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Bukit Asah

Karangasem, Bali
Alamat: Sengkidu, Manggis, Karangasem Regency, Bali, Indonesia
Rating: 4.40

Komentar :

adi wiguna (08/09/2016 08:31)
good place in karangasem bali

Yoshua Sinugroho (28/08/2016 08:54)
Awesome camping ground. Under the star, beside the sea on a hill. Can do fishing as well.

Agung Wicaksono (05/08/2016 02:08)
Hidden place for prewedding photoshot

Tonny Setiawan (29/06/2016 12:31)
This place is very very nice, spectacular and unique. You can go there by motorcycle or by car. There's a road head to the parking area, you must pay some ticket (very cheap) in the middle of the road. I paid more than entrance fee, I said it's okay, no need to change, but he don't want my money! He insist to give me the change.....what a surprise honest people....

If you use car, then you'll probably get the unique amazing experience from the local. When you almost reach the parking area, some local will follow you from behind, they know what to do. When you came out from the car, they will ask you if you want to Bukit Asah, if you say yes, they will tell you it's far far away by walking, the truth is true! It's so far away from parking area, small road with many turns.

They're very kind people and very very honest, they'll tell you to use their motorbike, drive it by yourself and return it to the parking area with a key in it, while they go to harvesting coconuts or farming. It cost you only Rp 30.000,-, they will tell you to use as long as you want, even they suggest you to go explore the Virgin beach (Pantai Bias Putih or Pantai Pasir Putih or White Sand Beach) near there (actually no so near)......the problem is if you can't drive a motorbike because they don't want to waste their time to drive you there, they better work in their farm, they only try to help you because it's real far to there by foot....honestly, if it was me, I don't want my motorbike go there because the road ups and down a lot....

I use his motorbike to go to the's spectacular view, very beautiful and very calm.....somewhere in the road there's a sign to the Virgin Beach, if you want go there, just follow the sign. Sometimes people camp in this area. It's amazing view especially when not a soul in this attraction. But as a result of this camping ground, there's a lot of rubbish left by the camper, typically nasty tourist.....

You can explore the hill as long as you like, but in the noon, it's so hot. Maybe its good in afternoon......this place worth to visit.....

Back to the parking area, there's a local help us with the parking, I think it's a park man, but when I give him money for parking, he refuse with a smile. I know Balinese people but never meet like people from Karang Asem, great Balinese people!

sana7hana (30/05/2016 01:47)
This place has a completly unique. You can find the thrill of stunning natural paradise , sunrise , sunset , cliffs , natural and green atmosphere. Being a tourist and camping you must visit. Only by contacting local guides , all your camping needs and preparation will be easier and more enjoyable . Dont miss it...

Dmitry Sadovnychyi (19/03/2016 03:59)
One of the best scenic views in Bali.

putu eka darmadi (23/11/2015 05:57)
Dont have to bring tent if you want to camp here. Just contact local manager for tent, fire wood. We are free to choose the tent location.

Inengah Ariana (25/08/2015 03:39)
Amazing location,, in one place cqn seing sunrice qnd sunset, good ocean view and deep clif,,, perfected place too for make outing programs

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