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Lembongan Beach Club & Resort

Klungkung, Bali
Alamat: Jalan Jungut Batu Beach, Nusa Lembongan, Jungutbatu, Nusapenida, Kabupaten Klungkung, Bali 87500, Indonesia
Rating: 4.30
Telp: +62 853-2028-6511

Komentar :

Cut Pinta Keumala (15/05/2018 02:35)
Actually i love the place, love the sunset and its panorama. But at first time we came, the staff told us that we can check in at 2pm. So we waited at the beach club. 2 pm we came into the FO and asked for our room. They said it was not ready yet, and we waited until 1,5 hours! What a silly !

Joel Mcgarvie (03/05/2018 13:08)
Average place. We had the threaten to leave and argue fir almost an hour because the room they out us on was so loud. You could here the band playing at Mickey's pub better then if you were in the bar. There's way better resorts on the islands

Rohit Raj (19/04/2018 02:23)
Really nice rooms. The private pool gives ur a wonderful feeling. The hotel is very close to some nice restaurants (walking distance to Eco Deli and vegan cafe for vegetarian). We were also living at a walking distance to the Lembongan Dive Center.
They have a good veriety of cocktails and food in the internal restaurant.

Hilary Fritz (16/04/2018 11:30)
We stayed here for 3 nights on our honeymoon and liked our private villa and pool... but I found 2 bed bugs under the sheets when we were packing up and it is still giving me the chills. I searched the rest of the bed and didn’t see anymore but 2 was enough. The mosquitoes are bad as well. Also the included breakfast was just OK and they seemed to be over charging for snorkeling (350) and motorbike rentals (100) where we found them at other hotels for 200 and 70. Finally, The pool was small and not as nice as pictured. It seems like the pictures on their website look nicer than the reality. I would not stay here again but instead stay at Mahagiri. We also loved Sandy Bay Beach Club for lunch!

Niels van Egmond (09/04/2018 06:36)
Walked on from the beach to relax in their pool for a couple of hours (50k for towel rent). Staff was friendly and service was quick. We were quite surprised though that the resort offloaded its supplies onto the area right in front of the chairs and through the pool area for an hour or so. Probably less intrusive for the guests (and more efficient?) to use a service entrance.

Had the bbq chicken salad. Unfortunately it was drenched in both dressing and bbq sauce. Would not recommend.

Meagan McTeer (09/04/2018 04:34)
We stayed at the LBC for 2 nights. We arrived and our room wasn't ready, which is fine.. we lounged by the common pool for about an hour and soaked up the sun and the gorgeous view. We we're staying in a villa with a private pool. When we got our room it seemed amazing... Until you start unpacking and realized the bathroom was filthy and the floors hadn't been mopped. I was really turned off by how dirty it was and called from front desk. We were about to go to dinner, so the house keeper came in while we were out. They literally didn't touch one thing. Didn't clean a single thing. They left me 2 tiny banana muffins instead. I actually took some wet wipes of my own and wiped down the entire bathroom (toilet, sink, walls, floor). I moved the garbage can next to the toilet and there was a sticky ring around it and it was clear the bin hadn't been moved for cleaning in quite some time. The shower was full of long black hair too. Even after a second check, they didn't see anything wrong with the job they had originally done. We also overheard another couple complaining about the cleanliness of their room too.. so, maybe it's a theme around there.
My husband thought the breakfast was fine. He likes an omelette and there was an omelette station every morning. I found there to be not much choice. The fresh fruit had been picked over and not replenished. It was around 7:30am, so it's not like breakfast was about to end. It had just began. The baked goods were hard and stale.
Back to our villa... I loved the decor and the linens were great. Comfortable bed. The AC definitely could've been cooler. The ceiling fan didn't work.
We really loved our private pool. It made the stay enjoyable.
We loved the actual hotel grounds. All the beautiful lush greenery was perfect.
We rented a golf cart to get around the island and found that to be wonderful. You can't really get around the island without your own vehicle. Walking isn't very safe.
All in all, I don't think we'll return to the LBC, even though the location was great and the staff were very friendly. Cleanliness is number one for me, and they didn't excel in that area.

Greg Davis (19/03/2018 10:12)
Our stay in Lembongan Beach Club was just as good as it was when we stayed here two years ago. Excellent customer service from all staff members regardless of their roll however, the customer service over the phone was hard since it seemed like they didn’t have a good grasp of English. We were here for Nyepi holiday and we still had power to our A/C unit to keep us cool (on Nyepi Bali cuts power and there are no flights). We would highly suggest you get a villa this way you have your own private pool as well.

Melanie Keech (13/02/2018 12:49)
Went to the restaurant for dinner, and while the food was great the service was terrible. The meals all came out at different times with massive intervals between so no one was able to eat at the same time (last meal came out 35 minutes after the first). Also ordered a mojito that was undrinkable as it was so minty it tasted like toothpaste

Guillaume Derolez (20/09/2017 08:32)
We had a one bedroom grand premiere pool villa (world award for the longest room name) and it was fantastic! It had a bedroom, living room and a bathroom with separate bath tub and shower. The pool hotel is right on the beach, just next to its restaurant who is delicious. Very nice staff, as usual in Bali. The beach is peaceful and you can swim from it (unlike many beaches in Lembongan). The hotel offers to pick you up from the boat landing point. Great hotel, would visit again.

Matthew Jones-Roberts (25/11/2017 09:22)
This is not a 5 star resort. It is a 2-3 star at best.
Do not get room service, the food was luke warm and I promptly threw up 2 hours later.
Eating at the resort you will be joined by hundreds of flies (no exageration) M
Which means you can't enjoy your food as you spend the whole time fighting them off (not that the food is worth enjoying!) Nothing is done about them by staff.
Room was nice but the noise from staff through the night is awful. Loudly talking outside our bedroom window until the small hours.
Lembongan is a beautiful island. How this place turns paradise into such a hell hole is actually quite impressive.
Please take my advise, stay at a nice resort in Sanur and commute over.
This is ranked as one of the best resorts on the island, it is an embarrassment to the hospitality industry.

Matthew Becker (09/11/2017 01:05)
Amazingly beautiful resort. Splurge for the private pool room, it is worth it. All the staff are incredibly friendly and helpful. The spa and restaurant are a little more expensive than the average on the island. Food is good and the free breakfast has a lot of options.

Alex Taufik Widjaja (03/11/2017 23:41)
3 nights fantastic full board villa. Beach, food, villa, staff and location are the best in Lembongan.
Beach restaurant has best choice of barbeque and other menu.
3 hours buggy ride to some good destination of Lembongan island.
Definitely will come here again.

Sukriti Jain (02/10/2017 04:11)
The quaint island of Lembongan is a 49 minute ferry ride from Bali's Benoa harbour. The property has 42 pvt villas, most with pvt pools and 5 delux rooms. The beach restaurant doesn't fleece you. The pool is right adjacent to the well maintained beach. The staff is very hospitable. I can spend a month here and still wish to stay more.

Guillaume Derolez (20/09/2017 08:32)
We had a one bedroom grand premiere pool villa (world award for the longest room name) and it was fantastic! It had a bedroom, living room and a bathroom with separate bath tub and shower. The pool hotel is right on the beach, just next to its restaurant who is delicious. Very nice staff, as usual in Bali. The beach is peaceful and you can swim from it (unlike many beaches in Lembongan). The hotel offers to pick you up from the boat landing point. Great hotel, would visit again.

Victor Ju (15/09/2017 00:30)
Very nice room, pool and beach. But unkind for Asian and very slow WiFi.

javi123lafu (16/08/2017 00:40)
Cheap and nice

Esmeralda van der Weide (29/06/2017 10:31)
Loved the swimming pool and chill beds with a beautiful view of the beach. Clean. Friendly staff. Drinks are a bit pricier than at other places at Lembongan, but worth it.

Eddie Westoe (29/06/2017 02:39)
Nice food but flies are a day time night mare

Surung Aruan (22/06/2017 15:37)
Great view with great accommodation. Good service as well as smiley staff

Fergal Martin (14/05/2017 08:48)
Great location, two pools. Not many rooms so generally quiet. The pool in the centre is great for cooling down when the weather is hot. Not many facilities.

Sarah Dalton (28/04/2017 02:36)
Amazing villa with private pool. Beautiful food at restaurant and swimming pool with sea views.

Na Da (09/04/2017 06:00)
We have been here one week and I would give 3.5 here is why:

+ Overall ok place, Friendly straff, Good beach, Afternoon snack, Big breakfast, Pool, WiFi, Movie channels, Roomservice incl.

- Wated for the food at restaurant 1 hour, service can be slow in restaurant, Food is ok could be better, Always problems with towels, Water is costing extra and theres is not enough in the room, the facilities needs to be renovated to be a 4 star. The shower/toilette next to pool is unfresh, noise from other rooms easy to hear incl. AC, the spa is expensive and not a real spa.

Theo Thomas (12/03/2017 21:34)
Great place to swim. A little difficult to get here. Good food and drink as well. Paying by card may be difficult

Leena Chanvirach (06/03/2017 02:53)
Beautiful mid to lower high end resort with Bali style decor and restaurants 5 min away from World Diving center. Its got good Balinese food and is close to multiple restaurants in the area. Pool villa is spacy.

Taap Poudpongpaiboon (05/03/2017 17:22)
Almost good. I got the room in the front road and its disconnected with restuarant. So ask the hotel before booking.

Go Ona Bus 17 (23/02/2017 06:56)
Great place to just relax . Has a very unwinding feel. Pool is warm and refreshing. Staff are fantastic and cant fault them for room area. Bar and restaurant staff need to lift their service. Bit slow to replace drinks. Lovely breakfast. Great to have no kids yelling in the pool area. Bit anoyed that other people from other accomodation just come over and use pool and take sunbeds. Staff need to aware of their customers not getting use of sunbeds due to outside people taking them.

Hannah Frater (14/01/2017 01:01)
Great day out. Booked the marine walk which was amazing. Great day out including water sports and included lunch. Beautiful beach and pool.

Ian Birtwistle (05/11/2016 12:29)
A really nice restaurant located on the top of the cliffs bear the beach. Very high quality standard of dining. Tablecloth silver service with a pool and fantastic view. Staff are friendly polite and speak good English. Good is very high quality. Pricey but worth it for a one off.

JK Ong (31/08/2016 08:11)
Beautifully romantic resort with good services. They have their own private beach with full suite of facilities such as pool, gym, restaurant, bar etc. It's pricey but if you can afford it you would probably enjoy the place.

Joost Samsom (08/08/2016 16:33)
We stayed at this resort for 4 nights, in 2 villa's (an 'old' and a 'new' villa). The place is amazing, right at the beach, beautifully designed restaurant and pool area. The restaurant is of excellent quality, regardless if you order a European or an Asian dish, it's tasty and well prepared. Breakfast is great as well, unlike some comments on this page: it includes both a buffet as well as served 'thematic' dishes like "Healthy Breakfast" or "Indonesian Breakfast", and you can choose from like 10 different themes like these. Service at the restaurant is fantastic, and the lady that manages the restaurant area is just amazing, I really haven't come across a person who is so friendly, inviting and service-oriented in the many hotels I visit every month through my work. The resort could do with 2 improvements: 1. mosquito nets also in the new villas (the older villas have them), as it takes only 1 or 2 mosquitos to mess up your night, and 2. a laundry service that can be included in the hotel bill. It's a little odd to have to spend cash money (which is scarce and not easily accessible on the island) on the laundry. For the rest: keep it up Lembongan Beach Club, thanx for the great time we had, unforgettable!

Trent Collins (20/07/2016 01:57)
We came here for the breakfast. Resort looks very nice to stay in, but the breakfast was not good at all. It is a set buffet where you get a main course then can eat other stuff on the buffet. The meals were not edible with things like eggs Benedict just topped with melted butter. Buffet consisted of 1 cereal, some white bread, pastries and juice- not much at all.

melly churchill (13/06/2016 04:57)
I sent my photographer to do google business view 360 virtual tours,
The resort well maintain , the service was absolutely amazing , very friendly staff , everything was perfect ,highly recommended .
Thanks for Tjendana trusting us handled the project .

Dave Asher (16/04/2016 18:23)
Stayed there in July 2015. Service was fantastic. Staff went out of their way for us. Highly recommended!

Gard Karlsen (01/04/2016 14:40)
We stayed at this hotel at the end of August 2015. We arrived in Lembongan with Marlin express boat service and they took us to the hotel. Check in was done in an open air lobby and we were assigned to room 110 – which had an entrance right next to the lobby.

The room was great upon entering – the first door got us into the villa with a private balcony and a private pool. The next door took us into the room where we looked right at the kingsize bed that turned out to be quite comfortable. In the corner there was a decent size flat screen TV, there was a chair with a table but also a sofa. Behind the bed we found a dark wooden desk, there was a safe and wardrobe. I’m not sure I think it is the best solution to have the bathroom sliding door act as the door in front of the wardrobe and safe. This meant that the door would crash into the safe at times. The small fridge contained some drinks and it was complimentary and replaced each day.

There was of course air-con in the room but also a very modern looking fan attached to the high ceiling.

The bathroom was located right behind the bedroom and was big and modern. When walking in there was a modern basin with dark wooden furniture around it. On the right hand side there was a toilet and on the left hand side there was a large shower area. There was a great selection of amenities including shower cap, sewing kit, comb, loofah etc in addition to shampoo, conditioner and shower gel.

Wifi was included for free and it worked OK – the internet in general is not very fast on the island. It was annoying to have to keep on logging into the wifi zone all the time.

The private pool in the front was great for a dip but there was also a large pool basically on the beach. Around this pool there were lots of sunbeds and chairs and it was also a great spot for watching the sun set at night. The beach itself is a bit of a mystery – there is a huge difference in low tide and high tide. At high tide the beach was beautiful with some waves and larger waves crashing in on the reef further out. At low tide the beach was not very appealing as a lot of the seabed was exposed.

The service at the lobby (and the hotel in general) was great – even if they didn’t have a laundry service and a form at the hotel they sent the clothing out to be washed at a nearby laundry and it was very cheap. When we asked if they had recommendation on where to rent a motorcycle they could inform us that we could rent it from the security guards by the entrance – at standard price (100.000 Rupiah per day). When we said that we had problems with the lock on the door they fixed it and they also helped us book restaurants at night.

Breakfast at hotel was good – it was a combination of ordering food from a menu (American style, Korean style etc) and it was also possible to just get some eggs made to your preference at the egg station or help yourself from a small buffet that included some cereal, bread, coffee, juice etc.

The location of the hotel is good. It is located right on the main beach on Lembongan and only about 500 meters away from where e.g. Scoot boats come in. There are restaurants and small shops in the area and you can walk on the beach to get around or go to the main “road” to get to your place.

We enjoyed our stay the Lembongan Beach Club Resort & Spa. The villa was great with a good modern setup and it was awesome with a private pool. In addition to this the staff was friendly; service minded and helped us organize dinners, snorkeling trips, motorcycles etc. We did not feel that we got the same out of our stay at Batu Karang. So if I were to return to Lambongan I would probably choose to stay at the Lembongan Beach Club Resort & Spa again.

Nikhil Bhatia (28/03/2016 08:24)
Very nice hotel. With private swimming pool in each room.
Nicely maintained.
Breakfast is not sufficient.
I was there at their inauguration (23rd March 2016).
But the island is very dull.

Sam Rains (23/03/2016 06:16)
We did a day trip out to this beautiful island and while walking down the stip this resort really spoke to us it looked so inviting the pool the lounges and the drinks. We went in for lunch and the food was really good the meals came out super fast and the drinks were delicious, the pool was so inviting and warm and being able to see the beach was great, after our meal we moved to the most comphy sun bed lounges on the beach for some more drinks and a swim in the beach so relaxing and next time we go to bali will definitely be wanting to stay here

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