Moksa Plant-based Restaurant & Permaculture Garden

Klungkung, Bali
Alamat: Puskesmas Ubud II, Gang Damai, Sayan, Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571, Indonesia
Rating: 4.70
Telp: +62 813-3977-4787
Jam Operasional:
Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Thursday: 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Friday: 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Saturday: 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Sunday: 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM

Komentar :

FRUIT4 JAM (21/11/2017 23:30)
Moksa has to go down as one of the best vegan dining experiences EVER. The creative menu, the superb food that is oh so flavourful and the setting are unbeatable. If you are in Bali and vegan/vegetarian or simply wishing to try more plant based foods - you cannot miss out on a visit to Moksa. The food is the best and it is prepared with love and care - each plate is a masterpiece and the Head Chef who you often see walking through the restaurant asking diners if their meal is ok takes his job very seriously. We managed to eat here 3 times in a space of 4 days ... it really is amazing.

Dominique V (19/11/2017 22:35)
We picked dishes with intriguing flavors, and we're not disappointed. The black pudding dessert was especially delightful.
Other than that, expect a serene atmosphere with attentive waiters and extremely rapid service (our food was brought out in under 5 minutes).
It was a shame the permaculture garden was not lit, as it could've provided a nice view for evening goers, but the scooter drive over more than made up for it.

Ramprakash Ravichandran (19/11/2017 16:43)
Great food, drinks and dessert! Having a farm to source their own produce is a brilliant idea. Got lucky in trying out the "dal" (lentil soup) for lunch, which is usually available in the dinner menu... it was delicious! The green curry was on point with natural flavours and the perfect amount of spice. Definitely worth a visit. The road to bike/ drive down to the restaurant gets a little muddy when it rains, be careful 😊

Jenny Hoekstra (14/11/2017 15:29)
Had the tasting platter and the paella, way too much but couldn’t resist! Amazing food, great service, lovely view. Don’t miss this place, it’s great for vegans.

kasey Ahlstrom (17/10/2017 17:04)
I'm always skeptical of "good restaurants for being vegan." The vegan qualifier makes me think that it would be a subpar restaurant if it had delicious meats and fish at it.

But Moksa is 100% delicious, coming from a meat eater. One of the best meals we had in Bali.

It would make going vegan easy.

Adam van de Kraats (17/09/2017 20:13)
Great food! Mix of raw and heated vegan dishes with a good selection of juices, smoothies, and mocktails. Staff was excellent. Recommend to all

Najd Salas (16/09/2017 19:05)
Moksa is an organic vegan restaurant, and it's great. The dishes were really tasteful and original. The staff is very helpful providing information about the dishes and products used. A little expensive by Bali standards, but definitely worth it.

Megan Stanley (11/09/2017 15:20)
Definitely the best place in Ubud. Super sweet staff, great vegan raw food (the Caesar salad and the pizza were so yummy), and lovely views of the garden. Be careful getting there as the walk is a little treacherous, but worth it

Shazieh Shah (09/09/2017 09:54)
Such unique and DELICIOUS food! Beautiful ambiance as well. Perfect for a more intimate dinner.

Jan Senderek (19/08/2017 09:11)
What a fantastic restaurant. I'm neither vegan nor vegetarian but loved everything I ate here. There are a lot of vegan restaurants around Ubud but Moksa certainly was our favorite.

The level of creativity and skill that go into the dishes is remarkable. Try the jackfruit main and finish with the dessert sampler.

Joshua Melville (08/07/2017 14:51)
Delicious and inventive food served by friendly and attentive staff in beautiful surroundings. Sadly, no local food on the menu. Would have liked to try vegan versions of local specialities.

Matthias Rohleder (10/06/2017 19:48)
Lovely food and drinks at this 100% vegan restaurant. You can even chose between heated and raw food. Smoothies and juices are also excellent!

Very clean toilet and cosy atmosphere
Full recommendation!!

As this restaurant is at the outskirts of Ubud you might take a taxi to get there. There are no real sidewalks up to this restaurant.

kelajno (06/06/2017 21:54)
Absolutely loved it! What delicious food they have there! The menu is big with different combinations of flavours and tastes. Skip meat for a day and enjoy the healthy food in a really cosy atmosphere!

Callum Ford (09/05/2017 12:23)
Amazing food and service, truly mind blowing. Waiters were very knowledgeable on the dishes and eager to help out with dietary requirements. Staff in general were very warm an accommodating, went here two days in a row and staff were genuinely happy and grateful to see us back the second time around. Awesome vibes!

Miro Marchi (30/04/2017 13:12)
Amazing food, great location. View on the vegetable garden, with beautiful tables. Lot of space. Even more private sitting tables. Superb quality, very good prices, and top service!

Spaghetti Hair (13/04/2017 17:51)
This restaurant is a must visit when you are in Ubud, the food is exquisite and the service is exceptional! The menu is vegetarian and vegan however I have taken many friends who eat meat and they have been outstanded by the food! Everything tastes so fresh and full of life! The prices of food and drinks is extremely reasonable too considering the quality and quantity that you get!
It is a little hard to find if you go alone for your first visit as it is located either down a dark small road or a small road which looks like it shouldn't be driven down depending on the route Google Maps takes you.
I would recommend calling or contacting the restaurant on WhatsApp to make a reservation if you are thinking of going for dinner as it is a popular place which gets busy.

Meiyi Cheng (02/04/2017 13:40)
Very good food, a bit pricier comparing to other places, but well deserve the price! The Chef's bowl may be spicy. The vegan wrap was good! Staff are super friendly, top-notch service!

Monika Lund (16/03/2017 09:12)
Great experimental vegan food! Located a bit in the middle of nowhere, which is great and quiet, but it was lacking a bit of ambience. Food was great though, but should have alcohol on the menu too. After a long day at work, eating dinner with friends often starts with an aperitif. The best drink that resembles alcohol is the ginger spritz.

Mohssin Assaban (17/02/2017 14:05)
Am amazing restaurant. Location/view, staff and the food is an absolute 5 star. I'm not a veggie or so ever, the freshness of the food and everything about the place works as a magnet.

Tracy Sengillo (02/02/2017 23:45)
The best restaurant I've been to in Indonesia. Food is inventive and delicious (and healthy). And the staff are super personable. The waitress even remembered my name the next time I came.

Dave McCammon (28/01/2017 16:14)
If there is one vegan/raw/vegetarian restaurant you visit in Ubud this should be it. We had to order two mains each and a dessert because the first tasted so good

There are two business partners that own this. One is a farmer and the other is the chef. We only met the farmer but he was very nice and explained to us the farming practices he was using to us.

I highly recommend.

Nicholas Rappard (21/01/2017 15:45)
Unbelievably good

We are not Vegan just mindful eaters and love fresh food. Moksa delivered above and beyond, we have been traveling through Thailand and now in Bali always searching for cheap veggie/vegan food. A true experience compared to the trendy vegan cafes you find in Bali. The service and the food were excellent and so is the price. Best vegan food we've ever had. I left feeling full. Can't wait to try more things on this menu.

Samantha Hamilton (19/11/2016 22:29)
This restaurant is amazing, even based on the already high bar that is set by Balinese restaurants. The staff are super friendly, and even took the time to learn all our names. The food is not only out of this world delicious, as well as very healthy (it is vegan and mostly gluten free) but also very creative and unique. There is a garden next to the restaurant where they grow many of the items they serve, and the setting is gorgeous, of course. We had the opportunity to meet one of the owners, and he was wonderfully friendly and interesting to talk to; a very down-to-earth, tranquil person. This is a must-visit dining experience!

Colombianos Viajando (25/10/2016 11:42)
Even tough I am not vegan I gave a try to this place , it has delicious food! Getting there is also a really nice ride!

Julia K (18/10/2016 20:30)
Full disclosure- I didnt realize it was a vegan restaurant and I dont really like vegan food. Got the tofu kebabs and the dahl soup. All was OK. I realize that many people in Ubud love this type of food and I just dont happen to be one of them. The tofu kebabs were decent but i couldnt eat the tabouleh it came with (I also didnt know what tabouleh was). If you dont like this kind of vegan food, probably skip this. The staff and atmosphere was wonderful though!!

Joel Burger (31/08/2016 10:55)
Great vegan restaurant! Definitely give it a shot. They have a small farm around the restaurant and grow most of their own food with permaculture. They also have cooking classes. It's hard to find, but I saw they added new signs to direct customers.

Stefania Netcu (28/07/2016 21:57)
Wonderful food and loveliest staff. Pity we only went here on our last night in Ubud, we would have come back every day. Can't recommend them enough

kaushali kanakia (04/07/2016 15:10)
Like in all of Ubud, staff is very welcoming and warm.
Very beautiful atmosphere amidst trees and plants they organically grow.
Options include raw and cooked vegan Food.
Cashew nut cheese is great!
Wholesome food, Wide range of options in menu. Loved it , must try even for non vegans:vegetarians

Dr Kevin Soh (02/07/2016 17:13)
Excellent food. Everything here is vegan and raw. The tiramisu has no egg, alcohol or dairy products in it, and was made using raw vegetarian products, yet it tasted like the real thing. As a meat eating person, I found this vegan restaurant highly palatable.

Tom Midson (17/06/2016 16:42)
By far the best vegan food I have ever had. We visited twice on our holiday and wish we could do it again. 10/10 for staff service and the atmosphere is incredible. Away from the hustle of Ubud center and a short still through the rice paddies sets the mood. Highly recommend the bruchetta starter. One of the tastiest meals I have ever had.
We met the owner and he was very very lovely. A must do when you visit Ubud.

Derek Tomlinson (19/05/2016 13:43)
For a carnivore this was an amazing lunch and dessert. Great service, excellent food all served in a tranquil garden setting.

Artiom Moscaliov (01/05/2016 08:36)
If you would like to get away from the "fine dining" european-cuisine and rather expensive restaurants (compared to others) on the main drag this beautiful and delicious little place is a must.

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