candi gedong songo

Grobogan, Jawa Tengah
Alamat: Candi, Bandungan, Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia
Rating: 4.40
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Monday: Open 24 hours
Tuesday: Open 24 hours
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Komentar :

Lies Permana (21/05/2017 14:53)
Semarang also has many temple relics, not far from idul sidomukti, we can go to gedongsongo temple. With the capital to ask with the surrounding community we can find the temple that is in altitude. The cold was piercing the body even though it was a stinging hot day. There are nine temples that can be visited by foot. Far and uphill, but you can hire a horse that is there along with the tour guide.

Hamiz Ahnaf (17/02/2017 11:36)
Absolutely amazing place. The hike is quite slippery when wet but the wiew is worth it. Don't forget to bring rain coat or jacket, wear hiking shoes, and buy souvenir there.

Dr Sri (01/02/2017 07:57)
Nice view, good for hiking, they have camping area and even have a nice brimstone springs bath.

Nugroho Dwi Aribowo (09/01/2017 18:34)
an attractive place for tourists. because it is a place that has a high value of Javanese culture is one of them is a temple. relics of antiquity. atmosphere in a cold location

Aanisah N. (02/01/2017 13:55)
Choose a horseback riding to go up to the peak cause my family aren't ready for hiking at all😅 it was refreshing and quite a popular place. On new years eve ppl go up to the hill and went 'dangdutan' to celebrate. The place is well taken care of and there's even a little park for kids and some souvenir store. Food is also easy to get. But be careful, the road is quite slippery in the morning.

Rio Rinaldo (27/11/2016 18:55)
It was raining when I got here. I only managed to reach the first smaller candi/temple. Hike up to get a better view of the temple. If you have time and the weather is permissible, hike up to the top and furthest temple to get the best view of the temple surrounded by clouds and fogs. Option, rent a horse.

Vincentius Liem (04/10/2016 15:24)
Great place!! When you have arrived at this place. Make sure that you are ready for hiking. Put your sneakers, ready for bugs, for rain (outdoors), put some mosquito repellent if u want. Hey this is all about nature. Fresh air and amazing view. Don't worry about food or water, locals had it all cover until the last Temple (candi V) all the way down through exit. They provide horse if u want it, so no worry.. Have a great trip..

Michal Vesely (11/08/2016 17:28)
Temples themselves not exactly astonishing, but the walk and view is very enjoyable.

Eliza Abu yasin (26/07/2016 12:29)
Pengen kesana lagi

kristiasmoro Triatmojo (16/07/2016 22:05)
Sangat bagus sekali, bersih, rapi, pemandangan sangat bagus, bisa melihat rawa pening dari puncak hedong songo. Fasilitas Toilet perlu dtingkatkan.

Hafid Nur (30/05/2016 14:17)
In here we can see rawa pening

Dhamayantie Savitri (18/11/2015 15:46)
Candi gedong songo now is way much better than few past year when i came there. It's now in a good managed. It is good for family to spent holiday there, especially to introduce the mountainous experience to the kids.
You can go sight seeing the temple by horse or by walking/hiking. There are two kind of paths which are for horsing and for walker/hiker (pejalan kaki).
If you wanna stay overnight, there are houses in the temple area for rent.
So, what do u waiting for? Come and enjoy the panorama...

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