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Ubud Care

Klungkung, Bali
Alamat: Jalan Sukma No.37, Br. Tebasaya, Peliatan, Ubud, Peliatan, Gianyar, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571, Indonesia
Rating: 4.90
Telp: +62 821-8888-2273
Jam Operasional:
Monday: 9:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Tuesday: 9:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Wednesday: 9:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Thursday: 9:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Friday: 9:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Saturday: 9:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Sunday: 9:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Komentar :

Nana Charlene Topas (13/05/2018 09:12)
Very friendly and competent staff. I am pretty sure without them my injury wouldn´t heal so fast. Furthermore the prices were very fair and always transparent. Can totally recommend the clinic to everybody!

Alexandra (12/05/2018 03:21)
I have used Ubud Health Care in two occasions now when I have been very sick and needed IV drips. The service is outstanding and very quick - way better than anything I’ve experienced back home in London. And the staff are lovely. Would recommend to all. Fantastic.

Laura Fasquel (10/05/2018 01:34)
BEST DOCTOR EVER! My experience at Ubud Care was just more than you expect when you are used to doctors in Europe. It had been over 6 months that I had stomach issues and couldn’t figure out what it was or what to do to make it better. The doctor at this clinic is just amazing, he listens to you carefully and explain his process in finding his diagnostic so you really understands the rational behind it and which is very rare for a doctor to do! He made me do some tests before giving any medications which shows that he wanted to do things properly. He really cares about his patients and is just the best doctor I have been to ever! Thanks again for everything doctor. - Laura

Gabriel (23/04/2018 16:50)
Probably the best care I've ever experienced. When I came to Dr. Dina with a very severe burning injury I received a 2 hours treatment right away. With all her knowledge and diligence she enabled a complication-free healing process and provided me with the right medicine (wound care and antibiotics due to the very serious state of the wound). When I continued my travels around Bali she even gave me follow-up feedback via WhatsApp making sure the healing was proceeding as wished.
All of that at a very fair rate - incredibly cheap compared to European standard!

A huge thank you to the Ubud Care Team!

Jake Brumby (21/04/2018 23:11)
I've been to a few doctors in Ubud, with mixed results, then I found Ubud Care. I was very impressed with the doctors knowledge and care. The doctor was thorough, caring, explained things clearly and ultimately resolved the issue I had. The waiting time was short too. Highly recommended.

Christoph Holzhaider (12/04/2018 04:05)
I had an 100% positive experience when I showed up with a mild ear infection. Everything was very transparent, professional and fast. Everybody spoke English well. After about 30 min I had a diagnosis, my meds and an English receipt for my insurence. I honestly do not know what they could have done even better...

Samuel Meltor (21/03/2018 14:16)
I had the great pleasure of being treated by Dr. Krisna and his team here. I was very impressed by his tenacious approach to solving what turned out to be a difficult to diagnose problem. I cannot recommend him and his team highly enough and will return here for all my family's outpatient needs in the future.

Jakub Sawicki (16/03/2018 01:40)
One of the best medical experience in my life. I was really amazed by the level of engagement, care and professionalism I encountered here. My doctor and his assistant explained me everything, they were very patient and spoke good English. If you are in Bali and have any health issue go directly to this place!

Janno Kuulberg (06/03/2018 10:28)
Dr. Awik is the best. I went there with ear problem and he did very professional job by fixing it. Plus Dr. Awik was very friendly and all the staff was very friendly. I recommend that place and doctor.

gayle e (29/01/2018 10:00)
Very happy with the service here. The doctor was patient and listened to me. She was thorough enough and picked up on my enlarged lymph nodes and ear drum. I'm a nurse so I'm a pain in the @$! patient and I do know my stuff (I never tell my doctors this). I needed peace of mind so I came here to confirm what I thought was going on with me. All the fees were discussed up front, unlike the American healthcare system.
Glad this place exists ❤️

Ashlee B (09/01/2018 07:30)
I've been so impressed with Ubud Care (and Dr. Dina especially). I've had a persistent infection in my foot that they've carefully watched and treated for a month. Dr. Dina (and Dr. Weda) both let me send pictures of my foot in between visits and would advise me on what to do next. After my last visit and finishing my antibiotics Dr. Dina has continued to follow-up with me to see how the healing has progressed and has given me feedback on the progress of my healing via email.

You don't get this kind of care in the US at all! And each each visit really is remarkably affordable overall. On my first visit to the clinic I had a consultation with the doctor, my toenail removed, antibiotics, and wound cleaning for about $75 US.

Extremely clean, competent, caring staff. I will be back whenever I have medical issues that need attending to.

Thank you!

Mathilde Teilmann (23/11/2017 09:29)
Good and proffessional. Easy to comunicate with.

Cathrin Gros (19/11/2017 14:41)
Very friendly staff, clean and proper medical treatment. Very tourist-friendly opening hours till late in the evening. I went there two times without any waiting time and automatically got a medical report and a receipt containing all the information I need to get the treatment expenses reimbursed from my health insurance. They even offer pick-up and drop-off service. If you need to see a doctor I can highly recommend this place!

Natalya Mitula (06/09/2017 09:35)
I only dream about this clinic in Canada...they take amazing care! Very clean, professional, to the point with follow ups.

M Zehnder (30/08/2017 15:25)
Perfect! They will take good care of you and it's not even expensive

Suri Patel (31/07/2017 11:53)
A fantastic bedside manner. If you get bitten by a monkey, even just a little nibble and you want to stay on the safe side. These guys speak great English and had me in and out within the hour. Price isn't too steep and they take visa but no Amex - illness wins you no points!

Jade van Santen (10/07/2017 06:42)
The best clinic in Ubud and they are not expensive. I tried some others who cost 4 times the price and were no help. Ubud Care have real doctors and excellent service. Better than my Australian doctor. Dr Agus fixed my neck pain with 2 visits. Home visits are not expensive either. They are the best!

Stephanie Brookes (07/07/2017 06:43)
Very good care and friendly staff. The knowledge at this clinic is the best in Ubud. Such a caring team of doctors and medics. I highly recommend it.

Noah Elkrief (13/06/2017 14:43)
I was very pleasantly surprised at the quality of this clinic. It is clean, it is professional, and the doctor (Krisna) was smart, knowledgeable, and caring. I highly recommend it.

Maggie Harris (23/05/2017 13:36)
The clinic were incredible. Prices were half that of the clinic I had to subsequently visit in Lombok. Service was exceptional - from emailing the 24 hour care line (and getting quick, informative responses) to the nurses and Dr Ria who was so wonderful, kind and reassuring. The lovely young male nurse who administered my injections was gentle and professional. Free pickup service is so great, considering we were staying a little out of town and some other drivers had trouble finding us - just what we needed when I was in need of assistance. Couldn't fault them, from start to finish. So kind, generous with their time, very quick to see me, and excellent English too - puts a weary or sick traveller (who doesn't speak much of the local language) much at ease.

Hernan Vargas (30/03/2017 13:07)
Amazing. I had a motorbike accident with a wound that wouldn't heal. Wanted to go to a clinic but it turned out to be silent day in Bali where everything was closed. Contacted ibis care and through email they helped me take care of my wound and explain what to look for when it comes to infection, all without spending a dime. This should speak volumes to any foreigner who's health care system won't do anything for you unless your wallet it open or you have insurance.
Thank you to the doctors in Ubud Heath Care for looking out for me and helping me even though they were closed. Above and beyond. Thank you Dr. Nata for replying to my emails on your day off.

Rachel Damon (27/03/2017 03:10)
Quick attention and a thorough examination. Clean, professional clinic. If you need basic medical help in Ubud, I recommend it highly.

scott phillips (24/02/2017 23:30)
Being a tourist that needed medical care it was hard to know who to turn to. This place was great, little waiting time and a doctor that spoke clear english and understood my symptoms. Highly recommended

dedlitt (13/02/2017 03:39)
I am from Europe and I was very skeptical of the clinics here. I'm really glad I went to Ubud Care though. Clean, friendly and competent. (I had a terrible allergic reaction all over my body and around my eyes.) I paid 40 Euro (appointment, administration and treatment) which I think would also be reasonable if I wouldn't get it back from my insurance, which I do.

Riwkaa (10/01/2017 16:30)
Very clean clinic with helpful staff but the prices are ridiculously high compared to other places in Indonesia. They give you papers for your Health insurance, which is nice. But you have to pay a lot before getting it back.

I went to get my stitches removed and they did it way to early. The wound opened again within one day. So I am not sure if they really know what they did afterwards... but hey, the place is clean?

Kendra Rinas (25/12/2016 12:15)
Excellent service, friendly staff, professional and very clean facility. Made going to a clinic in a foreign country actually enjoyable. Dr. Ria was efficient, gentle and friendly. The prescription was waiting for me when I checked out, so no running to a pharmacy. I would certainly recommend this to anyone in Ubud. Affordable and great walk-in service. Thank you Ubud Care Clinic!

Ben Lamb (27/10/2016 12:00)
Fantastic service.
I was a bit nervous at first but Ubud Care lived up to the other reviews.
Quick, easy and painless. Better than most clinics back in Australia.
I was also picked up and dropped off from my hotel free of charge.
Now i can continue on with my holiday.
Highly recommend!

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