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Mola Mola House

Klungkung, Bali
Alamat: Mushroom Bay, Nusa Lembongan, Jungutbatu, Klungkung, Kabupaten Klungkung, Bali 80361, Indonesia
Rating: 4.30
Telp: +62 822-4754-3947

Komentar :

Saket Malpani (11/05/2018 02:40)
Good place for a romantic dineout with your girl friend or wife right on the mushroom beach. The staff is very humble, place is tidy and upscale, crowd is very chic and the view of the sea and floating boats at night gives a great romantic feeling. Once there check out some cool paintings on the wall.

Food at the restaurant is very decently priced. One issue can be the service speed as the food we ordered took more than 45 mind to come. They also do not provide happy hour services on drinks.

They also provide bean bags which are placed right outside the restaurant which one can use for leisure dinner or just leisure itself.

Overall a great place for a good dining experience.

Henny Yuliani (30/04/2018 18:10)
I know this place from my friend who had stayed here before. Never regret to choose this place as a honeymoon’s rooms. But so busy with our own activities while we are there so we don’t have time to relax at the beach. Get a last minute beachfront room with Agung Mt view. Very pretty from the balcony. Outdoor bathroom is the best. You should try to stay here if you are in Nusa Lembongan.

Shirley Yeung (12/04/2018 12:32)
Great location, right on the beach! Most of it is in the shade as well. Food was great and there were traditional dishes. It was a bit slow though. Not too expensive and good portion sizes.

Basil Sulaiman (11/04/2018 14:45)
Nice little resort on Nusa Lembongan. Staff will take the trouble to know you by name and make sure your stay is as perfect as reasonably possible.

One tip - Outdoor toilets. Great on paper. Not so great in tropical countries where you share space with wildlife. Be prepared for animal (usually bird) droppings, and tons of leaves.

Tap water is desalinized water, so it will taste funny. Otherwise its fine. Do buy bottled water to drink.

Breakfast is just the nice portion to start your day before some adventuring.

If you need transfer from the airport, just ask them to arrange it for you. Its worth it compared to finding your own compass when you arrive in Bali.

Kyle Dav (09/03/2018 07:11)
For the price, this beachfront restaurant / breakfast spot is amazing. The morning date smoothie is excellent (see the attached menu for descriptions). It was so peaceful to sit and listen to the waves crash at mushroom bay - a tropical oasis of water colors. All shaded so it feels very comfortable when 3PM rolls around and it is HOT in the sun! The tuna steak here is legit, no bones, large portion. The curry is very mild, and just decent.

looneyzany (18/02/2018 02:44)
I just get breakfast here. So cheap and nice menus. Very friendly waiters. And the place is just in front of the beach. Only 5 steps to the water. Next time will be stay in this place for sure. :) :) :)

Rens Hallema (28/01/2018 02:04)
I think the restaurant with the best location and atmosphere on Mushroom beach. Cozy place under the trees right at the beach. Reasonable priced food of good quality. Try the smoothie bowls. In front of Mola Mola is also the best spot to enjoy your beach time on Mushroom beach.

Chris Van Damme (12/11/2017 16:22)
We only had a coffee on the beach terras. But it's a nice small beach a little bit hidden in the corner of the lagune.

Angela Harding (20/10/2017 12:46)
Excellent place ice cold drinks great food great view great prices.

D Dragiev (12/10/2017 11:01)
Nice place on the beach, good food and great ambience. Reasonably priced. Posh restaurant it ain't so set your expectations accordingly. If having food and drinks on a beanbag in a very relaxing atmosphere is your thing then the chances are you'll love it.

Anna Weizenecker (18/09/2017 13:00)
This place had great reviews, so my friend and I tried to go. It took about an hour and a half to get our food though. They brought 1 free bottle of coca-cola to apologize for the time, even though there were 2 of us. Also possible that's where we both got food poisoning from, since we had the same dish. Though the food was tasty, and the location is beautiful.

ChunKau Cheung (10/07/2017 13:42)
This review is about the Mola Mola House restaurant in front of the beach. It has a nice view at the beach, the music they played was also very hip, however the service was bad - the staff was rude. My girlfriend ordered a tuna dish, and they brought her chicken by mistake. When we realized it and pointed it out to our server, he at first said he will check for us, then didn't return back to us. When we asked him if he found out whether the kitchen made a mistake, he told us the meat we were eating was tuna. I cut it in front of him to show him the texture of the meat and asked him to try it himself, he said no, but replied that the chef said it was tuna. I asked him to invite the chef to come out try it, he said no again. He simply said sorry without any suggestion of replacement or accommodation. He did not believe us. When we paid the bill and left the restaurant, there was no apology, no thank you, no word from the staff. Unfortunately, not only did we get the wrong dish, but the chicken was also dry/over cooked. The two stars is for the view and music.

Sri Rothwell (03/07/2017 04:34)
Great service ,Great food and Great location

Tracy H (16/05/2017 09:19)
Mola mola's a slice of paradise if you get the beach front cabin 😄 the staff are all so helpful and Kadek is great. Nothing is too much bother. We have been here 3 times and already booking for August 😜😄

Michaela Zöchner (02/05/2017 14:31)
Nice view and good food, but expensive and small portions

Joe Estus (03/04/2017 07:25)
Wonderful hospitality, great location, very nice food. Many activities to do from mushroom, the staff was very helpful. Unfortunately a bit of construction noise around entire resort, and right next to our room. Otherwise a great stay!

dudiver 471135 (31/03/2017 10:41)
It's a unique place. The front bottom side a place for chill with bean-bag, the enterance or the room is on top floor also where the bed is. Then shower & toilet is at the back on bottom floor.
It's not a place for people who having hard time on stairs.

Samantha Weldon (14/03/2017 01:53)
Cute place to stay. Little treehouse-feeling huts right along the beach. Staff are so friendly and always willing to help. The smoothie bowls are amazing 😀

Grailler Paris (12/02/2017 08:30)
About the restaurant: food is ok but you have to wait a looooooong time to get it. And to order, it's a hide and seek game with the waiters... 40mins to prepare a smoothie bowl.... really!!
But anyway, nice view on mushroom bay :-)

Sharon Costello (27/12/2016 12:59)
Amazing place to stay! The huts are just off the beach, which is just beautiful. Food and drinks in the restaurant are very good. Staff are lovely, so friendly and helpful!! Lots to do here too but also very relaxing! Highly recommended staying here :)

Darren McDaid (27/12/2016 12:51)
Stayed here for four days over Christmas with my partner. Could not recommend it enough, rooms are basic but efficient, restaurant is delicious, setting is stunning and the staff could not be more helpful. Will definitely be back.

Mary Eve-lyn Mason (11/12/2016 06:26)
Coffee and chocolate mouse with top view staff super friendly bungalows look good with beach view

Christelle Thiart (25/10/2016 22:53)
Over the course of the last year, we have stayed at Mola Mola House every time we visited the island. Their service is filled with warmth and friendliness. Situated on the beach, nothing beats drinking your morning coffee with your feet in the sand. The food is excellent as well.

Christelle Thiart (25/10/2016 22:53)
Over the course of the last year, we have stayed at Mola Mola House every time we visited the island. Their service is filled with warmth and friendliness. Situated on the beach, nothing beats drinking your morning coffee with your feet in the sand. The food is excellent as well.

Scruffy Goodridge (23/10/2016 17:22)
Love this place. Beautiful beach front cheap as. One negative is the steep bathroom stairs in the middle of the night. Most gorgeous place - does NOT have a pool though some photos make it look like it does. Can swim in sea depending on tide tho

Steven Sherwood (22/09/2016 09:10)
So peaceful so tranquil so beautiful.. had such an amazing time meeting the locals in the Villages, seeing how they work and live.
Snorkeling was fantastic so many beautiful fish and sea life !!

sugita i made (04/06/2016 12:15)
Service keren...mantab !

Rian Saladin (29/04/2016 01:22)
I'm so in love with this place...cozy, romantic, ethnic, sea,'s heaven..

Bert Battjes (12/04/2016 09:09)
Nice place. Good service. Bit noisy with the boats comming and going.

christel sharp (27/03/2016 01:31)
Lovely beach shacks right on the beach at Mushroom Bay in Nusa Lembongan. For what you pay, its a clean bed and bathroom. The staff are lovely and accommodating to your needs.

Tim Hastwell (30/10/2015 10:20)
Paradise! Beautiful rooms, cheap beers and food, friendly staff and amazing snorkeling right off the beach!! What more could you want?

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