Bali Safari and Marine Park

Gianyar, Bali
Alamat: Jl. Bypass Prof. Dr. Ida Bagus Mantra Km. 19,8, Serongga, Kec. Gianyar, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80551, Indonesia
Rating: 4.30
Telp: +62 361 950000
Jam Operasional:
Monday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Tuesday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Wednesday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Thursday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Friday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Saturday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Sunday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Komentar :

devin (16/09/2017 19:42)
Animals looked very healthy and super clean. The area is very big and it takes about 4-6 hours to enjoy everything in there. I recommend to arrive before 11 if you want to try everything . The only problem with this place is the entrance is very expensive , the cheapest option I could go for is freaking 800k per pax !

Christy Lee Zilka Blahutka (15/09/2017 02:15)
I've never been, but after seeing pictures of guests riding the elephants I never will. Elephants are not for us to ride and treat like toys. Imagine what it has taken to force these wild animals to be obedient like this. Please do not ride elephants. Educate yourself on the right places to visit if you want to interact with wild animals. Support sanctuaries and rescues who's soul purpose is to care and protect these animals, not exploit them for money.

Julia Rose (05/09/2017 20:15)
My boyfriend and I stayed in one of the rooms on the safari. The staff were so so so friendly! The room was awesome! You could see zebra, ostriches, and bison walking right outside our room. We did the night safari which was really fun, and such a unique experience and the 4X4 jeep safari which is during the day. If you are going to choose between the two I would do the 4X4 jeep because you still get a close look a tty lions and tigers like you do in night safari but you also get a closer look at other animals.

ONE THING: PLEASE DO NOT RIDE THE ELEPHANTS. I know they offer it here, but an elephants spine is not made to support humans and the seat fabric can irritate their skin. Just feed them and love on them but please do not ride them.

Other than that this park was amazing! I really do hope they take care of their animals and abides by their word of not being like a zoo.

Krish Vitaldevara (17/08/2017 09:53)
Fine safari where you get to see lot of animals up close most importantly tigers and Lions outside if African Safaris. If you want to go for nighttime Safari they are booked well in advance do plan accordingly not to be disappointed. Plan for the full day. Value to price is fair not great prefer something like San Diego better.

Amanda Napitu (07/07/2017 07:37)
This is a great day out and the animals seem well cared for. The shows are educational as well as fun. I don't recommend paying the extra for the water park and theme park as there were hardly any rides working when we went. They have a special rate for locals and KITAS holders.

Fannie L (27/06/2017 14:16)
Good for family holiday. Come here early as trip from kuta will take about 1hr.
Zoo's elephant parade at 9am, then first animal feeding starts around 10am. Tiger show starts at 11, followed by 12pm elephant show. 2pm tiger feeding, 4pm bird show.
Safari journey was interesting... wish for a more engaging / lively guide. Ours was a bit stoic >_

Vivian Natale (07/06/2017 09:22)
The nice thing about the safari is that you get inside of a van with ac and get to see the animals comfortably sit. For a summer hot weather with a toddler, it's good. The down side is that you get to see a few animal shows that intend to be informative, however, it's obvious that the tigers are being doped for the show. Don't fool yourself, these are wild animals, it is sad to see them being used like this.

virtuosok (07/06/2017 08:45)
For some reason, kids did not like the park. The "safari" is quite expedited where they relentlessly drag you through dedicated areas and you almost always have a different jeep/bus in sight. However we did not feel the park can keep the kids (6 and 10 y.o.) entertained through the day.
As an avid diver and a fish lover, I was disappointed in the aquarium. But otherwise good, even if pricey, pastime.

ari janiawati (27/05/2017 17:42)
This is the great and the best place to see and learn more about wildlife animal. Not like another zoo, you can see all the animal free roaming around this park. They also involved in several conservation action. The safary journey was very interesting point because the guide/educator was so informative and knowledgeable. Next year, they will open the marine park soon. I have to go to this place again.

Karel Pramono (06/05/2017 12:01)
Great value for the price! A great way to spend a day with the family. This safari park is way better set up than the other two safari parks in West and East Java. The safari guide was informative. The Harimau and Elephant shows were good. Did not get bitten by a mosquito even once eventhough some spots were humid and dark. Very impressed overall. Staff attitude was okay, not exceptional.

Iqbal Prayuda Aditya (21/04/2017 10:02)
Animal ride, animal shows, Nice water pool. Fun place for kids! With knowledge too.
The entry fee comes with multiple packages. Choose carefully before deciding to buy.

Nur Hadi Hartono (14/04/2017 17:31)
This place is great as a destination. Although not as big as the one at Pandaan, East Java, this place boast a safari/ zoo experience. When I got there the marine park wasn't finished yet. The foods and beverages are not cheap on overall, however I understand that the animals need to be maintained along with many buildings. I took the second cheapest, coz I want to see the theater show and glad I did. The workers are so friendly and ready to help our need. If you want to get slightly cheaper ticket you can book before hand along with elephant safari ride.

Amber Spencer (09/04/2017 20:31)
Great day out, would recommend. We went with the cheapest "Jungle hopper" package and were really glad we did, the other packages were way more and did not seem like better value as it us quite expensive even for 2 people. The shows were all included (top package gives you a roped off area to sit in) but we just arrived a bit earlier and got great seats for all the shows. They had a good conservation message throught the shows and were not about tricks to make money, all of the animals seemed happy and well cared for.
Our package did not have an elephant ride (we don't believe in it) so we did not see that side so can't comment on their treatment although i believe they don't have the seat which is better for the elephant. Our package had one safari ride which was great but you would not need "unlimited rides" as it is the same and the shows take up most of the time anyway.

There were a few photo opportunities (orangutan, bintarong and birds- could not touch the orangutan and all seemed happy and were given breaks) these were free and could purchase professional photos or take your own. There was also elephant feeding for a few dollars and again could take own photos.
We did not have lunch in our package *it had afternoon tea which was just tea and coffee but we did not bother. We brought from one of the food stands and they were very reasonably priced and good (large chicken noodles, drinks and icy poles) Overall it was a great day we saw all the shows and enjoyed everything. Would definitely suggest sticking to Jungle hopper. Arrive early and allow all day we got there at 9am and were picked up at 4.30, we barely stopped and would have stayed longer if we were not being picked up.

Prashant B (20/03/2017 11:01)
This is one of the good parks out there. There is a safari ride include in the price of the ticket. However if you need you can just take an entry ticket to the park as well. The park itself is good to hang around the whole day. With rides for kids and adults, this park is a mix of fun with animals etc. There is a small petting area as well. The canteen is quite big, however there is the complexity that you have to load money and refunds are not allowed if you pay by credit card, making it a bit complex to buy food. On the whole we had a good time with kids. If you are going to Bali with kids, do include this in your itinearary

HengJu Lee (02/03/2017 01:15)
We went for the night Safari. It was a unique experience. The good thing is the temperature in the evening is not that hot and humid. I would suggest to try the night safari.

Christine Bergmayer (08/02/2017 15:50)
Very nice place with care for the animals. We as family spend the whole day and I could recommend you to take the package with elephant rating. Very nice experiance and fun for the children and adults.

Lam Zheng ling (02/02/2017 14:38)
One of the smallest safari zoo with not many animals, overrated and overpriced. I bought my tickets online, but the staff at the counter mistakenly gave my tickets to another party.

Most of the shows doesn't have enough seats to cater the crowd. Thus we decided to went into the theater of the Agung show 30 mins earlier, phones, cameras and drinks were kept at the counter before entering the theater. The theater is warm, and with spotlights shining on the seated crowds. Not forgetting we don't have any drinks to keep us hydrated when the spotlights shining on us. Some of us fall asleep during the show as it was pretty boring and draggy, totally not worth watching, waste of time. 4/6 had headache after the show, and some had fever for the next few days, which we suspect it was due to the dehydration and spotlight.

If you have been to Singapore or any zoo at Australia, you probably wanna skip this place. Not impressive at all.

kasun silva (29/01/2017 15:21)
We did night safari. Staff were very pleasant and helpful. Dinner is also inclusive for the ticket you buy. Tour guides are also very funny and try to keep the momentum. All and all good experience.

Ben Greenwood (04/01/2017 13:39)
We were greeted at reception to bad news and bad manners. We were told that 2/5 of the 'night safari package' was cancelled due to the weather, although had to pay the full package price regardless. This is completely unacceptable and we received no empathy from the people behind the desk either. After asking to talk to the manager we were then informed there was no manager on site!! I understand it was the managers decision whether to offer a discount in this instance but the fact there was none on site and the company didn't have a suitable contingency plan during bad weather to reimburse the customer was very very disconcerting. How can you justify paying full price when two of the 5 activities have been cancelled? We weren't the only customers to be aggrieved by this. There clearly wasn't the required staff on site who could speak English, Korean, Chinese etc sufficiently to cope with the diverse numbers of tourists which visit the park. After paying full price in the end, the actual night safari and dinner was very enjoyable. But the fact we had to pay full price for half a package left a bad taste in our mouth.

There was also a sign saying 'walk in reservation' when you weren't actually allowed to walk in and make a reservation. Everything had to be prebooked. Very strange.


Леся Торяник (17/10/2016 22:59)
It is not a safari - it is just a zoo and not a big one as well. You don't really see much of the animals. The animal shows are ok, but very rushed and squeezed in time.
They don't allow to bring any food and beverages to the territory of the park, even water or small snacks (your bags will be searched to make sure) and then charge you almost 10 times more.

Akshay Chordiya (30/09/2016 13:14)
All the animal shows are worth watching. The environment is really great with nature and cultural buildings to watch.
Just the food wasn't good inside, other than that it's a great place to visit.

i putu adi pratama (23/09/2016 04:10)
You could see Indonesian animal biodiversity there. Started from Sumatran Elephant until West Papuan Cendrawasih.

There are also animals that come from India and Afrika such as white tiger and white rhinos.

Beside watching animal on their wildlife you could see some animal show such as tiger, elephant and bird show.

There is also an epic theater show to close your journey.

Umar Mehmood (10/08/2016 09:49)
Bali safari offers a complementary pick and drop service from your hotel. We were picked up right on schedule and taken to the safari where the driver helped us with the logistics. I bought the rhino package which accompanied a complementary breakfast and VIP lounge. Thereafter we went around the park and watched the various animal shows which were fantastic. Animals seemed happy and it was definitely a unique experience. The elephant ride was fun and so was the safari. I only wish they had larger animals - all of the animals were very young. That took away from the excitement. The eateries all closed before the park closed too which was inconvenient.

Luke Chaffey (22/07/2016 18:37)
Well the park itself is actually really good. Seeing the animals, riding & feeding the elephants, seeing the feedings, swimming at the waterpark is all great.

However, it's quite a pricey exercise for a day out, with it being an hour away from Seminyak (so taxi out/back), and then tickets to get in. You can't bring your own food/drinks into the park.

The main thing that's disappointing is the fact it's called Bali Safari & Marine park, but the whole Marine park section is being built still... Pretty misleading.

Eka Yuliana (05/07/2016 06:58)
I like the animal show.. especially tiger show..
Just 135.000 IDR book via web..
You can find on internet. Because if you buy ticket on the spot. You paid 150rb IDR

Rhi Swart (28/05/2016 16:22)
Had a great day here. It was expensive for the packages but worth it. It is a bit of a hike from seminyak but we booked a private car so it was good as they waited for us to take us home.
We went on the first safari journey for the day at 10am so all the animals were out and about eating breakfast (i guess you could say) so got to see alot of them. The tour guide was also a hoot and had a lot of knowledge about all the animals and always had some pretty good jokes. We didnt see any of the other shows as we just walked ourselfs around the park and checked everything out. We had a buffet lunch included in our package and was reasonable food. We got a picture with a bearcat 'missy' which is the coolest animal ever. They printed it out and put it in a frame for $10 aus we also were allowed to take our own photos of the other animals like feeding the elephant's etc and they took professional photos too but you didnt have to purchase. There is a fun zone for children and a waterpark too but we didnt spend much time in there and some things were closed for maintenance which was a shame because we would of liked to give the jungle journey a go but oh well. We spent 4hrs in total here but if we had kids could of spent alot more.

nicolas piellard (17/05/2016 07:58)
We hesitated quite a lot to go. Mainly because of the 1h driving to go from Seminyak with 2 kids.
But we went eventually and we were glad we did.
It is expensive ( 160AUD for 2 adults ... the 2 kids under 3 didn't pay but it you have 2 kids above 3 it makes it 250AUD !!) especially if you compare to a normal zoo.
Not sure the fun zone ( water park) makes up for this price ... we didn't go as there is enough to do on the zoo side to fill up the day
We were welcome by a traditionnal show quickly followed by the pirana feeding. All the show are then following each other closely 10:30am, 11am, 11:20am, 12pm ...
We loved the tiger show and the elephant one, enjoyed the 30min "safari" tour which is more like a train going from one enclosed area to the other. But still ... the lion came very close, the antilop were running and jumping all over the place, the ostreich came to say Hi ....
We took a photo with the Ouran Outan and the weird one ( can't remember the name) and missed the lion. I guess taking a photo with a lion mean that it was severly sedated. But the photo we looked at were pretty impressive.
It was good to be able to get our own photo and not to pay for their professionnal one. They even took our camera to take more photo
The staff is insisting a lot on the conservation of the animal and the respect that we need to pay to them.
They look ok in general.

A very good surprise was the food. We were expecting some shoking / expensive food and we got some nive japanse meal ( oyakodon, okonomiyaki, adamame, teriyaki chicken ...) for a very decent price.

My wife did a bit of balinese dancing ... but it looks like she was the only one of the day doing it :)

A long day for the kids but a lot of souvenirs for sure

Carissa Joho (27/04/2016 08:37)
I quite enjoyed a day here. Facility is nice and all the animals seem to be treated nicely. Most of them roam around in a safari area. They have a few shows throughout the day that are entertaining. You have to pay extra for an elephant ride or safari tour. The zoo isn't massive and you could do it all easily in half a day.

Sam Rains (23/03/2016 13:03)
Review is for the Night Safari part which is defiantly not worth the money. Wow for the price we paid I was expecting great things from this tour as I love animals and have been to many zoos around the world and this was by far one of the most dissapointing for the price. We start off by being told night we wanted was full thats fine change to another night we are told be there by 445 bus leaves at 5pm we got there early at 430 to pay etc and bus does not arrive until after 530 then we begin out 1hr 40min bus ride in an uncomfortable bus to the park, we then wait in a vip room with either a free juice or water and get loaded row by row into a tram thing that takes us to start our night walk. The keeper was informative and very friendly, the walk lasts 10mins you see a few animals along the way some up close but nothing to fancy I enjoyed the white tiger spotting though. Then we got handed over to our coordinator who didnt really explain what was happening we arrived just as the fire show started and because of the lack of any seating we had to stand and then ferried quickly to the animal encounter which was very rushed and we weren't even told what animal we were meeting. Some of our group then went to the buffet while we had to ask what we were doing, turns out the safari tour great finally. It turned out to be about a ten min ride and while seeing the tigers up close (be careful though as they will drop raw meat on you) and feeding the zebras for a minute that really is where the fun ended. We then got back to the holding area and finally now at like 9pm it was dinner time we get to the buffet there is like three choices - all disgustingly cold we couldn't eat and a few slices of fruit. The other peope in our group also had cold food who were eating before us so god knows how long the food was sitting out for. You relly had to drive yourself there to be there early enough to be able to eat the bland food warm. Then back to waiting more for the bus back to the drop point which took a long time as well. Finally the night was over with the walk back to the hotel and being exhausted after our long expensive experience and not getting a whole lot out of except the friendlyness of all the staff involved. If we had paid a more reasonable price and the food was eatable I feel it would have been a much better experience

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