:03)
The comfortable place to relaxing yourself, jogging or ask your family to hang around. You can buy any kind of street food or you can see lot of communities show off their talents. You can join "car free day" in sunday morning.

Johan Wahyudi (02/08/2017 23:19)
central park of sidoajro city, but malfungtion, because morelikely used for concert, exibition, and more which is so many waste from activity is uncontolled

Sigit Ari Wibowo (31/07/2017 11:36)
A free place with some many thing to recreation, enjoy this place with your family for a while, no need spend more money :).

Praditya Dian Tami Anggara (31/07/2017 09:29)
Nice place to hang out with family or friends because many choices of food/drink and snack, and there is playground for kids, good place to get quick photo shoot

Dyaksa Hanindito (20/06/2017 14:51)
Very good for tugas ,MRTI sampe dapet A yuhuu

Michael Agung (20/06/2017 00:10)
A place for car free day activity every Sunday morning

Andi Gustaf (16/06/2017 04:48)
good place to chill, not very crowded like before, i usually used this place to gather or meet someone

shinta amalia (10/05/2017 07:04)
Good place to chill with family and cheap culinary. It's clean and has a nice view

Eko subakti (28/03/2017 06:06)
Beatiful place for kid ,good for jogging ,make happy family

Ahmad Saiful Wahyudi (24/03/2017 09:12)
Recommended place to refresh mind and body. Near from mosque and foodcourt

Bastian swt (14/02/2017 04:22)
Huge place for recreation and you can use this park for practice your martial skill, nice :)

ismu attauwabiin (26/01/2017 23:43)
It's a very beautifull center of a city with more unique ornaments and huge greenfield area.

aldilatama hs (25/11/2016 18:38)
Best Cheap recreation in Sidoarjo, you can have aerobic, free gym, and toilet, Mosque so near. Bad news, home stay or hotel fairly far. But it's Ok, you can call ojek or taxi.

agus sugiarto (04/11/2016 18:09)
Good for stop or exercise when you stay at hotel near sidoarjo square (alun alun sidoarjo)

Serman Prayogi (29/10/2016 19:35)
I used to play Pokemon Go here. I would love this place if there are not too many beggars.

Danny Chen (21/08/2016 00:53)
Nice city square...
Place to relax and searching pokemon...

Andy Ilham (27/07/2016 22:33)
Relaks, wi-fi, rest area, parkir

Ainur Rosikho (11/07/2016 00:20)
This place is like a family park or so. Because you can play, take a walk, eat some foods, pray and it's the center of the city. If you are in long trip to somewhere and pass the city of Sidoarjo you can take some time to rest

Muhammad Ikhwan (07/07/2016 17:03)
The mosque is very clean and neat, cool and big.

ferdi balfas (22/06/2016 03:32)
Nyaman buat santai

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