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Danau Beratan

Buleleng, Bali
Alamat: Candikuning, Baturiti, Tabanan Regency, Bali, Indonesia
Rating: 4.50

Komentar :

pohon bumi (23/09/2016 18:24)
Most scenic water temple, Lake Bratan, featured in Indonesian 50 thousand rupiah note, Buddha stupa, water sports.

A beautiful blue lake in the mountain, a perfect getaway for lake and mountain lover, plus verdant and lush green landscape.
This is one of the most visited place in Bali.
Danau Bratan has some features: Ulun Danu Bratan water temple, Buddha stupa, water sports in two different centers (banana boat, parasailing, swan paddle ship, canoe), strawberry farm, bird watching, Eka Karya Botanical Garden, Merta Sari traditional market, Handara golf and country club, ashram, flower plants nurseries, arts gallery, eat drink love cafe, Bedugul Wana Villas.

One of the most famous and iconic temple, and used in calendar and postcards for decades. The Ulun Danu Bratan temple is build on a lakeshore. in rainy seasons, the lake surface rises to cover the grounds, and makes an image of a floating temple. The temple has two parts, the smaller was holy and inaccessible most of the time. The iconic tower was tall, resembling Mount Meru, the axis mundi in Balinese Hindu cosmology.

A Buddha stupa is another feature of the place, near a deer place. This is a Hindu "Shiva-Buddha". The Buddhist temple is Vihara Mahavira Grand View Bedugul which is a Mahayana temple before entering the town.

You can rent a speed boat to the other part of the lake, which is Bedugul Wana Villas. A mysterious, eerie resort at the foot of a forested mountain, with ruins of black Ganesh temple.

Merta Sari, arts gallery, nurseries, eat drink love cafe is the heart of the economy of this mountain village. Behind it is large and beautiful Eka Karya Botanical Garden.

The ashram is poorly maintained. Next to it is Warung Rekreasi Bedugul which is a resort, restaurant and children playground.

Florian Kack (16/09/2016 12:48)
30,000 per person for one lool at the temple. A complete waste of money. Yes it looks nice, but not fantastic or spectacular. Just average..... Beautiful place in nature? Where is nature here. Only a very crowded place to make tourists pay. Poor Bali!

Yazeed ALZARRAJ (05/09/2016 01:57)
Beautiful place and wonderful and amazing .. I enjoyed this place .. will go once again to this beautiful place

Gustu Bali Driver (21/07/2016 23:17)
Pura Ulun Danu Beratan Bali, amazing floating temple on the lake

Irene Susianto (18/07/2016 21:17)
A nice spot for a short getaway. You can hire a boat for a trip around the lake.
Lots of warung inside the parking area. Never spent my money there, so I can't suggest any of them.
Unfortunately, when the water level is low, you will see so much garbage around the bay. It's a shame, actually...

Oze Tiger (19/06/2016 11:09)
Love it. Nice place. Took a boat ride. A bit overcrowded but a nice place and worth a visit.

Rizky Oktavian (04/05/2016 13:08)
nice place to hindis pray

Emma (15/03/2016 09:58)
Its good place, temple on the lake ,,, can use boat ,, on the lake , natural ,,, and nice ,,

Dwi Martha (14/03/2016 11:15)
You can rent a boat to surround the lake, and you will see one of coollest place on bali.

Irvan Reza (17/01/2016 08:25)
Nice fiew, crowded but still can enjoy the place, Inspiring place, but becareful with scams they try to charge you with help you take a picture, etc
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